Prime Day breaks records, Elon Musk wants your brain video - CNET  CNET · 2 days
This week's big tech stories include Elon Musk's Neuralink project, his ambitious plan to link the human brain with computers. Amazon Prime Day also... more
Powering the brains of tomorrow’s intelligent machines  TechCrunch · 3 days
Shahin Farshchi Contributor Shahin Farshchi is a partner at Lux Capital. More posts by this contributor Four ways to bridge the widening valley of death for startups Investing in frontier technology is (and isn’t)... more
Atomically precise models improve understanding of fuel cells  nanowerk · 3 days
Computer simulations using models based on real-world atomic structures from microscope observations shed new light on the reaction pathways in fuel cells. more
If you can identify what’s in these images, you’re smarter than AI  THE VERGE · 3 days
From top to bottom and left to right, these images are misidentified as “digital clock,” “lighthouse,” “organ”, “syringe,” “toucan,” “Persian cat.” Computer vision has... more
Does the Xbox One S support 4K UHD gaming?  Windows Central · 3 days
Best answer: No. The Xbox One S isn't powerful enough to reproduce 4K UHD visuals for games, maxing out at 1080p HD. For 4K visuals in games, you'll want an... more
Microsoft Cloud Growth, Surface Revenue Beat Expectations as Xbox Sales Disappoint  Gadgets 360 · 3 days
Microsoft on Thursday posted quarterly earnings that trounced expectations, citing growth in partnerships with companies on technology and cloud computing services. more
Trump: Administration to review Pentagon computer contract  ABC NEWS · 4 days
President Donald Trump says the administration will "take a very long look" at a massive multibillion-dollar contract the Pentagon is about to award for a cloud computing system more
VMware acquires ML acceleration startup Bitfusion  TechCrunch · 4 days
VMware today announced that it has acquired Bitfusion, a former participant in our Startup Battlefield competition. Bitfusion was one of the earliest companies to help businesses accelerate their complex computing workloads on GPUs, FPGAs and ASICs.... more
Microsoft cloud growth beats expectations  ABC NEWS · 4 days
Microsoft on Thursday reported quarterly profit of $13.2 billion, powered in large part by a steadily growing cloud computing business that the company says now accounts for 30% of its total revenue more
How to stop those annoying website notification prompts  THE VERGE · 4 days
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Browsing the web on a desktop computer can sometimes feel like a carefully... more
Daily Crunch: Neuralink prepares for brain-computer testing  TechCrunch · 5 days
The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1.... more
Microsoft and AT&T partner up on cloud, AI, and 5G efforts  Windows Central · 5 days
The two powerhouses are teaming up on Azure, Microsoft 365, and 5G solutions for edge computing. What you need to know AT&T is Microsoft's latest partner... more
Elon Musk says Neuralink plans 2020 human test of brain-computer interface - CNET  CNET · 5 days
"A monkey has been able to control a computer with his brain," CEO Musk says of his startup's brain-machine interface. more
Elon Musk reveals plans to implant computer chips in brains  Sky News · 5 days
Elon Musk, the eccentric billionaire behind Tesla and SpaceX, outlined plans on Tuesday to connect human brains directly to computers, using a tiny chip. more
Elon Musk reveals brain-hacking plans  BBC · 5 days
Start-up NeuraLink wants to start testing its human computer interface on humans. more
How to watch Elon Musk's Neuralink reveal its computer-brain interface work - CNET  CNET · 6 days
A livestreamed event at 8 p.m. PT will offer a look at the startup's progress developing a "brain-machine interface." more
Ukrainian hacker sought by US arrested  ABC NEWS · 6 days
Ukraine has arrested an alleged major computer hacker who has been sought by the United States for years more
Zac Bowden personally recommends these 9 Prime Day deals  Windows Central · 6 days
Amazon Prime Day is here, and some of Microsoft's products are on sale for crazy prices. To celebrate the occasion, I've rounded up the best Microsoft product deals you can... more
The Lion King Review: A Visual Upgrade, Devoid of the Disney Magic  Gadgets 360 · 6 days
The new Lion King movie is a — photorealistic, computer-animated not live-action — remake of the 1994 animated original, featuring the voice talents of... more
Computing pioneer and LGBT icon Alan Turing will grace the £50 note in 2021  TechCrunch · 7 days
Alan Turing, one of the pioneering figures in modern computing, and also a tragic one in LGBT history, will soon... more
Paige details first AI pathology tech with clinical-grade accuracy in new research paper  TechCrunch · 7 days
Medical tech and computational pathology startup Paige has published a new article in the peer-reviewed medical journal Nature Medicine, detailing its artificial... more
Check out these Gigabyte Intel and AMD motherboard deals!  Windows Central · 1 week
Gigabyte is getting in on all the Amazon Prime Day action with some motherboard discounts. These promotions aren't for the more budget-orientated chipsets, but premium Intel Z390 and AMD X470... more
Inventor of computer password dies aged 93  Sky News · 1 week
The man who invented the computer password, Fernando Corbato, has died aged 93 from complications related to diabetes. more
How to see your mail before it arrives  THE VERGE · 1 week
The United States Postal Service has introduced a new service that you may — or may not — find useful.... more
The Verge Guide to Amazon Prime Day  THE VERGE · 1 week
If you’re a shopping enthusiast or just in need of some new tech, then you’ll be glad to know that Amazon Prime... more
Codebreaker Alan Turing to be face of new British banknote  CBC · 1 week
Codebreaker and computing pioneer Alan Turing has been chosen as the face of Britain's new 50... more
Alan Turing is the face of UK’s new £50 note  THE VERGE · 1 week
Alan Turing, whose work laid the groundwork for the invention of the modern computer, will be... more
Computer password inventor dies aged 93  BBC · 1 week
Fernando Corbato also pioneered work on ways for lots of people to use the same computer simultaneously. more
