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Climate change calls for a fresh approach to water woes
PHYS.ORG VIDEO The Everglades National Park, the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States, is home to 16 different species of wading birds and rare and endangered species like the... 60 minutes
A quantum leap toward expanding the search for dark matter
PHYS.ORG Figuring out how to extend the search for dark matter particles – dark matter describes the stuff that makes up an estimated 85 percent of the total mass... 2 hours
Infrared camera to ensure high-quality 3-D reproducibility of parts
PHYS.ORG The addition of a new infrared camera at Argonne's Advanced Photon Source narrows the gap between basic and applied research in additive manufacturing. 1 hour
This new fish species displays a splash of highlighter hues
SCIENCE-NEWS VIDEO Researchers stumbled upon a new species of coral reef fish with spectacular coloration and a unique habitat. 47 minutes
A facade that is a power plant and a guarantee of wellbeing
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Anyone who spends most of their day indoors knows the importance of a comfortable atmosphere to work and live in. Researchers from EPFL's Solar... 2 hours
Graphics—key to science and maths success in schools
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Developing diagrams and visual representations can lead to huge improvements in student performance and engagement in STEM subjects. Deakin researchers are taking their findings to schools across the country. 2 hours
Culturally competent robots – the future in elderly care
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Future robots will assist the elderly while adapting to the culture of the individual they are caring for. The first of this type of robots are now being tested in... 2 hours
spotlight on sea level rise Spotlight on sea-level rise
ESA Scientists are gathering in the Azores this week to share findings on how satellite has revealed changes in the height of the sea, ice, inland bodies of water... 58 minutes
Extreme weather events rarely occur in isolation
PHYS.ORG The end of the baking hot summer is a forceful reminder of what the climate could hold in store for us in the future. Between April and August of this year, rainfall in Eastern... 2 hours
Negative perception of social housing is outdated, say researchers
PHYS.ORG Social housing has improved over time, and is not as negatively perceived by residents as is so often thought, a major review has revealed. 2 hours
River dolphins in Peru satellite tagged for first time
PHYS.ORG Across their range in South America, the iconic pink river dolphin faces an increasingly uncertain future. Water pollution, dam construction, poaching and bycatch pose serious threats to these amazing creatures,... 60 minutes
Team discovers new species of dazzling, neon-colored fish
PHYS.ORG On a recent expedition to the remote Brazilian archipelago of St. Paul's Rocks, a new species of reef fish—striped a vivid pink and yellow—enchanted its diving discoverers from the California Academy of... 60 minutes
Novartis slashes thousands of jobs in Switzerland, UK
PHYS.ORG Pharmaceutical giant Novartis said Tuesday it will cut more than 2,000 jobs in Switzerland by 2022, while some 400 jobs could go in Britain as part of a global restructuring. 2 hours
New model enables anyone to run powerful simulations, complex calculations easily
NEWS MEDICAL Imagine a world in which complex calculations that could help improve someone’s health, clean up our planet or test an entrepreneur’s big idea don’t require specific... 1 hour
Tracking the interstellar object 'Oumuamua to its home
PHYS.ORG A team of astronomers led by Coryn Bailer-Jones of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy has tracked the interstellar object 'Oumuamua to several possible home stars. The object was discovered in late... 2 hours
Medical News Today: Can apple cider vinegar help with eczema?
MNT Proponents believe that apple cider vinegar can reduce symptoms of eczema by balancing the skin’s pH level. However, the vinegar can also burn sensitive areas. Here, learn about... 2 hours
How can we limit climate change damage to the global economy?
