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RCS texting comes to Google Fi, Rocket League goes cross-platform video - CNET  CNET · 12 hours
Today's major tech stories include RCS texting arriving on Google's Fi network, Apple's race to 5G getting slowed down by a chip... more
Reliance Jio Led 4G Download Speeds in December 2018, Despite Drop: TRAI  Gadgets 360 · 12 hours
As per TRAI’s latest data, Reliance Jio offered the fastest 4G download speeds in December while Idea led the charts when it comes to... more
Apple Claims Qualcomm Refused to Sell Modems for 2018 iPhone Models  Gadgets 360 · 17 hours
As per Apple COO Jeff Williams's testimony in court during the FTC trial against Qualcomm, the latter refused to sell its 4G LTE modems to Apple... more
Samsung Galaxy S10 X Will Be Samsung’s First 5G Smartphone: Report  Gadgets 360 · 17 hours
Samsung has reportedly finalised the branding of its upcoming first 5G smartphone. The phone will be called Samsung Galaxy S10 X. more
Apple says Qualcomm refused to sell it chips for the latest iPhones  THE VERGE · 1 day
Apple says it wanted to use Qualcomm modems in the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR — but that Qualcomm refused to sell them... more
Apple's 5G iPhone shift bogged down by Qualcomm chip battle - CNET  CNET · 1 day
Apple COO testifies in court that Qualcomm refused to sell modems to Apple because of the companies' licensing dispute. more
Apple wanted to use Qualcomm 4G chips in its newest iPhones - CNET  CNET · 1 day
But Qualcomm wouldn't sell it modems because of the two companies' court battles, Apple Operating Chief Jeff Williams testified Monday. more
RCS Chat is launching on Google Fi  THE VERGE · 1 day
Today, Google is announcing that it’s rolling out RCS Chat on the Google Fi network. Google is also announcing that it’s improving... more
Huawei Boycott Calls Get Mixed Response in Europe  Gadgets 360 · 2 days
Europe is giving US-led calls for a boycott of Huawei 5G telecoms equipment a mixed reception, with some governments untroubled by spy suspicions against the Chinese giant, but others backing a ban. more
Apple Considered Samsung, MediaTek to Supply 5G Modems for 2019 iPhones  Gadgets 360 · 2 days
Apple held talks with Samsung and MediaTek along with Intel to supply 5G modem chips for 2019 iPhones, according to an Apple executive's testimony at a... more
Huawei employee arrested in Poland on espionage charges  THE VERGE · 5 days
Polish authorities have arrested two individuals and accused them of conducting espionage on behalf of the Chinese government, the Polish... more
5G is even more of a confusing mess than ever - CNET  CNET · 5 days
Commentary: Everyone's talking about 5G at CES 2019, even if they can't agree on what 5G actually is. more
Tello is doubling its data plans free for 6 months - CNET  CNET · 5 days
New subscribers can get a 2GB LTE plan for just $14, 4GB for $19 and so on. Plus: a three-axis smartphone gimbal for only... more
Should you upgrade to the new HP Spectre x360 15?  Windows Central · 5 days
Best answer: Yes, if you need the latest specifications, LTE support, or more privacy you should upgrade to the latest HP Spectre x360 15. HP: Spectre x360 13-ap0038nr... more
At CES 2019, 5G is even more of a confusing mess than ever - CNET  CNET · 5 days
Commentary: Everyone's talking about 5G at the show, even if they can't agree on what 5G actually is. more
After CES 2019, 5G is even more of a confusing mess than ever - CNET  CNET · 6 days
Commentary: Everyone was talking about 5G at the show, even if they couldn't agree on what 5G actually... more
Big Cable’s ‘10G’ campaign betrays a fear of wireless 5G  THE VERGE · 6 days
5G networks are poised to be a big thing, with promises of big speed boosts that... more
AT&T is 'proud' it referred to its upgraded 4G LTE network as 5G E - CNET  CNET · 6 days
Rivals say AT&T is deceiving customers by calling its network 5G E. AT&T Communications CEO John... more
How Smart Cities and 5G will improve health, public safety and transportation video - CNET  CNET · 6 days
As more and more people migrate to cities, technology has an important role to play in making cities... more
AT&T stands by its 5G E phone service. Critics call it misleading - CNET  CNET · 6 days
Rivals say AT&T is deceiving customers by calling its network 5G E. AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan said he's "breaking... more
Vergecast roundup of new Google Assistant features  THE VERGE · 6 days
Our Vergecast CES 2019 coverage continues with part two of our roundup show. Dami Lee and Dan Seifert join Nilay and Dieter... more
Huawei Only Permitted for 5G Trials so Far, Says Telecom Secretary  Gadgets 360 · 6 days
Sundararajan clarified that the government would put the necessary safeguards in place before allowing companies to deploy 5G connectivity and access the core networks. more
CES 2019: Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music LTE Smartwatch Launched  Gadgets 360 · 6 days
CES 2019 saw Garmin launch its first smartwatch with LTE support, called the Vivoactive 3 Music LTE. more
Verizon's first 5G phone, Google's interpreter service video - CNET  CNET · 6 days
Today's major news from CES 2019 include Verizon's first 5G phone, Google's slew of announcements and interpreter mode and IBM's first commercial quantum computer. more
ZTE Says It Will Launch a 5G Smartphone in First Half of 2019  Gadgets 360 · 7 days
ZTE has reiterated that it will be launching its first 5G phone in the first half of 2019. It will also release... more
Verizon may pay you $1 million for your crazy 5G idea - CNET  CNET · 7 days
Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg announced a seed fund at CES 2019 to develop 5G applications. more
The Next Big Thing panel at CES 2019: The future of media video - CNET  CNET · 1 week
CNET's Lindsey Turrentine and Brian Cooley host a panel of media execs on how innovations in mobile video,... more
Even Sprint is dunking on AT&T’s 5G nonsense  THE VERGE · 1 week
First it was T-Mobile’s turn, then it was Verizon’s, and now it’s Sprint’s chance to make fun of AT&T’s decision... more
What's in a name? 5G wireless claims, but no real network  ABC NEWS · 1 week
AT&T drew ridicule from other carriers including Verizon and T-Mobile by suddenly relabeling the network used by some of its phones as "5G E," since the... more
AT&T mocked over 5G phone icon 'update'  BBC · 1 week
US mobile operator AT&T rebrands phones to give the impression they are on a futuristic 5G network. more
5G BlackBerry smartphones aren't coming in 2019 - CNET  CNET · 1 week
At CES 2019, the makers of the BlackBerry phones say they're opting out of the 5G revolution this year. more
Verizon and T-Mobile call out AT&T over fake 5G labels  TechCrunch · 1 week
AT&T recently started a shady marketing tactic that labeled its 4G network as a 5G network. Now, rivals Verizon and T-Mobile are not having any of it. In... more
AT&T is creating a 5G hospital - CNET  CNET · 1 week
The next-gen wireless tech is expected to speed up network communications and reduce latency at a Chicago medical center. more
Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music LTE Smartwatch Launched at CES 2019  Gadgets 360 · 1 week
Garmin has launched its first smartwatch with LTE support, called the Vivoactive 3 Music LTE. more
Toyota turns to AT&T and KDDI for in-vehicle 4G connectivity  TechCrunch · 1 week
In a new deal Toyota, AT&T and KDDI are bringing 4g connectivity to Toyota and Lexus vehicles. This will start with the 2020 model year vehicles that are... more
Toyota and Lexus vehicles will get AT&T 4G LTE Wi-Fi this fall - Roadshow  CNET · 1 week
Toyota's Global Communications Platform partnership with KDDI allows for remote vehicle diagnostics and safety response services. more
D-Link thinks 5G will cut your cords forever  TechCrunch · 1 week
Network gear maker D-Link just announced a 5G router that sends high-speed Wi-Fi through your house without cables. The router, called the DWR-2010, should allow users to get massive speeds over 5G... more
AT&T is lying to customers with 5G marketing  TechCrunch · 1 week
After a recent update some AT&T phones now have a 5G E icon. This icon replaces the one indicated the phone is running on a 4G network. But here’s the thing: The... more
T-Mobile hits 5G milestone using 600 Mhz spectrum - CNET  CNET · 1 week
The company said it's on its way to delivering nationwide 5G with the first live test using a mix of wireless spectrum. more
5G? We'll double it! Cable companies push '10G' at CES - CNET  CNET · 1 week
They see your 5G and raise you another 5G. It's just not the G you're looking for. more
LG pushes AI, rollable TVs and 5G at CES 2019 - CNET  CNET · 1 week
Artificial intelligence was once again a big theme for the show. more
Sprint will carry one of Samsung’s 5G phones  THE VERGE · 1 week
Sprint will carry one of Samsung’s upcoming 5G-enabled smartphones later this year, joining rivals AT&T and Verizon. The company says... more
Sprint and Samsung plan to release a 5G phone this summer - CNET  CNET · 1 week
The carrier adds another device to its planned lineup of phones that use the next-gen wireless tech. more
Ooma's Smart Security system adds 4G and battery backup at CES - CNET  CNET · 1 week
The Ooma Smart Security system has a couple of new ways to handle Wi-Fi and power outages. more
At CES 2019, 5G rides one last wave of hype before reality kicks in - CNET  CNET · 1 week
CES is all about big tech promises and buzzwords. So of course 5G will be all... more
Garmin adds LTE to its music-focused smartwatch  TechCrunch · 1 week
Garmin’s long been a sort of secret success story in the world of wearables. The company rarely gets mentioned in the same breath as Apple and Fitbit — or even Android Wear and Samsung... more
Garmin introduces its first LTE-enabled smartwatch  THE VERGE · 1 week
Garmin has announced its first 4G LTE-enabled GPS smartwatch today, the Vívoactive 3 Music, with support by Verizon Wireless. Now with cellular connectivity, the... more
Everything is too complicated  THE VERGE · 1 week
It’s CES time again, with a flood of gadget news set to arrive when the industry’s biggest tech show kicks off later this afternoon. As usual, it’s easy... more
How to turn on Airplane Mode on Apple Watch  9to5Mac · 2 weeks
With Series 3 or later Apple introduced LTE on the Apple Watch. While you’d likely use the feature... more
D-Link's 5G router speeds into CES 2019 - CNET  CNET · 2 weeks
The DWR-2010 promises to bring the new fast broadband technology to homes in the latter half of 2019. more
Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 With ExpressSign-In, Cat. 16 LTE Launched Ahead of CES 2019  Gadgets 360 · 2 weeks
The Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 claims to be the world’s smallest commercial 14-inch 2-in-1 laptop and features Dell’s new ExpressSign-in... more
Samsung Galaxy S10 Photo Leak Tips Display Design Details, 2 5G Models Expected  Gadgets 360 · 2 weeks
It shows only the front of the 6.1-inch variant and we can see that the top and bottom portions both have thin... more
Tello is doubling its data plans free for 6 months - CNET
Garmin introduces its first LTE-enabled smartwatch