Waymo takes its self-driving car ambitions global in partnership with Renault-Nissan  TechCrunch · 9 minutes
Waymo has locked in an exclusive partnership with Renault and Nissan to research how commercial autonomous vehicles might work for passengers and packages in France and... more
Waymo partners with Renault, Nissan to bring self-driving cars around the world  9to5Google · 14 minutes
Waymo has largely been testing and operating self-driving cars in the United States. The Alphabet division today announced a partnership with Renault and Nissan... more
Waymo teams up with Renault, Nissan on robotaxis outside US  ABC NEWS · 2 hours
Google's driverless car spinoff joins forces with Renault, Nissan to work on its first ride-hailing service outside the US more
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Parker and his pal Ned Leeds need a leg up for their science fair project and Audi has... more
India proposes exempting EVs from registration fees, report says - Roadshow  CNET · 7 hours
India came up with one of the best and simplest forms of EV purchasing incentives we've yet heard of. more
Self-driving car startup Argo AI is giving researchers free access to its HD maps  TechCrunch · 8 hours
Argo AI is releasing curated data along with high-definition maps to researchers for free, the latest company in the autonomous... more
Baidu unveils its camera-based Apollo Lite self-driving suite - Roadshow  CNET · 8 hours
The company claims that Lite is capable of Level 4 autonomy as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers. more
Peter Parker gets a little science fair help from Audi in a new short - Roadshow  CNET · 8 hours
Parker and his pal Ned Leeds need a leg up for their science fair project and... more
New platform flips traditional on-demand supply chain approach on its head  PHYS.ORG · 12 hours
Imagine you are heading to the grocery store and receive a phone alert asking if you'd also be willing to bring your neighbor's groceries home. Or... more
AutoComplete: Ford's GT500 is its meanest snake ever with 760 hp video - Roadshow  CNET · 13 hours
Plus: Harley-Davidson will build small bikes in China and Acura's doing Pikes Peak in a big way. more
Ford's Argo AI will release its HD maps for free to autonomy researchers - Roadshow  CNET · 13 hours
Argo AI claims this is the first release of high-definition maps to the research community. more
Score a new Veckle phone mount for your car for just $6  Windows Central · 14 hours
Phone mounts are essential for every vehicle. They let you see your GPS and music apps while keeping your phone out of arm's reach,... more
Survey: Owners having problems with driver-assist systems  ABC NEWS · 14 hours
As auto companies continue to fix buggy touch-screen infotainment systems, a survey of new-vehicle buyers has found there's a different technology posing problems: driver assist systems such as automatic emergency braking more
Genesis and Kia dominate J.D. Power Initial Quality Study again in 2019 - Roadshow  CNET · 14 hours
The Porsche 911 takes individual honors as the top overall model in the study. more
Powering a solution: Professor takes charge at improving lithium ion batteries safety  PHYS.ORG · 15 hours
As cutting edge as electric vehicles are, they're still vulnerable to an Achilles heel—the very source that gives them power. more
Fisker teases solar roof for upcoming electric SUV - Roadshow  CNET · 16 hours
The Fisker Karma had a solar panel in the roof, too, so this shouldn't come as a surprise. more
Humanising Autonomy pulls in $5M to help self-driving cars keep an eye on pedestrians  TechCrunch · 17 hours
Pretty much everything about making a self-driving car is difficult, but among the most difficult parts is making sure the... more
CMU researchers use computer vision to see around corners  TechCrunch · 17 hours
Future autonomous vehicle and other machine intelligence systems might not need line-of-sight to gather incredibly detailed image data: New research from Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Toronto and University... more
Lexus Safety System suite will be standard on all 2020 models - Roadshow  CNET · 17 hours
The democratization of safety systems continues, but Toyota's always been a leader here. more
Geely is turning to Zenuity as its self-driving software supplier  TechCrunch · 18 hours
China-based Zhejiang Geely Holdings is tapping Zenuity, the joint venture between Volvo and Swedish technology company Veoneer, as its preferred driver assistance and autonomous vehicle software supplier for... more
Acura's Pikes Peak racers are being driven and crewed by its own engineers - Roadshow  CNET · 18 hours
This marks the brand's biggest-ever participation in one of America's most legendary racing events. more
Monster Jam takes trucks to new heights - Roadshow  CNET · 19 hours
Monster trucks are about more than car-crushing craziness. The modern crop of monsters are packed with tons of engineering and tech to really make them fly. more
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How do these trucks fly through the air and spin like ballerinas? We find out. more
