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Corporate biotech venture funding rises again  TechCrunch · 12 hours
Biotech venture funding has been on a tear for the past couple of years, and corporate investors in the space are doing their part to boost the totals. more
Breakthrough as monkey is born from frozen testicular tissue  Sky News · 2 days
A baby monkey, Grady, is the first one to be born from experimental technology using frozen testicular tissue. more
Our columnist Jason Ward shares his fav budget-friendly tech tools  Windows Central · 2 days
Like some of our readers, I don't have all the latest high-end gadgets many of my colleagues write about. And that's OK; I'm not the typical gadget reviewer.... more
How nanotechnology enables wearable electronics  nanowerk · 2 days
Smart watches, fitness trackers, smart garments, smart medical attachments, data gloves - the market for wearable electronics is quickly evolving beyond health care, fitness and wellness into infotainment, and commercial and industrial applications. A review investigates the contribution... more
Upgrade the storage in your Surface Book 2 without breaking the bank  Windows Central · 3 days
Microsoft's Surface Book 2 is a powerful laptop with a modular design, a touch display available in two sizes, and a high price. One... more
How to watch SpaceX test fire its Starship 'hopper' - CNET  CNET · 3 days
A prototype of the spacecraft it wants to send to Mars could be started up for the first time as soon as Thursday. more
Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 78 With Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements  MacRumors · 3 days
Apple today released a new update for Safari Technology Preview, the experimental browser Apple first introduced three years ago in March 2016. Apple designed... more
Want in on nanotechnology? Capitalize on collaborative environments  nanowerk · 4 days
New study shows that partnerships could assist successful technology transfer and possibly, breakthroughs in innovation. more
You can easily save storage space using NTFS compression. Here's how.  Windows Central · 4 days
You can use NTFS compression to make files smaller on a drive, and in this guide, we'll show you how to do it. On Windows 10,... more
Google Stadia Specs Reveal Custom AMD GPU, SSD Cloud Storage, 16GB RAM  Gadgets 360 · 4 days
Google Stadia will be using 16GB RAM upto 484GB/s of performance, a custom AMD GPU with high bandwidth memory (HBM2) and 56 compute units. more
Quantum-safe communication over the internet infrastructure? Yeah, that’s doable  TechCrunch · 4 days
We're close to the deployment of a commercial quantum computing system. We need a security scheme that will protect data exchanged between quantum computers on the existing internet infrastructure. more
Netflix’s Battle Kitty Is Its Next Interactive Animated Show for Kids  Gadgets 360 · 4 days
Netflix has announced a new interactive show for kids called Battle Kitty, from Matt Layzell (Sanjay and Craig), which is set in “a futuristic-medieval world”. There’s... more
HP built a better version of the Oculus Rift  TechCrunch · 5 days
HP honestly isn’t generally a brand most associate with being at the cutting edge of new technologies, but the company’s new HP Reverb is probably the best PC-powered consumer VR... more
Google to Shut Down 'Inbox by Gmail' on April 2  MacRumors · 5 days
Google will shut down its "Inbox by Gmail" app on April 2, the company has confirmed... more
Meet Aurora, the US entrant in the global exascale supercomputer race - CNET  CNET · 5 days
The Intel-Cray system should arrive in 2021, but Chinese, Japanese and European rivals could come a year earlier. more
America’s first exascale supercomputer to be built by 2021  THE VERGE · 5 days
Details of America’s next-generation supercomputer were revealed at a ceremony attended by Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and... more
FCC opens up experimental spectrum licenses for 6G - CNET  CNET · 1 week
5G has barely gotten off the ground, and US regulators are already looking to the next big thing in wireless. more
Twitter confirms a new ‘Subscribe to Conversation’ feature for following tweets of interest  TechCrunch · 1 week
In addition to testing out a new format for conversations within a prototype app called twttr and other features like a “Hide... more
Ikea-Sonos speakers to be revealed next month, go on sale in August  9to5Mac · 1 week
Ikea started teasing some kind of collaboration with Sonos back in 2017, before showing off prototypes of a budget speaker range last summer. The... more
We visited the first 3D-printed house video - CNET  CNET · 1 week
The Vulcan I, by Icon, built its first 3D-printed house in March 2018. For its one-year anniversary, Icon announced the Vulcan II, which it says can build new homes in... more
Alphabet-made Chrome extension is designed to tune out toxic comments  THE VERGE · 1 week
Alphabet incubator Jigsaw has released an experimental Chrome extension that’s meant to make our online browsing... more
Should you get an SSD or HDD when building your PC?  Windows Central · 1 week
Best answer: The best setup for most is a combination, where the SSD boots Windows and most used applications, and the HDD is used primarily for... more
