TechCrunch  Blue Apron’s IPO moved closer to reality this week as the firm set a price range for its shares. The company is set to go public at a higher IPO price than its last private round, undercutting worry that future unicorn IPOs may only point one direction: down. The meal-kit startup may IPO at a price between $15 and $17. At midpoint, Blue Apron is worth “just under $3… Read More 2 months
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samsung galaxy note 8 latest leaks show off the phone in deep sea blue Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Latest leaks show off the phone in ‘Deep Sea Blue’
9to5Google Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy Note 8... 4 days
Rovio plans IPO, Snapchat tests out "crowd surf" video - CNET
CNET The biggest stories in tech include Rovio's plan for an IPO, Microsoft's internal memo on Surface returns and Snapchat's successfull test of a new feature dubbed... 5 days
rovio the maker of angry birds is reportedly planning an ipo Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, is reportedly planning an IPO
TechCrunch  Rovio, the Finnish company behind Angry Birds, is planning to go public “as early... 6 days
database provider mongodb has filed confidentially for ipo Database provider MongoDB has filed confidentially for IPO
TechCrunch  MongoDB has filed confidentially for IPO, TechCrunch has learned. The company has submitted an S-1 filing in the past few... 4 days
Surface Laptop Core i7 in burgundy, cobalt blue now available in the U.S.
Windows Central You can now order the Core i7 Surface Laptop in cobalt blue and burgundy, at least in the U.S. We heard rumors... 4 days
immersv raises 10 5m to shake up mobile advertising with some vr flair Immersv raises $10.5M to shake up mobile advertising with some VR flair
TechCrunch  While VR has shown consumers a great deal of what’s possible when it comes to immersive experiences, the world of potential that VR opens... 2 days
Ring Video Doorbell Pro review: A smart doorbell for Windows 10
Windows Central Is the Ring video doorbell system still worth it in 2017? I take a look at the latest Ring Video Doorbell Pro and how well it... 2 days
Samsung Pay might not work on non-Samsung devices
Samsung Rumors At first, Samsung Pay has started as an exclusive for the Korean company’s high-end smartphones. Since then, the application has made it into the mid-range devices as well, and also being successful... 6 days
facebook redesign nixes the blue profile header and adds circular pictures Facebook redesign nixes the blue profile header and adds circular pictures
THE VERGE Facebook is rolling out a slight redesign to the News Feed today, which overhauls... 4 days
uber s design director on what it took to redesign a global product Uber’s design director on what it took to redesign a global product
TechCrunch  Didier Hilhorst is a director of design at Uber. In this episode, he shares how his graduate degree in economics helped mold him as... 5 days
Xbox One Achievement tips to maximize your Gamerscore
Windows Central Want to quickly boost your Xbox Gamerscore? Here are some simple tips to pile up those Achievements fast. Achievements have become somewhat expected from Xbox games nowadays, implementing an additional layer of... 4 days
apple watch shipments could reach 15 million in 2017 Apple Watch Shipments Could Reach 15 Million in 2017
MacRumors Overall Apple Watch shipments are expected to rise to 4.5 million units in the fourth quarter of this... 2 days
f1 2017 arrives aug 25 for mac check out the new gameplay trailer video F1 2017 arrives Aug 25 for Mac, check out the new gameplay trailer [Video]
9to5Mac VIDEO It is always good news when the macOS... 1 day
google brings q as to google maps Google brings Q&As to Google Maps
TechCrunch  Google is launching a new feature for Google Maps for Android and mobile search today: question and answers. I’m sure it won’t come as... 3 days
you could get up to 20 000 off the price of an electric car if you live in san diego You could get up to $20,000 off the price of an electric car — if you live in San Diego
THE VERGE ... 5 days
Intel CEO latest to quit Trump council after Charlottesville - CNET
CNET Brian Krzanich, as well as CEOs Kenneth Frazier and Kevin Plank, resigns as President Trump draws criticism for his reaction to the rally in Virginia. 5 days
pace of tv cord cutting slowed 22 in first half of 2017 Pace of TV cord-cutting slowed 22% in first half of 2017
CBC Canada's biggest TV providers lost almost a quarter fewer customers in the first half... 5 days
here s what a phone sees when it falls from a plane and survives Here’s what a phone sees when it falls from a plane and survives
THE VERGE VIDEO A Samsung Galaxy S5 allegedly fell from a plane and... 5 days
can the security community grow up Can the security community grow up?
