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Researchers investigate possible causes of high COVID-19 mortality in Italy  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 minutes
On March 11th, 2020 the World Health Organization declared Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) a pandemic. more
Study provides an ethical way to advance medical discovery and innovation  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 minutes
Every major medical center in America sits on a gold mine. The data they hold about their patients and research participants could be worth millions of... more
Scientist explore potential drugs to prevent cell resistance in different types of cancer  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 minutes
Cancer therapy may shrink the tumor of a patient, and the patient may feel better. But unseen on a CT scan or... more
CMSC announces virtual experience for healthcare professionals  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 minutes
The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) is pleased to announce a state-of-the-art virtual experience for healthcare professionals to learn about the latest products, innovations, and services from industry supporters and partners to optimize... more
New Zealand near eradication, but virus has grim global hold  ABC NEWS · 16 minutes
New Zealand has all but eradicated the coronavirus from its shores with just one person in the nation of 5 million still infected more
Veterans help UK children keep calm, cope with virus stress  ABC NEWS · 16 minutes
Hula hoops, camouflage mats and tires aren’t typical supplies needed during the coronavirus pandemic more
Common assumptions about mercury exposure should be reexamined, show studies  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 minutes
Small-scale gold mining in the Peruvian Amazon poses a health hazard not only to the miners and communities near where mercury is used to extract gold from ore... more
Rare deadly disease linked to coronavirus infection seen in children  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 hours
Now, new evidence has shown that children with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) experience a Kawasaki-like illness, called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C). The complication is akin to toxic... more
Researchers use new technique to develop experimental rapid COVID-19 test  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
Scientists from the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) developed an experimental diagnostic test for COVID-19 that can visually detect the presence of the virus in 10... more
Study reveals how flies make survival decisions  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
Many insects process visual information to make decisions about controlling their flying skills and movements- flies must decide whether to pursue prey, avoid a predator, maintain their flight trajectory or land based on their... more
Researchers modify amide bonds to speed up reactions  NEWS MEDICAL · 39 minutes
In proteins, amino acids are held together by amide bonds. These bonds are long-lived and are robust against changes in temperature, acidity, or alkalinity. more
NUTRITION 2020 LIVE ONLINE releases featured materials  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 hours
Press materials are now available for NUTRITION 2020 LIVE ONLINE, a dynamic virtual event showcasing new research findings and timely discussions on food and nutrition. The online meeting will be held June 1-4, 2020. more
5-day Remdesivir dose works as well as the 10-day dose in COVID-19, study finds  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 hours
With more than 5.8 million people infected with the novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the search is... more
Virus taking hold in rural, old plantation region of Alabama  ABC NEWS · 2 hours
Sparsely populated Lowndes County has the sad distinction of having both Alabama's highest rate of COVID-19 cases and its worst unemployment rate more
New test may help detect prostate cancer earlier and with greater accuracy  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
A new type of test that uses complex sugars to detect prostate cancer earlier and with greater accuracy is being developed by researchers at... more
Study examines changes in prescription patterns during COVID-19 pandemic  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
A new study by investigators from Brigham and Women's Hospital examines changes in prescription patterns in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic. more
Many naturopathic patients do not disclose use of natural health products to MDs  NEWS MEDICAL · 39 minutes
Natural health products are used by many people, but almost half of naturopathic patients do not let their primary physician know, says... more
Relaxation of physical distancing may increase the spread of COVID-19 in Ontario  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
If physical distancing measures in Ontario are relaxed too much or too quickly, the province could see hospitals overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients as well... more
The Latest: UN urges $2.4 billion in aid for war-torn Yemen  ABC NEWS · 2 hours
The U_N_ humanitarian chief is urgently appealing for $2_4 billion to help millions in war-torn Yemen cope with the conflict and COVID-19, saying programs are already... more
GOP lawyer fights California governor on stay-at-home orders  ABC NEWS · 2 hours
The Republican lawyer leading the fight against California's stay-at-home orders has a long history of taking on free speech and civil rights cases more
SwRI receives $1.9 million to identify potential treatments for COVID-19  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 hours
