UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES New research has indicated that unborn babies are already capable of picking out face-like shapes. Despite having never even seen what a face looks li... 2 months
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The Jaws Of Megalodon - Shark Of Nightmare...And Reality? - Shuker Nature
THE ANOMALIST Dr. Shuker analyzes the data for the most lethal and enormous shark in the history of Earth, and while we might argue he enjoys... 5 days
Tim Beckley, Jerome Clark, Alan Greenfield and Rick Hilberg - The Paracast
THE ANOMALIST Gene Steinberg and guest co-host J. Randall Murphy present, and in some cases referee, a round-robin discussion with four "teen ufologists from 1964." These... 3 days
scientists solve animal evolution mystery Scientists solve animal evolution mystery
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO A sea algae boom has been credited with the rise of the first complex life forms in Earth's distant past. While life is known to have existed on our p... 6 days
Toyota has patented a 'cloaking device'
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The car manufacturer is aiming to use a form of cloaking technology to improve driver visibility. While Harry Potter had no trouble staying out of sig... 7 hours
Strange Interdimensional Being Recorded On Kid's Cell Phone
DISCLOSE.TV A kid recorded a strange creature or monster while using his cell phone. The footage is brief but bizarre. He was taking a video of his dad at the computer ... 2 days
The Solar Eclipse Got Photobombed By The ISS
DISCLOSE.TV Video footage of the International Space Station as it passes in front of the Sun during a solar eclipse, While passing it was taking footage so that we could see what the... 2 days
Is Fire An Effective Zombie Lure And Destroy Method?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS Unlike Frankenstein’s, Zombies have no fear of fire because they feel no emotions to begin with. Fires can be an effective lure for zombies. Particularly at night where the light... 1 day
A Strange History of Real Zombie Encounters - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Brent Swancer takes us on a lengthy retrospective through 20th century tales of zombies and their various types, while Nick Redfern's piece Demons, The Devil and Fallen Angels... 7 hours
The Bizarre Disappearance of Agatha Christie - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST As many will know, the famous mystery writer created her own mystery when she disappeared for a week in 1926. Paul Seaburn jumps on the bandwagon of calling this "unsolved,"... 2 days
Spouting Forth About The Gargouille - A Lethal Water-Spurting Dragon From The Seine - Shuter Nature
THE ANOMALIST Dr. Shuker indulges himself, sharing his research into this fascinating old tale of a French water... 1 week
seti institute needs your help to find intelligent aliens SETI Institute Needs Your Help To Find Intelligent Aliens
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO This video explains how you can help the SETI Institute find extraterrestrial intelligence from home. Step 1: Install the Program in Your Computer or All the Computers You Have ... 1 day
Photos of the effects of pollution on the animal world Prove Planet Is In Big Trouble
DISCLOSE.TV This can't be happening. But it is. And we are running out of time to save... 6 days
Can the Yellowstone supervolcano be stopped ?
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES NASA has come up with an ambitious new plan to cool down the supervolcano by using it as an energy source. The natural beauty of Yellowstone National ... 4 days
Fox News filmed a UFO in front of Capitol Building
DISCLOSE.TV A UFO was filmed live on Fox News on August 14. We can see that the Ufo is apprehended by the left of the screen at great speed... 6 days
the tikad octocopter drone can fire assault rifles from the air The TIKAD Octocopter Drone Can Fire Assault Rifles From The Air
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Drones are going to become one of the staples seen on the modern battlefield and one of the very latest in development is the Octocopter drone... 8 hours
Ghostly Activities Reported at Famous Texas Haunted Hotel - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Paul Seaburn brings us this security footage from the Magnolia Hotel in San Antonio County, TX. The ghost expert who uploaded the clip makes some strong... 1 week
Bigfoot Sighting In McDowell: Fur-Clad Tourist Claims Responsibility - Citizen-Times
THE ANOMALIST You've heard of civil war re-enactors, haven't you? Show of hands! Okay, how about re-enacting the "The Epic of Gilgamesh" dressed as a Bigfoot? Don't feel badly if... 6 days
More on Mothman, Nukes & Dreams - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Nick Redfern provides an addendum to his research into end-of-world-dreams and Mothman, and it just makes the current world conflict situation more discomfiting. Why? Because now we can add Grinning... 3 days
Scientist Robert Michael Pyle is on the Hunt for Bigfoot, Even if He Doesn't Entirely Believe in Its Existence - Willame...
THE ANOMALIST Lepidopterist Dr Pyle is "agnostic" toward... 2 days
The TIKAD Octocopter Drone Can Fire Assault Rifles From The Air
Birth Of 'Demon Goat' Terrifies Village In India
US Diplomats believed To Have Been Attacked By A Secret Weapon In Cuba
Extinct toothless dwarf dolphin unveiled
Scientists Try To Resurrect An Extinct Cave Lion Species
SETI Institute Needs Your Help To Find Intelligent Aliens
Plasma heating method offers fusion boost
'Orange UFO' sighted over Somerset, England
NASA Sending Balloons Filled With Bacteria Into The Sky During The Solar Eclipse
The Most Spectacular Psychic Phenomenon - Consciousness Unbound