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Scientists create wearable device that measures cortisol in sweat
NEWS MEDICAL The hormone cortisol rises and falls naturally throughout the day and can spike in response to stress, but current methods for measuring cortisol levels require waiting several days for results... 11 hours
Researchers study efficacy and safety of new treatment for OUD
NEWS MEDICAL Better delivery of medications to treat opioid use disorder is key to addressing the opioid crisis and helping the 2.6 million Americans affected by the disease. 11 hours
Using tendon transfer surgery to restore key functions in spinal cord injury patient
NEWS MEDICAL After suffering a severe cervical spinal cord injury from a bad fall at work, Scott McConnell had little function remaining in his... 11 hours
UC San Diego researchers awarded two grants for investigating stem cell-based therapies
NEWS MEDICAL The governing board of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine unanimously approved this week two grants worth more than $2.2 million to University of... 11 hours
Study examines effects of a two-day intermittent calorie restriction diet for patients with type 2 diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL A diet with calorie restriction two days per week was comparable to a diet with daily... 12 hours
Collaborative study to assess effects of exercise training for cognitive deficits in MS
NEWS MEDICAL Glenn Wylie, DPhil, associate director of the Rocco Ortenzio Neuroimaging Center at Kessler Foundation, has received a $300,000 sub-award from the National... 12 hours
Study: Greening vacant urban land reduces feelings of depression for surrounding residents
NEWS MEDICAL Greening vacant urban land significantly reduces feelings of depression and improves overall mental health for the surrounding residents, researchers from the Perelman School of... 12 hours
The Mount Sinai Hospital receives accreditation as geriatric emergency department
NEWS MEDICAL The Department of Emergency Medicine at The Mount Sinai Hospital is the first in New York State to be accredited as a geriatric emergency department by the American... 20 hours
FDA approves first drug for treatment of adult AML patients with specific genetic mutation
NEWS MEDICAL The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Tibsovo (ivosidenib) tablets for the treatment of adult patients with relapsed or... 20 hours
Restoring mitochondrial function to reverse aging-related skin wrinkles, hair loss in mice
NEWS MEDICAL Wrinkled skin and hair loss are hallmarks of aging. What if they could be reversed? 20 hours
Study uncovers molecular key for delaying progression of multiple sclerosis
NEWS MEDICAL Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that attacks and destroys a structure known as the "myelin sheath", whose integrity is indispensable for the brain and spinal cord to... 20 hours
Researchers explore future of houseplants as functional sirens of home health
NEWS MEDICAL In a perspective published in the July 20 issue of Science, Neal Stewart and his University of Tennessee coauthors explore the future of houseplants as aesthetically... 20 hours
Secondhand smoke exposure accounts for thousands of stillbirths in developing countries
NEWS MEDICAL The study reveals that more than 40% of all pregnant women in Pakistan are exposed to secondhand smoke - causing approximately 17,000 still births in a... 20 hours
Exergaming can improve health in overweight and obese children, study shows
NEWS MEDICAL A new study from LSU's Pennington Biomedical Research Center showed for the first time that video games, in combination with fitness coaching and a step tracker,... 21 hours
Study looks into mechanisms that control sleep and wakefulness
NEWS MEDICAL Sleep is an autonomic process and is not always under our direct, voluntary control. Awake or asleep, we are basically under the regulation of two biological processes: sleep homeostasis, commonly... 21 hours
Sage launches new web-based tool that helps explore curated genomic analyses of Alzheimer's
NEWS MEDICAL Sage Bionetworks announces the launch of the Agora platform an interactive, web-based tool that allows researchers to explore curated genomic analyses of... 23 hours
Researchers successfully isolate two molecular forms of water
NEWS MEDICAL Water molecules are ubiquitous, vital, and may have the world’s most well-known chemical formula. 23 hours
New research project investigates alternative treatments for eye infections
NEWS MEDICAL Fight for Sight has announced funding for an innovative research project that will investigate whether compounds used to treat snake venom and bee stings could provide an alternative to antibiotics... 23 hours
EKF’s Quo-Lab POC HbA1c analyzer meets international quality targets for diabetes testing
