The misconduct accusations followed an allegation of sexual assault, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.
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Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey Tuesday met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, and discussed the importance of global conversations on social media platforms.
Paper, the popular sketching app for iPhone and iPad, has today been updated with optimization for...
The cringe-worthy experience of not being able to remember an acquaintance's name leads many of us to believe we are terrible with names. However,...
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Whether you're holiday shopping or just looking for a great deal, Black Friday is the best time to buy a new gaming console.
Risk factors for cardiovascular disease closely track with changes in eating patterns, even only after a month or so.
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Living cells depend absolutely on microtubules that form a scaffolding for moving materials inside the cell. Microtubule fibers are hollow rods made of much smaller tubulin subunits that spontaneously assemble at one end of the rod, but exactly how they...
MicrobiologyEnvironment more... SCIENCE DAILY 2 hours
A new brain imaging study of 34 people found that when people expect to feel intense pain, they do, even if they aren't subjected to painful stimuli. Surprisingly, these false expectations can persist even when reality...
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A team of scientists from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, in collaboration with researchers from Monash University Australia, has succeeded in significantly increasing the stability and biocompatibility of special light-transducing nanoparticles.
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Opioid-related overdoses and deaths remain a major public health concern in Massachusetts, yet adolescents who experience opioid-related nonfatal overdose have been rarely studied.
A Hawaii retirement home says residents in its independent living wing may take advantage of the state's new medically assisted suicide law if they wish
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While it has long been recognized that mutated gene NPM1 plays an important role in acute myeloid leukemia, no one has determined how the normal and the mutated...
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Today's cataract surgery is often described as a marvel of modern medicine, a one-hour outpatient procedure that has spared millions from blindness, especially in developed countries.
Researchers have provided new insight on the mechanisms behind the development of clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma (ccRCC), according to new findings published in...
Diabetic foot ulcers can take up to 150 days to heal. A biomedical engineering team wants to reduce it to 21 days.
DiabetesMachinesEngineering more... NEWS MEDICAL 2 hours
Scientists have successfully engineered novel DNA-encoded monoclonal antibodies (DMAbs) targeting Zaire Ebolavirus that were effective in preclinical models. Study results showed that DMAbs were expressed over a wide window of...
The fifth-leading risk factor for mortality worldwide, air pollution presents a major heart health risk. A simple intervention could help people breathe easier at home.
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Companies that fail to curb their carbon output may eventually face the consequences of asset devaluation and stock price depreciation, according to a new study.
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Lifting weights for less than an hour a week may reduce your risk for a heart attack or stroke by 40 to 70 percent, according to...
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As the nights grow longer and winter settles in across the north, a team of health researchers is using a "community mobilization" approach to...
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A pay it forward chain that began with two nurses in an Indianapolis has allowed a mother of three battling breast cancer to feed her 10-month-old daughter breast...
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The University of Chichester has been chosen to lead research into a developing a sports-specific classification system for blind football.
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Healthcare professionals nationwide are gathering this week to discuss how to improve programs to better control antibiotic use in healthcare facilities.
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A Cambodian court has charged 11 pregnant women and seven other people with violating laws against surrogate births; Cambodia outlawed surrogacy in 2016 after becoming a destination for foreign parents
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CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says his company isn't changing anything in terms of its relationship with Saudi Arabia until more is...
Roivant Sciences has had a bumpy couple of years, but that isn’t stopping investors from pouring more money into the...
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Allyn Pierce turned back to help patients in need at his hospital in Paradise, only to have his beloved Tundra...
It sounds scary, but you don't need to stock up on canned goods or plan your evacuation.
This time the lucky platform is Hulu, and the series is Martin's Wild Cards.
iss science not affected by smaller crew
The smaller crew complement on the International Space Station created by last month’s Soyuz launch abort has not affected research activities there...
griffin future of new dod space agency still up in the air
Griffin said nothing has yet been decided on how the Space Development Agency should be organized.
With watchOS 5, Apple introduced a new feature called Walkie-Talkie. It allows Apple Watch users to communicate quickly between one...
Stardew Valley for iOS Updated With New Control Options, Auto-Save Functionality
Visualizing 'unfurling' microtubule growth
Steve Wozniak believes Steve Jobs would be proud of Apple today, says Samsung’s ‘fun features’ aren’t ‘innovations’
OWC announces new Thunderbolt 3 dock with 85W charging, dedicated USB-C port and microSD slot
One of YouTube’s biggest creators is taking a burnout break
Game of Thrones final season: Release date, trailer cast and theories - CNET
Hands-on: Linux on DeX finally gives the Samsung mobile desktop system a purpose [Video]
Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! Release Date, Bundles, Gameplay, and Everything Else You Need to Know
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Top 5 things you'll do in a self-driving car - Roadshow
Pandora’s ‘Podcast Genome Project’ launching in beta on iOS and Android
Top YouTube creators call out defunct Defy Media for shady practices
[Update: Day 2 keynote] Here’s where to watch the Chrome Dev Summit 2018 keynotes [Livestream]
Moment Tele 58mm lens adds up to 4x optical zoom, increased bokeh, optimized for Pixel, Galaxy, iPhone
PUBG is coming to the PS4 on December 7th
Toy Story 4’s latest teaser is a ‘trailer reaction’ video starring Key and Peele
Game of Thrones Season 8 Will Premiere in April 2019
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Amazon turtle populations recovering well thanks to local action
Scientists uncover crucial biological circuits that regulate lipids and their role in overall health
Volcanic eruptions once caused mass extinctions in the oceans – could climate change do the same?