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Leak: New Google Chromecast will add Bluetooth and stronger Wi-Fi - CNET
CNET Google's sold over 55 million of these gadgets, and now a new version might be on the way. 2 days
Judge sets bail at $750K in cryptocurrency for alleged EA hacker - CNET
CNET Break out the bitcoin or stay locked up. 2 days
These 3D-printed habitats could support life on Mars video - CNET
CNET NASA held a competition to design a 3D-printed habitat that could support life on other planets. 2 days
11 settings to change on the Note 9 right away - CNET
CNET Your Note's default settings are cool and all, but a few tweaks make it so much better. 2 days
Possible Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 leaks suggest you can buy it next week - CNET
CNET VIDEO Shots of what really seem to be MSI GeForce RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti cards, possible specifications and... 2 days
NASA 'optimistic' Mars rover can survive that crazy dust storm - CNET
CNET As a global Mars dust storm eases, NASA listens for signs of life from the silent rover and hopes it hasn't suffered permanent damage. 2 days
Siri vs. Alexa vs. Google Assistant - CNET
CNET Three voice assistants are fighting for space in your smart home -- is there a clear winner? 2 days
Alexa update lets you watch Ring, Arlo, security camera alerts on your Echo Show - CNET
CNET Select Alexa-enabled security cameras now respond to the phrase, "Alexa, show the event that just happened... 2 days
Transform your Amazon Echo Dot with two new dock accessories - CNET
CNET Want to upgrade your Amazon Echo Dot into an alarm clock? A mood light, maybe? 2 days
Gmail Confidential Mode lets you send top-secret emails on your phone - CNET
CNET This email will self-destruct in 3...2...1 2 days
Apple is rethinking the hearing aid -- and now Android is, too. - CNET
CNET Hearing aids could get way smarter with official Android support from Google. 2 days
AutoComplete: Shelby American releases a fancy, expensive Mustang GT video - Roadshow
CNET Plus: Tesla sues a Canadian province and Kroger lets robots deliver groceries. 2 days
The one thing nobody understands about MoviePass - CNET
CNET Commentary: This is why MoviePass died. At least the MoviePass we loved. 2 days
Chrome game invites you to yell 'Enhance!' at your computer screen - CNET
CNET Zoom in. Zoom in. Enhance. Enhance! Now you're Harrison Ford in Blade Runner. 2 days
Audi ditches manual transmissions in US because nobody bought them - Roadshow
CNET The A4 and the A5 were the last holdouts, but the take rate for the stick shift was hilariously low. 2 days
5 quick tips to speed up a slow PC video - CNET
CNET It's so frustrating having a slow computer. Here are five quick things you can do to speed it up. 2 days
PUBG on mobile hits 100 million downloads as Fortnite rolls to Android - CNET
CNET The original battle royale hit makes a milestone. 2 days
HTC U12 Plus fires up in 'flame red' - CNET
CNET If you've been waiting for a brilliant reason to buy the phone, the new autumnal-hued model may qualify. 3 days
Porsche teases Taycan EV, promises 60 mph in 3.5 seconds - Roadshow
CNET Porsche's first battery-electric vehicle promises to be quite the athlete. 3 days
Star Wars Resistance shows Poe Dameron, BB-8 giving out a new mission video - CNET
CNET The anime-style Star Wars Resistance, which takes place before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, puts new spy Kazuda... 3 days
First Samsung 8K TV may launch this month - CNET
CNET One really big sign to points to Samsung unveiling a real 8K TV at IFA 2018. 3 days
Senators ask Facebook, Twitter, Google to block 3D-printed gun blueprints - CNET
CNET Facebook has already said it'll ban sites that share and host the designs. Will others follow suit? 3 days
Star Wars Resistance trailer shows Poe Dameron and a new spy - CNET
CNET The anime-style show premieres Oct. 7 on Disney Channel. 3 days
OnePlus 6T will launch with T-Mobile, the first US carrier partner - CNET
CNET Don't worry, there's still a global version that will launch at the same time in October. 3 days
Microsoft's Gamescom livestream -- watch it here - CNET
CNET We don't expect to see new hardware, but there should be some cool previews of upcoming games. 3 days
Take selfies from the sky with the DJI Spark: Just $250 - CNET
CNET That's the lowest price to date on DJI's amazingly capable quadcopter, which can be controlled using just your hands. Plus: two bonus... 3 days
How does the 2019 Ford Ranger's price stack up to its rivals? - Roadshow