NEWS MEDICAL EKF Diagnostics, the global in vitro diagnostics company, has announced the successful evaluation of its Quo-Lab point-of-care HbA1c analyzer by the European Reference Laboratory... 24 hours
Yeast species used in biotechnology, food industries causes drug-resistant yeast infections
NEWS MEDICAL A major cause of drug-resistant clinical yeast infections is the same species previously regarded as non-pathogenic and commonly used in the biotechnology and food industries. 24 hours
AVITA Medical expands management team to support launch of RECELL device to treat burns
NEWS MEDICAL AVITA Medical today announced that it expanded its management team in the commercial, legal and medical affairs functions to support... 24 hours
Karius Test accurately detects invasive fungal infections, shows study
NEWS MEDICAL Karius, a life sciences company transforming infectious disease diagnostics with genomics and data through the innovative use of next-generation sequencing to analyze microbial cell-free DNA, announced today the positive results... 24 hours
ECU researchers develop world’s first blood test that detects melanoma in its early stages
NEWS MEDICAL Edith Cowan University researchers have developed the world’s first blood test capable of detecting melanoma in its early stages, a... 24 hours
Recovery United to launch pilot intervention program for patients who experienced opioid overdose
NEWS MEDICAL Today, Recovery United, Inc. announced the launch of a pilot intervention program at three Boise-area hospitals that will connect patients who have... 24 hours
New breeding technologies could enhance shape, size, color, and health benefits of produce
NEWS MEDICAL Forget vegetables with dull colors and fuzzy skin or fruits that lack of flavor--the produce aisle of the future could offer plant... 1 day
Researchers uncover cause for progression of prostate cancer to incurable stage
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at the University of Oulu in Finland have discovered novel genes and mechanisms that can explain how a genomic variant in a single nucleotide polymorphism... 1 day
Arctic geese speed up their migration in response to increasing temperatures
NEWS MEDICAL As Arctic temperatures continue to rise, migratory barnacle geese have responded by speeding up their 3,000-kilometer migration in order to reach their destination more quickly with... 1 day
Researchers present evidence of phage cooperation when attacking CRISPR-containing bacteria
NEWS MEDICAL CRISPR, or clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats, are an essential part of bacterial immunity designed to defend against foreign DNA. In bacteria, CRISPR acts just like it... 1 day
Alzheimer’s Research UK calls for urgent investment in dementia research
NEWS MEDICAL Alzheimer’s Research UK is calling for urgent investment in dementia research, following new statistics that show the condition accounted for 13% of all UK deaths last year. The... 1 day
Micronic launches new recapping solution to accelerate sample storage workflows
NEWS MEDICAL Micronic launches a new recapping solution to accelerate sample storage workflows, the Micronic Screw Cap Recapper CS700. Designed to improve efficiency, the Micronic Screw Cap Recapper can be... 1 day
Scientists find reason why malarial parasites are faster than immune cells
NEWS MEDICAL Elementary cytoskeleton protein is different in parasites and represents a starting point for a possible new therapy against malaria infections. 1 day
Drug in clinical trials for Parkinson's disease offers hope for treating heart failure
NEWS MEDICAL A drug currently in clinical trials for treating symptoms of Parkinson's disease may someday have value for treating heart failure, according to... 1 day
Study: Exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of stillbirth
NEWS MEDICAL Exposure to secondhand smoke is causing thousands of still births in developing countries, according to new research carried out by the University of York. 1 day
Survey results identify major inequalities in acute stroke treatment across Europe
NEWS MEDICAL Every year, up to 1.3 million people in Europe suffer a first stroke. Acute stroke treatment strategies such as acute treatment of patients in a stroke... 1 day
Frailty associated with poor survival rates in young heart patients
NEWS MEDICAL Traditionally, frailty is thought to be a syndrome of the elderly - one which comes as a natural and inevitable side-effect of aging, gradually transforming strong, healthy bodies... 1 day
Studies highlight issues regarding black lung, opioid overdose, police violence and more
NEWS MEDICAL This study found the national prevalence of coal worker's pneumoconiosis (black lung) is increasing among working coal miners. In central Appalachia, 20.6 percent of... 1 day
