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WHAT?! Blumhouse’s Character Descriptions For ‘Fantasy Island’ Indicate That Tattoo Isn’t In It!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Hollywood is constantly regurgitating the past in hopes of striking... 16 hours
Treat Yourself To A New Trailer And Photos From ‘Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s not Halloween without candy, but the trailer for ‘Goosebumps... 21 hours
Jamie Foxx And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Team Up For A New Sci-Fi Flick For Netflix
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will team up... 22 hours
Final Frontier Friday: ‘The Ultimate Computer’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Welcome as always to the latest ‘Final Frontier Friday’! It’s another original series week, but this time around we’re looking at a better episode... 23 hours
Marvel Sets Chloé Zhao As Director Of ‘Eternals’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Marvel Studios has selected indie film director Chloé Zhao to helm their upcoming movie ‘Eternals’.  Zhao directed the western/Native American-themed,... 1 day
Warner Bros. Reveals A Photo Of Joaquin Phoenix In Clown Makeup From ‘Joker’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Warner Brothers has unleashed a new video of Joaquin Phoenix... 1 day
George RR Martin Believes ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequels Can Go Far Back As “Tens Of Thousands Of Years!”
Syfy Casts Alan Tudyk And More In ‘Resident Alien’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Alan Tudyk (‘Firefly’,’Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’) is returning to TV for a new science fiction series... 1 day
Check Out What Oliver Queen Has Been Up To In This ‘Arrow’ Season 7 Trailer
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We know that Stephen Amell’s Oliver... 1 day
The Trailer For ‘Lore’ Season 2 Looks To Be Terrifying!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The second season of Amazon‘s ‘Lore‘ is coming and the trailer for it looks even better... 1 day
First Episode Of ‘Doctor Who’ Will Not Feature The New Opening Title Sequence
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With a new season of ‘Doctor Who,’ fans come to... 1 day
Trek Lightly: Trailer And Premiere Dates Revealed for ‘Short Treks’ from ‘Star Trek: Discovery’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While it may be tough to wait for... 1 day
Devil Is In The Details: New ‘Daredevil’ Season 3 Trailer Reveals Release Date
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Marvel/ Netflix continues its onslaught of seasons this year, the... 1 day
These Are The Stars That Warner Bros. Is Reportedly Considering For ‘Birds Of Prey’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Margot Robbie will reprise her role as Harley... 1 day
Things Are Getting ‘Supernatural’ In This Season 14 Trailer
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Sam is in for a Hell of a time in the fourteenth season of ‘Supernatural‘ as Dean will... 1 day
The New ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ Trailer Shows How Weird The Internet Is!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Things are getting weird in the latest trailer for ‘Ralph... 1 day
Watch As Jodie Whittaker Reads Mean Tweets About Her Upcoming Turn As The Doctor
SCIENCEFICTION.COM When it was announced last year that the... 1 day
Chris Hemsworth & Tessa Thompson Suit Up In New BTS ‘Men In Black’ Photo
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve known about the ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ actors Chris... 1 day
Will ‘Space Jam 2’ Be A Reboot? Will Michael Jordan Be Involved?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With ‘Space Jam 2’ finally coming together it sounds like a reason for fans of the initial movie to be thrilled. We recently learned... 1 day
Bruce Greenwood Has Woken Up As A Cast Member For ‘Doctor Sleep’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The casting for the live-action adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Doctor Sleep‘ continues to move forward as Bruce Greenwood (‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’,’American Crime Story’)... 1 day
The Jokes On You! ‘Gotham’ Looks To Be Introducing Another Potential Joker
SCIENCEFICTION.COM First, on ‘Gotham’, there was Cameron Monaghan as Jerome Valeska who everyone thought would end up as Joker. With his death, the mantle appeared... 1 day
Movie Review: ‘The House With A Clock In Its Walls’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s a pretty typical coming of age story with a dose of ‘Harry Potter,’ but ‘The... 1 day
Book Review: ‘Deadpool: Paws’ By: Stefan Petrucha
SCIENCEFICTION.COM What happens when you throw Stefan Petrucha to the wolves and make him write about the Merc with the Mouth? You get... 2 days
‘The Winds Of Winter’ Will Be “Very Complex” According To George R.R. Martin
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fans have been dying for the latest installment of “A... 2 days
Throwback Thursday: ‘Robinson Crusoe on Mars’ (1964)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM This week, let’s throw things way back, to the era of the retro-tastic B-Movies of the 1950s and 1960s.  Movies born of... 2 days
Jodie Whittaker Means Business In New ‘Doctor Who’ Trailer
SCIENCEFICTION.COM A stunning new trailer for the upcoming season of ‘Doctor Who’ has Jodie Whittaker showing us all that... 2 days
