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Why The Walking Dead's Rick And Michonne Will Be Closer Than Ever In Season 9
CINEMA BLEND Walking Dead franchise boss Scott Gimple... 2 days
The Walking Dead's Clementine Actress Shares Emotional Response To Telltale Games' Shutdown
CINEMA BLEND While details concerning the sudden closure of Telltale games are scarce, The Walking Dead game's voice actress Melissa Hutchison has released her reaction to... 2 days
Things Are Changing In This New Trailer For ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The new trailer is out for ‘The Walking Dead‘ and... 5 days
We May Get Multiple The Walking Dead Movies Over The Next Few Years
CINEMA BLEND The Walking Dead zombie is hard to kill, and AMC's... 6 days
How AMC Plans To Keep The Walking Dead Franchise Busy For Another Decade
CINEMA BLEND Ready for another decade of Walking Dead projects? Here's how... 6 days
The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode Two Trailer Wonders If Clementine Will Survive
CINEMA BLEND The Walking Dead: The Final Season is off... 1 week
Fear The Walking Dead's Latest Villain Martha Got An Extremely Unsatisfying Backstory
CINEMA BLEND Fear the Walking Dead stepped back into the recent past to give Martha the Filthy Woman a backstory of sorts. 1 week
The Walking Dead Stars Reveal The Biggest Challenges They've Faced On The Show
CINEMA BLEND It's a challenge for Walking Dead fans to wait for... 1 week
Lana Condor And Benedict Samuel Round Out The Cast For ‘Warning’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The casting for the upcoming sci-fi thriller ‘Warning’ has been completed as both Lana... 1 week
AMC Promises That ‘The Walking Dead’ Will Walk On For 10 More Years
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘The Walking Dead’ will endure two crippling blows in the... 2 weeks
Tom Payne “Wasn’t Very Happy About” His Character Plotting With Maggie
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In the previous season of ‘The Walking Dead,’ we saw things come to a... 2 weeks
The Walking Dead TV Universe May Exist Longer Without Rick Than With Him
CINEMA BLEND Want more Walking Dead than you could possibly handle? AMC... 2 weeks
The Walking Dead Finally Clarified How Much Time Passed
CINEMA BLEND The zombie apocalypse hasn't had a Walking Dead timeline... until now. 2 weeks
Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment To Adapt ‘Summoner’s War’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fan’s of ‘Summoner’s War’ have something incredible to look forward to as it has been revealed that Robert Kirkman of... 2 weeks
According To Steven Ogg, We Can Expect ‘Snowpiercer’ To Arrive In June Of 2019
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Steven Ogg (‘The Walking Dead’,’Westworld’) is one of... 2 weeks
What's Going On With Maggie And Rick's Walking Dead Feud When Season 9 Picks Up
CINEMA BLEND This where Maggie and Rick's feud... 2 weeks
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