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Area 51 Worker Reveals Secret Alien Technology
DISCLOSE.TV This video takes a look at the story of a man named Robert Miller. In this video, he talks about how his service in the Marines led to an eventual job... 2 hours
Dmonix Steps Into the Field Of Astronomy!
DISCLOSE.TV So very exciting! I got an early Christmas present from my big Brother and Sister-In Law! They had dropped it off before taking off to Rome for Christ... 3 hours
Flapless Flight Trial A Success
DISCLOSE.TV Well this is pretty dang cool! Although when I watched the video I had this very skeptical feeling (which is my nature), that it could be just CGI!... 1 hour
The Nuts & Nasa Not's
DISCLOSE.TV Nasa has been fully exposed by many including myself, it is a well known fact that Nasa is a fraud just as the rest of the US government including all... 5 hours
These Glowing Plants May Replace Your Desk Lamp Soon
DISCLOSE.TV Engineers at MIT have developed a luminescent plant, but the whole concept is really freaking cool. "The vision is to make a plant th... 6 hours
Emergency declared at Atlanta airport, power outages and flight stoppages
DISCLOSE.TV Breaking now, no cause yet known. Power outages and flight stoppages being reported. Live coverage: 7 hours
Pope Francis: fake and sensationalised news 'a very serious sin'
DISCLOSE.TV The pope said: “You shouldn’t fall into the ‘sins of communication:’ disinformation, or giving just one side, calumny that is sensati... 7 hours
Can you identify this strange ghostly orb caught on CCTV?
DISCLOSE.TV This strange orb taken in the UK was captured by paranormal investigator Martin Mildon at his house on two separate occasions during 2017 the first be... 7 hours
Explosive device exploded in Hamburg railway station
DISCLOSE.TV Big alarm on Sunday evening at the S-Bahn station Veddel. According to the first reports, a man from the S3 line climbed up at about 5.35 p... 7 hours
Paranormal experiment offers validation that the illuminati threat to humanity is real
DISCLOSE.TV In 2017 we attempted a series of paranormal experiments lIve on YouTube to see if we could use Intertrans communication equipment to contact the... 7 hours
Emergnecy declared at Atlanta airport, power outages and flight stoppages
DISCLOSE.TV Breaking now, no cause yet known. Power outages and flight stoppages being reported. Live coverage: 7 hours
New video lets you fly in to space and back
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Blue Origin has released new footage recorded from inside its space capsule during a recent test flight. The New Shepard suborbital spacecraft, which ... 8 hours
Did you know that even such giants lived on the ground?
DISCLOSE.TV It may seem like a fiction or a fairy tale, but the increasing archeological findings undoubtedly confirm that giants on Earth really were. Official s... 9 hours
Nikola Tesla wanted to give the world free energy with the 'Tower of Dreams'
DISCLOSE.TV Why did Nikola Tesla’s dreams of a global wireless communication system fail?  Nikola Tesla is remembered today as being one... 10 hours
Time Traveler Reveals Map Of The U.S. After Major Catastrophes (2020-2025)
DISCLOSE.TV Survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment speaks out about time travel programs.  Al Bielek was born in 1927 and developed a career for himse... 10 hours
Proof that Jesus was born in December
DISCLOSE.TV Of course the Lamb of God was born at the same time and in the same place as all of the Passover lambs. Long ago, I accepted the idea... 11 hours
Odd Encounters With The Mysterious Little People Of Alaska - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST You've heard of boggans, kobolds, and the nokke, but how familiar are you with ircenrraat, inukun, or the paalraayak? They're the eponymous little people... 11 hours
Glowing Auras And 'Black Money': The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program - New York Times
THE ANOMALIST In the realm of greyfaces, this year's terrible enough to make one nostalgic for last year's celebrity death parade. For... 11 hours
Is The Mandela effect a real thing or is it mass manipulation?
