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Does Spider-Man Exist In The Venom Movie Universe? The Director Opens Up
CINEMA BLEND When we spoke with the director on the red carpet at San Diego Comic-Con, we asked Fleischer if Spider-Man exists in universe that Sony... 3 hours
Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Has Revealed Even More Spider-Heroes
CINEMA BLEND That's right, even more Spider-heroes are showing up for the party in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. 4 hours
Simon Kinberg Has No Interest In Stopping Working On X-Men Films
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Whether it is the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Fox’s ‘X-Men‘ films, it feels like... 5 hours
Spider-Man Is Getting His Own Awesome PS4 Bundle
CINEMA BLEND If you're looking to get the full Spider-Man experience, then you might want to start saving your allowance. Sony has... 8 hours
SDCC 2018: Forget Multiple Joker Movies, The Mystery Of The 3 Comic Jokers Is FINALLY Being Answered!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Ever since... 8 hours
James Gunn Issues An Apology For “Totally Failed And Unfortunate Efforts To Be Provocative”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Throwing a massive damper on the festivities of... 8 hours
What Does James Gunn's Firing Mean For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3
CINEMA BLEND We fully expect the week of San Diego Comic-Con to... 8 hours
Disney Cuts All Ties With James Gunn After Offensive Old Tweets Go Public
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Disney has cut all ties with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’... 9 hours
James Gunn Has Been Removed From Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3
CINEMA BLEND James Gunn's time with the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to an end. 10 hours
SDCC 2018: Geoff Johns Explains THAT Line Of Dialogue From The ‘Titans’ Trailer
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It was the F**k heard round the world, or at... 11 hours
Kevin Conroy Reflects On The Killing Joke Backlash
CINEMA BLEND Batman: The Killing Joke was met with some controversy when it was released in 2016, and now the voice actor... 11 hours
For The Last 6 Years Jamie Foxx Has Been Wanting To Play ‘Spawn’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM When it was announced that Jamie Foxx would officially be... 12 hours
Benedict Cumberbatch Reveals How He Felt When He Learned How Avengers: Infinity War Ended
CINEMA BLEND The end of Avengers: Infinity War was a... 14 hours
Spider-Man's San Diego Comic-Con Trailer Introduces Silver Sable
CINEMA BLEND San Diego Comic-Con is going on right now, so you better believe Marvel's Spider-Man has made an appearance, boasting a... 1 day
The ‘Snyder Cut’ Of ‘Justice League’ Doesn’t Exist And Zack Snyder Has Never Even Seen The Theatrical Cut
One Iron Man Plot Twist That Was A Pivotal Point For The MCU, According To Kevin Feige
CINEMA BLEND A plot... 1 day
Henry Cavill Doesn't Think Zack Snyder's Justice League Cut Would Make A Difference
CINEMA BLEND Although many fans have been asking for Warner Bros. to... 1 day
The Avengers Won't Let Batman Sit With Them In Funny New Conan Comic-Con Video
CINEMA BLEND Conan has released a Comic-Con video of Batman... 2 days
Seeing A Snyder Cut Of ‘Justice League’ Won’t Make A Difference According To Henry Cavill
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Sorry ‘Justice League‘ fans who have... 2 days
Kevin Feige Explains Why ‘Captain Marvel’ Is Set In The 90s
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With ‘Captain Marvel’ set in the 90s, there are a ton of fun opportunities for... 2 days
DC's Titans First Trailer Is Packed With Superheroes And An F-Bomb From Robin
CINEMA BLEND The first trailer for the upcoming DC Universe Titans show... 2 days
The Name And Release Date Of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Movie Revealed!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM No one is quite sure what to make of DC Films and Warner Bros.... 2 days
DC's Titans First Trailer Is Packed With Superheroes And Comic Book Action
CINEMA BLEND The first trailer for the upcoming DC Universe Titans show is out, and it's full of action and superheroes. 2 days
“F**k Batman!” In The First Trailer For ‘Titans’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM This isn’t the ‘Teen Titans’ that you may have grown up loving as the trailer is out for ‘Titans‘ and... 2 days
Sam Witwer Will Battle ‘Supergirl’ As Agent Liberty
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Smallville’ vet Sam Witwer is joining the cast of ‘Supergirl’ next season as Agent Liberty.  Former CIA agent Benjamin Lockwood... 2 days
Tom Holland Appears To Let Slip Another SPOILER, This Time For ‘Avengers 4’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM SPOILER/RUMORS ALERT: While this article obviously includes SPOILERS/RUMORS about ‘Avengers... 2 days
The Superman Villain Henry Cavill Wants For Man Of Steel 2
CINEMA BLEND Should Man of Steel 2 get off the ground, Henry Cavill already knows which... 2 days
Kevin Feige Promises A “Definitive Ending” For ‘Avengers 4’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM So ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ ended on one hell of a cliffhanger. “Duh,” right? But a statement is no... 2 days
Numan Acar Is Set To Blend Into The Cast Of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM As a Marvel Studios film moves forward with... 2 days
Producers Are Seeking A Lesbian Actor To Play ‘Batwoman’ In The Arrowverse
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The CW’s superhero shows have no shortage of diverse representation.  In addition to racially mixed casts, all four shows, plus the unattached ‘Black Lightning’... 2 days
‘Aquaman’ Won’t Have Major DC Cameos And Jason Momoa Believes This Is Why
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While DC Films has tried to bring every aspect of... 2 days
Making It Stick: It Seems Sony’s Spider-Man Universe Is Happening After All
SCIENCEFICTION.COM These are confusing times indeed for ‘Spider-Man’ fans, as we still have a bright new hope in Tom Holland’s version of the web-slinger in... 2 days
Shazam! Director Reveals Awesome Man Of Steel Easter Egg
CINEMA BLEND While Shazam! likely won't feature any other superheroes, it's still very much set in the DCEU. 3 days
This Is How James Wan Made Aquaman Different From Other DCEU Heroes
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Every superhero is different. Despite this, there are some recurring tropes – in origin stories, for example – that can make the genre seem... 3 days
Netflix Announces Two Series And Three Movies From Millarworld
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Less than a year after Netflix purchased Mark Millar‘s Millarworld banner, the streaming service has announced the first... 3 days
What To Expect From Billy Batson In DC’s Shazam!