TechCrunch  As the times change, the security community needs to adapt. We live in an imperfect world, as Alex Stamos, Chief Information Security Officer of... 2 days
apple music announces daniel caesar as latest up next artist Apple Music announces Daniel Caesar as latest Up Next artist
9to5Mac Continuing their showcase of new and upcoming artists, Apple Music has announced Daniel Caesar as this... 3 days
Apple might not ship very many HomePods in 2017, report says - CNET
CNET HomePod manufacturer Inventec Appliances will only ship a limited number of speakers this year, according to a report. 5 days
google and propublica team up to build a national hate crime database Google and ProPublica team up to build a national hate crime database
TechCrunch  Few things are certain in 2017’s fraught national climate, but hate certainly doesn’t look to be going away. In partnership with ProPublica, Google News... 1 day
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners deserve a break (The 3:59, Ep. 267) - CNET
CNET We discuss whether Samsung should give loyal customers additional incentives, as well as a new Amazon initiative and "The Walking... 4 days
taiwanese apple suppliers see revenue climb almost 10 exports up 12 5 Taiwanese Apple suppliers see revenue climb almost 10%, exports up 12.5%
9to5Mac VIDEO We learned earlier today that Foxconn’s revenue was up 7.5% year-on-year, and the Nikkei... 6 days
You can now dictate to Google in more languages - CNET
CNET Google adds languages to its dictation software, as well as the ability to search for emojis via voice. 5 days
nintendo s splatoon 2 switch bundle will be a walmart exclusive Nintendo’s Splatoon 2 Switch bundle will be a Walmart exclusive
TechCrunch  Want those snazzy neon green and pink Switch controllers you’ve been coveting? In the U.S. and... 2 days
google docs has finally made working from my ipad possible Google Docs has finally made working from my iPad possible
THE VERGE In the seemingly never-ending debate over whether or not the iPad is a computer, there is... 1 day
AltSpace might not be dead, but there are still great alternatives for Social VR
Windows Central After its early demise was announced earlier this summer, Altspace appears to be back for good. However, there are still... 1 day
Best WebVR experiences you should try right now!
Windows Central What experience should I use to test out WebVR? WebVR is an open standard for creating web-based VR experiences. Developers can create basically anything they want, and these creations then run in... 3 days
daniel craig confirms return as james bond Daniel Craig confirms return as James Bond
THE VERGE After much rumors and speculation, Daniel Craig has confirmed he will return to play James Bond once more. During an appearance on... 4 days
A photographer shows what happens if you try and shoot the eclipse without a filter
What Happened to Monday is a familiar gimmick in a sci-fi story we’ve seen before
Technology allows visually impaired, blind to experience solar eclipse
New trailers: Molly's Game, Thor: Ragnarok, and more
How to photograph the eclipse with your phone - CNET
Solar eclipse: Desperate brands leap on the sunny side - CNET
F1 2017 arrives Aug 25 for Mac, check out the new gameplay trailer [Video]
One Video: Awful Things by Lil Peep
Kano's Motion Sensor Kit: gesture controls, for kids!
Some official Apple accessory colors seemingly being quietly discontinued in run-up to new models
Spying on penguins is as simple as taping a camera to their backs
Here's What the iPhone 8 With Edge-to-Edge Display Looks Like in a Case
Google shows how easy it is for software to remove watermarks from photos
NBD, just a liquid cooled, Ryzen-powered Hackintosh inside a cheesegrater Power Mac G5 case [Video]
Friday 5: Best Google Home features added since launch [Video]