If you decide to go with the free music-streaming version, check out these handy tips.
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blumhouse is making eight thriller features for amazon
Blumhouse Television, Jason Blum’s acclaimed production company, is planning to produce eight feature-length thrillers for Amazon’s streaming service. Variety reports...
tidal is now available on amazon echo speakers
Tidal, the Jay Z-owned music streaming service with an emphasis on audio quality, is now available on Amazon Echo devices....
at t is inviting directv now users to test its upcoming streaming box
AT&T is inviting DirecTV Now users to sign up for a chance to test its upcoming streaming set-top box. The company sent an email...
Apple typically launches new iPhones with carrier SIM cards pre-installed and doesn’t offer a...
In terms of pricing, the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ costs $25 (roughly Rs. 1,800) and is currently available on the company's website.
Tyler Barriss aka SWAuTistic caused almost 100 SWATing attacks by calling the police on perceived online enemies and claiming that they were holding hostages and were heavily armed. One of these, in...
CrimeInternetLaw & Order more... TechCrunch 6 hours
Mozilla is adding a new security feature to its Firefox Quantum web browser that will alert users when they visit a website that has recently reported a data breach. When a Firefox user lands...
Tyler Barriss aka SWAuTistic caused almost 100 SWATing attacks by calling the police on perceived online enemies and claiming that they were holding hostages and were heavily armed. One of these, in...
CrimeInternetLaw & Order more... TechCrunch 7 hours
raspberry pi made a cheaper version of its most powerful pc
The Raspberry Pi Foundation’s goal is to make computing as cheap and accessible as...
The companies said it was crucial for the industry to have the freedom to adopt a range of technologies for Internet-connected cars in a sector estimated to be...
Loki getting his own show on the new streaming service is exciting, but here's a few suggestions of female superheroes who are worthy of their own series.
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hackers win 60 000 for finding iphone safari exploit at tokyo pwn2own contest
Richard Zhu and Amat Cama, two white hat hackers, recently teamed up at the Mobile Pwn2Own contest in Tokyo and ended up earning a...
The Vizio E50-F2 50-inch 4K Smart HDR HDTV is down to $349.99 with a $100 Dell gift card. Even without including the...
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The late Marvel legend will have a literal run-in with Vanellope in Ralph Breaks the Internet.
Movies more... CNET 20 hours
Everything that's not working in the wastes! Well, Reclamation day is upon us. It is time for vault dwellers to venture out into the wasted terrain that was once West...
Gaming more... Windows Central 21 hours
Best answer: While GRIP is a fun game, there are too many issues with online connectivity right now to justify buying it for its launch price of $40. You'd be better off waiting for...
Here's everything we know about the first live-action Star Wars series as we await the Disney+ streaming service, plus some exciting possibilities.
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The standards for cross-vehicle communication aren't necessarily at odds, but different companies have different ideas about how to...
fallout 76 journal day 1 welcome to the wasteland
The first few hours of Bethesda’s online-only Fallout Continue reading…
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The Wreck-It Ralph sequel pushes its characters to grow while satirizing so much of the internet.
Movies more... CNET 1 day
The Wreck-It Ralph sequel is a hilarious story about friendship that just happens to take place online.
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apple releases safari technology preview 70 with bug fixes and feature improvements
Apple today released a new update for Safari Technology Preview, the experimental browser Apple first introduced over two years ago in March of 2016....
BrowsersApple more... MacRumors 1 day
ralph breaks the internet is the lego movie of disney films
VIDEO Disney’s 2012 film Wreck-It Ralph proved that a movie based on video game nostalgia...
MoviesGaming more... THE VERGE 1 day
Google One might be the new all-in-one subscription...
Google more... 9to5Google 1 day
apple updates macbook pro with amd vega gpu options
As promised, Apple has updated its MacBook Pro configurations with new options for AMD Radeon Pro Vega graphics...
Delhi High Court on Wednesday sought the Centre's response on a plea for removal of vulgar and sexually explicit content from online platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video,...
The Amazon Fire TV Recast is a user-friendly OTA streaming product especially suited to users and fans of the Fire...