CINEMA BLEND After much teasing, we've finally gotten our first look at Zachery Levi as the superhero Shazam. However, we've... 3 days
‘Marvel Rising’ Will Create Superheroes For A New Generation
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The powerhouse that is Marvel Studios pumps out movies at rapid fire, giving fans everywhere characters and storylines... 3 days
Did Tom Holland Accidentally Spoil Avengers 4 Already?
CINEMA BLEND I mean, crazier things have happened. 3 days
Yes, Sony Is Making An Actual Spider-Man Shared Universe
CINEMA BLEND Sony has big plans for the spinoff films centered on the Wall-Crawler's supporting characters. 3 days
First Look At Shazam's Billy Batson Includes Superman And Batman Easter Eggs
CINEMA BLEND Our first look at Asher Angel's Billy Batson in Shazam! comes with some Superman and Batman references. 3 days
The Goals Marvel Had When Making Iron Man
CINEMA BLEND When making Iron Man, the first entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel had several specific goals in mind. 3 days
9 Batman Characters Who Should Appear In Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Movie
CINEMA BLEND A Joaquin Phoenix-fronted Joker movie is on the way, and these are the Batman... 3 days
Zachary Levi’s ‘Shazam!’ Covers The Special Comic-Con Issue Of Entertainment Weekly
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Considering the info dump that is sure to come zooming our way over the... 3 days
10 Years Later: Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' Was & Still Is a Masterpiece
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "You've changed things... forever. There's no going back." On July 18th, 2008, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight opened in theaters worldwide and... 3 days
Did Spider-Man: Far From Home Just Add Another Comics Villain?
CINEMA BLEND Mysterio is already reportedly tangling with the costumed Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Far from Home, but... 3 days
DC Films Will Finally “Unite The Seven” In ‘Aquaman’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Before ‘Justice League‘ was releasing early promotional images for the film, one of the standouts was an image... 4 days
Footage From ‘Shazam!’ Leaks Prior To San Diego Comic Con
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Forget Batman and Superman.  Warner Brothers is looking to two unlikely heroes to salvage their DC... 4 days
James Gunn Has Debunked That Crazy Guardians Of The Galaxy Galactus Theory
CINEMA BLEND The director addressed the massive and cool theory about the World-Eater himself being the final, undiscovered Easter egg in Guardians of the Galaxy. 4 days
Aquaman’s Relationship With Mera Will Be Inspired By Two Classic Action Movies
CINEMA BLEND Superhero movies have featured many different kinds of romantic relationships, from vigilante partners dating to obsessive crushes, but James Wan's upcoming Aquaman should offer... 4 days
Non-Symbiotic Relationship: ‘Venom’ NOT Part Of Sony/ Marvel Movie Deal With ‘Spider-Man’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It has been back and forth about Sony’s ‘Venom’ project and whether it will have any ties whatsoever to the MCU and the Spider-Man... 4 days
Hulk Hogan Allowed Back In The WWE Hall of Fame Three Years After Racial Slurs
CINEMA BLEND Admit heavy contention, the Hulkster has... 5 days
New Venom Image Teases How Eddie Brock Bonds With Symbiote
CINEMA BLEND As we get closer to October, we are beginning to see more of Sony's first Spider-Man... 6 days
The Impractical Joker: Joaquin Phoenix Shares His Thoughts On Standalone ‘Joker’ Movie And Why It “Scares” Him
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Despite the... 1 week
Dark Horse Is Giving Us The ‘Alien 3’ Which William Gibson Wrote!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM As a massive fan of the potential of the ‘Alien’ franchise from the first two films and an even bigger fan of William Gibson‘s... 1 week
Joss Whedon Is Teaming With HBO For His First TV Show In Almost A Decade
CINEMA BLEND Joss Whedon fans, rejoice! The man... 1 week
The Fantastic Four’s Original Mr. Fantastic Is Ready To Join The MCU
CINEMA BLEND Mr. Fantastic is ready to get super again. 1 week
Henry Cavill’s Mission: Impossible Mustache Was Inspired By A Superman Villain
CINEMA BLEND The story of the battle between Henry Cavill's role as Superman in Justice League,... 1 week
HeroBlend Podcast #14: San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Preview
CINEMA BLEND Welcome to the HeroBlend Podcast #14! Every summer brings us plenty of reveals in the world of superhero movies, and... 1 week
Marvel Officially Names Cate Shortland As The Director Of ‘Black Widow’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While we don’t know much about what the future holds for the Marvel Cinematic... 1 week
