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Safety program successfully reduces SSIs in patients undergoing colorectal operations
NEWS MEDICAL Surgical site infections (SSIs) in patients undergoing colorectal operations were reduced by 61 percent in less than two years in Hawaiian hospitals participating in the Agency for Healthcare... 2 days
A way to prevent pancreatic cancer from spreading post-surgery?
SCIENCE DAILY New research suggests a strategy for lowering the odds of metastasis following successful pancreatic cancer surgery: The post-operative period, suggests a researcher, 'offers a window during which efforts might be... 2 days
Erectile dysfunction drugs and flu vaccine may work together to help immune system fight cancer after surgery
SCIENCE DAILY A new study suggests that a common treatment for erectile dysfunction combined with the... 2 days
HSS study aims to find if bariatric surgery prior to knee replacement can improve outcomes
NEWS MEDICAL Could weight loss surgery before knee replacement improve outcomes or even eliminate the need for joint replacement in... 2 days
Guideline revisions for knee osteoarthritis have 'subtle but significant' impact on clinical practice
NEWS MEDICAL Recent updates in evidence-based recommendations have led to changes in the use of steroid and hyaluronic acid injection for patients with osteoarthritis... 2 days
Surgeon general: Most in US think opioid abuse is not local
ABC NEWS The U.S. surgeon general, Dr. Jerome Adams, says opioid abuse is a problem nationwide, but only a small percentage of Americans think it's an emergency in... 3 days
3D printing found to improve success rates of life-saving, organ transplantation in children
NEWS MEDICAL Stratasys, a global leader in additive technology solutions, today announced that surgeons at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, London, are... 3 days
Study aims to determine benefit of combining hyaluronic acid treatment with exercise for arthritis patients
NEWS MEDICAL A new study at Hospital for Special Surgery aims to determine if a hyaluronic acid treatment combined with... 3 days
Any doctor on board? US surgeon general gives aid on plane
ABC NEWS Is there a doctor on board? No less than the U.S. surgeon general steps up to help with a medical emergency aboard a commercial flight 4 days
[Research Articles] The protective role of macrophage migration inhibitory factor in acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery
Science Magazine Acute kidney injury (AKI) represents the most frequent complication after cardiac surgery. Macrophage migration... 4 days
VA health care study: Many prostate cancer patients choose active surveillance over immediate therapy
NEWS MEDICAL Record numbers of American veterans diagnosed with non-aggressive prostate cancer are heeding the advice of international medical experts and opting... 4 days
Medical News Today: What to know about angiolipoma
MNT Angiolipoma is a small, soft tumor made up of fatty cells and blood vessels. They are often found on the forearm, and multiple lumps may occur at the same time. Angiolipoma is... 4 days
Acetaminophen use helps reduce acute kidney injury risk in pediatric heart surgery patients
NEWS MEDICAL Children who underwent cardiac surgery were less likely to develop acute kidney injury if they had been treated with acetaminophen in the... 6 days
DePuy Synthes launches new TRUESPAN Meniscal Repair System
NEWS MEDICAL DePuy Synthes Mitek Sports Medicine today announced the launch of the TRUESPAN Meniscal Repair System, a knee arthroscopy solution designed to simplify meniscal repair, and make arthroscopy surgeries more reproducible across Europe,... 6 days
WATCH: First lady Melania Trump undergoes kidney surgery at Walter Reed
ABC NEWS Dr. Jen Ashton explains kidney embolization first lady Melania Trump's hospitalization. 6 days
Researchers report advances in efforts to improve treatment, prognosis of colorectal cancers
NEWS MEDICAL Georgios Margonis, M.D., Ph.D., a surgical oncology fellow at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and Matthew Weiss, M.D., surgical director of the... 6 days
Trial shows chemotherapy is helping kids live with pulmonary vein stenosis
SCIENCE DAILY A clinical trial shows that adding chemotherapy to a treatment regimen including catheterization and surgery can deter abnormal cellular growth and finally give children with pulmonary... 6 days
Veterinary surgeon tests an experimental imaging technology on dogs being treated for cancer
PHYS.ORG Up until October 2017, Dutchess's worst health issue was an accidental collision with a tree while chasing a squirrel. So the eight-year-old... 6 days
Medical News Today: What are the most painful surgeries?