A congressional advisory panel says the purchase of internet-linked devices manufactured in China leaves the United States vulnerable to security breaches that could put critical infrastructure at risk
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Chinese internet giant Tencent bounced back from a disappointing previous quarter, but for once the company didn’t have its gaming business to thank. Tencent may be best known for conjuring...
Tech BusinessGaming more... TechCrunch 1 day
netflix testing cheaper mobile only subscription model in select countries
As Netflix tries to grow subscriber numbers outside of the United States, TechCrunch reports today that the streaming...
TabletsNetflix more... MacRumors 1 day
This gadget is a big part of Amazon’s streaming future Continue reading…
Online ShoppingAmazon more... THE VERGE 1 day
In the wastelands of this new online-only post-apocalyptic RPG, you'll never walk alone.
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The production company behind Get Out and the Purge series presses play on this story of a cam girl and her sinister doppelganger.
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kano s harry potter coding kit now available in apple stores
Kano today announced that its Harry Potter Coding Kit is now available for purchase via the...
Spotify, the world's most popular paid music streaming service, officially launched in the Middle East and North Africa on Tuesday.
Spotify more... Gadgets 360 1 day
The rise in hate crime incidents comes as social media companies are under scrutiny for their...
apple is now selling refurbished homepods but black friday deals are cheaper
Apple has added refurbished HomePods for the first time to its online store, where they’re selling for $50 less than the original price, via...
A Nigerian internet provider says a configuration error during a network upgrade disrupted several Google services by diverting traffic through China and Russia
NetworkingGoogle more... ABC NEWS 2 days
apple now selling refurbished homepod for 299
Apple today added the HomePod to its online store for refurbished products in the United States, offering the smart speaker at a...
As Amazon turns its attention to setting up new homes in Long Island City, New York and Arlington, Virginia, experts and historians in Seattle say both places can...
Online ShoppingAmazon more... ABC NEWS 2 days
A think tank researcher explains how political campaigners can use information gleaned from an online search.
EmailPrivacy more... BBC 2 days
Help us build a deal-centered community. Our team at Thrifter spends all day sorting through deals, writing about new products, and sharing...
After announcing the project earlier this year, popular music streaming service Pandora is today...
AppleGoogleAndroid OSiOS more... 9to5Google 2 days
VIDEO After announcing the project earlier this year, popular music streaming service Pandora is today...
project fi promises privacy with google run vpn
Internet providers and wireless carriers, by necessity, can see the traffic coming and going to your phone. Some companies have better privacy...
Google’s Project Fi wireless service is getting a major update today that introduces an optional always-on VPN service and a smarter way to switch between WiFi and cellular connections. By default, Fi...
ConnectivityWi-FiGoogle more... TechCrunch 2 days
A Nigerian internet provider says a configuration error during a network upgrade disrupted several Google services by diverting traffic through China and Russia
NetworkingGoogle more... ABC NEWS 2 days
You can sign up for early access right now. Pandora has long been one of the go-to sources for online music streaming, and today, the company announced its latest project — podcasts. Similar to...
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Following reports of its testing, Spotify today has launched its long-awaited Apple Watch app. The app allows users to control the playback of Spotify’s streaming service from their Watch’s screen, as well as connect...
The online advertising business continues to grow at double digit rates, according to the latest report from the...
MarketingTech Business more... TechCrunch 2 days
spotify launches its apple watch app
Spotify is officially releasing its Apple Watch app today. The music streaming service started testing it earlier this month, but the Apple Watch app...
A new generation of entrepreneurs is emerging to refashion the Los Angeles studio system for the digital age forming companies that combining...
another facebook vulnerability could have exposed information about users and their friends
The security company Imperva has released new details on a Facebook vulnerability that could have exposed user data. The bug allowed websites to obtain...
The traffic got rerouted through ISPs in countries known for internet surveillance.
Google more... CNET 2 days
Steve Jobs famously once said that people don’t read anymore, but it turns out younger people are, in fact, reading quite a lot – just in...
Steve JobsApple more... TechCrunch 2 days
Fifty nations and over 150 tech companies pledged Monday to do more to fight criminal activity on the internet, including interference in elections and hate speech.