WD launches new affordable, but rapid Blue SN500 M.2 SSD  Windows Central · 1 week
Upgrade your storage without destroying the available budget. SSDs have come down in price over the last decade, but more advanced NVMe modules remain out of reach for... more
Researchers create new 'miRacles' for human health  nanowerk · 1 week
Scientists produce a nanotechnology approach that detects disease biomarkers at lower cost. more
Twitter opens applications to trial 'twttr' app  Sky News · 1 week
Twitter's prototype app 'twttr' has launched today to the first group of participants keen to test the platform's newest features. more
Why Vivo thinks port-less phones are the future  THE VERGE · 2 weeks
Mobile World Congress is in the rear-view mirror, and by far the hottest topic was foldable smartphones. “Finally,” the thinking... more
2019 Subaru WRX STI S209 Prototype first drive review: Grip, baby, grip - Roadshow  CNET · 2 weeks
From Japan, with love: We get a quick sampling of Subaru's new range-topping STI S209 at Fuji Speedway. more
Light provides control for 3D printing with multiple materials  nanowerk · 2 weeks
Scientists have developed a novel 3D printer that uses patterns of visible and ultraviolet light to dictate which of two monomers are polymerized to form a solid material. Different patterns... more
A first look at Twitter’s new prototype app, twttr  TechCrunch · 2 weeks
Yesterday, Twitter rolled out its much-anticipated prototype application to the first group of testers. We’ve now gotten our hands on the app and can see how the current version differs... more
Scaleway updates its high-performance instances  TechCrunch · 2 weeks
Cloud-hosting company Scaleway refreshed its lineup of high-performance instances today. These instances are now all equipped with AMD EPYC CPUs, DDR4 RAM and NVMe SSD storage. The more you pay, the more computing power, RAM, storage and bandwidth... more
Ikea’s 3D-printed add-ons make its furniture more accessible for people with disabilities  THE VERGE · 2 weeks
Ikea furniture is ubiquitous because it’s affordable, but it’s not always accessible to everyone, especially people with disabilities. For example, some wardrobes are handleless,... more
Vivo Apex 2019 is a super-cool futuristic phone - CNET  CNET · 2 weeks
The phone features a full-display underscreen fingerprint scanner and no physical buttons. Crazy, I know. more
How to sign up for Twttr  Windows Central · 2 weeks
Twitter has announced the rollout of a new prototype application by, appropriately, a tweet. This new app is called "twttr," which is a throwback to the original name, and it was originally shown off at CES... more
Puerto Rico looks to rebuild with AI, 'internet of things'  ABC NEWS · 2 weeks
Puerto Rico's governor says he hopes a new technology center can help the U.S. territory incorporate artificial intelligence and internet-connected devices as it rebuilds from Hurricane Maria more
Twitter Launches New 'Twttr' Experimental Beta Testing App  MacRumors · 2 weeks
Twitter today launched a new app called Twttr, which is designed to let participants in Twitter's Prototype Program beta test... more
One step closer to a clock that could replace GPS and Galileo  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 weeks
Scientists have made a breakthrough to a crucial element of an atomic clock -- devices which could reduce our reliance on satellite mapping in... more
Twitter’s new prototype app ‘twttr’ launches today  TechCrunch · 2 weeks
Twitter’s new prototype application is rolling out to the first group of testers starting today, the company announced this afternoon by way of a tweet. The app, which Twitter is calling “twttr” as a... more
Daily Crunch: NVIDIA is buying Mellanox for $6.9B  TechCrunch · 2 weeks
The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe... more
The beastly iBuyPower Intel Core i7 gaming desktop is $400 off today only  Windows Central · 2 weeks
Don't miss your shot at 20% off this powerful gaming desktop. Piecing together your own computer is said to be the best... more
Zortrax makes high resolution 3D printing easier and cheaper  TechCrunch · 2 weeks
3D printers have come a long way since the early days of RepRap and DIY hacker culture. First they flew to great heights with companies like Makerbot and Formlabs who... more
NVIDIA to buy supercomputer chipmaker Mellanox for $6.9B, beating out Intel and Microsoft  TechCrunch · 2 weeks
After several days of speculation, today NVIDIA confirmed that it would acquire chipmaker Mellanox for $6.9 billion, paying $125 per share in cash,... more
Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley thinks a reckoning is coming over data privacy  THE VERGE · 2 weeks
A decade after location services company Foursquare first launched at the SXSW festival in Austin, co-founder Dennis Crowley is back at this year’s conference... more
Upgrade your PC with Intel's 660p 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD on sale for $105  Windows Central · 2 weeks
Do something nice for your computer. The Intel 660p 1TB NVMe M.2 internal solid state drive is down to $104.99... more