DISCLOSE.TV For those of us that have experienced the Mandela effect first hand know that it can leave you in absolute disbelief!  But is it... 12 hours
After Robert Mueller’s Investigation Goes Down In Flames, President Trump Makes Surprising Announcement
DISCLOSE.TV Watch video: After Robert Mueller’s Investigation Goes Down In Flames, President Trump Makes Surprising Announcement http://www.... 12 hours
Brain Surgeon Opens Up About Near-Death Experience, And What He Saw On The Other Side - Rare
THE ANOMALIST What happens when you die? Despite the myriad cultures and personalities underpinning the phenomenon... 11 hours
Today (17.12.2017) was sighted another UFO in Slovakia.
DISCLOSE.TV Today was recorded again UFO in Slovakia. This is one of the many evidence which confirms existence of alien spacecraft and therfore the existence of ... 11 hours
Rare rhino has been endangered for 9,000 years
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO There are now fewer than 100 Sumatran rhinos left on Earth, but exactly who or what is responsible ? It's one of the most endangered species on the pl... 15 hours
Energy field photos of 5G reveal demons
DISCLOSE.TV The original article displaying these freaky images have had the photos removed. They were, however, captured on video first. If you do not want ... 15 hours
The Best Red Pill Video To Show Others on the Mainstream Media
DISCLOSE.TV Just so you guys know, one company owns 40% of American media. Movies, TV shows, News, and no matter what anyone tells you, yes,... 16 hours
In 1978, what is known as the “Maharishi Effect” took place
DISCLOSE.TV In 1978, what is known as the “Maharishi Effect” took place when a group of 7000 individuals over the course of 3 weeks were meditating in... 17 hours
The descent and landing of the Falcon 9 booster after yesterday's launch
DISCLOSE.TV This never gets old. What Elon Musk has to be admired for is (and I realize there are hundreds of talented engineers and businessmen... 18 hours
This Biosensing Tattoo Changes Colors Along With Blood Sugar Levels
DISCLOSE.TV Pricking your fingers daily is one of the least appealing thoughts, but for people with diabetes, it is a reality. Scientists from Harvard and MIT hav... 17 hours
End of the 747 for US flights.
DISCLOSE.TV It's crazy, this plane has been the back bone of so many airlines. But the last US based flight of the massive plane is coming to an end. R... 19 hours
Haunted hospital in South Wales reveals awesome EVP
DISCLOSE.TV This video is taken of a Paranormal Investigation in South Wales, where the investigating team were confronted with some amazing evidence of the Paran... 24 hours
Trump Admin Puts the 'Ban' down on the 'CDC'...
DISCLOSE.TV Now I'm not well versed in this, but I expect many of you Americans will know what this is about, what the repercussions are/will be.... It... 1 day
Gralien Daily News for December 16, 2017
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… ISS Astronauts To Watch ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ In Space: NASA Visualisation exhibits Greenland without an ice sheet SpaceX’s 50th Falcon rocket launch kicks off station resupply mission MIT... 1 day
BREAKING NEWS: Secret US Department of Defense UFO Program Revealed
OPEN MINDS BREAKING NEWS! New York Times Releases UFO Footage From US Government Along With Story About Secret UFO Program! Story Simultaneously Posted On Politico! To The Stars Academy and... 1 day
Footage of US nuclear tests published online
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO The 62 newly declassified videos show nuclear bomb experiments being conducted between 1945 and 1962. Released on Thursday by the Lawrence Livermore N... 1 day
Cloaked UFOs Capture With The Use Of An Infrared Camera
DISCLOSE.TV How many more of these object that remain invisible to the naked eye are out there??? 1 day
Alleged cigar-shaped interstellar ship appears again in Orion.
DISCLOSE.TV The supposed extraterrestrial ship has appeared again during an observation to the constellation of Orion. As we informed you previously, on Nove... 1 day
The Pentagon’s Secret Search for UFOs EXPOSED
DISCLOSE.TV The Pentagon, at the direction of Congress, a decade ago quietly set up a multi-million dollar program to investigate what are popularly known as unid... 1 day
Tom de Longe and US government just released authentic footage of UFOs
DISCLOSE.TV Presented here is the first official evidence released by the US government that can be rightfully designated as credible, authentic confirmation that... 1 day
'Extinct' mammal found alive in Australia
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The crest-tailed mulgara - a small carnivorous marsupial - was thought to have died out a century ago. At a time when species are disappearing from ou... 1 day
The Mystery of Two Strange-Looking Skulls Discovered in the Mountains of Russia.