Monster Jam defies gravity and goes huge - Roadshow  CNET · 19 hours
If these rippin', snortin', high-flying trucks aren't launching through the air they are performing tricks on two wheels or kicking out backflips. more
Developing a new type of refrigeration via force-driven liquid gas transition  PHYS.ORG · 19 hours
A research team of Tohoku University, Nissan Motor Co., Shinshu University, and Okayama University made a groundbreaking discovery in the quest to replace hydrofluorocarbons in refrigeration... more
Updated 2019 Nissan Murano is still a safe SUV selection video - Roadshow  CNET · 20 hours
The 2019 Platinum refresh of Nissan's third-generation midsize SUV brings a sharper look and new safety features. more
2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid: Beautiful in blue - Roadshow  CNET · 21 hours
The sixth-generation Explorer gets an evolutionary design update and a whole new powertrain. more
2019 Honda Ridgeline review: Light duty, heavy punch - Roadshow  CNET · 23 hours
Honda's midsize pickup truck may have car roots, but that only contributes to the Ridgeline's alluring blend of capability and practicality. more
Uber Threatens to Withdraw From Austria  Gadgets 360 · 1 day
Currently, different rules apply to taxis and rental cars in Austria. Uber is classified as a rental car service and can set its own prices. more
Henry Ford Cancer Institute treats its first patient with CAR T-cell therapy  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 day
Henry Ford Cancer Institute has treated its first patient with CAR T-cell therapy, an approach that uses engineered cells from a patient's immune system... more
2020 BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe adds a usable second row - Roadshow  CNET · 1 day
It'll be available in both I6 and V8 flavors, and it'll be out before the end of the year. more
2020 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 promises powerful performance - Roadshow  CNET · 1 day
With 414 horsepower on tap from its 4.0-liter flat-six engine, it should hustle like no other. more
Honda just restored a 1961 Chevy truck perfectly - Roadshow  CNET · 1 day
The truck is modeled after those used to deliver motorcycles to dealers in American Honda's early days. more
New manufacturing process for aluminum alloys  SCIENCE DAILY · 1 day
Using a novel Solid Phase Processing approach, a research team eliminated several steps that are required during conventional extrusion processing of aluminum alloy powders, while also achieving a significant increase in product ductility. This is good... more
New tech to help you survive the second car crash - Roadshow  CNET · 1 day
Airbags, brakes and sensors are getting wise to the danger of the crash after the crash. more
Boaty McBoatface mission gives new insight into warming ocean abyss  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 days
The first mission involving the autonomous submarine vehicle Autosub Long Range (better known as 'Boaty McBoatface') has for the first time shed light on a key process linking... more
SafeAI raises $5M to develop and deploy autonomy for mining and construction vehicles  TechCrunch · 2 days
Startup SafeAI, powered by a founding talent team with experience across Apple, Ford and Caterpillar, is emerging from stealth today with a... more
Cruise is sharing its data visualization tool with robotics geeks everywhere  TechCrunch · 2 days
Cruise is sharing a software platform with roboticists that was initially created to give its own engineers a better understanding of the petabytes of data generated... more
YouTuber Simone Giertz turned a Tesla Model 3 into the 'Truckla' pickup - Roadshow  CNET · 2 days
This massive project took the help of several friends, including the host of the Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel. more
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YouTuber Simone Giertz, celebrated DIY inventor, roboticist and general maker of cool stuff decided not to wait for Tesla’s forthcoming pickup truck. Instead, she bought a Tesla Model... more
Renault's updated Zoe has a little more of everything - Roadshow  CNET · 2 days
Whether you're after looks, range, power, or tech, there's more to enjoy in the new Zoe. more
How Facebook’s Libra is similar in concept and motivation to Kik’s Kin cryptocurrency  TechCrunch · 2 days
Facebook unveiled its Libra cryptocurrency initiative today, which is part of an alternative financial system (including new subsidiary and wallet ‘Calibra‘) it... more
YouTuber Simone Giertz transformed a Tesla Model 3 into a pickup truck  THE VERGE · 2 days
Simone Giertz was tired of waiting for Elon Musk to unveil his new Tesla pickup truck, so she decided to make one herself. The... more
French minister presses Renault to back Nissan reforms  PHYS.ORG · 2 days
French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire on Tuesday urged Renault to back governance reforms at Japan's Nissan, saying it would send a "positive sign" for the future of the alliance between the... more
Ireland to ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030  PHYS.ORG · 2 days
