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Bug-Sized Robot Competitors to Swarm DARPA's 'Robot Olympics'
LIVE SCIENCE Are you ready for the insect-sized-robot Olympics? 2 hours
Should Breast-Feeding Women Really Drink Guinness?
LIVE SCIENCE Is beer the route to better breast-feeding? 2 hours
Hidden Compartments in This Wrecked Confederate Submarine Could Solve a 150-Year-Old Mystery
LIVE SCIENCE The confederate sub sank with all crewmembers still at their posts, suggesting they never saw their demise coming. 16 hours
...Don't Drink the Mummy Juice
LIVE SCIENCE A petition is asking for a taste of the red liquid found in the massive Egyptian sarcophagus. 17 hours
Tropical Pink 'Sea Pickles' Are Invading the Waters of the Pacific Northwest
LIVE SCIENCE It's a totally tubular invasion. 17 hours
Do Brown Recluse Spider Bites Really Lead to Amputations?
LIVE SCIENCE While brown recluse spiders are venomous, their alleged bites are often wrongly identified. 18 hours
A Rare Condition Is Causing a Boy's Skin to Turn to 'Stone.' What Is Stiff Skin Syndrome?
LIVE SCIENCE A Colorado boy has an extremely rare condition that's causing his skin to harden... 18 hours
This $1.5 Million Project Aims to Count All the Cats in Washington, D.C.
LIVE SCIENCE One cat, two cat... red cat, blue cat 19 hours
Why Is Washington Spending 3 Years and $1.5 Million to Count Cats?
LIVE SCIENCE One cat, two cat... red cat, blue cat 19 hours
Blob-Like Sea Monster Washes Up on Maine Beach
LIVE SCIENCE What kind of sea monster is this? 21 hours
Last Survivor of Uncontacted Tribe, 'Man of the Hole' Is Spotted in the Amazon
LIVE SCIENCE Video footage shows the "Man of the Hole" chopping trees in the Amazon. 21 hours
Woman Tried to Treat Athlete’s Foot with Raw Garlic. It Burned Through Her Toe.
LIVE SCIENCE A woman in England learned the hard way that it's not safe to treat a foot fungus infection by covering... 24 hours
South Korean Company Claims Sunken Russian Warship Contains $132 Billion Worth of Gold
LIVE SCIENCE A 21st century rush for sunken treasure means rush for stock investments. 1 day
Century-Old Burials of 95 Convict Slaves Uncovered in Texas
LIVE SCIENCE Ninety-five burials found in Texas likely belong to African Americans who were forced to work on plantations in the state's convict-leasing system. 1 day
This Creepy Hole-Fish Is So Excited to Eat Literally Anything
LIVE SCIENCE Which unfortunate animal will wander too close to this ugly burrow fish's horrible mouth first? 1 day
Syphilis: Symptoms & Treatment
LIVE SCIENCE Syphilis is the third most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States. Nearly 28,000 cases of the most contagious stages of the disease were reported to the CDC in 2016. 2 days
Diabetes May Increase Risk for Cancer, Especially for Women
LIVE SCIENCE A new meta-analysis finds it might, especially for women. 2 days
That Massive Black Sarcophagus Was Opened. Here's What's Inside.
LIVE SCIENCE A massive black sarcophagus found in Egypt and dating to the time of Alexander the Great has been opened. 2 days
Your Earliest Memory Probably Never Happened
LIVE SCIENCE What is your first memory? 2 days
Mystery of Spiky-Skulled Utah Dinosaur Solved
LIVE SCIENCE When paleontologists in Utah first dug up the fossil of a spiky-skulled ankylosaur in Utah, they were perplexed. 2 days
Photos: Spiky-Headed Dinosaur Found in Utah, But It Has Asian Roots
LIVE SCIENCE A newly identified species of ankylosaur from Utah had an especially spiky skull. 2 days
Arctic Circle Burns As Record Heat Broils Northern Europe
LIVE SCIENCE Record temperatures are helping to turn northern Europe into a tinderbox. 2 days
This Robot Just Wants To Hug A Jellyfish Without Committing Jellymurder
LIVE SCIENCE Its designers hope the device will make it much easier to collect delicate animals in the ocean without hurting them. 2 days
'Alien' Mummy DNA Probe May Have Crossed Ethical Lines
LIVE SCIENCE Did DNA analysis of an "alien" mummy violate legal and ethical boundaries? 2 days
In Photos: Ireland's Newgrange Passage Tomb and Henge
LIVE SCIENCE A drone flyby has revealed a huge Neolithic henge near a passage tomb at Newgrange in Ireland. 2 days
Drone Reveals Massive Stonehenge-Like Circular Monument in Ireland
LIVE SCIENCE New finds in Ireland show the importance of ancient tombs and circular henges to Neolithic people, hundreds of years before the Egyptian pyramids were built. 2 days
Why the July 27 Lunar Eclipse Will Last So Freakishly Long
LIVE SCIENCE Some simple but fascinating science determines the length of each lunar (and solar) eclipse. 2 days
No, Caffeine Doesn't Help You Lose Weight
LIVE SCIENCE Some diet supplements that contain caffeine claim that the compound helps reduce appetite. Does it? 2 days
We Are Now Living in a New Geologic Age, Experts Say
LIVE SCIENCE We are all in the midst of a new geological age, experts say. 3 days
This Woman Stumbled into a 'Hobo Parsnip' Plant. Days Later, Her Legs Were Severely Burned.
