Gravitational Waves
Innovation increases observable volume of the universe by a factor of seven  PHYS.ORG · 3 days
The detection of Einstein's gravitational waves relies on highly precise laser measurements of small length changes. The kilometer-size detectors of the international network (GEO600,... more
Bose-Einstein condensates cannot currently detect gravitational waves  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 days
The gravitational waves created in the depths of space indeed reach Earth. Their effects, however, are so small that they could only be observed so far using kilometer-long measurement facilities. Physicists therefore discuss whether... more
LIGO supercomputer upgrade will speed up groundbreaking astrophysics research  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
In 2016, an international team of scientists found definitive evidence—tiny ripples in space known as gravitational waves—to support one of the last remaining untested predictions of Einstein's theory of general... more
Catalog of cosmic cataclysms helps establish gravitational wave astronomy  nanowerk · 2 weeks
The records of cataclysmic cosmic events, including four black hole observations disclosed for the first time, have been collected into a catalog. Production of the catalog suggests that gravitational wave... more
LIGO and Virgo Announce Four New Detections  ASTRO WATCH · 2 weeks
On Saturday, December 1, scientists attending the Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Workshop in College Park, Maryland, presented new results from the... more
Physicists Detect Four New Gravitational Waves  SCI-NEWS.COM · 2 weeks
The twin LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) detectors, located in Livingston, Louisiana, and Hanford, Washington, and the Virgo detector located near Pisa, Italy, have... more
New detections of gravitational waves brings the number to 11 – so far  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
Four new detections of gravitational waves have been announced at the Gravitational Waves Physics and Astronomy Workshop, at the University of Maryland... more
4 Gravitational-Wave Detections Include Largest, Most Distant Black Hole Crash Ever  SPACE.COM · 2 weeks
Four new gravitational-wave observations mean scientists can start to make broader discoveries about the world around us and the black holes that fill it. more
LIGO and Virgo announce four new gravitational-wave detections  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 weeks
The LIGO and Virgo collaborations have now confidently detected gravitational waves from a total of 10 stellar-mass binary black hole mergers and one merger of neutron stars, which are the dense, spherical... more
Scientists detect biggest known black-hole collision  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
An international team of scientists have detected ripples in space and time, known as gravitational waves, from the biggest known black-hole collision that formed a new black hole about 80 times larger than the Sun –... more
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Innovation increases observable volume of the universe by a factor of seven
Scientists detect biggest known black-hole collision