PHYS.ORG VIDEO The international community's ambition to fight against climate change comes at a cost: between US$50,000 billion and US$90,000 billion over the next 15 years according to the bottom-end estimates of economist Adair... 1 hour
Uncovering the secret winter life of lakes
PHYS.ORG While most of nature is peacefully asleep during rigid Canadian winters, lakes are more than awake under their thick, icy covers. 1 hour
New emissions tests push BMW into profit warning
PHYS.ORG German high-end carmaker BMW said Tuesday that new stricter emissions tests for cars as well as refits to older vehicles and global trade tensions would leave revenues and profits short of its... 2 hours
After years-long wait, Israelis board new fast train
PHYS.ORG Israelis climbed aboard the country's new high-speed train on Tuesday as it partially opened to whisk passengers from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion airport, a massive project years in the making. 2 hours
Speech recognition technology for air traffic controllers
PHYS.ORG The popularity of air transport continues to grow, placing an even greater workload on air traffic controllers (ATCOs). Their predicament can be improved through an automatic speech recognition system closely integrated with an arrival... 2 hours
Protecting the power grid from cyber attacks
PHYS.ORG As the national power grid becomes increasingly dependent on computers and data sharing—providing significant benefits for utilities, customers, and communities—it has also become more vulnerable to both physical and cyber threats. 60 minutes
FDA grants Orphan Drug Designation to Myelo001 for treatment of Acute Radiation Syndrome
NEWS MEDICAL Myelo Therapeutics GmbH announced today that the US Food and Drug Administration has granted an Orphan Drug Designation to its orally applied... 1 hour
Europe's Ariane 5 rocket set for 100th blast off
PHYS.ORG A European-made rocket will blast off Tuesday from French Guiana for the 100th time, in a symbolic landmark for its manufacturer as it comes under increasing pressure from Elon Musk's... 2 hours
How companies can plan for accidental discoveries
PHYS.ORG While accident implies a lack of planning, a University of Alberta business professor says organizations can be proactive in managing the serendipity that leads to accidental innovation. 41 minutes
Ireland's plan for electric vehicles will reduce emissions, but may come at a cost
PHYS.ORG The level of emissions coming from Ireland's transport sector are undeniably high, which is of particular concern when considering the... 60 minutes
Silencing science tracker expanded to include state and local government actions
PHYS.ORG In January, Columbia's Sabin Center for Climate Change Law and the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund launched the Silencing Science Tracker (SST). As its name suggests,... 41 minutes
New model enable anyone to run powerful simulations, complex calculations easily
NEWS MEDICAL Imagine a world in which complex calculations that could help improve someone’s health, clean up our planet or test an entrepreneur’s big idea don’t require specific... 1 hour
Study analyzes quality of protein supplements in function of source, treatment and storage
NEWS MEDICAL Powdered protein supplements are one of the most commonly consumed nutritional supplements, whether by professional sportspeople or amateurs, even by those who... 1 hour
Report outlines keys to election security
PHYS.ORG The most secure form of voting technology remains the familiar, durable innovation known as paper, according to a report authored by a group of election experts, including two prominent scholars from MIT. 2 hours
Stemming the tide of beach litter
PHYS.ORG Over four fifths of the litter on European beaches is plastic, and over 50 percent is made of single-use plastic, according to a new scientific report. 2 hours
Indoor HEPA filters significantly reduce pollution indoors when outside air unhealthy, study finds
PHYS.ORG Outdoor air pollution is a major contributor to indoor air pollution—but high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters used in the home significantly reduce... 60 minutes
Liquid climate archives: A study on tide levels in the straits
PHYS.ORG A new study published in Scientific Reports reports that tidal measurements reveal something about the masses of ocean water, and therefore the climate of the past,... 2 hours
What can fossil shellfish tell us about our environmental future? Plenty.
PHYS.ORG The Earth's climate is changing, and it's changed before. The world's oceans are warming, and they've warmed before. 2 hours
New insights into the role of Coptic monasteries in the economy of late antique Egypt
PHYS.ORG Greater insight into the economy of late antique Egypt (fifth to eighth centuries AD) has been revealed by... 2 hours
A unitary theory of metric analysis helps unveil structures within data
PHYS.ORG As the EU-funded MANET project worked with abstract geometric structures it was able to model a range of phenomena as integral curves of vector fields. This... 2 hours
Highly efficient single-atom catalyst could help auto industry
PHYS.ORG A longer-lasting, higher-efficiency platinum catalyst has been developed by a Dalhousie University-led team, a result with major implications for the automobile industry. 2 hours
NIST details plans for reviewing the scientific foundations of forensic methods
PHYS.ORG NIST has published Draft NISTIR 8225, Scientific Foundation Reviews. This publication describes NIST's approach to conducting scientific foundation reviews, which seek to document and evaluate the... 2 hours
RTI's TETRAfuse 3D Technology wins 2018 Spine Technology Award
NEWS MEDICAL RTI Surgical, Inc., a global surgical implant company, announced its TETRAfuse 3D Technology won a 2018 Spine Technology Award from Orthopedics This Week, a widely read publication in the orthopedics... 2 hours
Medical News Today: Inverse psoriasis and jock itch: What's the difference?