LIVE SCIENCE When plants fight back, the results can be pretty painful. 3 days
More Pregnant Women Are Having Heart Attacks. But Why?
LIVE SCIENCE Women who are pregnant may not spend much time worrying about their own hearts, but a new study suggests they should. 3 days
Conservatives More Likely to Know 'the Meaning of Life' Than Liberals, Massive Study Finds
LIVE SCIENCE What's the meaning of life? That could depend on whom you voted for. 3 days
Salmon with a Side of Squirm: Woman Finds Wriggling Worm in Fillet
LIVE SCIENCE It's not the type of garnish you want on your salmon: a translucent, wriggling worm. 3 days
Oldest Fossil of a Baby Snake Discovered Trapped in Amber Tomb
LIVE SCIENCE A fossil of a baby snake entombed in amber dates to 99 million years ago. 3 days
Can Elon Musk Fix Flint's Water Problems?
LIVE SCIENCE The Michigan community of Flint has become a byword for lead poisoning. Elon Musk recently entered the fray. 3 days
Shroud of Turin Is a Fake, Bloodstains Suggest
LIVE SCIENCE Jesus' crucified body did not make the bloodstains seen on this holy cloth, scientists find. 3 days
Does Eating Beef Jerky Cause Psychiatric Symptoms? Not So Fast.
LIVE SCIENCE A new study makes some alarming claims about a relationship between cured meat consumption and bipolar mania, but a lot more research is necessary. 3 days
Butterflies Sip Turtle Tears in Stunning Video
LIVE SCIENCE VIDEO In the Amazon, when turtles weep, butterflies drink. 3 days
Why Do Crows Copulate with Corpses?
LIVE SCIENCE Get a room, you guys. 3 days
What Is Dry Cleaning?
LIVE SCIENCE Dry cleaning isn't "dry"; the process uses liquids other than water to clean fabrics. 4 days
This Big-Eyed, Deep-Sea Shark Looks Like an Anime Character
LIVE SCIENCE Alien, or anime character? Neither! It's Genie's dogfish — a new shark species named for the famous marine biologist, Eugenie Clark. 4 days
CDC Chief Says Son Nearly Died from Cocaine Laced with Fentanyl
LIVE SCIENCE The director of the largest U.S. public health agency reveals he has a personal reason for fighting the opioid epidemic. 4 days
Lava Bomb Slams Boat Tour in Hawaii, Injuring 23
LIVE SCIENCE A burning chunk of lava plummeted down and punctured the roof of an offshore Hawaiian tour boat yesterday (July 16), injuring 23 people who likely weren't expecting to get that... 4 days
Jupiter Now Has a Whopping 79 Moons
LIVE SCIENCE Scientists have discovered 12 previously unknown moons orbiting Jupiter, and one of them is a real oddball. 4 days
UK-Based Think Tank Says Editing Human Embryos Is 'Morally Permissible'
LIVE SCIENCE Could gene editing be used to cut out harmful genes in human embryos? 4 days
Why Does Pregnancy Cause Weird Dreams?
LIVE SCIENCE Do dreams really become more vivid and bizarre when you're pregnant? 4 days
Scientists May Have Wildly Underestimated the Giant Dinosaurs of the Ancient World
LIVE SCIENCE A new study of how plants grew in the environments of the dinosaur age offers some new clues about their populations. 4 days
12-Million-Ton Iceberg Threatens Greenland Village
LIVE SCIENCE VIDEO Residents of a small town on Greenland's western coast were evacuated after a giant iceberg parked itself nearby. 4 days
Right Again, Einstein: Special Relativity Works Even in Ghostly High-Energy Neutrinos
LIVE SCIENCE Einstein was right about things he didn't even know existed. 4 days
Liver Cancer Death Rates Rise As Overall Cancer Death Rates Fall in the US
LIVE SCIENCE Death rates from liver cancer have risen steadily since 2000, resulting in the disease going from the ninth-leading cause of... 4 days
Two NASA satellites confirm Tropical Cyclone Ampil's heaviest rainfall shift
NASA prepares to launch Parker Solar Probe, a mission to touch the Sun
What Hollywood gets right and wrong about hacking
Researchers report two-faced Janus membrane applications
'Storm chasers' on Mars searching for dusty secrets
Shallow reef species may not find refuge in deeper water habitats
Traveling to the sun: Why won't Parker Solar Probe melt?
Traveling to the sun: Why won't Parker Solar Probe melt?
Rapid cloud clearing phenomenon could provide another piece of climate puzzle
‘Smart plants’ could soon detect deadly radon and mold in your home
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