Ireland has announced it will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030 as part of its new climate change plan. more
Automation will not wipe out truck-driving jobs  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 days
While stories in the media present automation as having the potential to eliminate large swaths of jobs in the near future, a new study argues otherwise. more
Domino's Will Start Delivering Pizzas via an Autonomous Robot This Fall  Gadgets 360 · 2 days
For months now, the robotics company Nuro has been using electric, self-driving vehicles to deliver groceries to Kroger customers in Phoenix and Houston. more
The Polestar 1 looks familiar in all the right ways - Roadshow  CNET · 2 days
The Polestar 1 is as much a throwback Volvo as it is a vision of the future. Somehow, it accomplishes both goals. more
New study suggests automation will not wipe out truck-driving jobs  PHYS.ORG · 2 days
While stories in the media present automation as having the potential to eliminate large swaths of jobs in the near future, a new study by researchers Maury Gittleman... more
Volvo Partners Nvidia to Develop AI for Driverless Vehicles  Gadgets 360 · 2 days
Volvo is joining forces with Nvidia to develop artificial intelligence used in self-driving trucks, the companies said on Tuesday. more
Volvo teams up with Nvidia to develop self-driving commercial and industrial trucks  TechCrunch · 2 days
Volvo and Nvidia announced a new partnership today aimed at developing the next-generation decision-making engine for Volvo Group’s fully autonomous commercial trucks and industrial... more
Miracle machine makes heroic rescues — and leaves patients in limbo  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
The latest miracle machine in modern medicine — whose use has skyrocketed in recent years — is saving people from the brink of death: adults whose... more
The BMW Z4 M40i is an ideal companion for a stunning road video - Roadshow  CNET · 2 days
We may have found one of the best roads ever to take the new BMW Z4 M40i for... more
2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid first drive review: A new kind of Explorer - Roadshow  CNET · 2 days
The redesigned, sixth-gen Ford Explorer is better than ever and now comes with an optional hybrid powertrain. more
2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid: A new way to haul video - Roadshow  CNET · 2 days
Ford adds an electrified version of its popular three-row SUV for 2020 with a new platform and all kinds of tech. more
The rise of the gig economy helps London-based insurtech Zego to raise $42M  TechCrunch · 2 days
A couple of years ago London-based startup Zego realised gig-economy workers would need insurance, and went on to raise a very healthy... more
Waymo's kitted-out Jaguar I-Pace models are being seen testing in public - Roadshow  CNET · 2 days
We've known about the Waymo Jags for a while, but this is our first good look at what they've been up to... more
The BMW M850i Convertible is great, but is it worth the cost? video - Roadshow  CNET · 2 days
It’s heavy and expensive but does the pleasure of driving the BMW M850i make up for it? more
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A crossover SUV with 503 horsepower? Yes, it's a reality, and at a glance you'd never know it. more
General Motors mulling the possibility of a resurrected electric Hummer, report says - Roadshow  CNET · 2 days
With an eye toward the competition from Jeep, Rivian, Tesla and others, could GM bring Hummer back with a new... more
AutoComplete: Nuro and Domino's Pizza team up on autonomous pizza delivery video - Roadshow  CNET · 3 days
Plus: Renault's hot-selling Zoe EV gets a refresh and the VW ID line gets a serious battery warranty. more
Boaty McBoatface mission gives new insight into warming ocean abyss  PHYS.ORG · 3 days
The first mission involving the autonomous submarine vehicle Autosub Long Range (better known as "Boaty McBoatface") has for the first time shed light on a key process linking... more
Waymo’s self-driving Jaguar I-Pace vehicles are now testing on public roads  TechCrunch · 3 days
A little more than a year ago, Waymo surprised the industry and announced that its next big move in the world of autonomous vehicles would be... more
2020 Polestar 1 first drive review: Powering the future - Roadshow  CNET · 3 days
This is the first production car from fledgling electric sports car manufacturer Polestar, and while its Volvo DNA is evident throughout, this car is unlike anything... more
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Join us on a trip to Polestar HQ for our first chance behind the wheel of the car that is defining a new brand in electrified motoring. more
RUAG: Suppliers are key to mission success  SPACE NEWS · 3 days
RUAG Space offers high-performance, reliable products for launch vehicles and satellites, offering engineering, design and production. more
2020 BMW X3 M and X4 M first drive review: The modern shape of M - Roadshow  CNET · 3 days
BMW’s latest high-performance M cars aren’t cars at all, they’re crossovers. And with 503... more
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