It’s no secret Apple’s AirPods are one of the biggest hits from the company in years, however, an overview of their viral status via Above Avalon shows that they’re the second best selling product from Apple within two years of its primary launch. Further, Google search interest has grown 500% YoY as compared to December 2017. more… The post AirPods are the second-best selling Apple product within two years of launch, search rate up 500% YoY appeared first on 9to5Mac.... 9to5Mac · 2 months
AirPower Is Officially Cancelled: Apple Pulls Plug on Wireless Charging Mat  Gadgets 360 · 4 weeks
AirPower announcement marks a rare event for Apple. Apple announced in 2017 it would begin selling the product the following year, going so far as to... more
Apple's AirPods 3 Wireless Earphones to Be Launched by End of 2019: Reports  Gadgets 360 · 3 hours
Apple could be preparing to launch two new AirPods models later this year, according to a report based on analysis by Ming-Chi... more
Apple Officially Cancels AirPower  MacRumors · 4 weeks
Apple today canceled AirPower, the charging mat that it first announced in 2017, because of an inability to meet its high standards for hardware, reports TechCrunch. AirPower was... more
AirPods 2 Now Available for In-Store Pickup  MacRumors · 4 weeks
Apple's updated second-generation AirPods began arriving to customers around the world this morning, marking the official launch of the new earbuds. The... more
Hands-On With Apple's New Second-Generation AirPods  MacRumors · 4 weeks
Apple's second-generation AirPods, announced last week, started showing up on people's doorsteps this morning and also became available for purchase in Apple retail stores.... more
Upgrade to new AirPods? Here’s how to rename the ‘AirPods #2’ default  9to5Mac · 4 weeks
Pre-orders for Apple’s second-generation AirPods have been shipping out over the last few days and in-store stock also popped up yesterday. If you have... more
How to Wirelessly Charge Your AirPods  MacRumors · 4 weeks
Apple in March launched second-generation AirPods that include several new features over the original models, including the ability to wirelessly charge using third-party charging... more
iFixit teardown of new AirPods finds two improvements to the build quality  9to5Mac · 4 weeks
A new Apple product is out, and it of course hasn’t taken iFixit long to do its usual teardown – as well as x-rays... more
Apple cancels AirPower product, citing inability to meet its high standards for hardware  TechCrunch · 4 weeks
Apple has canceled the AirPower product completely, citing difficulty meeting its own standards. “After much effort, we’ve concluded AirPower will not achieve... more
Two new AirPods models may be coming later in 2019  THE VERGE · 19 hours
Apple released its second-generation AirPods just last month, but we may see a new version of... more
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Apple in March debuted second-generation AirPods, featuring several updates over the original massively popular... more
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Apple refreshed its AirPods wireless earbuds in March 2019, adding a number of new... more
Microsoft Working on Wireless In-Ear 'Surface Buds' to Rival AirPods  MacRumors · 1 week
Microsoft is planning to launch a pair of wireless earbuds under the Surface brand that will... more
App Store Q1 downloads reportedly drop 5% YoY, first decline since 2015  9to5Mac · 3 weeks
Ahead of Apple’s earnings call at the end of the month, new data from Morgan Stanley (via Kif Leswing) today reports that App Store... more
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