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VIDEO The latest virtual-reality film from Baobab Studios also puts the voices of John Legend, Diego Luna, and Constance Wu inside...
at t is inviting directv now users to test its upcoming streaming box
AT&T is inviting DirecTV Now users to sign up for a chance to test its upcoming streaming set-top box. The company sent an email...
ralph breaks the internet is the lego movie of disney films
VIDEO Disney’s 2012 film Wreck-It Ralph proved that a movie based on video game nostalgia...
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orion recovery team ready to rock and roll
A NASA and Department of Defense team returned from a week of training at sea to improve joint landing and...
A self-driving car service being tested by Alphabet-owned Waymo will be opened up to more people in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, chief John Krafcik said Tuesday.
And it will be decades before self-driving cars are all over the roads, John Krafcik says.
John Snow Labs, an award-winning global data operations and AI company, today announces the launch of John Snow Labs Data...
Students are headed for startups, not tech giants, John Chambers says.
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VIDEO The way DNA folds largely determines which genes are read out. John van Noort and his group have quantified how easily rolled-up DNA parts stack. This costs less energy than previously assumed. Publication in...
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And it's even more beautiful than the original.
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Blanding's turtle hatchlings need only the sun as their compass to guide them on their way to the nearest wetland—and a place of safety. This is according to John Dean Krenz of Minnesota State University in...
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Neil Armstrong may have taken that first small step for man onto the moon, but it was John Glenn who took the first slurp of applesauce.
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On Nov. 1, 2018, the USS John P. Murtha recovered the test version of the Orion capsule at sunset in the Pacific Ocean.
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The Neil Armstrong biopic "First Man" is a distortion of the personalities involved in the Apollo 11 mission and a less-than-convincing account of the U.S. space program of...
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A clinical trial from the St John's Institute of Dermatology, School of Basic & Medical Biosciences has been launched to investigate whether...
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The Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP) Saint John has launched a harbour seal monitoring...
VIDEO If you’re looking for where to vote, this fake page will try to steal...
John DeLuca, PhD, a clinical neuropsychologist and Senior Vice President of Research and Training at Kessler Foundation, is the co-chief editor of the new 2nd edition "Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology". Published by...
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Mars expert John Grotzinger tells the story of exploration and the search for ancient life on the red planet at the annual Carlson Lecture.
New images from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope show the star-forming region NGC 6334, also known as the Cat’s Paw Nebula or Bear Claw Nebula. The Cat’s...
John DeLuca, PhD, senior vice president for Research and Training at Kessler Foundation, has received a $95,000 sub-award from EMD...
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John Vrionis Contributor Share on Twitter John Vrionis is the founder of Unusual Ventures. It’s time to bring the conversation about where Silicon Valley gets its money from out into the open. Following recent revelations into Saudi Arabia’s...
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Foldable phones have nothing on Detective Pikachu - CNET
Fallout 76’s first end-game nuke launches, starts apocalyptic battle
Fallout 76’s first end-game nuke launches, starts apocalyptic battle
Apple adds third-party app integration to Final Cut Pro X
Japanese man pledges to have, hold and cherish hologram pop star Hatsune Miku
Meet Oprah, the omnipotent VR bug, in Crow: The Legend on Oculus - CNET
Alphabet shutting down bipedal robot company Schaft bought in 2013 robotics spree
Video: How is leather made?
Watch SpaceX launch and land a used Falcon 9 rocket
Commercial EO innovation challenges snail-pace government timescales
Feeling the pressure with universal tactile imaging
A super-Earth found in our stellar back yard
A super-Earth found in our stellar back yard
New research studies adhesiveness in ants as a way to improve synthetic adhesives
New research studies adhesiveness in ants as a way to improve synthetic adhesives