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Medical News Today: Malaria drugs could help to combat cancer
MNT Researchers reveal how two drugs used to treat malaria, called chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, could help in the fight against cancer. 2 hours
mattress startup purple launches in 13 mattress firm store locations Mattress startup Purple launches in 13 Mattress Firm store locations
TechCrunch  A number of bed-in-a-box startups have taken different approaches to selling their mattresses and bed ware... 3 hours
Echo brings first-to-market hybrid microscope to education and science communities
NEWS MEDICAL Echo, the company who created the first-ever hybrid microscope, announced today the completion of $7.5 million in Series A funding. 6 hours
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Xbox One review: Hundreds of heroes in one Marvelous adventure
Windows Central Join your favorite superheroes and bust some blocks! In 2013, the first LEGO Marvel Super Heroes was a... 6 hours
can a cryptocurrency be used to fight hate speech fake news and divisive politics Can a cryptocurrency be used to fight hate speech, fake news and divisive politics?
TechCrunch  Effectively, they want to fight radicalization by “mapping... 6 hours
Startup Trexo Robotics takes another step forward with children' 'Iron Man' exoskeleton
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Just like the purposeful gait of their child-sized robotic exoskeleton, the entrepreneurs behind University of Toronto startup Trexo Robotics are propelling their young business... 6 hours
tesla s electric semi trucks are priced to compete at 150 000 Tesla's electric Semi trucks are priced to compete at $150,000
THE VERGE Last week Tesla unveiled its electric Semi to great fanfare. The four-motor truck was announced with... 10 hours
Celebrate Thanksgiving (And Small Pox) With The ‘Runaways’ In This Promo Video
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fun fact: Thanksgiving is Chase Stein’s favorite holiday.  But it may not be after this one.  In this clip, the ‘Runaways’— Karolina Dean (Virginia... 11 hours
apple s black friday event launches in the us with free gift cards up to 150 Apple's Black Friday Event Launches in the US With Free Gift Cards Up to $150
MacRumors Apple's annual Black Friday shopping event... 12 hours
revolut now has a million customers for its banking alternative Revolut now has a million customers for its banking alternative
TechCrunch  Fintech startup Revolut has reached a big milestone. The company now has over a million customers... 13 hours
How big is the US Navy? 431.082 Personnel are Ready To Fight
DISCLOSE.TV The United States Navy (USN) is the naval warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the seven uniformed services... 21 hours
The Surprising Way Far Cry Primal Inspired Far Cry 5
CINEMA BLEND Set to launch early next year, Far Cry 5 is, if you will pardon the phrasing,... 1 day
co founder of unicorn inmobi is launching a bike sharing startup in india Co-founder of unicorn InMobi is launching a bike-sharing startup in India
TechCrunch  Over in India, there are a handful of startups working to get the country’s... 1 day
Sesame Street's Stranger Things Parody Is Hilarious And Adorable, Check It Out
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Sesame Street has a history of tackling TV shows and movies with parodies, and the latest series to get the spoof treatment is none... 1 day
NASA’s Cassini Team Releases Stunning Natural-Color Image of Saturn
SCI-NEWS.COM After more than 13 years at Saturn, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft bid farewell to the Saturnian system by firing... 1 day
amazon workers at an italy distribution hub are planning to strike on black friday Amazon workers at an Italy distribution hub are planning to strike on Black Friday
THE VERGE Over 500 Amazon workers at the company’s main... 1 day
Valkyria Chronicles 4 Is Coming In 2018
CINEMA BLEND Sega's Valkyria Chronicles series has always had its ups and downs over the years, but Sega is hoping to get back on... 1 day
tesla s electric semi truck starts at 150 000 reservations now live Tesla’s electric Semi truck starts at $150,000, reservations now live
TechCrunch  The Tesla Semi, the automaker’s all-electric transport truck, will retail starting at $150,000 for a version... 1 day
Game Review: 'Star Wars Battlefront II,' the dark side of gaming
PHYS.ORG Sirens roar ominously within the mangled remains of a Rebel frigate, warning all to escape. The clanking of hurried footsteps echoes through the halls before being... 1 day
Increased use of ambulatory surgery centers for cataract surgery
SCIENCE DAILY Over the past decade there's been a dramatic increase in the proportion of cataract surgeries performed at ambulatory surgery centers. In some communities nearly all cataract surgeries are done in... 1 day
twitter is testing bookmarks a feature to privately flag tweets for later Twitter is testing Bookmarks, a feature to privately flag Tweets for later
TechCrunch  Last month, Twitter started work on a new “save for later” feature for Tweets in your timeline that you wanted to flag to refer... 1 day
the us net neutrality fight affects the whole world The US net neutrality fight affects the whole world
THE VERGE The United States is a nation quarreling with itself right now. Most of the country’s population wants to... 1 day
Brass Man by Neal Asher
SFF WORLD Brass Man continues my re-read of Neal Asher’s Cormac series, following on from Gridlinked (review) and The Line of Polity (review). I remember reading this initially... 1 day
indian home healthcare platform portea medical raises 26m series c Indian home healthcare platform Portea Medical raises $26M Series C
TechCrunch  Portea Medical, one of India’s biggest platforms for home healthcare visits, has raised $26 million in... 2 days
The Surprising Way World Of Final Fantasy Is Getting A Sequel
CINEMA BLEND Square Enix's World of Final Fantasy was a very interesting portable take on the... 2 days
Pixel 2 XL proves less bendable than Pixel 2 in durability, torture test [Video]
Pixel 2 XL proves less bendable than Pixel 2 in durability, torture test [Video]
Unique moth species looks like a hummingbird
LONDON LOCKDOWN: Oxford Street & Circus swarmed by terror police
LONDON LOCKDOWN: Oxford Street & Circus swarmed by terror police
Best Friend from Heaven (2017)
Samsung is apparently adding a backlit keyboard to the Chromebook Pro
First Trailer for 'Journeyman' - Written & Directed by Paddy Considine
Face Unlock for the OnePlus 5T is designed for convenience but isn’t very secure, may be coming to OnePlus 5
First Teaser Trailer for Animated 'Smallfoot' About a Kind-Hearted Yeti
Review: Chocolate Hub 2 is a perfect desk companion and an even better stocking stuffer
This man wading into a huge wasps’ nest captures the spirit of Black Friday
We asked the editor of 'Downsizing' if he misses cutting film - CNET
Former NASA Scientist Debunks all UFO Sightings, Blames Many on Mundane Space Dandruff - Newsweek
Which Amazon Echo device should you buy? - CNET