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Mirai film review Cannes 2018: more enchanting family drama from the director of Wolf Children
SCI FI NOW Mamoru Hosoda returns with magical coming of age tale Mirai 9 hours
Incarnation DVD review: die, respawn, repeat
SCI FI NOW An amnesiac must figure out why masked men are killing him in Serbian SF Incarnation 10 hours
Knife + Heart film review Cannes 2018: a love letter to underground cinema
SCI FI NOW Yann Gonzalez lovingly plays homage to Bava and Almodóvar in gorgeous kinky giallo Knife + Heart 10 hours
Win Downsizing merchandise: available on digital, DVD and Blu-ray™ 28 May
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Win Downsizing on DVD plus an awesome Leisureland merch bundle with our competition 10 hours
Preacher Season 3 new teaser welcomes the gang to Angelville
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Everyone is back and up for it in this new teaser for Preacher Season 3 12 hours
Win a copy of David Cronenberg’s eXistenZ on Blu-ray with our competition
SCI FI NOW Win David Cronenberg's eXistenZ on Blu-ray with our latest competition 16 hours
2001: A Space Odyssey 70mm film review Cannes 2018: a magnificent trip
SCI FI NOW You absolutely must catch the 70mm re-release of Stanley Kubrick's 2001 4 days
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom featurette operates the dinosaurs
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Explore Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom's practical effects with this new featurette 4 days
Cargo film review: father-daughter bonding in the zombie apocalypse
SCI FI NOW Martin Freeman explores the Australian outback with a baby in zombie film Cargo 4 days
Sense8: The Series Finale new trailer just wants to save Wolfgang
SCI FI NOW VIDEO The cluster rally together to save Wolfgang in this new trailer for the series finale of Sense8 4 days
Channel 4’s Humans cast facetimes Sophia the Robot
SCI FI NOW VIDEO The cast of Humans facetime Sophia the Robot in this weird but wonderful video 4 days
High Fliers acquire Curse of the Witch’s Doll
SCI FI NOW Exclusive: High Fliers acquire Lawrence Fowler's Curse of the Witch's Doll 5 days
Exclusive: Neil Johnson to direct Evolution War starring Tracey Birdsall
SCI FI NOW Neil Johnson is set to direct sci-fi Evolution War, which will star Tracy Birdsall 5 days
IT: Chapter 2 casts adult Eddie Kaspbrak and Stan Uris
SCI FI NOW The IT sequel casts two more of the Adult Losers 5 days
Fahrenheit 451 film review Cannes 2018: Michael B Jordan and Michael Shannon take on a classic
SCI FI NOW VIDEO HBO update Ray Bradbury's classic for the digital age with this star-studded TV movie 5 days
Solo: A Star Wars Story film review Cannes 2018: Can Han, Chewie and the origin story deliver?
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Can the Han Solo origin movie triumph over its rocky production and prove the... 6 days
Zombieland 2 has a release date and will bring back the old cast
SCI FI NOW Zombieland's writers reveal the expected release date for the upcoming sequel 6 days
Solo: A Star Wars Story new character posters play their cards right
SCI FI NOW Han, Lando and the team gamble it all in these new Solo: A Star Wars Story posters 6 days
Solo: A Star Wars Story new featurette goes behind the scenes
SCI FI NOW VIDEO The cast and crew of Solo: A Star Wars Story talk style in this new BTS featurette 6 days
Suspiria remake gets new pictures and a release date
SCI FI NOW Luca Guadagnino's Suspiria remake has a release date and some new images 7 days
Agents Of SHIELD renewed for Season 6
SCI FI NOW Agents Of SHIELD has been renewed for Season 6, but it's going to be shorter than usual 7 days
Deadpool 2 film review: does the sequel live up to its predecessor?
