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Digital games for CVD-related self-management improve exercise capacity and energy expenditure
NEWS MEDICAL A scoping review of studies on game interventions for cardiovascular diseaseself-management found that the use of digital games improved exercise capacity and energy expenditure significantly. 7 minutes
Logos Biosystems releases new electrophoretic tissue clearing system with twice the features in half the space
NEWS MEDICAL VIDEO Logos Biosystems has released the latest system for electrophoretic tissue clearing, the X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System... 46 minutes
Pittcon Program Committee: Dr. Fenella France to deliver 2019 Plenary Lecture
NEWS MEDICAL The Pittcon Program Committee is extremely pleased to announce that Fenella France, Chief of the Preservation Research and Testing Division at the Library of Congress, will... 2 hours
World’s most advanced real-time patient monitoring platform receives key US patent
NEWS MEDICAL Isansys Lifecare, a digital healthcare company which has created and developed the world’s most advanced real-time patient data collection and analysis platform, has been granted a... 2 hours
Study aims to investigate risk factors for PPCs in surgical patients with gastric cancer
NEWS MEDICAL As one of the most common malignant tumors, gastric cancer occupies the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide with... 3 hours
Obesity in early puberty doubles asthma risk for boy's future offspring
NEWS MEDICAL Boys who have considerable weight gain between childhood and puberty, double the risk of having asthma both as an adult and for his future offspring. 3 hours
Chinese and German researchers to cooperate more closely in future for better food
NEWS MEDICAL Working together for better food: Chinese and German researchers want to cooperate more closely in the future. 3 hours
New Crest Gum & Enamel Repair toothpaste may boost enamel repair and reverse gingivitis
NEWS MEDICAL According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half of U.S. adults have gum disease. Harmful... 4 hours
Research finds physical connection between the brain's fluid reservoirs and meningeal lymphatics
NEWS MEDICAL PureTech Health plc, an advanced biopharmaceutical company developing novel medicines for dysfunctions of the Brain-Immune-Gut Axis, today notes the publication of research in Nature... 4 hours
PAREXEL partners with Datavant to enhance clinical study design and generate real-world evidence
NEWS MEDICAL PAREXEL International Corporation, a leading innovator of global biopharmaceutical services, and Datavant, Inc., a healthcare technology company focused on enabling the secure... 4 hours
Scientists find the genetic code underlying limb growth
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne have discovered the gene code that sets the pace and order of fetal development. 4 hours
NUS researchers develop new device for quick and accurate screening of diseases
NEWS MEDICAL A multidisciplinary team of researchers at the National University of Singapore has developed a portable, easy-to-use device for quick and accurate screening of diseases. 4 hours
Researchers find way to map mysterious content of non-coding RNA
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers from the University of North Carolina have found a way of categorising long non-coding RNAs (lnc-RNAs) by their probable function. 6 hours
Zika virus vaccine shows promise for treatment of fatal glioblastoma
NEWS MEDICAL An international team of researchers has successfully deployed a Zika virus vaccine to target and kill human glioblastoma brain cancer stem cells, which had been transplanted into mice. 6 hours
Purifying Proteins from Mammalian Cell Culture
NEWS MEDICAL VIDEO In many cases mammalian cells are the only option to produce recombinant proteins with correct post-translational modifications, e.g. glycosylation, which are required for proper function of the therapeutic protein. 6 hours
Amyloid β protein makes comeback as therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease
NEWS MEDICAL For many years amyloid β protein was considered to be a promising therapeutic target in Alzheimer's disease but, for a long time, research results were very... 6 hours
Paper jam: California’s Medicaid program hits ‘print’ when the feds need info
NEWS MEDICAL In the shadow of Silicon Valley, the hub of the world's digital revolution, California officials still submit their records to the feds justifying billions... 6 hours
Researchers analyze how exposure to silver nanoparticles affects zebrafish
NEWS MEDICAL Silver nanoparticles are increasingly being used in consumer products, such as clothing and personal care products, in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, and in the food industry. 7 hours
Automatic relevance detection in ophthalmic surgery videos
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers from the fields of computer science and medicine are collaborating to make better use of microscopic videos that record surgical procedures relating to the eyes for the purpose of teaching, research and documentation. 7 hours
New compound could prevent malaria parasites from maturing inside mosquito
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers have identified compounds that could prevent malaria parasites from being able to infect mosquitoes, halting the spread of disease. 7 hours
Researchers study neuronal activity in brain that prevents individuals from doing physical activity
NEWS MEDICAL About 30% of adults and 80% of teenagers today do not meet the minimum levels of daily physical activity for staying healthy,... 7 hours
Muscle relaxants used during general anesthesia can increase risk of pulmonary complications
NEWS MEDICAL Muscle relaxants that are used during general anesthesia increase the risk of pulmonary complications after surgery, according to the European milicenter study POPULAR, in... 7 hours
Researchers analyze how zebrafish are affected by exposure to silver particles
NEWS MEDICAL Silver nanoparticles are increasingly being used in consumer products, such as clothing and personal care products, in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, and in the food... 7 hours
LEO Pharma and MorphoSys announce expansion of strategic alliance to develop peptide-derived drugs
NEWS MEDICAL LEO Pharma A/S, a global leader in medical dermatology, and MorphoSys AG today announced an expansion of their existing strategic alliance to... 7 hours
Day-tripping to the dispensary: Seniors in pain hop aboard the canna-bus
NEWS MEDICAL Shirley Avedon, 90,­­ had never been a cannabis user. But carpal tunnel syndrome that sends shooting pains into both of her hands and an aversion to... 7 hours
Researchers may be overlooking complexities in social relations of primates