Daredevil's Charlie Cox Knows Exactly Which Avengers He'd Like To Cross Over With
CINEMA BLEND If the TV and film sides of the MCU ever... 1 week
Infinity War's The Russo Brothers Are Creating A New Comic Series For TBS
CINEMA BLEND A new kind of superhero series is coming to TBS... 1 week
Shazam's Director Explains How The Comics Influenced The Hero's Costume
CINEMA BLEND Shazam! director David F. Sandberg has gone into detail on how the superhero's costume is paying... 1 week
Not Even The Russo Brothers Are Safe From Avengers: Infinity War’s Ending
CINEMA BLEND On Reddit, that is. 1 week
9 Marvel Heroes Who Could Team Up With Spider-Man in Far From Home
CINEMA BLEND With Peter Parker's next MCU adventure Spider-Man: Far From Home... 1 week
Joaquin Phoenix Has The First Laugh As The ‘Joker’ Origin Movie Is Happening
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve been told that there are three Jokers in DC... 1 week
‘Aquaman’ Director James Wan Names Marvel’s Most Impressive Achievement
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s safe to say Marvel Studios has racked up some truly impressive achievements over the past decade. And... 1 week
All The Deleted Scenes Marvel Will Include On The Avengers: Infinity War Blu-ray
CINEMA BLEND At an impressive two hours and 40 minutes, Joe and... 1 week
Dwayne Johnson Teases Black Adams’ Superhero Cameos
CINEMA BLEND Dwayne Johnson has opened up about the development of the Black Adam movie and addressed the nature of its superhero roster. 1 week
‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Webs Up J.B. Smoove For A Role In The Film!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The cast of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home‘ is... 1 week
Director of Chaos: James Gunn Shares His Thoughts On How Spoilers Do Not Ruin Movies
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The director of the ‘Guardians of... 1 week
Henry Cavill Explains Man Of Steel’s Controversial Zod Death
CINEMA BLEND The Mission: Impossible - Fallout actor explained his thinking behind Zod's death and how it actually informs the... 1 week
New Comic Books This Week – July 11th
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Here is the list of new comic books, trade paperbacks and more shipping on 7/4/2018. As always, check with your... 2 weeks
How Avengers 4 Might Play With Time After Ant-Man And The Wasp
CINEMA BLEND Ant-Man and the Wasp opened some particular doors for Avengers 4. 2 weeks
The Events From ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Almost Happened At The Same Time As ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While we... 2 weeks
Brie Larson Posts A Photo To Celebrate The Wrap Of ‘Captain Marvel’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s a wrap for ‘Captain Marvel’, the next film in Marvel Studio’s slate.  Production began in January and wrapped on July 6.  To mark... 2 weeks
Kevin Feige Confirms Something About Avengers 3's Ending That's Crushing
CINEMA BLEND SPOILER ALERT: The following contains major spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War. 2 weeks
Spider-Man: Far From Home Adds A Curb Your Enthusiasm Star
CINEMA BLEND In the past few weeks, Spider-Man: Far From Home casting has begun to trickle in. 2 weeks
Guardians Director James Gunn Says Knowing Spoilers Doesn't Ruin Movies
CINEMA BLEND Guardians of the Galaxy's James Gunn has opened up on the topic of spoilers to explain... 2 weeks
The Russo Brothers And Josh Brolin Are All On Board For The Thanos Sub-Reddit Banning
CINEMA BLEND Thanos wiped out half the life... 2 weeks
Iron Man Comics Writer Has Some Thoughts About What's Coming In Avengers 4
CINEMA BLEND One of the most prominent Iron Man writers shares his... 2 weeks
How The Quantum Realm Could Impact Avengers 4
CINEMA BLEND The Quantum Realm gets a lot more screentime in Ant-Man and The Wasp, and there are some significant implications that... 2 weeks
Marvel’s Frank Grillo Is Trolling Fans About Avengers 4
CINEMA BLEND Have we not seen the last of Crossbones? 2 weeks
Legendary Comic Book Artist Steve Ditko Dead At 90
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Legendary comic book artist Steve Ditko, best known for creating or co-creating a litany of classic superheroes that... 2 weeks
“Ant-Man and the Wasp” soars beyond the original
SLICE OF SCI-FI Building on the strengths of the first movie, Peyton Reed returns for Ant-Man and the Wasp and the end result is a perfect antidote to the downtrodden tone of the Avengers: Infinity... 2 weeks
Spider-Man And Doctor Strange Co-Creator Steve Ditko Is Dead At 90
CINEMA BLEND Steve Ditko, whose accomplishments include giving us Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, has passed away. 2 weeks
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