CNET The midsize truck segment is heating up again after a long period of cooling off and we're curious how the... 3 days
5 unexpected things you can make in an Instant Pot - CNET
CNET It's good for more than just making dinner. 3 days
The Ford Mustang Cobra Jet returns as an eight-second machine - Roadshow
CNET An NHRA-certified roll cage and FIA-spec seats are only two parts of what make this car special. 3 days
Tesla takes Ontario to court over cancelled EV incentives - Roadshow
CNET The lawsuit focuses on an exception made for traditional dealerships, which Tesla does not use. 3 days
T-Mobile will sell the OnePlus 6T in October - CNET
CNET This marks the first big US carrier partnership for OnePlus. 3 days
Bitcoin scams using celebrity images are on the rise, watchdog says - CNET
CNET Trendy addresses are also being used to convince people to invest. 3 days
How to watch Dota 2's The International, the biggest esports event of the year - CNET
CNET Nearly $25 million is on the line at this year's tournament. 3 days
New 2018 iPhone, iPhone X Plus, iPhone 9: All the rumors on price, specs, release date - CNET
CNET There's talk of a big one, a less-expensive one and one with... 3 days
Asus takes a little off the sides for its new ROG gaming laptops - CNET
CNET Acer's thinner-and-lighter ROG Zephyrus S and big-display-little-bezel 17-inch Strix Scar II debut at Gamescom 2018. 3 days
Google One launches, Amazon may get into theaters video - CNET
CNET In today's most important stories, Google's storage plans get a name change along with some new features. Also, a report says Amazon could be picking up... 3 days
Kroger's autonomous grocery delivery kicks off in Arizona - Roadshow
CNET Nuro's driverless pods won't show up until the fall, though -- it'll be a self-driving Prius before then. 3 days
Shelby American relaunches the Shelby GT Mustang for 2019 - Roadshow
CNET With a bunch of styling tweaks and a little extra performance, it could be the answer to your dad's case of late-middle-age ennui. 3 days
2019 Shelby American Shelby GT: Nostalgia with a warranty - Roadshow
CNET The Shelby GT adds a little style and a dash of power for a bunch more money. 3 days
The day my Twitter account was hacked and left to rot in the sun - CNET
CNET VIDEO Commentary: It was a rough day. My nephew hit me in the balls with a tetherball.... 3 days
Summer, winter or all-season tires: What’s the difference? - Roadshow
CNET When it comes to making the best tire choice, it all comes down to weather. 3 days
Disenchantment is the Futurama of fantasy, almost - CNET
CNET Groening's new Netflix cartoon has fun taking aim at fantasy tropes, but it could use more lunacy. 3 days
These are first 7 Alexa skills you should enable - CNET
CNET The ever-growing world of Alexa skills can be daunting. Here are the seven you should give a go first. 3 days
Watch this robot chop through a wood block video - CNET
CNET The Centauro robot is designed to help in disaster situations, but it can also do karate. 3 days
Black Hat and Defcon cybersecurity experts share tips on how to protect yourself - CNET
CNET Here’s what people at the annual “hacker summer camp” think you need to do. 3 days
Apple Watch 4: Rumored specs, leaks, price, release date - CNET
CNET Will the fourth time around be the biggest change ever? 3 days
Can digital weights get you ripped? Tonal thinks so - CNET
CNET This weight machine has the strength of a bodybuilder, fits on your wall and could get you in shape faster than the gym. 3 days
OnePlus 6T will launch in October with T-Mobile as US partner - CNET
CNET The small Chinese phone maker nabs its first partnership with a US carrier. 3 days
Maingear F131 is liquid-cooled PC gaming like you've never seen - CNET
CNET No, this isn't a flux capacitor. It's Maingear's F131, an amazingly engineered PC packed with a custom APEX liquid-cooling block. 3 days
Short Story Dispenser shows print is not dead - CNET
CNET Francis Ford Coppola liked the machine so much, he bought one. 3 days
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Photos: Apple welcomes customers to new stores at Orland Square Mall, Irvine Spectrum Center
HBO has picked up its Watchman show for a full season
Roy Orbison died 30 years ago but will perform a Toronto concert - as a hologram
Roy Orbison died 30 years ago but will perform a Toronto concert - as a hologram
Tesla eyes cost savings so it can make $25,000 cars in three years, Elon Musk tells MKBHD
Alphabet Scoop 020: Made by Google Smart Display, Pixel 2 XL sluggishness, Material Theme
Netflix testing ads for its own content in between episodes on ad-free service
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