MNT People often confuse inverse psoriasis with jock itch because they can both cause an itchy red rash around the genitals. There are, however, differences in the... 2 hours
Scientists discover new mechanism for information storage in one atom
PHYS.ORG Scientists at Radboud University discovered a new mechanism for magnetic storage of information in the smallest unit of matter: a single atom. While the proof of principle was... 2 hours
Archaeologists discover 'massive' ancient building in Egypt
PHYS.ORG Egypt says archaeologists have discovered a "massive" ancient building in the town of Mit Rahina, 20 kilometers, or 12 miles, south of Cairo. 2 hours
Mathematician Claims He Solved 160-Year-Old Math Problem. Critics Say Probably Not.
LIVE SCIENCE Critics are weary. 1 hour
Researchers study presence of fluorinated chemicals in firefighter clothing
PHYS.ORG Scientists at the University of Notre Dame will begin an independent study of turnout gear worn by firefighters after initial samples tested positive for fluorine. 2 hours
Motor learning for precise motor execution
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have identified acquisition of two types of internal models for motor control, which are likely to be stored in the cerebellum. They show that motor control in human hand reaching movement relies on two types... 1 hour
New cause of brain bleeds identified
SCIENCE DAILY Neurologists have provided, for the first time, evidence that blood deposits in the brain may not require a blood vessel tear. The researchers found that brain endothelial cells, the cells that line blood vessels of the... 1 hour
New report shows public universities fail to find, support and graduate black students
PHYS.ORG Public colleges and universities collectively enroll more than 900,000 black students. Yet a new report from the USC Race and Equity Center... 1 hour
Police on Twitter: Talking to the community, or just to themselves?
PHYS.ORG North American police departments have been using Twitter for operational and public relations purposes for more than a decade. 1 hour
NeoTract presents new clinical data from studies of UroLift System for patients with BPH
NEWS MEDICAL NeoTract, a wholly owned subsidiary of Teleflex Incorporated focused on addressing unmet needs in the field of urology, today announced... 2 hours
5 things to know about Trump’s new ‘public charge’ immigration proposal
NEWS MEDICAL A proposed rule from the White House would make it harder for legal immigrants to get green cards if they have received certain kinds of public... 2 hours
Did a Huge Impact Blast Out Moons of Mars? Old Data Bolsters Theory
SPACE.COM Scientists have struggled for decades to explain how the two tiny moons of Mars came to be, but a new study relying... 12 minutes
Hybrid operating room streamlines diagnosis, treatment of lung cancer
SCIENCE DAILY Representing a paradigm shift in thoracic surgery, the hybrid operating room combines three techniques into a single appointment eliminating multiple clinical visits for improved patient experience and outcomes. 1 hour
DFG establishes nine new Research Units
NEWS MEDICAL The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft is establishing nine new Research Units, following a decision by the Senate and the Joint Committee in Bonn. 2 hours
Cerevance starts dosing in Phase I clinical trial of CVN424 for treatment of Parkinson's disease
NEWS MEDICAL Cerevance, a clinical-stage drug discovery and development company focused on brain diseases, today announced the start of dosing... 2 hours
First monoploid reference sequence of sugarcane
PHYS.ORG Most species are diploids and have two sets of chromosomes, one from each parent. In contrast, many crops have multiple sets of chromosomes (they are "polyploid") and their complex genomes are more difficult to sequence and... 2 hours
New technology helps detect smallest magnetic fields produced in neuronal networks
NEWS MEDICAL The scientists in Freiburg will produce and optimize NV centers in diamond in order to achieve highly sensitive magnet field detectors working at room temperature, and... 2 hours
Bioplastics sourced from wood
PHYS.ORG The shift from fossil-based industries to a bioeconomy is creating a growing demand for biobased chemicals, materials and fuels as sustainable and renewable alternatives. One possible source is fructose from wood for use in the production of bioplastics. 2 hours
ready for service Ready for service
ESA Human and robotic exploration image of the week: Integration of the European Service Module that will power Orion spacecraft complete 16 minutes
Researchers find ferrimagnets could be used to speed up spintronics devices
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers from MIT, the Max-Born-Institut, Technische Universität Berlin and Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) has found that using ferrimagnets instead of ferromagnets could theoretically speed... 2 hours
Ancient Japanese wolf may be rare remnant of ice age wolves
Science Magazine Find offers rare window into evolution of wolves 16 minutes
Crucial video evidence of war crimes is being deleted – how can it be saved?
