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IBM brings its Power9 servers with Nvidia GPUs to its cloud
TechCrunch IBM is hosing its annual THINK conference to packed halls in Las Vegas this week. Given how important its cloud business has become to its bottom... 32 minutes
Lydia launches Lydia Premium
TechCrunch Lydia launches Lydia Premium French startup Lydia announces two new things today. First, the company is launching a financial hub with multiple new products. Second, Lydia is announcing a new premium subscription to access those new features. “Today, we’re lucky... 2 hours
Bumble responds to Match’s patent lawsuit
TechCrunch Yesterday we reported that Match, the parent company of Tinder, was suing Bumble for patent infringement and misuse of intellectual property. Specifically, Match alleged that Bumble “copied Tinder’s world-changing, card-swipe-based, mutual opt-in premise” for which a patent... 2 hours
YC alum Dahmakan, a Kuala Lumpur-based food delivery startup, acquires Polpa to expand into Thailand
TechCrunch Dahmakan, a vertically-integrated Malaysian meal delivery startup, announced today that it has acquired Polpa to enter Bangkok. Dahmakan... 3 hours
Only 48 hours left to apply for Startup Battlefield Europe
TechCrunch Sacrê merde sur un bardeau! You have only 48 hours left to apply for TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Europe. The Battlefield takes place at VivaTech at the Paris Expo... 3 hours
Eight Roads Ventures launches new $375M scale-up fund for European and Israeli startups
TechCrunch Eight Roads Ventures, the proprietary investment arm of Fidelity International, is officially launching its new European fund today. Targeting scale-ups in Europe... 4 hours
N26 raises $160 million from Tencent and Allianz
TechCrunch German startup N26 just raised a $160 million Series C round led by Tencent and Allianz — some of N26’s existing investors are also participating. The company has attracted 850,000 customers and... 4 hours
DocuSign has filed confidentially for IPO
TechCrunch DocuSign is gearing up to go public in the next six months, sources tell TechCrunch. The company, which pioneered the e-signature, has now filed confidentially, we are hearing. Like Dropbox, which is finally going public this... 4 hours
After launching in the U.S., Instagram expands its shoppable posts features to business users in eight other countries
TechCrunch Instagram is launching its Shopping feature for business accounts to eight new... 5 hours
IBM launches deep learning as a service inside its Watson Studio
TechCrunch IBM’s Watson Studio is the company’s service for building machine learning workflows and training models, is getting a new addition today with the launch of Deep... 7 hours
Apple, IBM add machine learning to partnership with Watson-Core ML coupling
TechCrunch Apple and IBM may seem like an odd couple, but the two companies have been working closely together for several years now. That has involved IBM... 7 hours
Tempe police chief says Uber “preliminarily…would likely not be at fault” for fatal crash
TechCrunch The chief of police in Tempe, Arizona, where an Uber self-driving car just hit and killed a pedestrian, has told... 10 hours
Here are 64 startups that launched today at Y Combinator’s W18 Demo Day
TechCrunch Biotech, robotics, and fintech startups took the spotlight today at prestigious accelerator Y Combinator’s 26th Demo Day. This batch features 141 total... 10 hours
Selling data on millions ‘is the opposite of our business model,’ says Facebook’s Boz
TechCrunch Facebook's former VP of ads has weighed in on the ongoing disaster involving his company's apparent negligence in allowing data... 10 hours
Jeff Bezos, friend to robots
TechCrunch Today marks the kickoff of Amazon’s annual semi-secret MARS Conference in Palm Springs, which means two things. No, you weren’t invited. The start of several days of pictures featuring Jeff Bezos palling around with his best robot friends.... 10 hours
Billionaire Larry Ellison has a new consumer wellness company called Sensei
TechCrunch It’s not every day that Oracle’s billionaire founder, chairman and CTO Larry Ellison launches a new business, but such is the case today. That new company?... 11 hours
Color rolls out a test to try to search for hereditary risk for heart conditions like arrhythmia
TechCrunch Color is looking to add a new test to its line of genetic testing,... 11 hours
eBay’s new AR tool helps sellers find the right box for their item
TechCrunch It looks like someone found a practical use case for AR that’s not about trying on makeup or catching Pokémon. Ebay today... 11 hours
Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos may leave Facebook over disinformation drama
