TechCrunch  AWS and Microsoft may be arch rivals when it comes to competing for business in cloud storage and services, but when it comes to breaking ground in newer areas where volumes of data make a difference to how well the services work and creating systems that are easier to use, collaboration is key. Today, the two companies announced a new deep learning interface called Gluon, designed for… Read More 2 months
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chattermill raises 600k to use deep learning to help companies make sense of customer feedback Chattermill raises £600K to use ‘deep learning’ to help companies make sense of customer feedback
TechCrunch  Chattermill, a London-based startup that uses... 2 weeks
Nvidia's massively powerful $3000 Titan V PC GPU is fastest ever - CNET
CNET It's not for games: it's for pushing machine learning, deep learning and AI on desktop computers. 1 week
Nvidia's hugely powerful $3,000 Titan V PC GPU is fastest ever - CNET
CNET And it's not for games: It's for pushing machine learning, deep learning and AI on desktop computers. 1 week
Xbox and PC sci-fi city builder Surviving Mars gets new developer diary detailing domes
Windows Central Surviving Mars is a city builder coming to Xbox One and Windows PC in 2018. The studio behind the game... 3 days
Get the Microsoft Surface Pro for as low as $799 in this huge one-day Best Buy sale
Windows Central Buy the model that's right for you and your budget. The Microsoft Surface Pro... 4 days
Chime in: Do you use LinkedIn more or less since Microsoft bought it?
Windows Central Almost exactly a year ago, Microsoft closed its acquisition of the world's leading business-focused social network. On December 8, 2016, Microsoft sealed... 1 week
Why Microsoft could very well revive the Courier in 2018
Windows Central All evidence suggests Microsoft is poised to make its shelved Courier project a reality. The company has been obsessed with making a digital Moleskine device for years, and... 2 weeks
The difference between AI, machine learning and digital assistants
Windows Central We hear a lot about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and digital assistants these days. But what does it all mean? Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and others are aggressively... 2 weeks
Microsoft partners with Major League Gaming for Halo World Championship 2018
Windows Central Microsoft has announced a new partnership between 343 Industries and Major League Gaming (MLG) for the 2018 Halo Championship series. The Halo World Championship 2018 starts... 2 days
Let's talk Microsoft, neural networks and natural language processing for AI
Windows Central AI seems to be part of everything in tech these days. Consequently, terms like neural networks and natural language processing pop up frequently. But what are... 5 days
Snag a free Harman Kardon Invoke with a Core i7 Surface Pro
Windows Central Now you can bundle a Core i7 Surface Pro and a Harman Kardon Invoke speaker and save $199 at Microsoft. In addition to a... 2 weeks
google sheets adds pivot tables suggested formula tools powered by machine learning Google Sheets adds pivot tables, suggested formula tools powered by machine learning
9to5Google Google’s work with machine learning is impressive for a number of reasons, but its most practical uses often come in places you wouldn’t expect.... 2 weeks
underwater robots reveal the cannibalistic all you can eat buffet of the deep sea Underwater robots reveal the cannibalistic all-you-can-eat-buffet of the deep sea
THE VERGE The deep sea is filled with scaly and gelatinous creatures feasting on each other — and... 4 days
Tesla Model 3 customer deliveries reportedly under way - Roadshow
CNET Lucky (very) early adopters may find a Model 3 under the tree. 1 week
Microsoft rolls out advanced calling features to Teams
Windows Central Microsoft has announced a major update to Microsoft Teams, heralding the arrival of new calling features meant to accommodate previous Skype for Business users. During its Ignite 2017 conference in September, Microsoft... 5 days
Yet another foldable device patent appears online from Microsoft
Windows Central Yet another foldable device patent appears online from Microsoft, giving us a refreshed look at what Microsoft might be cooking up internally. This past year, Microsoft has filed several patents... 2 weeks
iTunes won't hit the Microsoft Store before the end of 2017
Windows Central It looks like the wait for iTunes on the Microsoft Store will continue into 2018. During the second day of its Build conference earlier in 2017,... 2 days
apple s latest machine learning journal entry describes how it discovers popular emoji and more Apple’s latest machine learning journal entry describes how it discovers popular emoji and more
9to5Mac Apple has shared its latest white paper via... 2 weeks
microsoft s holiday ad brings adorable monsters to life with paint 3d Microsoft’s holiday ad brings adorable monsters to life with Paint 3D
THE VERGE VIDEO Microsoft is focusing on Paint 3D for its festive holiday message this year. The... 1 week
Chime in: Will Microsoft's mobile failure hurt its AI strategy?
