3D Printing
How Artists Turned Buzz Aldrin's Moonwalking Boot Print into 3D Sculpture  SPACE.COM · 34 minutes
For the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing today (July 20), Master Replicas has created a memento any space lover would be proud to... more
Why 3D printing could be key to a Moon base  BBC · 5 hours
Construction materials, ceramics and food could all one day be printed on the lunar surface. more
Researchers 3D Print Ferromagnetic Liquid Droplets  SCI-NEWS.COM · 3 days
Using a modified 3D printer, an international team of researchers led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has made a new material that is both... more
New laws of attraction: Scientists print magnetic liquid droplets  nanowerk · 3 days
Revolutionary material could lead to 3D-printable magnetic liquid devices for the fabrication of flexible electronics, or artificial cells that deliver targeted drug therapies to diseased cells. more
Tiny vibration-powered robots are the size of the world's smallest ant  SCIENCE DAILY · 4 days
Researchers have created a new type of tiny 3D-printed robot that moves by harnessing vibration from piezoelectric actuators, ultrasound sources or even tiny speakers. Swarms of... more
Georgia Tech’s ant-sized micro-robots move through vibration  TechCrunch · 5 days
The above image is a shot of Georgia Tech’s latest robot posed next to a penny. The 3D printed bot is roughly two millimeters in length — or about the size of the world’s... more
Tiny vibration-powered robots are the size of the world's smallest ant  nanowerk · 5 days
Researchers have created a new type of tiny 3D-printed robot that moves by harnessing vibration from piezoelectric actuators, ultrasound sources or even tiny speakers. more
Monoprice Mini Delta 3D printer is a steal this Prime Day  Windows Central · 6 days
One of the best cheap printers just became the best deal ever One of the most significant barriers to entry for 3D printing is the cost... more
Get yourself this $160 Monoprice Mini Pro 3D printer right now!  Windows Central · 6 days
The Monoprice Mini Pro is the perfect 3D printer for beginners and young families. I like it so much I already bought four for my local... more
Where can you buy a powder coated build plate for your Prusa Mk3?  Windows Central · 6 days
Best answer: Matterhackers has a good supply of Layerlock powder coated PEI build plates that work perfectly on the Prusa i3 MK3.... more
Get up and go bots getting closer  SCIENCE DAILY · 6 days
Robotics researchers have for the first time used a commercial 3D printer to embed complex sensors inside robotic limbs and grippers. But they found that materials commercially available for 3D printing still need to... more
Don't miss these amazing 3D Printer deals this Prime Day  Windows Central · 1 week
We talk a lot about 3D printing over at Windows Central and have spent hundreds of hours using multiple printers and accessories to bring you the best 3D... more
Bordeaux University Hospital uses 3D printing to improve kidney tumor removal surgery  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
Bordeaux University Hospital in France is leading the charge to improve success rates of complex kidney tumor removal surgery, thanks to unique full-color, multi-material... more
Valkyrie Industries is building a haptic VR suit for industrial training  TechCrunch · 1 week
Valkyrie Industries off-handedly refers to the current iteration of its VR suit as “Iron Man v. 1.” It’s a fitting reference. There’s a very “first half... more
Automated system generates robotic parts for novel tasks  SCIENCE DAILY · 1 week
An automated system designs and 3D prints complex robotic parts called actuators that are optimized according to an enormous number of specifications. In short, the system does automatically what is virtually impossible... more
Topology optimization and 3D printing of multimaterial magnetic actuators and displays  Science Magazine · 1 week
Upcoming actuation systems will be required to perform multiple tightly coupled functions analogous to their natural counterparts; e.g., the ability to control displacements and high-resolution appearance... more
14 must-have 3D printing accessories for use with resin printers  Windows Central · 1 week
Resin printers are becoming cheaper and more accessible all the time and 3D printers like the Anycubic Photon and the Elegoo MARS are driving the cost of resin... more
Elegoo MARS 3D Printer Review: A surprise at every turn  Windows Central · 2 weeks
I am always amazed at how good this little printer is Having already used Elegoo resins on other printers and finding them to be an extremely good value... more
