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Trump just noticed Europe’s $5BN antitrust fine for Google
TechCrunch In other news bears shit in the woods. In today’s second day Trump news: President ‘The Donald’ has seized, belatedly, on the European Commission’s announcement yesterday that it had found Google... 23 hours
Messenger Kids launches in Mexico
TechCrunch Messenger Kids, Facebook’s parent-controlled messaging app that lets kids text, call, video chat, and use face filters, has now arrived in Mexico. The launch follows Messenger Kids’ recent expansion outside the U.S., where in June it first became... 24 hours
IBM Watson Health and the VA extends partnership in cancer research
TechCrunch IBM Watson Health and the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) announced today their continued partnership to use Watson’s artificial intelligence to support Veterans suffering from late... 24 hours
Europe updates its predatory pricing investigation against Qualcomm over UMTS baseband chips
TechCrunch On the heels of Google getting served a $5 billion fine by the EU over monopolistic practices related to its Android operating system, the... 1 day
Printrbot has shut down
TechCrunch Printrbot, a popular Kickstarter-backed 3D printer company, has shut down, leaving only a barebones website and little explanation. The founder, Brook Drumm, wrote that “Low sales led to hard decisions.” “We will be forever grateful to all the people we... 1 day
Spotify’s new tool helps artists and labels reach its playlist editors
TechCrunch Spotify wants give artists and labels and easier way to submit their new music for playlist consideration. The streaming service this morning launched a feature, still... 1 day
Comcast drops its pursuit of Fox, making way for Disney acquisition
TechCrunch Comcast announced this morning that it’s halting its efforts to acquire the film and television assets of 21st Century Fox. Disney made a deal to acquire... 1 day
Sinemia drops prices for its movie ticket subscriptions, which now start a $3.99 per month
TechCrunch MoviePass competitor Sinemia is lowering prices on the already low-cost movie ticket subscription plans that it introduced earlier... 1 day
PureSec exits Beta to secure serverless code
TechCrunch PureSec, a startup out of Israel emerged from Beta today to provide a way to make serverless computing more secure. Serverless computing reduces programming to writing functions, so that when a certain event happens,... 1 day
Apple reportedly confirms keyboard reliability fix in internal document
TechCrunch An internal Apple document distributed to Apple Authorized Service Providers and obtained by MacGénération and MacRumors confirms that there’s a membrane under the keyboard to “prevent debris from entering the... 1 day
PureSec exits stealth to secure serverless code
TechCrunch PureSec, a startup out of Israel emerged from stealth today to provide a way to make serverless computing more secure. Serverless computing reduces programming to writing functions, so that when a certain event happens,... 1 day
Landbot gets $2.2M for its on-message ‘anti-AI’ chatbot
TechCrunch Who needs AI to have a good conversation? Spanish startup Landbot has bagged a $2.2 million seed round for a ‘dumb’ chatbot that doesn’t use AI at all but offers something closer to... 1 day
Sweden’s Engaging Care raises $800,000 for its digital healthcare SaaS
TechCrunch Engaging Care, a Swedish heathtech startup co-founded by Charlotta Tönsgård, who was previously CEO of online doctor app Min Doktor before being asked to step down, has raised... 1 day
India’s BookMyShow pulls in $100M to grow its online ticketing business
TechCrunch BookMyShow, an online ticketing service for cinemas, theatres and sports in India, has pulled in $100 million in new capital for growth. The Series D round... 1 day
With eyes on Europe, Open Banking API provider TrueLayer raises $7.5M
TechCrunch TrueLayer, the London startup that’s built a developer platform to make it easy for fintech and other adjacent companies, such as retailers, to access bank APIs... 1 day
The Accel team is coming to Disrupt Berlin
TechCrunch Every time Accel invests in a startup, it’s an instant positive sign in the startup community. The venture capital firm has a rich history with decades of investments in successful startups. That’s... 1 day
Alibaba boosts its offline reach with $2B+ investment in outdoor digital marketing firm
TechCrunch Alibaba is investing big bucks into offline distribution. The Chinese e-commerce giant has forked out $2.23 billion in exchange for a sizeable piece of... 1 day
China’s Didi Chuxing is close to launching a taxi-booking service in Japan
TechCrunch Days after raising $500 million via a strategic investment from travel giant Booking Holdings, Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing has continued its international push... 1 day
And now, here’s a ‘Trumpy Cat’ augmented reality app from George Takei
TechCrunch Anyone who follows George Takei on Twitter can tell you that Star Trek‘s original Sulu is not a fan of President Donald Trump. But... 1 day
Midwest rising
TechCrunch Emerging venture capital firms in smaller American cities from Indianapolis to Princeton, NJ are attracting increasingly larger funding as investors see opportunities for returns beyond the coastal confines of the nation’s largest cities and the innovation epicenter of Silicon Valley.... 2 days
Worried about a slowdown? It already happened in 2016, says one new venture study
TechCrunch In today’s market, it’s hard to make sense of what’s what. Deals have grown incestuous for the first time, with... 2 days
‘Underwater Pokéball’ snatches up soft-bodied deep dwellers
TechCrunch Creatures that live in the depths of the oceans are often extremely fragile, making their collection a difficult affair. A new polyhedral sample collection mechanism acts like an "underwater Pokéball," allowing scientists to catch... 2 days
Senate wants emergency alerts to go out through Netflix, Spotify, etc.