Windows Central We've covered Microsoft's failings in mobile at great length, but has this troubled past negatively affected the company's AI strategy? Hey, Cortana: Has Microsoft ruined its AI dreams... 2 days
Music section dropped from Microsoft Store for Insiders
Windows Central As we draw closer to the demise of Groove Music as a service, Microsoft is closing up shop on music sales in the Windows 10 Microsoft Store app. In October, Microsoft announced... 3 days
Chime in: How should Microsoft grow the Xbox One first-party lineup?
Windows Central Xbox One has a problem with first-party games, but how should Microsoft fix that? We want to hear from you. Over the past year, Microsoft has... 5 days
microsoft makes azure bot service generally available for developers Microsoft makes Azure Bot Service generally available for developers
TechCrunch  Microsoft introduced the Azure Bot Framework over two years ago and companies have building chatbots for a variety... 4 days
A new theory to describe widely used material
SCIENCE DAILY A new theoretical model explains the coupling between ions and electrons in the widely used conducting polymer PEDOT:PSS. The model has profound implications for applications in printed electronics, energy storage in paper,... 2 days
Microsoft launches Quantum Development Kit in preview
Windows Central Microsoft is taking its first steps toward equipping developers with the tools they need to develop for quantum computers. Mainstream quantum computing may be a long way off, but Microsoft is getting developers ready... 6 days
When Microsoft's AI-driven camera and mixed reality missions meet...
Windows Central AI and mixed reality are technologies Microsoft, and other tech giants see as the future of computing. What type of experiences might Microsoft's investments in each yield as mixed reality... 6 days
kgi apple to ship 25 million airpods in 2018 double 2017 sales KGI: Apple to ship >25 million AirPods in 2018, double 2017 sales
9to5Mac KGI remains very bullish on the uptake of Apple’s truly-wireless AirPods earbuds ($159: eBay, Best Buy). In a new report published today, Ming-Chi Kuo... 2 weeks
Microsoft pledges another $50 million for its AI for Earth initiative
Windows Central Microsoft pushing forward with another investment in its AI for Earth program. In July, Microsoft announced the launch of "AI for Earth," a program intended to... 6 days
Save up to $200 on a Windows Mixed Reality headset at Microsoft
Windows Central The latest deal in Microsoft's 12 Days of Deals holiday sale brings savings on Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Another round of daily deals is... 4 days
Save up to 60 percent on movies and TV shows with Microsoft's 12 Days of Deals sale
Windows Central Microsoft's latest 12 Days of Deals sale includes some big price cuts on movies... 2 days
How to Scan a QR Code Using the Camera on the iPhone or the iPad
TouchArcade iOS Gaming Roundup: Bridge Constructor Portal, Fez, Inside, and More
ARCore hits Developer Preview 2 with version 1.0 launching in coming months
iTunes won’t arrive in the Windows Store this year after all
Google Chromecast returning to Amazon in possible de-escalation of YouTube dispute
Seeing AI app to ‘narrate the world to blind people’ gets handwriting recognition and more
Apple promoting holiday Apple Pay use w/ $5 iTunes gift card for shopping at select retailers
Google applies machine learning to planet hunting and discovers two new exoplanets
AI and augmented reality could make fixing your router a little more bearable
Grammarly has finally brought its spelling and grammar checking virtual keyboard to Android
This app claims to bring iMessage support to Android, but don’t expect it to last
Algoriddim’s djay Pro 2 for Mac brings AI mixing, new audio engine, & improved Spotify audio quality
PUBG on Xbox: 5 things you should know before buying - CNET
Google addresses Pixel C issue that reset tablets after Android 8.1 OTA
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