SCI FI NOW Wade Wilson is back and weirder than ever in Deadpool 2 7 days
The CW’s Charmed reboot given a full series order
SCI FI NOW The Charmed reboot has been green lit for a full series 1 week
Gotham renewed for Season 5, but it will be the last
SCI FI NOW Gotham has been renewed for a fifth and final season 1 week
Third Kind film review Cannes 2018: explorers visit a barren future Earth
SCI FI NOW Three archeologists explore our future in Yorgos Zois' Third Kind 1 week
Grӓns (Border) film review Cannes 2018: John Ajvide Lindqvist adaptation is beautifully twisted
SCI FI NOW The latest film from the author of Let The Right One In blends rom-com, grotesquerie and bizarre fairy-tale 1 week
Rick And Morty Season 4 confirmed, and there’s much more to come
SCI FI NOW Adult Swim orders a massive 70 episodes of Rick And Morty 1 week
Threads remastered DVD review: this is the way the world ends
SCI FI NOW The restoration of Barry Hines' Threads is as devastating as ever 1 week
Win an incredible scroll-mounted giclée print and Blu-ray™ with ‘Batman Ninja’
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Win 'Batman Ninja' on Blu-ray plus a signed giclée print with our competition 2 weeks
Revenge writer-director Coralie Fargeat on her stylish, subversive genre movie
SCI FI NOW We talk to Coralie Fargeat about putting a new spin on a troubled sub-genre with the stylish, brutal Revenge 2 weeks
Syfy’s cancelled Tremors TV series pilot trailer is here
SCI FI NOW Check out trailer for the pilot episode of the now-cancelled Tremors TV series 2 weeks
The Expanse cancelled, no Season Four at Syfy
SCI FI NOW Syfy has cancelled its brilliant SF show The Expanse but there's a chance that it's not dead yet 2 weeks
The Rain Season 1 review: is the Netflix post-apocalyptic drama worth your time?
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Can Netflix's Danish drama The Rain stand out from all the other post-apocalypses? 2 weeks
The Predator new teaser trailer poses a threat
SCI FI NOW VIDEO There's something out there in this new trailer for Shane Black's The Predator 2 weeks
Outlander renewed for Seasons 5 and 6
SCI FI NOW Outlander has been renewed by Starz for two more seasons 2 weeks
Solo: A Star Wars Story new posters keep coming
SCI FI NOW The posters for Solo: A Star Wars Story just keep getting better 2 weeks
Captain Marvel adds Annette Bening to the cast
SCI FI NOW The brilliant Annette Bening has joined the cast of Captain Marvel 2 weeks
Light As A Feather horror adaptation ordered by Hulu
SCI FI NOW Wattpad story Light As A Feather is being made into a TV series for Hulu 2 weeks
LAIKA’s new film Missing Link has a full voice cast
SCI FI NOW Here's everything you should know about LAIKA's fifth film Missing Link 2 weeks
The Purge TV series casts Fiona Dourif
SCI FI NOW Chucky and Dirk Gently star Fiona Dourif signs on for The Purge TV show 2 weeks
The Passage TV series is finally greenlit by Fox
SCI FI NOW Fox gives the go-ahead to the TV series based on Justin Cronin's vampire epic The Passage 2 weeks
Revenge film review: an unshakeable sensory experience
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Coralie Fargeat's savagely stylish Revenge turns a problematic sub-genre on its head 2 weeks
Bill And Ted 3 is happening, like, for real this time
SCI FI NOW Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter sign on for Bill And Ted Face The Music because not everything is terrible 2 weeks
Jordan Peele’s Get Out follow-up is called Us, has a cast
SCI FI NOW Jordan Peele's Us is looking at Winston Duke, Lupita Nyong'o and Elisabeth Moss 2 weeks
Solo: A Star Wars Story new international poster is so smarmy
SCI FI NOW This new poster for Solo: A Star Wars Story is so smarmy, but in a good way 2 weeks
Luke Cage Season 2 new trailer meets its match
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Luke Cage is the new Jesus in this trailer and poster combo for Season 2 2 weeks
Deadpool 2 new art poster is still not over Wolverine
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Deadpool 2 gives a nod to Logan in this awesome new poster 2 weeks
Netflix’s Bright sequel has found a writer
SCI FI NOW The sequel to David Ayer's fantasy action film Bright has found a writer 2 weeks
Van Damme & Lundgren in Official Trailer for Action Film 'Black Water'
First Official Trailer for Andy Serkis' New Jungle Book Movie 'Mowgli'
First Official Trailer for Andy Serkis' New Jungle Book Movie 'Mowgli'
Johnny Depp & Forest Whitaker in Trailer for Crime Film 'City of Lies'
Official Trailer for Indie Comedy 'Bernard and Huey' About Two Friends
First Trailer for Anthology Film 'Lust Stories' About Romance in India
Win Downsizing merchandise: available on digital, DVD and Blu-ray™ 28 May
Preacher Season 3 new teaser welcomes the gang to Angelville
New International Trailer for Computer Film 'Searching' with John Cho
“Deadpool 2” Shoots for Zany Level 11, and Scores