MNT People experience pain differently, so a surgery that is painful for one person may not be for another. But, there are some surgeries that research has found to be particularly... 1 week
Genome surgery for eye disease moves closer to reality
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have developed a new technique for the powerful gene editing tool CRISPR to restore retinal function in mice afflicted by a degenerative retinal disease, retinitis pigmentosa. This is the... 1 week
How Did This Soldier 'Grow' an Ear on Her Forearm?
LIVE SCIENCE When this soldier lost her left ear in a car crash, Army surgeons helped her grow a new one — on her forearm. 1 week
Simple walking test helps identify patients at high risk for postoperative cognitive dysfunction
NEWS MEDICAL The distance a patient can walk in 6-minutes before a heart operation may be a clue to whether that patient will develop... 1 week
What to know about diverticulitis surgery
MNT Diverticulitis occurs when small pockets in the large intestine become infected, causing pain and other symptoms. It can be severe and require surgery, which carries risks and is not always successful. In this article, learn about... 1 week
Medical News Today: What to know about diverticulitis surgery
MNT Diverticulitis occurs when small pockets in the large intestine become infected, causing pain and other symptoms. It can be severe and require surgery, which carries risks and is not always... 1 week
Montecito Medical acquires Pinnacle Orthopedics Center in Georgia
NEWS MEDICAL Montecito Medical Real Estate, a premier owner of medical office buildings throughout the U.S., has acquired the Pinnacle Orthopedics Center, a Class A medical office and surgery center from a leading orthopedic... 1 week
Using opioid-sparing pain management techniques to better prevent addiction and abuse
NEWS MEDICAL Over 2 million people each year switch to persistent opioid use after surgery, and nearly half of all U.S. opioid overdose deaths involve a prescription opioid. 1 week
Medical News Today: How long will I survive after a liver transplant?
MNT Liver transplant surgery is the second most common transplant surgery in the U.S. Livers typically come from deceased donors, but transplants using parts of... 1 week
Spinal surgery for osteoporosis no better for pain relief than injections
SCIENCE DAILY Vertebroplasty (surgery to repair spinal fractures) is no more effective for pain relief than a sham (placebo) procedure in older patients with osteoporosis, finds a new... 2 weeks
Getting robotic surgical tools from the lab to the operating room
PHYS.ORG The path from university lab to commercialization is especially complex in the biotech industry. Challenges range from long lead times, sometimes measured in decades, to the... 2 weeks
Mepivacaine is found to be an effective spinal anesthetic for knee replacement surgery
NEWS MEDICAL A numbing medicine largely abandoned decades ago for pain control during surgery could be making a comeback as an effective spinal anesthetic... 2 weeks
Engineers aim to create ultrasound helmet that could provide real-time images during surgery
NEWS MEDICAL Ultrasound technology for the brain could mean real-time images during surgery, a better idea of which areas get stimulated by certain feelings... 2 weeks
Flushing the bladder with common chemotherapy drug after surgery can reduce bladder cancer recurrence
NEWS MEDICAL Flushing the bladder with a common chemotherapy drug immediately after surgery significantly reduces the chances of bladder cancer returning, according... 2 weeks
Invasive surgery should be done for select patients with acid reflux, says study
NEWS MEDICAL As the number of Americans with acid reflux grows, a study by researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus says... 2 weeks
FDA grants approval for two drugs administered together to treat aggressive form of thyroid cancer
NEWS MEDICAL The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Tafinlar (dabrafenib) and Mekinist (trametinib), administered together, for the treatment of... 2 weeks
New review of infants with congenital hyperinsulinism shows surgery benefits
NEWS MEDICAL A review of nearly 500 cases of infants with severe congenital hyperinsulinism who underwent partial or near-total removal of their pancreas for persistent hypoglycemia at Children's Hospital of... 2 weeks
New study launched to examine effects of rheumatologic agent on bone health
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery have launched a pilot study to see how a drug that treats several related autoimmune disorders affects the... 2 weeks
New study launched to study effects of rheumatologic agent on bone health
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery have launched a pilot study to see how a drug that treats several related autoimmune disorders affects the... 2 weeks
Tradeshow Talks with Mahr Surgical
NEWS MEDICAL Tradeshow Talks with Mahr Surgical at Health GB 2018. 2 weeks
Leica Microsystems introduces new ARveo digital augmented reality microscope
NEWS MEDICAL Leica Microsystems launches the ARveo digital augmented reality microscope at the Annual Scientific Meeting 2018 of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. 2 weeks
NASA's new planet hunter snaps initial test image, swings by Moon toward final orbit
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