As Tencent Music, China’s largest streaming firm, reportedly stalls on its proposed U.S. IPO, one of its closest challengers is doubling down. NetEase Cloud Music, a rival operated by games...
BaiduTech BusinessGaming more... TechCrunch 2 days
China's top cyber authority has scrubbed 9,800 social media accounts of independent news providers deemed to have posted sensational, vulgar or politically harmful content on the Internet.
Social Media more... Gadgets 360 2 days
Travel continues to be one of the biggest verticals online, projected to be worth over $1 trillion by 2022, and today a...
DIY chain Homebase runs Britain's worst online shop, according to a survey by consumer group Which?.
The iBall Slide Elan 3x32 is priced in India at Rs. 16,999, and is available in select online and retail stores across India.
Google confirmed Monday's disruption on a network status page but said only that it believed the cause was "external to Google ."
NetworkingGoogle more... Gadgets 360 3 days
Today was Day 1 of the 2018 Chrome Dev Summit, and among the other announcements shared, this one...
A hijacking of internet traffic disrupts Google services including search and cloud-hosting services
Google more... ABC NEWS 3 days
A hijacking of internet traffic has disrupted Google services including search and cloud-hosting services
AnimalsDogsGoogle more... ABC NEWS 3 days
You'll be glad you clicked this. Amazon has its AmazonBasics Compact Ergonomic Wireless Mouse on sale right now for $9.51. This deal makes for...
comcast should be investigated for antitrust violations say small cable companies
An industry group wants antitrust regulators to investigate whether Comcast-NBCUniversal is abusing its power...
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all of the stan lee cameos from marvel movies and why we love them
VIDEO Stan Lee is the godfather of modern comics,...
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Black Friday is less than two weeks away, which means you should be sufficiently read up on the coming sales and offers...
UPnP can be a hassle, but it's not hard to fix on Xbox One. While an internet connection unlocks the best of Xbox One, networking is paired with countless issues...
VIDEO As web pages have advanced over the years, they have also dramatically increased in...
BrowsersGoogle more... 9to5Google 3 days
the internet s horrified with detective pikachu
To understand the intense reaction to Detective Pikachu’s first trailer, you have to understand where the Pokémon fandom stands in 2018. As a franchise,...
AnimalsNet Neutrality more... THE VERGE 3 days
A look at the Zozosuit, a new Amazon-Apple partnership and Alibaba's Singles' Day.
The streaming service has over 137 million subscribers worldwide, but it wants more.
Netflix more... CNET 3 days
French President Emmanuel Macron announces an online call to arms, which has already been signed by Microsoft, Facebook and Google.
Ralph Breaks the Internet is The Lego Movie of Disney films
Pandora’s ‘Podcast Genome Project’ launching in beta on iOS and Android
Firefox test adds price tracking directly to its browser
First Toy Story 4 teaser introduces the internet’s newest hero, Forky
Google Chrome Labs releases open source, browser-based image optimization tool, Squoosh
All of the Stan Lee cameos from Marvel movies, and why we love them
New Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer is now an amazing musical meme - CNET
Not a cellphone in sight
Outlaw King is a purposeful but empty bid for Netflix’s filmmaking legitimacy
This weekend, stream some ‘Nordic noir’ on Netflix, starting with Deadwind
Internet rallies around VoiceoverPete after he gets booted from Fiverr
Get VideoProc, a new Mac app for GPU accelerated video processing, editing and more
YouTube’s favorite Fiverr actor is banned from the service
Netflix is developing animated shows from the creators of Moana, Inside Out, and Finding Dory
Google Doodle honors Michael Dertouzos, who predicted internet's impact - CNET
Google News update will help publishers more easily find their sites
Google supporting ‘Contract for the Web’ from Tim Berners-Lee & Web Foundation
Rick and Morty are going to play Fallout 76 live online - CNET
One new message
Diablo is getting a ‘full-fledged’ mobile RPG
For the real Bohemian Rhapsody, stream the best recorded Queen concert this weekend
Spotify preparing to launch official Apple Watch app, beta available now via TestFlight
These headphones bring FM radio to your iPhone
Weird horror movies and TV for Halloween you may have overlooked - CNET
Justin Bieber’s bizarre burrito incident reminds us not to believe everything online