Researchers develop new way to uncover hidden breast cancer tumors
NEWS MEDICAL Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women, accounting for 25 % of all cancer cases worldwide. 1 day
AbbVie submits supplemental NDA to FDA for venetoclax to treat acute myeloid leukemia
NEWS MEDICAL AbbVie, a research-based global biopharmaceutical company, today announced it submitted a supplemental New Drug Application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration... 1 day
Whole-brain LIPUS therapy improves cognitive dysfunction in mice simulating dementia, Alzheimer's
NEWS MEDICAL Ultrasound waves applied to the whole brain improve cognitive dysfunction in mice with conditions simulating vascular dementia and Alzheimer's disease. 1 day
Gene therapy may hold potential to treat people with spinal cord injuries
NEWS MEDICAL Delivering a single injection of a scar-busting gene to the spinal cord of rats following injury promotes the survival of nerve cells and improves... 1 day
New vaccine could protect unborn babies from Zika virus
NEWS MEDICAL Until recently, the Zika virus was not a priority since it affected relatively few people and the cost of creating a vaccine was estimated at EUR 149-468 million. But the... 1 day
Research: Dying at home could be beneficial for terminally ill cancer patients and their relatives
NEWS MEDICAL Dying at home could be beneficial for terminally ill cancer patients and their relatives, according to research published... 1 day
Muscle fitness is strongly associated with improved rate of ageing in the brain
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at King's College London have found that muscle fitness as measured by power in the legs is strongly associated with an... 1 day
Dr Maddy Parsons receives Royal Microscopical Society Life Science Medal
NEWS MEDICAL Dr Maddy Parsons, a Group Leader in the Randall Division of Cell & Molecular Biophysics, has been awarded the Royal Microscopical Society Life Science Medal for her outstanding... 1 day
Researchers design proteins that can self-assemble into complex structures
NEWS MEDICAL A collaborative research team based in Japan has designed new proteins that can self-assemble into the complex structures underlying biological organisms, laying the groundwork for leading-edge applications in biotechnology. 1 day
PureTech Health collaborates with Roche to advance oral administration of antisense oligonucleotides
NEWS MEDICAL PureTech Health plc, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel medicines focused on the Brain-Immune-Gut Axis, today announced that it has entered into a multiyear... 1 day
Replacing conventional cancer treatment with complementary therapy linked to increased risk of death
NEWS MEDICAL People who received complementary therapy for curable cancers were more likely to refuse at least one component of their conventional cancer treatment,... 1 day
Child psychiatrist available on call to help assess separated immigrant children
NEWS MEDICAL Child psychiatrist Matthew Biel, MD, MSc, wasn't at all surprised to learn from news reports in early July that two children separated at the US border... 1 day
Genetic sequencing reveals new clues to aggressiveness of prostate cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Using genetic sequencing, scientists have revealed the complete DNA makeup of more than 100 aggressive prostate tumors, pinpointing important genetic errors these deadly tumors have in common. 1 day
Ferring announces FDA approval of ZOMACTON for injection in four new pediatric indications
NEWS MEDICAL Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc. today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved ZOMACTON for injection in four additional pediatric indications 1 day
Two NASA satellites confirm Tropical Cyclone Ampil's heaviest rainfall shift
NASA prepares to launch Parker Solar Probe, a mission to touch the Sun
What Hollywood gets right and wrong about hacking
Researchers report two-faced Janus membrane applications
'Storm chasers' on Mars searching for dusty secrets
Shallow reef species may not find refuge in deeper water habitats
Traveling to the sun: Why won't Parker Solar Probe melt?
Traveling to the sun: Why won't Parker Solar Probe melt?
Rapid cloud clearing phenomenon could provide another piece of climate puzzle
‘Smart plants’ could soon detect deadly radon and mold in your home
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Video: The chemistry of food cooking
Tropical Cyclone Son-Tinh makes landfall and NASA examines its trail of rainfall
Targeting headaches and tumors with nano-submarines
Newly discovered armored dinosaur from Utah reveals intriguing family history
Newly discovered armored dinosaur from Utah reveals intriguing family history