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Domio just raised $12 million in Series A funding to build “apart hotels” across the U.S.
TechCrunch Hotels can be pricey, and and travelers are often forced to leave their rooms for basic... 25 minutes
vergecast pixel 3 review the new palm phone and google antitrust violations Vergecast: Pixel 3 review, the new Palm phone, and Google antitrust violations
THE VERGE This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Paul, and Dieter discuss the Pixel 3, tackling its new features, improved screen, and infamous notch. Then, Nilay... 2 hours
Marvel's Daredevil season 3 teased in cryptic audio-only Instagram posts - CNET
CNET The Daredevil clips hint at moments we might see in the new season. 3 hours
Fallout 76 B.E.T.A now available to preload on Xbox One
Windows Central It's time to break in the wasteland. As Fallout 76 prepares to kick off its first beta test session next week, those planning to participate on Xbox One... 3 hours
Listen to Marvel's Daredevil season 3 with these cryptic Instagram posts - CNET
CNET The Daredevil clips give viewers a blind look at moments from the new season. 3 hours
Facebook job not lobbying, says Sir Nick Clegg
BBC Sir Nick Clegg talks about how he got his new Facebook job and what he will be doing for the social media giant. 4 hours
Listen to Marvel's Daredevil seasion 3 with these cryptic Instagram posts - CNET
CNET The Daredevil clips give viewers a blind look at moments from the new season. 4 hours
this is clickbait This is clickbait
THE VERGE VIDEO Welcome to Fav’d For Later, a Friday roundup of our favorite memes, trends, and all-around good internet content. This week, we’re rediscovering the art of Rickrolling. For good. As we... 4 hours
Louisiana university gives Smithsonian crustacean collection
PHYS.ORG A Louisiana university is giving the Smithsonian Institution a huge collection of crustaceans that has, among other things, been used to identify seafood mislabeled as coming from the Gulf of Mexico. 6 hours
how a fan fiction for cixin liu s three body problem became an official novel How a fan fiction for Cixin Liu’s Three-Body Problem became an official novel
THE VERGE Since the publication of The Three-Body Problem, the first installment... 6 hours
Twilio shops, Uber and Lyft IPO scuttlebutt, and Instacart raises $600M
TechCrunch Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week we had the Three Excellent Friends (Connie... 6 hours
PayPal and American Express expand partnership, will allow use of points for PayPal purchases
TechCrunch PayPal this week announced an expanded relationship with American Express that will allow cardholders to use their Membership Rewards points... 6 hours
facebook hires former uk deputy prime minister nick clegg to run global affairs Facebook hires former UK deputy prime minister Nick Clegg to run global affairs
THE VERGE As the threat of data privacy regulation looms across the... 6 hours
Soulcalibur VI launches on Xbox One and PC
Windows Central Fight as Geralt of Rivia. Many months ago at The Game Awards 2017, Bandai Namco revealed Soulcalibur VI. Fans have been waiting for the return of this legendary fighting franchise for a... 8 hours
Apple event coming soon, Spotify gets a refresh video - CNET
CNET In today's most important stories, new Macs and iPads could be unveiled at Apple's second fall event. Meanwhile. Spotify's app changes things up. 7 hours
The devil is loose on Netflix - CNET
CNET Marvel's Matt Murdock is back for his third season. 13 hours
apple s online store down ahead of iphone xr pre orders Apple's Online Store Down Ahead of iPhone XR Pre-Orders
MacRumors Apple has taken its online storefront down to prepare for pre-orders for the 6.1-inch iPhone XR, the third... 19 hours
earthquake sensor network aims to give b c crucial seconds to prepare for the big one Earthquake sensor network aims to give B.C. crucial seconds to prepare for the 'Big One'
CBC A network of eight underwater sensors... 23 hours
15 unusual things you can clean in the washing machine - CNET
CNET Don't hand wash these items. Throw them in the washer. 1 day
How to fix Xbox One 'Double NAT detected' error
Windows Central Wrangling double NAT on Xbox One? There's no need to worry. While Microsoft's Xbox One packs an expansive suite of online features, things don't always go to plan. If you're... 1 day
First proof of quantum computer advantage
PHYS.ORG For many years, quantum computers were not much more than an idea. Today, companies, governments and intelligence agencies are investing in the development of quantum technology. Robert König, professor for the theory of complex quantum systems... 1 day
Colossal grain growth yields single-crystal metal foils by contact-free annealing
Science Magazine Single-crystal metals have unique properties due to the absence of grain boundaries and strong anisotropy. Commercial single-crystal metals are usually synthesized by bulk crystal growth or by deposition... 1 day
uber is testing an on demand staffing business called uber works Uber is testing an on-demand staffing business called Uber Works
THE VERGE Uber is testing an on-demand staffing business called Uber Works, according to the Financial Times. The... 1 day
Manufacturers adopt robots that help human workers, not replace them. For now
PHYS.ORG During more than 25 years as a factory worker, David Young has seen a parade of robots take over tasks he and his colleagues... 1 day
Fortnite season 6, week 4 challenges and how to complete them - CNET
CNET After a leak that many deemed to be dubious, here are this week's confirmed challenges. 1 day
What’s in your bag, Jess Glynne?
Jake Paul ‘doesn’t see a problem’ with how he markets merch to kids
Jake Paul ‘doesn’t see a problem’ with how he markets merch to kids
Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are the first to support Android Protected Confirmation in Pie
Tim Cook says Businessweek should retract China security story: ‘We turned the company upside down’
Luxury manufacturer Vertu returns with Aster P smartphones
Two spacecraft are embarking on a seven-year journey to decode Mercury’s mysteries
The new Halloween is a slasher movie with an actual message
This is clickbait
This is clickbait
New study may provide clues to how birds began to fly
Comment: Is the Touch Bar a gimmick? Two years in, I think I can safely answer …
From peaceful coexistence to potential peril: The bacteria that live in and on us
Chandra and ALMA measure speed of sloshing gas in galaxy cluster
Chandra and ALMA measure speed of sloshing gas in galaxy cluster