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Making it count: The power of round numbers  PHYS.ORG · 3 days
Round numbers can be powerful marketing tools, increasing people's sense of accomplishment as they work towards goals in areas like finances or weight loss, according to new Washington State University research. more
Cigarettes Can't Be Advertised On TV. Should Juul Ads Be Permitted?  NPR · 5 days
Though tobacco ads have been banned from TV for about 50 years, the marketing of electronic cigarettes isn't constrained by the law. Public health advocates consider... more
In product design, imagining end user's feelings leads to more original outcomes  SCIENCE DAILY · 1 week
In new product design, connecting with an end user's heart, rather than their head, can lead to more original and creative outcomes, says an... more
What's more powerful, word-of-mouth or following someone else's lead?  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, UCLA and the University of Texas published new research in the INFORMS journal Marketing Science (Editor's note: The source of this research is INFORMS),... more
Salesperson ambidexterity and company profitability are dependent on customer base  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
A new study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham Collat School of Business has broken new ground on identifying and improving upon effective "hunters" and "farmers" in... more
Medical News Today: FDA warn company about illegally marketing CBD products  MNT · 3 weeks
FDA have issued a letter to Curaleaf, warning the company about misleading the public with 'unsubstantiated claims' concerning the benefits of CBD. more
Uber cuts marketing staff to reduce costs  PHYS.ORG · 4 weeks
Uber on Monday confirmed it is cutting 400 jobs from its marketing team of more than 1,200 workers to reduce costs and improve efficiency. more
To get customers to buy more in the future, help them buy a gift  PHYS.ORG · 4 weeks
Researchers from the University of Paderborn and University of Rostock, both in Germany, published a new paper in the Journal... more
FDA clears existing tests with new indications to aid in the diagnosis of Lyme disease  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 weeks
Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared for marketing four previously cleared tests with new indications to... more
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