TechCrunch Facebook’s latest public controversy may have claimed its first major casualty. According to reporting from the New York Times, the social media giant is poised to... 12 hours
The Podcast App aims to be the simplest way to listen to podcasts
TechCrunch While it sometimes feels like everyone has a podcast nowadays, the truth is that most Americans still don’t listen to podcasts regularly. The Y... 12 hours
Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos is leaving Facebook over disinformation drama
TechCrunch Facebook’s latest public controversy appears to have claimed its first major casualty. According to reporting from the New York Times, the social media giant is poised... 12 hours
Internet Archive adds trove of cheap LCD handhelds to its emulation collection
TechCrunch During CES, the single piece of electronics I spent the most time with, apart from my laptop and camera, was a Mattel Dungeons &... 13 hours
Marijuana soda startup California Dreamin’ wants to replace booze
TechCrunch “Enjoy a light, social high” says the funky bottle of California Dreamin’ cannabis -infused sparkling pomegranate juice. Launching today at Y Combinator Demo Day, California Dreamin’ is serving up an... 13 hours
Facebook hired a forensics firm to investigate Cambridge Analytica as stock falls 7%
TechCrunch Hoping to tamp down the furor that erupted over reports that its user data was improperly acquired by Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has hired... 14 hours
Government agencies react to Uber’s fatal self-driving car accident
TechCrunch Earlier today, news broke of a fatal crash involving one of Uber’s self-driving cars in Tempe, Arizona. In response, Uber halted its self-driving car programs where it currently operates, including... 14 hours
Here’s how Uber’s self-driving cars are supposed to detect pedestrians
TechCrunch A self-driving vehicle made by Uber has struck and killed a pedestrian. It's the first such incident and will certainly be scrutinized like no other autonomous vehicle interaction... 15 hours
IBM working on ‘world’s smallest computer’ to attach to just about everything
TechCrunch IBM is hard at work on the problem of ubiquitous computing, and its approach, understandably enough, is to make a computer small enough that... 15 hours
Instagram Stories gets “quote tweet”-style feed post resharing
TechCrunch Instagram’s next big Stories feature could let you compliment or trash talk other people’s feed posts, or embed a “see post” button to promote your own. A TechCrunch reader sent us these... 15 hours
Microsoft is adding a bunch of accessibility features to Windows 10
TechCrunch Microsoft plans to bring a number of new features for users with visual impairment to Windows 10, the company announced in a blog post earlier today.... 16 hours
Meltwater has acquired DataSift to double down on social media analytics
TechCrunch In a week when all eyes are on Facebook and the subject of how data about us on social media platforms gets used without us knowing, there’s... 16 hours
Sierra Leone government denies the role of blockchain in its recent election
TechCrunch The National Electoral Commission Sierra Leone has come out with a clarification – and, to , an outright condemnation – of the news that... 16 hours raises another $56 million
TechCrunch British startup says that “a new tier 1 global institutional investor” has made an important investment commitment in the furniture company. This mysterious investor is willing to lead a new $56 million round (£40 million) with existing... 17 hours
Tech industry comes out swinging against potential Trump tariffs
TechCrunch Over the weekend, the Information Technology Industry Council and 44 other trade associations banded together and published a letter demanding that the Trump administration take “measured” steps to stop China’s... 17 hours
Uber’s fatal self-driving car crash prompts NTSB investigation
TechCrunch The National Transportation Safety Board is opening an investigation into the fatal accident involving one of Uber’s self-driving cars in Tempe, Arizona. NTSB sending team to investigate Uber crash in Tempe, Arizona.... 17 hours
HQ Trivia had a weird night
TechCrunch HQ Trivia was removed from the App Store following a controversial ending to a $25K game on Sunday night, according to Business Insider. HQ has introduced a new high-stakes version of the game where one winner... 17 hours
Google alums launch Maslo, a digital companion to mediate technology’s uncanny valley
TechCrunch Earlier this month, two former Google staffers quietly launched a new app that’s designed to help users overcome technology’s uncanny valley and develop a... 17 hours
