15,000-year-old viruses found in Tibetan glacier  PHYS.ORG · 2 days
A team of researchers from The Ohio State University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has found a host of ancient virus groups in ice cores taken from a Tibetan glacier. They have written a paper about... more
Egyptian mummy speaks again after 3,000 years  LIVE SCIENCE · 3 days
The voice of an ancient Egyptian priest has been heard for the first time in more than 3,000 years, thanks to a detailed reconstruction of his vocal tract from his mummified remains. more
Ancient voice: Scientists recreate sound of Egyptian mummy  PHYS.ORG · 3 days
Researchers say they've mimicked the voice of a 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy by recreating much of its vocal tract using medical scanners, 3D printing and an electronic larynx. more
3D-printed vocal tract reproduces sound of ancient mummy  PHYS.ORG · 3 days
The sound produced by the vocal tract of a 3,000 year-old Egyptian mummy has been synthesized using CT scans, 3-D printing and an electronic larynx. The findings are presented in a study... more
Study reveals two writers penned landmark inscriptions in eighth-century BCE Samaria  PHYS.ORG · 3 days
The ancient Samaria ostraca—eighth-century BCE ink-on-clay inscriptions unearthed at the beginning of the 20th century in Samaria, the capital of the biblical kingdom of Israel—are among... more
Tw writers penned landmark inscriptions in 8th-century BCE Samaria  SCIENCE DAILY · 4 days
A new study reveals that only 2 writers penned landmark inscriptions on an 8th-century BCE Samarian ostraca. The discovery illuminates the bureaucratic apparatus of an ancient kingdom of Israel. more
'Ghost' population of humans discovered in ancient Africa  LIVE SCIENCE · 4 days
The ancient DNA from four children who lived thousands of years ago is rewriting what geneticists thought happened in sub-Saharan Africa. more
Atmospheric CO2 levels from 2.7 billion years ago inferred from micrometeorite oxidation  Science Magazine · 4 days
Earth’s atmospheric composition during the Archean eon of 4 to 2.5 billion years ago has few constraints. However, the geochemistry of recently discovered iron-rich... more
'Ancient' cellular discovery key to new cancer therapies  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 days
Researchers have uncovered a metabolic system which could lead to new strategies for therapeutic cancer treatment. A team has found a link between a metabolic system in a yeast, and now mammals,... more
Fossils of Earliest Known Scorpion Discovered  SCI-NEWS.COM · 6 days
The exceptionally preserved fossils of the oldest species of scorpion ever found have been unearthed in Wisconsin, the United States. The newly-discovered ancient scorpion... more
Ancient Yahweh Worshipper's Jar Bears Hebrew Script in Biblical City  LIVE SCIENCE · 1 week
A 2,800-year-old jar inscribed in Hebrew with the Yahwistic name "Benayo" has been discovered at Abel Beth Maacah, an Israel site mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. more
A new 'cool' blue  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 weeks
Throughout history, people have sought vibrant blue pigments. The Egyptians and Babylonians used lapis lazuli 6,000 years ago. In 1802, a French chemist synthesized cobalt blue. More recently, in 2009 scientists discovered YInMn Blue, otherwise known as ''Oregon Blue.'' But... more
Infectious disease defenses among ancient hominid contributions to adaptation of modern humans  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
During the past decade, our human evolutionary tree has turned into something more resembling an unwieldy bush. Scientists have discovered swapped segments of DNA... more
On the trail of purple: Tracking ancient trade routes through purple dye  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
As part of a DFG-funded project, a German-Tunisian team co-directed by LMU archaeologist Stefan Ritter have surveyed the ancient city of Meninx on the... more
Lucy mission now has a new destination  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
Less than two years before launch, scientists associated with NASA's Lucy mission, led by Southwest Research Institute, have discovered an additional small asteroid that will be visited by the Lucy spacecraft. Set to launch... more
1,400 Ancient Cuneiform Tablets Identified from Lost City of Irisagrig in Iraq. Were They Stolen?  LIVE SCIENCE · 3 weeks
About 1,400 cuneiform tablets that were possibly stolen from Irisagrig, a 4,000-year-old lost city in Iraq, have just... more
Early modern humans cooked starchy food in South Africa, 170,000 years ago  PHYS.ORG · 3 weeks
"The inhabitants of the Border Cave in the Lebombo Mountains on the Kwazulu-Natal/eSwatini border were cooking starchy plants 170 thousand years ago," says Professor... more
Demon with Forked Tongue Found on Clay Tablet in Library of Assyrian Exorcists  LIVE SCIENCE · 3 weeks
An ancient drawing of a demon blamed for epileptic seizures has been discovered on a 2,700-year-old Assyrian clay tablet. more
Lucy mission now has a new destination