PHYS.ORG From Syria to Myanmar and beyond, many of today's most intractable and brutal conflicts are being documented by... 2 hours
Advanced animal society thrives without males
SCIENCE DAILY Termite colonies have been found to thrive and reproduce without males, new research from the University of Sydney reveals. The findings provide new evidence that males aren't required to maintain some advanced animal populations. They add... 5 minutes
‘Trouble Brewing’ report highlights steps that governments can take to reduce alcohol-related harms
NEWS MEDICAL Alcohol is a leading contributor to death and disability worldwide, but governments haven’t responded to the issue with the attention, resources and... 4 hours
If Extra Dimensions Do Exist, They Must Be Really, Really Small
LIVE SCIENCE So far, gravitational waves have found no hints of extra dimensions, but there may still be some really tiny ones lurking out there. 4 hours
Researchers develop molecule that makes cancer cells sensitive to radiotherapy
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers from Karolinska Institutet and Kancera AB have developed a molecule that makes cancer cells sensitive to radiotherapy. In a study published in Nature Communications, the researchers describe... 3 hours
Pond dwellers called Euglena swim in polygons to avoid light
PHYS.ORG VIDEO In any seemingly quiet pond the still waters actually teem with tiny pond dwellers called Euglena gracilis. Unseen to the naked eye, the single-celled organism spirals through the... 3 hours
satellites safeguard europe s potato industry Satellites safeguard Europe’s potato industry
ESA The drought that swept through Europe this year has hit European farmers hard. Sustained high temperatures and the lack of rain have badly affected the agrofood... 5 hours
Recharging soils with carbon could make farms more productive
PHYS.ORG Turning crop waste and discarded paper into a material called biochar could help to capture carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil while also helping to enrich... 5 hours
New study reveals surprising link between gut microbiota and skin allergies
NEWS MEDICAL Over the last few years, scientists have discovered connections between gut microbiota imbalances and various diseases. 4 hours
Home break-ins by black bears surge in Connecticut suburbs
PHYS.ORG Tom Bradley had grown accustomed to seeing black bears walk through his Connecticut neighborhood, but this month he was alarmed to find something trying to turn a doorknob to enter... 5 hours
Conquer the Corrugations: Walking together to raise awareness about mental health
NEWS MEDICAL Conquer the Corrugations is a Cape York Mental Health Awareness Walk that stretches 42 kilometers from the Coen Information Centre to the Archer River Roadhouse. The... 4 hours
One in five diabetes inpatients experienced hypoglycemia during hospital stay
NEWS MEDICAL Diabetes UK is urging healthcare professionals to be hypo-aware for Hypo-awareness Week (24th- 30th September). The charity wants to raise awareness about hypoglycemia and is encouraging healthcare professionals... 4 hours
Novel approach allows researchers to define how cells in the retina respond to diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers will for the first time be defining how every cell type within the retina responds to diabetes, in a... 4 hours
WATCH: When should you really get the flu shot?
ABC NEWS After rapper Drake was forced to cancel a concert due to a severe case of the flu, Dr. Jennifer Ashton discusses when the best time to start getting the flu... 3 hours
Planting trees may have significant impact in math achievement even in high-poverty schools
NEWS MEDICAL What if improving academic performance in some of the nation's most disadvantaged and lowest-achieving schools was as easy as planting trees in... 3 hours
Climate change calls for a fresh approach to water woes
This new fish species displays a splash of highlighter hues
How can we limit climate change damage to the global economy?
Culturally competent robots – the future in elderly care
Graphics—key to science and maths success in schools
A facade that is a power plant and a guarantee of wellbeing
Pond dwellers called Euglena swim in polygons to avoid light
Parasite makes quick exit when researchers remove the handbrake
Crowd counting through walls with WiFi
Blowing the whistle on referee decisions