DISCLOSE.TV In the remote mountain forests of Russia, mysterious skulls were found in the Nazi suitcase. It created shocking prospects for joining the former Thir... 1 day
Flat Earth Man's SPACE IS FAKE Music Video
DISCLOSE.TV Earth is flat and space does not really exist. It's all a big show! And here is the "proof" presented by Flat Earth Man that cannot be debu... 1 day
9 days till X-MAS, why am I so NOT into it?
DISCLOSE.TV My Holiday blues starting early this year. You?     1 day
Police Appeal After Irish Man Dies After Bursting Into Flames On London Street - Belfast Telegraph
THE ANOMALIST How will pseudoskeptics dismiss the curious circumstances surrounding John Nolan's death? Was he drunk? Perhaps a... 1 day
The Witch Report - The Magonia Blog
THE ANOMALIST Witches went through a rough patch in medieval times, and Lynn Picknett thinks it's a damned shame those crimes go unremarked in Gordon Napier's Maleficarum. While frought with niggling details certain to irritate witch-logists... 1 day
Today This 3-Mile-Wide Asteroid Will Zoom Past Earth
DISCLOSE.TV Representatives from NASA and other space agencies have announced that a five-kilometer wide space rock will have a very close encounter with Earth ov... 2 days
NASA Released The Most Alien-Looking Images Of Mars Landscapes To Date
DISCLOSE.TV NASA’s astonishingly advanced cameras have been turned to the surface of Mars for a number of years now, and the images that they have captured have... 2 days
Unknown Creatures And Strange Rituals Found In Venezuelan Petroglyphs - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Humanity loves leaving their mark, and with the passage of time archaeologists and aviators are finding more of our graffiti. What does it all... 1 day
Is This Mysterious Space Rock Actually An Alien Spaceship? - NBC News
THE ANOMALIST With 'Oumuamua's dimensions having a ratio of 10 to 1, harkening to Arthur C. Clarke's tedious Rendezvous With Rama, no one's nuts to consider... 1 day
Glowing trees could replace street lights
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO By embedding nanoparticles in leaves, scientists at MIT have created plants that glow in the dark. The breakthrough, which could pave the way for envi... 2 days
Net Neutrality: Exposing the Corruption And Truth
DISCLOSE.TV I'm starting to think that the entire "Net Neutrality" issue was a deliberate issue created a few years ago, in an attempt to hand more power over to ... 2 days
Chaos In Chicago: Officials Call For UN Troops
DISCLOSE.TV Chicago Commissioner asks UN to deploy peacekeepers to the violence ridden city.  The city of Chicago in Illinois has established a reputat... 2 days
Operation Highjump: The Dawn Of A New Age
DISCLOSE.TV Why wasn't this covered in history class? What you need to know about OPERATION HIGHJUMP. Truth is peppered with lies and lies ... 2 days
World Magick Movemement- A ritual to summon transvestite dog heade men,
DISCLOSE.TV This episode has a ritual to summon dog headed men turn these into transvestites, turn transvestites into dog headed men for 1 day, and summon the... 2 days
Everyday is leg day: The monolithic "Rock of Guatapé" in Colombia
DISCLOSE.TV The Rock of Guatapé   is a monolithic formation in Colombia. It is located in the town and municipality of Guatapé, Antioquia. The town of El Peñol, w... 2 days
Magick Magazine- Exploration and adventure in the occult
DISCLOSE.TV Be an occult explorer, don't just wonder if magick is real, use it, explore it. You can push back the boundaries of the world and make it better. Lear... 2 days
We're Entering The Quantum Age: First Complete Quantum Computer Chip Design Revealed
DISCLOSE.TV The frontiers of theory and technology have been elevated this year, specifically in relation to practical quantum computing.   A recently d... 2 days
SpaceX Just Launched A Completely Recycled Spacecraft For the First Time in History
DISCLOSE.TV SpaceX has made history by launching a resupply mission to the ISS using mostly reusable technology. This is a major vote of... 2 days
Lies vs Truth
DISCLOSE.TV Do you agree? 2 days
Lindsey Vonn Comments On The Backlash She Received After Trump Bashing
DISCLOSE.TV Vonn posted a lengthy response to the criticism she receiver after making those comments, on Instagram: While there’s no justif... 2 days
Map Shows the Largest Employer in Every US State
DISCLOSE.TV If your reaction was “Wow, Walmart controls A LOT of the country,” you’d be right. This map shows the largest private employer in every state in the U... 2 days
UFO's interact with giant storm cloud over Sydney
DISCLOSE.TV Yesterday a giant storm front was moving over Sydney. An amateur photographer was taking some time lapse pictures of this amazing sight. When she uplo... 2 days
Is this a Bigfoot type creature on Mars?
