BBC A report forecasts the sector will grow twice as fast as the Scottish economy overall in the years to 2024. 2 months
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New Facebook data center a boost to Ohio's technology sector
ABC NEWS Facebook plans to invest $750 million in a new data center in central Ohio, marking additional growth in the state's technology sector 4 days
report google creates new digital health effort acquires phone based vitals tracking startup Report: Google creates new digital health effort, acquires phone-based vitals tracking startup
9to5Google VIDEO Today smartphones are packed with various sensors that can perform a number of various tasks. One Seattle startup called Senosis Health is leveraging that technology... 4 days
Learn How To Invest in Cryptocurrency for only $15!
Windows Central Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital currencies which use encryption techniques to regulate and verify the transfer of funds, and they're growing in popularity globally. You've probably heard of the most popular... 5 days
digital vigilantism after charlottesville get ready for more naming and shaming Digital vigilantism after Charlottesville: Get ready for more naming and shaming
CBC As people grow frustrated by the seeming lack of repercussions for overt racist behaviour,... 2 days
samsung unveils new t5 usb c portable solid state drives priced from 130 Samsung unveils new T5 USB-C portable solid-state drives, priced from $130
9to5Mac From 9toToys: Portable SSDs are finally starting to come down in price as competition... 4 days
apple hires former wgn america president for its growing worldwide video team Apple hires former WGN America president for its growing worldwide video team
9to5Mac VIDEO As it continues to expand its video efforts, Apple has hired the former president and general manager of WGN America and Tribune Studios, Matt... 4 days
discord bans servers that promote nazi ideology Discord bans servers that promote Nazi ideology
THE VERGE Discord, a fast-growing free chat service popular among gamers, said today that it had shut down “a number of accounts” following violence... 5 days
apple and hollywood said to continue talks around early digital movie rentals Apple and Hollywood said to continue talks around early digital movie rentals
TechCrunch  Movie studios including Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures continue to hold talks with Apple and Comcast about plans to introduce premium digital rentals for... 1 day
samsung s new portable ssd t5 is fast and mostly affordable Samsung's new Portable SSD T5 is fast and mostly affordable
THE VERGE It's a portable SSD golden age right now. The drives themselves are getting faster and cheaper,... 4 days
Save on everything Xbox with discounted gift cards at Amazon
Windows Central Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with big discounts on Xbox digital gift cards! If you're paying full price for Xbox games right now, you're... 3 days
Is it OK to use black emojis and gifs?
BBC It's digital blackface, according to this writer - see if her arguments change your emoji habits. 5 days
EFF criticizes tech companies for exiling neo-Nazi website - CNET
CNET The digital rights organization says the same tactics could be used against other organizations. 2 days
changing the security landscape for entrepreneurs Changing the security landscape for entrepreneurs
TechCrunch  Cloud computing and the IoT have given rise to seemingly intractable security exposure. The good news is that a new technological advance could unleash... 2 days
Science Says: Fast-melting Arctic sign of bad global warming
ABC NEWS The Arctic is warming much faster than the rest of the world, as scientists expected 6 days
separating fiction from feasibility in the future of drone delivery Separating fiction from feasibility in the future of drone delivery
TechCrunch  From donuts to life-saving anti-venom, drone delivery draws attention to what the technology might look like... 4 days
Google's stance on neo-Nazis 'dangerous', says EFF
BBC A digital rights group criticises action taken by Google, GoDaddy and Cloudflare against the Daily Stormer. 2 days
allen backed ai2 incubator aims to connect ai startups with world class talent Allen-backed AI2 incubator aims to connect AI startups with world-class talent
TechCrunch  You can’t swing a cat these days without hitting some incubator or accelerator, or... 5 days
The making of Andy Rubin's 'Essential' phone - CNET
CNET Essential, led by Android's co-creator, used its very own machine shop to help develop the phone, fast. 2 days
3 ways to reuse your old tablet video - CNET
CNET Do you have an old tablet lying around your house? Repurpose it as a remote, a second screen or a digital photo frame. 1 day
What did Marvel look for in 'Inhumans'? Fast and cheap - CNET
CNET Director Roel Reiné tells CNET how his low-budget action background made him the man to realise Marvel's latest TV show. 5 days
can didi out network uber to win the global ridesharing market Can Didi out-network Uber to win the global ridesharing market?
TechCrunch  News from the ridesharing industry seems to come in one of two flavors. There’s salacious coverage... 2 days
2017 Mercedes-AMG GLE43 review - Roadshow
CNET Mercedes-Benz's sport crossover has excellent adaptive cruise control technology, but the COMAND infotainment system is overwrought and too complicated. 1 day
'Inhumans' director talks shooting Imax and working fast video - CNET
CNET Director Roel Reiné tells CNET why his background in low-budget action made him the man to shoot Marvel's new Imax TV show. 7 days
zerocater expands from meal catering to office snacks ZeroCater expands from meal catering to office snacks
TechCrunch  San Francisco-based ZeroCater is one of a growing number of startups hoping to disrupt the lunch rituals of businesses by providing... 2 days
charlottesville attack puts a spotlight on online hate Charlottesville attack puts a spotlight on online hate
THE VERGE Attention has turned to hate groups and the way they organize and spread online after a woman was killed during... 3 days
How friction evolves during an earthquake
SCIENCE DAILY Using high-speed photography and digital image correlation techniques, engineers show that friction along a faultline has a complex evolution during an earthquake that is dictated, in part, by slip velocity: the sliding of the two sides... 3 days
What it takes to chase the total solar eclipse coast to coast - CNET
CNET Most people will witness the August 21 eclipse for just a minute or two, if at all. But it is... 4 days
digital ocean and cloudflare ditch neo nazi client the daily stormer Digital Ocean and Cloudflare ditch neo-Nazi client, The Daily Stormer
TechCrunch  Following the violent far right demonstrations in Charlottesville at the weekend, another two web services companies... 3 days
fiat chrysler joins bmw in intel s self driving super group Fiat Chrysler joins BMW in Intel's self-driving super group
THE VERGE The partnership between BMW, Intel and Mobileye for self-driving technology has lured another automaker into the fold. On... 4 days
you can now use schlage smart locks with android devices You can now use Schlage smart locks with Android devices
9to5Google VIDEO Smart home tech is rapidly growing in popularity, and there’s also a ton of new options... 4 days
Technology allows visually impaired, blind to experience solar eclipse
New trailers: Molly's Game, Thor: Ragnarok, and more
A photographer shows what happens if you try and shoot the eclipse without a filter
What Happened to Monday is a familiar gimmick in a sci-fi story we’ve seen before
LG V30: Behind the scenes on the creation of the handset’s wallpapers [Video]
Kano's Motion Sensor Kit: gesture controls, for kids!
Google teases Android O announcement with countdown to Monday, August 21st event
Spying on penguins is as simple as taping a camera to their backs
Apple Says Bug Exploited by $500 Passcode Guessing Box to Crack iPhone 7 is Patched in iOS 11
F1 2017 arrives Aug 25 for Mac, check out the new gameplay trailer [Video]