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ApoE4 gene linked with chronic inflammation increases risk for Alzheimer's disease
NEWS MEDICAL While it is widely shown that possessing the ApoE4 gene is the major genetic risk factor of Alzheimer's disease, not all ApoE4 carriers develop AD. 19 hours
double dust ring test could spot migrating planets Double Dust Ring Test Could Spot Migrating Planets
ASTRO WATCH New research by a team led by an astrophysicist at the University of Warwick has a way of finally telling... 1 day
DNA differences are linked to having same-sex sexual partners
SCIENCE-NEWS Genetic differences are associated with choosing same-sex partners in both men and women. 1 day
A new way to measure nearly nothing: Ultracold trapped atoms to measure pressure
PHYS.ORG Many semiconductor fabricators and research labs are under increasing pressure from, of all things, vacuum. These facilities need to remove greater amounts... 2 days
Weight loss success linked with active self-control regions of the brain
SCIENCE DAILY New research suggests that higher-level brain functions have a major role in losing weight. In a study among 24 participants at a weight-loss clinic, those who... 2 days
Genomic analysis offers insight into 2018 Nigeria Lassa fever outbreak
SCIENCE DAILY A surge in Lassa fever cases in Nigeria in 2018 doesn't appear to be linked to a single virus strain or increased human-to-human transmission, according to genomic analysis. 2 days
Exquisitely Preserved Lungs from 120 Million Years Ago Stun Scientists Studying Early Bird
LIVE SCIENCE Ancient organs rarely fossilize, so paleontologists were stunned to find the incredibly well-preserved remains of a lung that belonged to bird from... 2 days
Cell surface polysaccharides of Bifidobacterium bifidum induce the generation of Foxp3+ regulatory T cells
Science Magazine Dysregulation of intestinal microflora is linked to inflammatory disorders associated with compromised immunosuppressive functions of Foxp3+ T regulatory (Treg) cells.... 2 days
Taxes and caps on carbon work differently but calibrating them poses the same challenge
PHYS.ORG Virtually everything most people on earth do these days involves, either directly or indirectly, the combustion of oil, gas and... 2 days
Vector speeds toward orbital launch capability with $70M in new funding
TechCrunch The market for small satellites in low Earth orbit is expanding faster than the gas in a thruster nozzle, and Vector aims to be the go-to... 2 days
New simulations confirm efficiency of waste-removal process in plasma device
PHYS.ORG Just as fire produces ash, the combining of light elements in fusion reactions can produce material that eventually interferes with those same reactions. Now, scientists at the U.S.... 2 days
Chandra and ALMA measure speed of sloshing gas in galaxy cluster
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Almost all galaxy clusters experience mergers. While a merger takes place, a specific spiral pattern can often be observed in X-ray images. Such a spiral feature... 2 days
EU medicines agency says dengue vaccine should be approved
ABC NEWS Europe's medicines regulator has recommended the approval of the first vaccine for dengue despite concerns about the vaccine being widely used and a lawsuit in the Philippines alleging it was... 2 days
EU drug agency urges approval for dengue vaccine
ABC NEWS Europe's drug regulator has recommended approving the first vaccine for dengue despite concerns about the vaccine's wide use and a lawsuit in the Philippines alleging that it was linked to three deaths 2 days
Dinosaur-Era Super-Piranha Terrorized Jurassic Seas
LIVE SCIENCE The little sea monster used its mouth full of scissor teeth to rip flesh from other fish. 3 days
Pompeii Graffiti May Rewrite Time Line of Vesuvius Eruption
LIVE SCIENCE Archaeologists have long debated when the volcano blew its top and covered surrounding Roman settlements in ash. 3 days
Bee social or buzz off: Study links genes to social behaviors, including autism
SCIENCE DAILY A new study found that the social lives of sweat bees -- named for their attraction to perspiration -- are linked to... 3 days
The Audi R8 V10 Plus Competition has more downforce, less weight - Roadshow
CNET The limited-edition car will cost $237,350 -- not including destination and the gas-guzzler tax. 3 days
Saint-Tropez cleans up after Mediterranean oil spill
PHYS.ORG French workers on Thursday scooped balls of tar off the beach in Saint-Tropez after oil that leaked from two ships which collided washed ashore in the Riviera resort. 3 days
Study links genes to social behaviors, including autism
PHYS.ORG Those pesky bees that come buzzing around on a muggy summer day are helping researchers reveal the genes responsible for social behaviors. A new study published this week found that the social... 3 days
Plants emit greenhouse gas nitrous oxide at substantial amounts
PHYS.ORG Nitrous oxide, or N2O, is a greenhouse gas that affects the ozone layer and the earth's climate. Until now, experts believed that microbes in the soil were largely responsible for... 3 days
How a group of school students discovered the sounds of solar storms
PHYS.ORG VIDEO ,We are now truly living in the era of big data. And it's not just companies like Facebook and YouTube that are reaping the... 3 days
Pre-eclampsia linked to an increased risk of dementia later in life
SCIENCE DAILY Pre-eclampsia is associated with an increased risk of later dementia, particularly vascular dementia, caused by reduced blood supply to the brain due to diseased blood vessels,... 3 days
Omega 3 fatty acids found in seafood linked to healthy aging
SCIENCE DAILY Higher blood levels of omega 3 fatty acids found in seafood are associated with a higher likelihood of healthy ageing among older adults, finds a US... 3 days
Hail the Lizard King. T. Rex's Puny Arms Were Useful After All.
LIVE SCIENCE The ferocious dinosaur wants people to stop mocking its tiny arms. 3 days
Slack engineer figures out way to load messages into a 1995 SNES game
Get ‘Cirkus’ Mac and iOS task management app for free [Video]
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iPhone XR still widely available for launch day delivery, but analysts aren’t worried
PSA: Latest Apple ID phishing scam tricks you into thinking you’ve subscribed to Spotify Premium
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2019 BMW X7: How does it compare to rivals? - Roadshow
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Jake Paul ‘doesn’t see a problem’ with how he markets merch to kids
Jake Paul ‘doesn’t see a problem’ with how he markets merch to kids