Secret microLED labs, Apple R&D, and the future of product margins
TechCrunch Over the weekend, Mark Gurman at Bloomberg reported that Apple has apparently built out a microLED display laboratory in California for testing and manufacturing small batches... 18 hours
Trump bans Venezuelan cryptocurrency in the US
TechCrunch U.S. President Donald Trump has issued an executive order to ban Petro in the U.S. Petro is a cryptocurrency developed by the government of Venezuela. As of today, U.S. citizens, residents and companies can’t... 18 hours
This 3D-printing startup helps orthodontists straighten your teeth
TechCrunch It’s time to welcome another startup to the clear teeth aligner market. Meet ArchForm, a Y Combinator-backed teeth aligner software startup that lets orthodontists create, design and 3D print aligners within their... 18 hours
Desktop Metal gets another $65 million in a round led by Ford
TechCrunch Desktop Metal has had no issues raising interest (or funding) in the manufacturing world. The metal 3D printing company announced today that it’s score... 18 hours
Airship wants to let startups launch features the same way Facebook does
TechCrunch If you’ve ever wondered why your Facebook app looks a little different from your friend’s, you’ve likely learned that Facebook tests features in a... 18 hours
Uber self-driving test car involved in accident resulting in pedestrian death
TechCrunch An autonomous Uber test SUV driving in Tempe, Arizona was involved in a fatal collision last night, and the Uber vehicle was in autonomous mode at... 18 hours
YouTube is testing a picture-in-picture mode on the desktop
TechCrunch Some YouTube users on the web have been opted in to a test of a new picture-in-picture mode, which allows you to continue watching a YouTube video in a small... 18 hours
Google Play Instant lets you try games without having to install them
TechCrunch Last year, Google launched Instant Apps, a way for developers to give users a native app experience that didn’t involve having to install anything.... 18 hours
Original Content podcast: We take a drink with season two of ‘Jessica Jones’
TechCrunch Netflix recently released the second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, which finds the titular private detective dealing with unwanted fame and investigating... 19 hours
Magic Leap opens up its ‘Creator Portal’ with SDK and design guidelines for devs
TechCrunch After maintaining a quiet presence for quite a while, Magic Leap is finally feeling a bit more chatty, at least... 19 hours
Walmart to sell Handy’s in-home installation and assembly services in over 2,000 stores
TechCrunch Walmart this morning announced a partnership with home services provider Handy, which will allow customers to purchase in-home installation and assembly assistance... 19 hours
Facebook builds Patreon, Niche clones to lure creators with cash
TechCrunch Facebook is eager to displace YouTube and Patreon in order to become the home of online content creators, so it’s testing a bunch of new ways for them... 19 hours
Facebook lets all PC games Live stream and reward viewers
TechCrunch Facebook is challenging Twitch and YouTube for video game live streaming supremacy with the release of its new Games SDK for PC. After testing Live streaming from games... 20 hours
Rylo’s shoot first, frame later camera is ideal for casual adventure-seekers
TechCrunch Action cameras are a gadget that mostly cater to a person’s wish to see themselves in a certain way: Most people aren’t skiing off mountains or... 21 hours
Linea Sketch 2.0 adds Split View, Drag & Drop, plus loads of new illustrator features
How a small team at Unity made the stunning graphical showcase Book of the Dead
Should the police be able to request your location from Google? [Poll]
Comparison: How does the dbrand Grip hold up against RhinoShield’s CrashGuard bumper case?
Happy 90th, Mister Rogers! Twitch to stream all 856 episodes - CNET
Ideas for new NASA mission can now include spacecraft powered by plutonium
How to Enable Automatic Reader View in Safari for iOS
Instagram testing ‘quote-Storied’ feature with small number of users
The Cmicro is a temperature sensor that makes microwaving more complicated
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds now available on iPhone and iPad
Revisiting the forgotten history of obscure Apple accessories
IBM just unveiled the ‘world’s smallest computer’
IBM fighting counterfeiters with world's smallest computer - CNET
Cadillac set to put super-sexy Escala concept into production in 2021 - Roadshow
Latest ‘Swift Unwrapped’ episode features interview with Apple engineers ahead of Swift 4.1 release