Upgrade the SSD in your Lenovo Legion Y7000 for more space and speed  Windows Central · 2 weeks
Lenovo's Legion Y500- and Y700- series laptops climb in price quickly, especially when you get RTX NVIDIA graphics cards (GPU) involved, but... more
Foursquare’s Hypertrending helps you spy on the coolest local happenings  TechCrunch · 2 weeks
Ten years after the launch of Foursquare at SXSW, the company is laying its technology bare with a futuristic version of its old app that doesn’t require a... more
Add the top-spec Microsoft Surface Studio to your desk with over $650 off  Windows Central · 2 weeks
The most ambitious product in the Surface line. Woot is offering the first-generation Microsoft Surface Studio for $2,499.99 today only. That's over... more
Seagate Fast SSD Review  Gadgets 360 · 2 weeks
Seagate Fast SSD 250GB is available via Amazon India at a price of Rs. 6,999 but should it be your pick over the Samsung T5? Read our Seagate Fast SSD to find out. more
Local Motors wants to prove 3D-printed self-driving shuttles are safe  THE VERGE · 2 weeks
An exclusive look at the first crash test footage of the startup’s Olli self-driving bus Continue... more
Instagram prototypes video co-watching  TechCrunch · 2 weeks
The next phase of social media is about hanging out together while apart. Rather than performing on a live stream or engaging with a video chat, Instagram may allow you to chill and watch videos together with a friend. Facebook... more
For just $60, you can turn an old SSD into an excellent external drive  Windows Central · 2 weeks
If you recently upgraded a modern laptop's PCIe NVMe internal solid-state storage (SSD) you may be wondering what you could... more
Motif and Goldman Sachs launch new, co-branded indices for better performing ETFs  TechCrunch · 2 weeks
Motif, the startup using machine learning to develop investment strategies for consumers and institutional investors, and Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s leading investment... more
The Koenigsegg Jesko might hit 300mph video - Roadshow  CNET · 2 weeks
The Jesko uses cutting-edge engineering -- and some old-school tricks -- that could allow it to reach its theoretical top speed of 300mph. more
Upgrade the HDD in your Lenovo Legion Y7000 for better performance  Windows Central · 2 weeks
Lenovo's Legion Y7000 gaming laptop is a great alternative to the more expensive Legion Y500- and Y700-series laptops that nevertheless delivers great performance. Upon removing the... more
Motif and Goldman Sachs launch new, co-branded indexes for better performing ETFs  TechCrunch · 2 weeks
Motif, the startup using machine learning to develop investment strategies for consumers and institutional investors, and Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s leading investment... more
Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 77 With Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements  MacRumors · 2 weeks
Apple today released a new update for Safari Technology Preview, the experimental browser Apple first introduced three years ago in March 2016. Apple designed... more
Researchers and Hackers Use Rare Dev-Fused Prototype iPhones to Unlock Security Secrets  MacRumors · 2 weeks
If you've ever wondered how security researchers and hackers manage to bypass Apple's protections and security features to uncover iPhone vulnerabilities and other sensitive... more
Microsoft open-sources its Windows calculator on GitHub  THE VERGE · 2 weeks
Microsoft is making the source code for its Windows calculator available on GitHub today. The software maker wants to “build an even... more
Honda's adorable E Prototype looks ready to hit the road video - Roadshow  CNET · 3 weeks
Honda's compact electric hatchback inches toward production for the European and Japanese markets. Get reacquainted with the Honda E Prototype. more
Motif Investments and Goldman Sachs launch new, co-branded indexes for better performing ETFs  TechCrunch · 3 weeks
Motif, the startup using machine learning to develop investment strategies for consumers and institutional investors, and Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s... more
3D-printed live cells convert glucose to ethanol, carbon dioxide to enhance catalytic efficiency  nanowerk · 3 weeks
Rsearchers have 3D printed live cells that convert glucose to ethanol and carbon dioxide gas, a substance that resembles beer, demonstrating a... more
Nanotechnology and sunlight clear the way for better visibility  nanowerk · 3 weeks
A new coating prevents fogging on transparent surfaces. Rather than using electricity, the coating relies on sunlight to heat the surface. more
Nvidia’s latest AI software turns rough doodles into realistic landscapes
Arrested Development undercuts its own legacy with a sad end to season 5
Ikea’s 3D-printed add-ons make its furniture more accessible for people with disabilities
IBM's quantum computing ambitions get exponential like Moore's Law - CNET
Watch how a studio created The Wandering Earth’s fantastic world in this VFX reel
Honda’s adorable EV prototype is looking more and more like a real car
Getting up close with the OnePlus 5G prototype [Video]
OWC ThunderBlade review: a silent, rugged, and super-fast external Thunderbolt 3 SSD [Video]