Netflix Unleashes A Trailer For ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’, Coming Just In Time For Halloween
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Netflix is really looking... 2 days
Things Are Changing In This New Trailer For ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The new trailer is out for ‘The Walking Dead‘ and... 2 days
Baby, You’re A ‘Stargirl’: Brec Bassinger Lands The Lead Of DC Universe’s Newest Series
SCIENCEFICTION.COM A ‘Stargirl’ is born, as Brec Bassinger has... 2 days
The Men Behind The Monster: Check Out Two New Behind-The-Scenes Featurette’s On ‘Venom’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Before ‘Venom’ ended production, the studio arranged a visit to... 2 days
One Of The Writers From ‘Wonder Woman’ Is Giving Us A New ABC Marvel Series With A Focus On Female Heroes
Kevin Feige Will Officially Be In Charge Of The X-Men When Disney’s Buyout Of Fox Is Finalized
Production Of ‘Star Wars’ Films Will Be Slowing Down
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With fan backlash about ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ and poor ticket sales for ‘Solo: A Star Wars... 2 days
Constance Langdon Is Back In First Look Of Jessica Lange’s Return In ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While everyone was excited... 2 days
Jordan Peele Is Officially Hosting And Narrating ‘The Twilight Zone’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We already knew that CBS All Access was rebooting ‘The Twilight Zone‘ with Jordan Peele as... 2 days
The New Season Of ‘Doctor Who’ Is Influenced By ‘Star Trek’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It can be hard to assemble a cast when there are details about your... 2 days
The Internet Was Not Ready To See Batman’s Batpenis In ‘Batman: Damned’ #1 (But If You Are…)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Let’s just... 2 days
Space James: Ryan Coogler Signs On To Produce ‘Space Jam 2’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Big news of the ‘Space Jam 2’ front! It seems that Lebron James has... 2 days
Go Big Or Go Home: Steven DeKnight Shares What DC Films He’d Love To Direct
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While Steven DeKnight made a huge... 2 days
12 New ‘Arrow’ Images: Things Don’t Look So Good For Oliver Behind Bars (Felicity’s Hair Looks Worse Outside Bars)
The ‘Child’s Play’ Reboot That No One Wants Has Found Potential Leads With Aubrey Plaza & Brian Tyree Henry
Charles Soule And Steve McNiven Talk About The ‘Return Of Wolverine’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The ‘Return of Wolverine‘ is this week and the solicitation only reads that “He’s... 2 days
Details Of The First Two Season 11 Episodes Of ‘Doctor Who’ Released Online
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Sunday, October 7th, 2018, can’t come soon enough for ‘Doctor... 2 days
Don’t Expect The Jean-Luc Picard Series To Be A ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Reunion
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The last time we saw the... 2 days
Chris Chibnall Thinks It Would Be “Daft” To Ignore The Doctor’s Gender
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Whovians across the globe are gearing up to see Jodie Whittaker take her historic turn as the first female incarnation of the famous Doctor! ... 3 days
Trailer Reveals That The New ‘Charmed’ May Be Linked To The Original
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The CW has released a new trailer for ‘Charmed’ its new reboot series which premieres on the network next month.  The program focuses on... 3 days
Looking For A Closer Look At That ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer? Check Out These New Shots!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With the new ‘Captain Marvel‘ trailer... 3 days
Brenton Thwaites Feels That “F–K Batman!” Is The Line That Defines His Character On ‘Titans’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While it is hard to imagine... 3 days
More Is “Absolutely” Coming From The ‘Killer Klowns From Outer Space’ Franchise
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It is hard to imagine that 1988’s ‘Killer Klowns From Outer Space‘ could possibly be making a comeback but that appears to be the... 3 days
‘Stranger Things’: Shipped “Jopper”? Then You’ll Be Happy With Season 3
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We know that David Harbour‘s Hopper and Winona Ryder’s Joyce Byers were a couple... 3 days
Look Back at Michael Myer's 'Halloween' Legacy in a Final Retro Trailer
Official Trailer for Sebastián Silva's 'Tyrel' Film Starring Jason Mitchell
John C. Reilly & Joaquin Phoenix in Final 'The Sisters Brothers' Trailer
New US Trailer for Great Famine Violent Thriller 'Black 47' from Ireland
Teaser Trailer for Dystopian Thriller 'Level 16' Playing at Fantastic Fest
Val Kilmer in Official Trailer for Apartment Horror Thriller 'The Super'
The House With A Clock In Its Walls film review: Eli Roth goes kid-friendly with spooky horror
Lore Season 2 new trailer has six new scary stories
Trailer for 'Lessons From A School Shooting: Notes From Dunblane' Doc
Jason Patric & Danny Trejo in First Trailer for Action Western 'Big Kill'
Daredevil Season 3 new trailer and poster come with an air date announcement
Jessica Barden in Official Trailer for Indie Comedy 'The New Romantic'
Hilarious Full-Length Red Band Trailer for Ike Barinholtz's 'The Oath'
Lovely Full-Length Trailer for Barry Jenkins' 'If Beale Street Could Talk'
Arrow Season 7 new trailer deals with an impersonator