DISCLOSE.TV Could this be evidence of life on Mars? In this image from Curiosity Rover, we can see what looks like a sasquatch type beings observing th... 2 days
The Space Without Us [FULL VIDEO]
DISCLOSE.TV The Event is Coming along with Full Disclosure of truth hidden for almost one hundred years.   2 days
As you Loved me Once...
DISCLOSE.TV A 1981 Titan Production Starring: Harry Hamlin as "Perseus" Judi Bowker as "Andromeda" Clash of the Titans (original) back before Digital..... 2 days
Origins of the Norse people
DISCLOSE.TV Hey folks, was looking for some help nailing down some documentaries on ancient Norse folk, not 'myth' stuff about Asgard and the worm , not about 'vi... 2 days
viewing on kodi
DISCLOSE.TV I cannot get disclosetv to open on Kodi. Could the problem be on your end since the website works on all other devices? 2 days
Awesome In-Capsule View of Blue Origin Space Flight
DISCLOSE.TV This is the video of "Mannequin Skywalker" taking the ride! A few days ago Blue Origin conducted the first test flight of their newest New ... 2 days
Weird Skulls Discovered around the world
DISCLOSE.TV Skulls  have the greatest potential value of unlocking the secrets of humanity’s past. For centuries archaeologists have been analysing peculiar skull... 2 days
Facebook Admits It's BAD For YOU
DISCLOSE.TV You don't listen to me so maybe you'll listen to Facebook themselves.  Social media is disgusting and it's extremely bad for you. GET OFF!!... 2 days
The Sun! Warmth That Gives Us life? Or Horrendous Ball of Fury That Could be Our Deaths!
DISCLOSE.TV I didn't see a thread similar to Shaggies "The Sun it's Happening" that was... 2 days
HUGE UFO Cloud IN THE SKY and 3 ORBS come out
DISCLOSE.TV A giant UFO cloud appeared in the sky and released three light orbs.    Still waiting for Tom Delonge and his clear footage. Sup... 2 days
cayton bay funny dance
DISCLOSE.TV cayton bay dance about have fun come and see it all  about having fun and games 2 days
Indonesian Island Found to Be Unusually Rich in Cave Paintings
DISCLOSE.TV Pretty amazing find and in such numbers. Now, IF, like many other ancient finds, these archaeologists are slacking on the dating and these images go b... 2 days
What Three Wishes Can’t A Genie Grant?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS Of course, Genies are the legendary and most famous of supernatural wish granters in all the Universe! They are the nefarious Jinn from another dimension who are bottled or lamped up by the forces... 2 days
Hurricane Harvey dropped 127bn tons of rain
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Scientists have managed to weigh how much water fell on Texas during the hurricane back in August. During this month's meeting of the American Geophys... 2 days
Rare rhino has been endangered for 9,000 years
Footage of US nuclear tests published online
Glowing trees could replace street lights
Watch: 'Ghost Child' Filmed in England? - Coast to Coast AM
UFO or Solar Simulator Claimed over Crazy Horse Memorial - Mysterious Universe
A Horse Tells A Creep To Stop Riding Them!
Mothman: Evil Incarnate with Loren Coleman - Other Side Podcast
Mothman: Evil Incarnate with Loren Coleman - Other Side Podcast
Mothman: Evil Incarnate with Loren Coleman - Other Side Podcast
'Mannequin Skywalker' launch is successful
'Mystery creature' filmed by Sydney family
'Mystery creature' filmed by Sydney family
eSkeptic for December 13, 2017
Mystery object to be checked for ET signals
Alleged UFO photos over China Lake analyzed