TechCrunch An emergency alert goes out, trying to let you know about incoming bad news — a missile, a tsunami or something else terrifying. Your phone starts... 2 days
Hyundai teams up with Amazon to offer virtual showroom
TechCrunch Next time you’re grabbing a new charging cord on Amazon, you might be tempted to grab a new Hyundai as well. Hyundai announced today a partnership with Amazon to create... 2 days
The Galaxy Note 9 is leaking out all over the place
TechCrunch The Galaxy Note 9 won’t be announced until August. You wouldn’t know it by reading the internet, however. Every nook and cranny of the upcoming phablet... 2 days
Roblox responds to the hack that allowed a child’s avatar to be raped in its game
TechCrunch There’s a special place in hell for people who think it’s funny to rape a 7-year... 2 days
Essential discounts its 360 Camera to $19, a day after its phone was half-off
TechCrunch At $250, the Essential Phone was arguably the best deal of Amazon Prime Day. Which is saying a lot. But... 2 days
New law forces Airbnb to open its books to New York authorities
TechCrunch The New York City Council has voted in favor of a new law requiring Airbnb and similar companies to share data on their users.... 2 days
Coinbase didn’t get (or need) SEC approval for acquisitions after all, company says
TechCrunch Hmm. Well, after Coinbase confirmed to Bloomberg (and us) that they had received regulatory approval for some acquisitions that would let it... 2 days
Rolls-Royce demonstrates robotic bugs as the future of engine maintenance
TechCrunch Rolls-Royce showed off its new vision for the future of engine maintenance this week at the Farnborough Airshow, and it might make your skin crawl. As part of its... 2 days
Reddit expands chat rooms to more subreddits
TechCrunch If you’d rather spend time chatting with strangers who share a hyper-specific interest rather than keeping up with your coworkers’ stale memes on Slack, Reddit is ready for you. The platform has quietly been... 2 days
Facebook can now sync your Instagram contacts to Messenger
TechCrunch Facebook wants to expand your Messenger contact list with a little help from Instagram. The company has launched a feature in Messenger that pulls in your contacts from Instagram, if... 2 days
Russian indictments show that the US needs federal oversight of election security
TechCrunch President Trump’s Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin, on the heels of 12 Russian intelligence officials indicted for hacking the 2016 election, made it clear that this... 2 days
Gorilla Glass 6 is here to withstand your clumsy hands
TechCrunch A bit of good news for the perpetually clumsy. Corning unveiled the latest version of its ubiquitous smartphone-encasing material today at an event in California. Gorilla Glass 6... 2 days
Fortnite maker Epic Games beefs up its Unreal game engine in new update
TechCrunch After a wildly successful last few months thanks to Fortnite, Epic Games is delivering some substantial new updates to its Unreal game... 2 days
Funko is getting into Fortnite toys because it’d be dumb not to
TechCrunch Funko. Even if you don’t know the name, you’ve probably seen their toys. They’re the ones who make those figurines with the big ol’... 2 days
InkHunter heads to YC to build a try-and-buy tattoo marketplace
TechCrunch InkHunter, an augmented reality tattoo try-on app that was born out of a 48-hour hackathon back in the altogether gentler days of 2014 has bagged a place in... 2 days
Russian indictments show that the U.S. needs federal oversight of election security
TechCrunch Adam Eichen Contributor Share on Twitter Adam Eichen is the author of Daring Democracy: Igniting Power, Meaning, and Connection for the America We Want.... 2 days
The best Amazon Prime Day deals you can still grab
TechCrunch Makula Dunbar Contributor Makula Dunbar is a writer with Wirecutter. More posts by this contributor Summer road trip tech essentials and extras Gear for making outdoor fitness more... 2 days
Apple releases third iOS 12 beta to everyone
TechCrunch Apple just released the third version of the iOS 12 beta as part of the public beta program. It means that everyone can now install a development build of iOS 12, the... 2 days
Comic sales are down as readers abandon print
TechCrunch Comic book and graphic novel sales fell 6.5% in 2017 from a 2016 high of $1.015 billion. Graphic novels brought in $570 million while comic books brought in about $350 million. A... 2 days
Uber hires first chief privacy officer
TechCrunch Uber has hired its first chief privacy officer as well as a former TomTom executive in charge ensuring the ride-hailing company complies with the EU’s data protection laws. The new hires, which were announced to Uber... 2 days
LEGO made James Bond’s Aston Martin, complete with working ejector seat
TechCrunch There’s a new Aston Martin DB5 on the market and it’s everything you’d expect from the vehicle used by James Bond in the movie Goldfinger. The... 2 days
Prime Day boosted other large retailers’ sales by 54%, says report
TechCrunch Amazon’s Prime Day again broke records this year, but the sales holiday also boosted sales across the broader U.S. e-commerce industry. According to Adobe Analytics data released... 2 days
Apply for TechCrunch Include Office Hours with August Capital
TechCrunch TechCrunch is partnering with August Capital for Include Office Hours on July 27. From 3:30-5:00 pm (before the Summer Party), founders will have the opportunity to get key insight and feedback from... 2 days
Top VCs Megan Quinn, Sarah Tavel and Aileen Lee are coming to Disrupt SF
TechCrunch In many ways, it’s the best of times and the worst of times to be a venture capitalist. While money... 2 days
Brat raises $30 million to reboot scripted television for the Gen Z crowd
TechCrunch We are in the era of peak TV. Hundreds of expensive, scripted television shows are splayed across streaming platforms like Netflix and... 2 days
What Amazon lost (and made) on Amazon Prime Day
TechCrunch Amazon Prime Day is over and what a ride it was this year. Widespread technical glitches in the first hours of Amazon’s massive annual Prime Day promotion cost the e-commerce... 2 days
Hu-manity wants to create a health data marketplace with help from blockchain
TechCrunch Imagine a world where you could sell your medical information to a drug company on your terms for a specific purpose like a drug... 2 days
Knotel acquires 42Floors in order to build the blockchain of property
TechCrunch Another day, another blockchain. This time Knotel – a coworking space rental service in Manhattan – has acquired 42Floors, a commercial real estate search engine in... 2 days
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