Codebreaker Alan Turing to be face of new British banknote  ABC NEWS · 1 week
The Bank of England has chosen codebreaker and computing pioneer Alan Turing as the face of the country's new 50 pound note more
AI pioneer Turing is the face of the new £50 note  BBC · 1 week
The note - once called the currency of corrupt elites - gets a makeover with the image of a computer pioneer. more
American Airlines cancels Boeing 737 Max flights through November  THE VERGE · 1 week
Just a couple of days after United Airlines announced that it was canceling more than 5,000 Boeing 737... more
Elon Musk's Neuralink Set to Reveal 'Computer-Brain Interface' on Tuesday  Gadgets 360 · 1 week
Neuralink is set to reveal its progress in developing the technology to connect computers to human brains on July 16. more
Don't put up with a slow PC for another minute - CNET  CNET · 1 week
A sluggish computer is probably something you can fix on your own. more
Elon Musk's Neuralink will detail progress in computer-brain interface - CNET  CNET · 1 week
A livestreamed event in San Francisco will offer a look at the startup's progress developing a "brain-machine interface." more
iPad Air vs. Microsoft's Surface Go: Which Is a Better Laptop Replacement?  MacRumors · 1 week
Apple's iPad Air, which was resurrected in March as essentially a tweaked version of the previous 10.5-inch iPad Pro, offers a significant amount of... more
TrickBot malware learns how to spam, ensnares 250M email addresses  TechCrunch · 1 week
Old bot, new tricks. TrickBot, a financially motivated malware in wide circulation, has been observed infecting victims’ computers to steal email passwords and address books to spread malicious... more
Judge sides with Pentagon and Amazon in cloud bidding case  ABC NEWS · 1 week
A federal judge is dismissing allegations that bidding for a $10 billion cloud computing contract with the Pentagon was rigged to favor Amazon more
MIT’s human-mirroring robot nails the Bottle Cap Challenge  TechCrunch · 1 week
MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) has a robot that can mirror the actions of a human just by watching their bicep. This has a number of practical applications, including... more
Elon Musk-backed Neuralink to detail its progress on upgrading the brain to keep pace with AI  TechCrunch · 1 week
Elon Musk’s brain computer interface (BCI) venture Neuralink will provide some more insight into what they’ve... more
Windows 10 May 2019 Update has color reproduction issues — here's the fix  Windows Central · 1 week
Are you seeing vertical stripes on gradient colors after installing the May 2019 Update? It's a problem with Windows 10, but you... more
Ruthless, 'Superhuman' Poker-Playing Computer Program Beats Professionals  Gadgets 360 · 1 week
Like chess, checkers, Go and other games, the most popular form of poker has now been mastered by the cold, heartless machinations of a computer program. more
Research Firms Paint Contrasting Pictures of Apple's Mac Shipments in Q2 2019  MacRumors · 2 weeks
Prominent research firms Gartner and IDC attempt to estimate shipments of computers around the world on a quarterly basis, and both firms today released... more
Microsoft's Quantum Development Kit goes open source on GitHub  Windows Central · 2 weeks
Quantum for everyone. What you need to know Microsoft's Quantum Development Kit is now available as an open source project on GitHub. The QDK launched in preview last year, and... more
Matterport acquires AI special effects startup Arraiy  TechCrunch · 2 weeks
Real estate computer vision platform startup Matterport is set to acquire Arraiy, an AI startup aiming to automate special effects processing in film. Arraiy raised $13.9 million according to Crunchbase, most recently a $10... more
Apple Pushes Automatic Mac Software Update to Remove Vulnerable Zoom Web Server  MacRumors · 2 weeks
Earlier this week, a serious vulnerability with the Zoom video conferencing app for macOS was disclosed, with attackers potentially able to hijack users' webcams.... more
Puzzling on a quantum chessboard  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 weeks
Physicists are proposing a new model that could demonstrate the supremacy of quantum computers over classical supercomputers in solving optimization problems. They demonstrate that just a few quantum particles would be sufficient to solve the mathematically difficult N-queens... more
How to discover new materials quickly  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 weeks
A lot hinges on new materials, including efficient energy conversion for environmentally friendly engines of the future. In the past and still today, chance plays a great role for the discovery of new materials, according to... more
We highly recommend iDsonix's Tool-Free Hard Drive Docking Station  Windows Central · 2 weeks
If you have a SATA drive that you want to connect to your PC and move data to and from, this is a fantastic accessory to do it. More storage... more
What CISOs need to learn from WannaCry  TechCrunch · 2 weeks
In 2017 — for the first time in over a decade — a computer worm ran rampage across the internet, threatening to disrupt businesses, industries, governments and national infrastructure across several continents. The WannaCry... more
Engineers develop chip that converts wasted heat to usable energy  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 weeks
Mechanical engineers have discovered a way to produce more electricity from heat than thought possible by creating a silicon chip, also known as a 'device,' that converts more... more
IBM Closes $34 Billion Deal to Buy Red Hat to Boost Cloud Business  Gadgets 360 · 2 weeks
IBM said on Tuesday it has closed its $34 billion acquisition of software company Red Hat, as it looks to ramp up... more
Microsoft and Amazon vying for a $10 billion 'War Cloud' contract  Windows Central · 2 weeks
Microsoft and Amazon are the frontrunners to build a "war cloud" for the U.S. military. What you need to know Microsoft and Amazon are competing for... more
Apple stops selling the 12-inch MacBook, a computer you either loved or were confused by  TechCrunch · 2 weeks
Apple officially stopped selling the 12-inch MacBook today, a computer that hasn’t had an update since June 2017... more
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