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Diversity and inclusion is a topic that all too often starts and ends with white women. MotherCoders, while targeting women,...
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Prince William and Catherine were at the BBC to discuss its work on combating cyber-bullying.
blumhouse is making eight thriller features for amazon
Blumhouse Television, Jason Blum’s acclaimed production company, is planning to produce eight feature-length thrillers for Amazon’s streaming service. Variety reports...
Jason Snell has raised an interesting possibility over at Macworld: that future ARM-powered Macs might mean an end to the level of custom-build options we...
Online shopping platforms have changed the way we shop for everything from household items to holiday gifts. These firms – think Amazon, eBay or Etsy – provide a...
Jason Smerdon is coauthor of the newly revised Climate Change: The Science of Global Warming and Our Energy Future. The book is a succinct, non-ideological reference for anyone who wants to understand what we know (and...
The late Marvel legend will have a literal run-in with Vanellope in Ralph Breaks the Internet.
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Running diesel engines and gas turbines at high pressure to boost power output and efficiency is harmful for the environment. Burning fuel at high pressure can significantly change the soot particles that are produced, William Roberts from the...
the larger than life huckster dialogue of stan lee
“Let the Vapors of the Vishanti drive you from the sight of man! Let the mystic Hosts of Hoggoth prevent you from...
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The late comic-book legend Stan Lee was known for his brief and usually humorous appearances in Marvel films. We've compiled them all for one look at his onscreen legacy.
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"There will never be a world without Stan Lee."
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We lost Stan Lee at the age of 95 yesterday, and today Apple is honoring the...
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An interview with Cara Afzal and Lee-Ann Farrell discussing the importance of industry partnerships with the NHS, and how Janssen are working to improve dementia care for Manchester and hematology services for Wales.
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Stan Lee died Monday in Los Angeles at the age of 95. Tributes have since poured in, from the likes of Disney CEO, Marvel Studios president,...
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He created hundreds of characters in 95 years on this planet. Here are some of our all-time personal favorites.
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Stan Lee created hundreds of characters in the 95 years he spent on this planet. Here are some of our all-time personal favorites.
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CNET's Bonnie Burton remembers the Marvel icon not just as the co-creator of beloved superheroes, but...
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From a clueless security guard to a FedEx driver looking for Tony STANK, late Marvel legend Stan Lee was always a star.
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all of the stan lee cameos from marvel movies and why we love them
VIDEO Stan Lee is the godfather of modern comics,...
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Stan Lee, likely the best-known and most beloved comics writer of all time, has died at the age of 95. “Stan Lee was as extraordinary as the characters he created,” said Disney CEO Bob Iger in...
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Those inspired by his work offer condolences and commemoration on Twitter.
AI will displace many jobs -- but it's got inherent limits, tech exec and investor Kai-Fu Lee says.
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As we commemorate Stan Lee's passing, take a look back at some of Lee's...
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With the passing of Marvel's figurehead, those inspired by Stan Lee's work have offered their condolences and commemoration.
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stan lee dies at 95
Stan Lee, the former editor-in-chief, publisher and chairman of Marvel Comics, died this morning in Los Angeles at age 95. Lee was best known for co-creating...
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Fallout 76’s first end-game nuke launches, starts apocalyptic battle
Fallout 76’s first end-game nuke launches, starts apocalyptic battle
Apple adds third-party app integration to Final Cut Pro X
Japanese man pledges to have, hold and cherish hologram pop star Hatsune Miku
Meet Oprah, the omnipotent VR bug, in Crow: The Legend on Oculus - CNET
Alphabet shutting down bipedal robot company Schaft bought in 2013 robotics spree
Video: How is leather made?
Watch SpaceX launch and land a used Falcon 9 rocket
Commercial EO innovation challenges snail-pace government timescales
Feeling the pressure with universal tactile imaging