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See The Cool Suit The Flash Almost Wore In Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman
CINEMA BLEND A new concept image shows off a very... 1 day
The Arrowverse Introduces Elizabeth Tulloch As The New Lois Lane
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve known that Lois Lane was coming to The Arrowverse and are happy to share that... 1 day
Superman dream casting: Nicolas Cage or The Rock as Man of Steel? - CNET
CNET Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck might be hanging up their capes, but here are ideas for other actors who could... 3 days
What DC's Next Superman Should Have, According To Nicolas Cage
CINEMA BLEND An actor who was almost Superman weighs in on the current state of the character. 4 days
RUMOR ALERT: The ‘Supergirl’ Movie Is Going To Be Set In The 1970s?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM RUMOR ALERT: Take this information with a grain of salt,... 4 days
How Henry Cavill's Superman Issues Could Help The DC Universe Streaming Service
CINEMA BLEND Henry Cavill's future as Superman on the big screen is uncertain. Here's what DC Universe could do about it. 5 days
HeroBlend #22: What’s Going On With Henry Cavill And The DCEU?
CINEMA BLEND Welcome to HeroBlend #22! Some potentially major news dropped this week when we found... 5 days
Elizabeth Tulloch of Grimm to play Lois Lane in CW's Arrowverse - CNET
CNET Tulloch will join Superman as Lois Lane in The CW Network crossover event. 5 days
Stephen Colbert Wants To Be The Next Superman
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With the role of ‘Superman’ potentially up for grabs, Stephen Colbert has thrown his name into the mix as someone... 5 days
Lois And Clark’s Dean Cain Volunteers To Be DC’s New Superman
CINEMA BLEND It's been more than 20 years since Lois & Clark ended, but Dean Cain... 5 days
This Is The ‘Shazam!’ Cameo That Henry Cavill Turned Down
SCIENCEFICTION.COM News broke yesterday that Henry Cavill was walking away from his role as Superman/Clark Kent in... 6 days
Superman Writer Dan Jurgens Responds To Henry Cavill’s DC Departure
CINEMA BLEND Dan Jurgens is one of the most influential Superman writers of the modern era, so he's... 6 days
Henry Cavill’s Manager And Warner Brothers Insist That He Is Still Attached To Play Superman In Upcoming Movies
Henry Cavill reacts to Superman report with super weird video - CNET
CNET Are you even on the Krypton Lifting Team, bro? 6 days
Superman dream casting: Nick Cage or The Rock as Man of Steel? - CNET
CNET Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck might be hanging up their capes, but here are ideas for other actors who could... 6 days
Is Henry Cavill Not Dropping Superman After All?
CINEMA BLEND Yesterday dropped a bombshell when a report claimed that Henry Cavill was out as DC's Superman, but a new report... 6 days
We May Know What Superman's Planned Shazam! Cameo Was
CINEMA BLEND It was reported that issues over a cameo in Shazam! is what precipitated Henry Cavill's exit from the... 6 days
Warner Bros. Responds To Henry Cavill Superman Departure Rumors
CINEMA BLEND Warner Bros has finally responded to the report of Henry Cavill's DC exit. 6 days
Henry Cavill Responds To Superman Rumors In The Most Bizarre Possible Way
CINEMA BLEND If all the ways he could have responded to the news, I definitely wasn't expecting this. 7 days
The Rock as Man of Steel? Dream casting for Superman, Batman - CNET
CNET VIDEO Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck might be hanging up their capes, but here are ideas for other actors who could put their... 7 days
Supergirl Is A Great Idea, So Long As It's Being Made For The Right Reasons
CINEMA BLEND The news that Henry Cavill may... 1 week
Henry Cavill reportedly out as Superman in DC movies - CNET
CNET It's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... a new Superman? The report sparks interest in whether Ben Affleck may be done playing Batman. 1 week
Does Warner Bros. Already Have A New Superman Actor In Mind?
CINEMA BLEND With it looking like Henry Cavill is on the way out, the DCEU will... 1 week
Henry Cavill is reportedly no longer playing Superman
SCI FI NOW The DCU and Henry Cavill could be done as the Superman actor has reportedly hung up the cape 1 week
4 Actors DC Should Consider When Recasting Superman
CINEMA BLEND The DC Extended Universe now finds itself in a position that every franchise dreads. 1 week
henry cavill is reportedly out as dc s superman Henry Cavill is reportedly out as DC’s Superman
THE VERGE Henry Cavill’s time playing the Man of Steel may be coming to an end. According to a report from The... 1 week
Henry Cavill May Be Leaving Superman And The DC Movies
CINEMA BLEND Henry Cavill's time in the classic Superman tights appears to have come to a close. Sources... 1 week
Superman No More! Henry Cavill Is Out As The Man Of Steel As The DC Universe Is Being Restructured!
A Super Event: Could This Year’s Arrowverse Crossverse Feature Yet Another Kryptonian?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM There is a lot of excitement, and a lot of speculation for this year’s big Arrowverse crossover, especially since we already know it is... 2 weeks
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The Rock as Man of Steel? Dream casting for Superman, Batman - CNET
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
Man of Steel (2013)