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Discrete choice experiments can predict real-world healthcare choices, research shows  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
Value in Health, the official journal of ISPOR- the professional society for health economics and outcomes research, announced today the publication of research demonstrating that discrete choice experiments... more
2nd Ebola vaccine to be used in Congo, as UN efforts slammed  ABC NEWS · 2 hours
2nd Ebola vaccine to be used in Congo, while Doctors Without Borders criticizes UN efforts more
W. Antarctica's crumbling ice sheet to redraw global coastline  PHYS.ORG · 60 minutes
The fate of the world's coastal regions and the hundreds of millions of people who inhabit them depend on a block of ice atop West Antarctica on track to lift... more
Natural antioxidant in green tea can help eliminate antibiotic-resistant bacteria  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
Scientists at the University of Surrey have discovered that a natural antioxidant commonly found in green tea can help eliminate antibiotic-resistant bacteria. more
Researchers use high-throughput mutagenesis approach to study ALS  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a devastating and incurable nervous system disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, causing loss of muscle control and normally death within a few... more
MD Anderson and Houston Dynamo join hands to kick childhood cancer  NEWS MEDICAL · 35 minutes
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center goes gold for Kick Childhood Cancer Awareness Night at BBVA Stadium, Saturday, Sept. 21 at 7:30 p.m. as... more
Approval received for establishment of UC San Diego's new School of Public Health  NEWS MEDICAL · 35 minutes
The University of California Board of Regents Academic and Student Affairs Committee has approved the establishment of a School of Public Health... more
Dutch reinforce major dike as seas rise, climate changes  PHYS.ORG · 60 minutes
Rising up in a thin line through the waters separating the provinces of North Holland and Friesland, the 87-year-old Afsluitdijk is one of the low-lying Netherlands' key defenses against its... more
DNA is held together by hydrophobic forces  PHYS.ORG · 17 minutes
Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, have disproved the prevailing theory of how DNA binds itself. It is not, as is generally believed, hydrogen bonds which bind together the two sides of the... more
The Prisoner's Dilemma: Exploring a strategy that leads to mutual cooperation without non-cooperative actions  PHYS.ORG · 17 minutes
A research team led by Hitoshi Yamamoto from Rissho University has analyzed which strategies would be effective in the prisoner's... more
How gliding animals fine-tuned the rules of evolution  PHYS.ORG · 17 minutes
A study of gliding animals has challenged the idea that evolutionary innovations—adaptations that bring new abilities and advantages—spur the origin of other new body types and other characteristics in descendant species. more
Study confirms Monterey Bay Aquarium surrogate-reared sea otters helped restore threatened population  PHYS.ORG · 17 minutes
The population of threatened southern sea otters in Elkhorn Slough, an estuary in Central California, has made a significant comeback as a result of... more
Exercising To Ease Pain: Taking Brisk Walks Can Help  NPR · 2 hours
Never mind a runner's high — the buzz some people say they get after a run. Neuroscientist Benedict Kolber was more interested in how to generate pain relief via a... more
Hubble Space Telescope Looks at Messier 86  SCI-NEWS.COM · 2 hours
The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has taken a picture of the galaxy Messier 86, which is found in the constellation of Virgo.... more
Lingering Pacific heat wave threatens Hawaii coral  PHYS.ORG · 4 hours
At the edge of an ancient lava flow where jagged black rocks meet the Pacific, small off-the-grid homes overlook the calm blue waters of Papa Bay on Hawaii's Big Island—no tourists or hotels in... more
Fat mass index, not BMI, linked to higher risk of cardiovascular events in diabetic patients  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
In people with diabetes, fat mass index, not body mass index, is associated with a higher risk of... more
Bee biodiversity barometer on Fiji  PHYS.ORG · 4 hours
The biodiversity buzz is alive and well in Fiji, but climate change, noxious weeds and multiple human activities are making possible extinction a counter buzzword. more
Early Van Gogh works auctioned in Belgium  PHYS.ORG · 4 hours
Two early works by Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh were auctioned in the Belgian city of Ghent on Sunday, fetching near estimate prices that the organiser said were bargains. more