Get started in 3D printing with these printers under $1000  Windows Central · 2 weeks
For the last five years we've invested in the 3D printing world, using as many printers as we can to see what is good and what is bad.... more
Researchers improve training modules for future surgeons with 3D printing  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
When someone breaks or fractures a bone, orthopedic surgeons can set and stabilize it by drilling and placing medical screws into the damaged area. This technique of fracture... more
Medical News Today: How 3D printing allows scientists to grow new human hairs  MNT · 3 weeks
Researchers have found a way of using 3D printing technology to grow human hairs in the laboratory, without the need for skin... more
Save big on the Toybox 3D printer that lets you build your own toys at home  Windows Central · 3 weeks
3D printing is all the rage these days. Architecture firms use it to create stunningly accurate... more
Low-cost retinal scanner could help prevent blindness worldwide  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 weeks
Biomedical engineers have developed a low-cost, portable optical coherence tomography (OCT) scanner that promises to bring the vision-saving technology to underserved regions throughout the United States and abroad. Thanks to a redesigned,... more
The best sub-$1,000 3D printer you can buy is shipping for free worldwide  Windows Central · 3 weeks
What you need to know Over 130,000 Prusa 3D printers have been sold. To celebrate the milestone, Prusa has free worldwide shipping... more
Formlabs is 3D printing parts of New Balance’s new sneakers  TechCrunch · 3 weeks
Sneakers have been a pretty effective means for helping 3D printing make the transition from prototype to manufacturing. Carbon in particular has found success with its Adidas partnership,... more
Scientists develop new 3D-printed prosthetic hand that can learn wearers’ basic motions  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
A new 3D-printed prosthetic hand can learn the wearers’ movement patterns to help amputee patients perform daily tasks, reports a study published this week... more
3D printed prosthetic hand can guess how you play rock, paper, scissors  nanowerk · 4 weeks
A new 3D-printed prosthetic hand can learn the wearers' movement patterns to help amputee patients perform daily tasks. more
The best 3D printers to get you started on your journey  Windows Central · 4 weeks
2019 has been an amazing year for 3D printing with a huge number of cost-effective and quality printers hitting the market. Whether you looking for an... more
Mimicking the ultrastructure of wood with 3D-printing for green products  nanowerk · 4 weeks
Researchers have succeeded in 3D printing with a wood-based ink in a way that mimics the unique 'ultrastructure' of wood. Their research could revolutionise the manufacturing of green... more
Why Carbon just raised another $260 million  TechCrunch · 4 weeks
Two months ago, we reported that Carbon was set to raise up to $300 million, bringing the 3D printing company’s valuation up to a lofty $2.5 billion. The real numbers released this week by... more
ELISA test performed in 3D-printed pipette tips simplifies process, reduces cost  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 weeks
Scientists have taken a common, yet laborious lab test and redesigned it to be performed in small 3D printed pipette tips used to measure and transfer... more
This startup wants to 3D print your next running shoe or dentures - CNET  CNET · 4 weeks
Carbon raised $260 million that should help it advance toward the ability to 3D print products made of multiple materials. more
Carbon 3D makes stuff that's squishy, springy and comes in unusual shapes - CNET  CNET · 4 weeks
Here's a look at the shoes, football helmets, water pumps and false teeth this startup's 3D printers can make. more
New 3D printed floating photocatalysts remove persistent pollutants in wastewater  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 weeks
Researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid have obtained 3D printed floating photocatalysts to remove persistent pollutants in wastewater. more
Nanogenerator's 2500% stretchability sets new record  PHYS.ORG · 4 weeks
By stretching like a rubber band to more than 25 times its original length, a new nanogenerator has set a new stretchability record. The triboelectric nanogenerator's 2500% stretchability represents a significant increase over the previous best... more
Upside-down 3D-printed skin and bone, for humans to Mars