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Sony shrinks its Digital Paper tablet down to a more manageable 10 inches
TechCrunch I had a great time last year with Sony's catchily-named DPT-RP1, an e-paper tablet that's perfect for reading PDFs and other big... 8 hours
the cia made a magic the gathering style card game for training agents and we played it The CIA made a Magic: The Gathering-style card game for training agents, and we played it
THE VERGE Last year during SXSW,... 8 hours
amazon s alexa will be preloaded on acer s new laptops Amazon’s Alexa will be preloaded on Acer’s new laptops
THE VERGE Hopefully you’re a fan of Alexa because Acer is planning to roll out Amazon’s virtual assistant across its... 12 hours
Why Microsoft might go with an Intel chip in a new budget 10-inch Surface
Windows Central While ARM might make more sense in a budget Surface designed for casual use, there's good reason why Microsoft may... 14 hours
Shop Amazon's Thule sale for low prices on everything from bike racks to jogging strollers
Windows Central This stylish travel gear can save you from so much hassle. Amazon has hundreds of Thule products on... 3 days
This $13 APC wall surge protector has six outlets and two USB ports
Windows Central Grab one to protect your gear! It features six surge-protected outlets and two USB ports to keep all of your gadgets and... 3 days
Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 vs. Dell XPS 15 2-in-1: Which should you buy?
Windows Central Which of Dell's premium 2-in-1 laptops should you buy? A 2-in-1 laptop offers a degree of flexibility you just don't get when... 4 days
Just how would a folding tablet like the Surface 'Andromeda' even work?
Windows Central Seeing the Surface Hub 2 reveal offered a glimpse at Windows' dynamic multi-panel future, imagine if you could fold that display and put it... 4 days
Steam Link app for Android and iOS Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
CNET Valve's app for streaming games to TVs, phones and tablets does exactly that, but the "mobile" aspect doesn't make much... 4 days
how a cartoonist makes digital art How a cartoonist makes digital art
THE VERGE There’s a ton of tools for digital art on the market — tablets, styluses, drawing apps — but it can be hard to make... 5 days
i m not ready to give up my nintendo 3ds yet I’m not ready to give up my Nintendo 3DS yet
THE VERGE VIDEO The Nintendo Switch has dramatically altered my expectations for a video game console. Prior to the... 5 days
Microsoft reportedly planning low-cost Surface tablets to compete with iPad - CNET
CNET They'd be smaller and more rounded than the current Surface Pro line, a Bloomberg report says. 6 days
microsoft reportedly working on 400 surface tablets to compete with the ipad Microsoft reportedly working on $400 Surface tablets to compete with the iPad
THE VERGE Microsoft is working on a new line of budget Surface tablets to better compete with Apple’s low-cost iPad options, according to a report from... 6 days
microsoft reportedly planning cheaper surface tablets to compete against 329 ipad Microsoft reportedly planning cheaper Surface tablets to compete against $329 iPad
9to5Mac Apple launched a new version of the $329 iPad in March, with a faster... 6 days
Microsoft is reportedly working on new budget Surface tablet with Windows 10
Windows Central Microsoft may be working on a new 10-inch Surface tablet, powered by Intel, that'll be priced at $400 and launching in the second half... 6 days
microsoft planning low cost surface line to compete with apple s 329 ipad Microsoft Planning Low-Cost Surface Line to Compete With Apple's $329 iPad
MacRumors As Apple's iPad and Microsoft's Surface continue to compete in the tablet market, a... 6 days
SanDisk's one-day memory sale has 64GB flash drives starting at $10, microSD cards at $16
Windows Central Score big discounts today. Amazon is back with another one-day sale on various SanDisk memory products. From high-capacity... 7 days
Best Laptop for College Students
Windows Central Best overall Runner-up Premium Affordable For gamers Best overall HP Spectre x360 See at HP The HP Spectre x360 has a fantastic build quality and a crazily thin body. The 13.3-inch, 1080p touch display works well while in... 1 week
Microsoft's folding phone/tablet concept has three screens -- one in the hinge - CNET
CNET Microsoft filed a patent application for what looks like a folding tablet. 1 week
microsoft to replace surface pro 4 tablets affected by screen flickering Microsoft to replace Surface Pro 4 tablets affected by screen flickering
THE VERGE Microsoft is formally launching a replacement program for Surface Pro 4 devices affected by... 1 week
motorola patent shows foldable phone with case that can double as a wireless charger Motorola patent shows foldable phone with case that can double as a wireless charger
THE VERGE Motorola also wants to get in on the... 1 week
Motorola foldable phone concept opens up into a tablet - CNET
CNET Motorola was awarded a patent for its own folding smartphone. Assuming it plans to make one. 1 week
hp s chromebook x2 detachable is now available for pre order at best buy for 599 HP’s Chromebook X2 detachable is now available for pre-order at Best Buy for $599
9to5Google Chrome OS has evolved a lot over the... 2 weeks
peloton to launch its smart exercise bike in the uk and canada Peloton to launch its smart exercise bike in the UK and Canada
THE VERGE Connected exercise equipment company Peloton is expanding sales of its stationary bike to the UK and Canada, as reported earlier today by Engadget. Peloton’s... 2 weeks
monster hunter is coming to the nintendo switch this summer Monster Hunter is coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer
THE VERGE VIDEO The entire time I played Monster Hunter World on the PS4 back in January, I wished... 2 weeks
Aukey's newest portable Bluetooth speaker is already down to $7
Windows Central Impulse buy of the day! Using coupon code FORMOM22, you can grab this Aukey portable Bluetooth speaker for just $6.88 at Amazon. It's sold at $15.99 since its... 2 weeks
Valve Steam Link app will soon let you play Steam games on Android and iOS
Windows Central The app will be released during the week of May 21. Steam is one of the world's most... 2 weeks
how i use my ipad yoink a powerful drag and drop companion app video How I use my iPad: Yoink – a powerful drag and drop companion app [Video]
9to5Mac VIDEO I constantly get questions about how... 2 weeks
5 things Microsoft could do to improve tablet mode on Windows 10
Windows Central With Windows 10 powered 2-1s on the rise, it's more important than ever that Microsoft perfects tablet mode on Windows 10. I've used Surface... 2 weeks
Google's Android P will know what you want to do before you do it - CNET
CNET The company's mobile operating system update will include App Actions, which applies AI to the actions... 2 weeks
Chime in: Is the entry level Surface Book 2 worth it over a Surface Pro?
Windows Central Microsoft has a little overlap between its Surface products these days, but is the cheapest Book 2 worth... 2 weeks
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I’m not ready to give up my Nintendo 3DS yet
Monster Hunter is coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer
How I use my iPad: Yoink – a powerful drag and drop companion app [Video]