'Moment of truth' at key UN climate summit  PHYS.ORG · 4 hours
Some 60 world leaders convene on Monday for a UN summit on "climate emergency" aimed at reinvigorating the faltering Paris agreement, at a time when mankind is releasing more greenhouse gases into... more
Tackling the growing problem of heart disease in children with common sense interventions  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 hours
Heart disease, which was once an illness affecting adults, is now a major concern among children. In fact, many studies have shown... more
Wearable technology for the elderly automatically calls for help in time of need  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
The team of researchers at Kaunas University of Technology, in collaboration with the Department of Geriatrics at the Lithuanian University of Health... more
Your dead palm is a woodpecker home—and that's good  PHYS.ORG · 2 hours
At the very edges of urbanization, Northern Flicker woodpeckers live in dead palm trees raising their young. Their populations are on the decline throughout the state, especially South Florida. But... more
Data on health-related quality of life often not collected for investigational cancer drugs  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 hours
A recent analysis from Canada found that information on health-related quality of life is often not collected for investigational cancer drugs or... more
IDSA calls for meaningful funding to control current Ebola outbreak  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 hours
Spending bills released by Senate Appropriations Committee Wednesday demonstrate encouraging recognition of some of the most urgent health challenges threatening individual and public health at home and abroad. more
Study finds no overall improvement in heart transplant waitlist after policy change  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 hours
In March 2016, the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network revised its criteria for prioritizing children awaiting heart transplantation in the U.S. with the intention... more
Johnson says he'll tell Trump: Hands off UK health service  ABC NEWS · 6 hours
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he'll tell President Donald Trump that the U.K.'s state-funded health service will be off the table in any future trade negotiations, and... more
How one family counters epilepsy and caregiver stress by giving back  NEWS MEDICAL · 6 hours
For people with epilepsy, seizures affect almost every aspect of their lives. The seizures also affect their caregivers' lives, with impacts on physical health, emotional functioning,... more
Tanzania keeping Ebola under wraps  NEWS MEDICAL · 6 hours
Ebola could be already on the prowl in Tanzania, but the government is keeping it a secret. This is the official position of the World Health Organization (WHO), who says multiple cases have been secretly reported to it. more
2019 ASTMH Annual Meeting to focus on Ebola, monkey malaria, and other infectious diseases  NEWS MEDICAL · 7 hours
This year's meeting will kick off with keynotes from two public health heroes who have pioneered a home-based approach to... more
Conference reviews effects of tobacco products, underscores the importance of oral health  NEWS MEDICAL · 7 hours
On September 14, 2018 AADR held the "Oral Health Effects of Tobacco Products: Science and Regulatory Policy" meeting in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. more
African bacterium resists almost all drugs  NEWS MEDICAL · 13 hours
It looks like it’s time to pay the piper. The first extensively drug-resistant (XDR) strain of Salmonella typhimurium, called ST313 sublineage II.1, has cropped up in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This fails to respond... more
Faster, cheaper, better: improved gene therapy tool production  NEWS MEDICAL · 13 hours
The heart of modern therapy is increasingly personalized and targeted at specific cellular or genetic deficits. This requires gene therapy, in many cases. A new study, published on 19 September 2019 in... more
Medical News Today: How 'exergaming' can help people with Parkinson's  MNT · 13 hours
New research investigates the benefits of an at-home computer game exercising program for people living with Parkinson's disease. more
Medical News Today: Financial hardship may accelerate aging  MNT · 13 hours
What is the impact of poverty on the process of biological aging? New research investigates, zooming in on the effect of 4 years of economic hardship. more
How 'exergaming' can help people with Parkinson's  MNT · 14 hours
New research investigates the benefits of an at-home computer game exercising program for people living with Parkinson's disease. more
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