NEWS MEDICAL Anyone who peruses relationship settings on social media knows that our interactions with other humans can be intricate, but a new study in Nature: Scientific Reports suggests that... 8 hours
KAIST researchers develop heart-targeting drug delivery technology using tannin acid
NEWS MEDICAL Typical methods of drug delivery to the heart require surgical procedures involving incisions in the chest wall and bones. 9 hours
Hospitalization after antibiotic initiation found to be higher for people with Alzheimer’s disease
NEWS MEDICAL Persons with Alzheimer's disease are more often hospitalized after antibiotic initiation than people without AD, a new study from the University of... 9 hours
People more likely to believe those with confident tone of voice than with accent
NEWS MEDICAL A recently published study shows that unless they speak in a confident tone of voice, you're less likely to believe... 10 hours
Outcome of ACL reconstruction related to the way you move post-surgery
NEWS MEDICAL A third of people who undergo ACL reconstruction surgery will have osteoarthritis in their injured knee within 10 years. Within two decades, nearly 50 percent will... 10 hours
Key signaling molecule that helps stem cells make healthy bone declines as we age
NEWS MEDICAL With age, expression of a small molecule that can silence others goes way up while a key signaling molecule that... 10 hours
Busyness can help people to make virtuous choices, research shows
NEWS MEDICAL Busyness is often thought of as a modern day affliction, but it can also help you delay gratification and make decisions that benefit you in the longer-term, according... 10 hours
People who have slept lesser than seven hours have higher risks of car crashes
NEWS MEDICAL A new study in SLEEP indicates that people who have slept for fewer than seven of the past 24 hours... 10 hours
UNC Health Care extends free access to virtual care service in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence
NEWS MEDICAL In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence and continued challenging conditions across much of the state, UNC... 10 hours
Study: Women exposed to trauma in their lives gave birth to underweight male infants
NEWS MEDICAL In the first study of its kind, researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have found significantly... 10 hours
Researchers identify key step in how plant cells respond to pathogens
NEWS MEDICAL Just like humans, plants have an immune system that helps them fight off infections. Plant immunity has some important differences: they don't make antibodies and can't... 10 hours
MoreGrasp reports breakthrough development of grasp neuroprosthetics activated by thought control
NEWS MEDICAL The beginning of the MoreGrasp project was marked by the idea of a groundbreaking further development of grasp neuroprosthetics activated by thought control. 10 hours
Lymphatic vessels surrounding the brain play crucial role in multiple sclerosis, research suggests
NEWS MEDICAL Lymphatic vessels that clean the brain of harmful material play a crucial role in the development and progression of multiple sclerosis, new... 10 hours
Alcon expands its global support of eye care professionals through Alcon Experience Academy
NEWS MEDICAL Alcon, the global leader in eye care and a division of Novartis, is expanding its extensive, global support of eye care professionals... 10 hours
Scientists to focus on length of time when a person is alive and healthy
NEWS MEDICAL Clinicians, scientists and public health professionals should proudly "declare victory" in their efforts to extend the human lifespan to its... 11 hours
New online tools aid surgeons and specialists who care for older people
NEWS MEDICAL The American Board of Medical Specialties and the American Geriatrics Society, with funding from The John A. Hartford Foundation, today unveiled one of the... 11 hours
Study examining mental health among students finds significant disparities in treatment across race
NEWS MEDICAL The first nationally representative study since the 1990s to examine mental health among college students of color, led by a Boston University... 11 hours
NIH funds CWRU to investigate new imaging approach for diagnosing peripheral arterial disease
NEWS MEDICAL Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine has received a three-year, $1,118,556 grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of... 11 hours
New fiber laser-based ultrasound sensor may have potential applications in medical diagnostics
NEWS MEDICAL By creating a new twist on fiber optic sensors, researchers in China have developed a smart, flexible photoacoustic imaging technique that may have potential... 11 hours
Researchers discover how plants harness microbes in soil to get nutrients
NEWS MEDICAL A Rutgers-led team has discovered how plants harness microbes in soil to get nutrients, a process that could be exploited to boost crop growth, fight weeds... 11 hours
Study highlights key role of migrating shoals of fish in sustaining deep-ocean microorganisms
NEWS MEDICAL The first in-depth analyses of dissolved organic carbon cycling in the Red Sea highlights the important role of migrating shoals of fish... 11 hours
Researchers identify issues in methodology used to analyze species abundance and population density
NEWS MEDICAL Inspired by the negative results in the recently published largest-scale analysis of the relation between population density and positions in geographic ranges... 11 hours
Brigham Genomic Medicine program unravels 30 medical mysteries
NEWS MEDICAL A table in a recently published paper tells the story of 30 families who have, sometimes after years of searching, finally received an answer about the condition that has plagued one or... 12 hours
Babies exposed to higher levels of organochlorine compounds in womb may have worse lung function
NEWS MEDICAL Babies exposed to higher levels of organochlorine compounds in the womb go on to have worse lung function... 12 hours
Neuroscientists identify circuit for brain's statistical inference about motion
NEWS MEDICAL As the eye tracks a bird flying past, the muscles that pan the eyeballs to keep the target in focus set their pace not only on the speed they see,... 12 hours
Logos Biosystems releases new electrophoretic tissue clearing system with twice the features in half the space
Logos Biosystems releases new electrophoretic tissue clearing system with twice the features in half the space
Logos Biosystems releases new electrophoretic tissue clearing system with twice the features in half the space
How honeybees maintain protective clumps under stressful conditions
Purifying Proteins from Mammalian Cell Culture
Detangling DNA replication
This Rapper Tried To Use Neuroscience To Get Over Her Ex
NASA data shows Florence brings torrential rains and record flooding to the Carolinas
TESS shares first science image in hunt to find new worlds
Earth's oldest animals formed complex ecological communities