Using Department of Defense supercomputers, Southwest Research Institute is virtually screening millions of drug compounds to search for and test possible treatment options for the novel coronavirus 2019. more
Researchers identify risk factors for fatty liver disease  NEWS MEDICAL · 39 minutes
Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have uncovered an unexpected connection between an imbalance of electrons in liver cells and many metabolic problems that increase the risk for conditions such as cardiovascular disease... more
Study: New biopsy methods can help improve benefit-harm ratio of PSA screening  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
The benefit of population-based PSA screening for men with an average risk of prostate cancer does not outweigh the harm caused. more
Survey provides baseline assessment of climate-health education among health professions institutions  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 hours
An international survey of Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education (GCCHE) membership found that the majority of members--health professions schools and programs, including medical, nursing,... more
Study reports a low prevalence of COVID-19 in pregnant women  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 hours
New data from two studies show the prevalence of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection among pregnant women is low, but they still need to take... more
Combination therapy does not show superior efficacy in newly diagnosed myeloma  NEWS MEDICAL · 39 minutes
The combination of carfilzomib, lenalidomide, and dexamethasone (KRd) did not show superior efficacy in patients with newly diagnosed myeloma absent a high-risk disease prognosis, compared with... more
Study sheds light on homologous recombination of DNA strands  NEWS MEDICAL · 39 minutes
As chromosomes go, X and Y make an unlikely pair. The X is large and contains thousands of genes critical for life. The Y, by contrast, is little more than... more
Targeted therapy shows immense benefit for patients with early stage NSCLC  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
According to findings led by researchers at Yale Cancer Center, treatment with the targeted therapy osimertinib following surgery significantly improves disease-free survival (DFS) in patients with... more
EOS completes acquisition of Audacy  SPACE NEWS · 4 hours
Electro Optic Systems Holdings Ltd. of Australia completed its acquisition May 28 of Silicon Valley startup Audacy and announced plans to spend approximately $1.2 billion Australian... more
Dual-pathway approach can lead to better outcomes in patients with heart stents  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 hours
Pairing a blood-thinning drug with aspirin daily for patients who have an angioplasty with a stent can contribute to better health outcomes, including lower... more
Combination therapy found to be effective against IDH1-mutated acute myeloid leukemia  NEWS MEDICAL · 6 hours
A combination therapy of ivosenidib (IVO) plus venetoclax (VEN) with or without azacitidine (AZA) was found to be effective against a specific genetic subtype of acute... more
Brazilian researchers design low-cost mechanical ventilators  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 hours
A group of researchers at the University of São Paulo's Engineering School (POLI-USP) in Brazil have developed a mechanical ventilator that costs only approximately 7% as much as a conventional ventilator. more
Hawaii governor to extend traveler quarantine past June  ABC NEWS · 5 hours
Hawaii Gov. David Ige says he will extend the state’s 14-day quarantine requirement for travelers arriving in the state beyond June 30 more
Cardiac surgery stalled as novel coronavirus spread  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 hours
As the novel coronavirus spread across the globe in early 2020, hospitals worldwide scaled back medical procedures, including life-saving heart surgery, to deal with the emerging threat of COVID-19. more
Targeted drugs shrink breast cancer tumors in mice without toxic side effects  NEWS MEDICAL · 6 hours
A team of researchers led by Worcester Polytechnic Institute Provost Wole Soboyejo has identified targeted drugs that reduced the sizes of hard-to-treat breast cancer... more
Research finds delayed treatment for ischemic stroke patients during COVID-19 pandemic  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 hours
New research published today in the Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery shows ischemic stroke patients are arriving to hospitals and treatment centers an average of 160 minutes... more
Ludwig Cancer Research study profiles immune landscape of brain tumors  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 hours
A Ludwig Cancer Research study has profiled, in a sweeping comparative analysis, the distinct immune landscapes of tumors that arise in the brain, or gliomas, and those that... more
Study reports COVID-19 case-fatality trends among people with IDD  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 hours
A new study published recently in ScienceDirect by researchers from Syracuse University and SUNY Upstate Medical University shows that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are more likely to... more
Genomic variation and descent of SARS-CoV-2 strains in India  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 hours
The pandemic of COVID-19 that is still affecting over 188 countries and territories the world over has taken over 359,000 lives in just under five months, while affecting at least... more
Rare deadly disease linked to coronavirus infection seen in children
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