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PlayStation Now Adds The Ability To Download PS4, PS2 Games
CINEMA BLEND Gamers are now able to download PS2 and PS4 games and play them offline... but there's... 2 days
Evidence PUBG May Be Coming To PS4
CINEMA BLEND Microsoft decided snag exclusivity rights for the game for the Xbox One, bringing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to the console at the end of... 2 days
Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson Clapped Back At Haters Telling Her To Smile
CINEMA BLEND Don't mess with Brie Larson. 2 days
The PlayStation Vita Is Officially Coming To An End
CINEMA BLEND It was recently made clear that the PlayStation Vita's waning support in recent years was a sign of... 2 days
Why The Raid 3 Isn’t Going To Happen, According To The Director
CINEMA BLEND In 2011, film-goers worldwide got their ass-kicked by the cinematic experience that was writer/director Gareth Evans' The Raid... but if you were hoping for... 2 days
Check Out Robert Englund's Return As Freddy Krueger For ABC's The Goldbergs
CINEMA BLEND The Goldbergs will be hosting Robert Englund's return as Freddy Krueger. Find out why. 2 days
Halo Infinite Won't Offer Loot Boxes For Real Cash
CINEMA BLEND Hot on the heels of news that Halo Infinite will include microtransactions, studio head Chris Lee has taken... 2 days
Twitch Has Been Blocked In China
CINEMA BLEND Twitch is no longer available in China, suddenly pulled from the iOS App Store in the midst of a unique time for games and... 2 days
Giant Harry Potter Wands Have Showed Up In London, And It’s Awesome
CINEMA BLEND Guess it's time to brush up on your wand spells and head to London Harry Potter fans. 2 days
Chris Hemsworth's New Men In Black Video Might Make You Dizzy
CINEMA BLEND Chris Hemsworth spins our heads right round, baby, right round. 2 days
Benedict Wong's Avengers 4 Photo Is Deeply Unsettling
CINEMA BLEND This picture has made us all very uncomfortable. 2 days
Giant Harry Potter Wants Have Showed Up In London, And It’s Awesome
CINEMA BLEND Guess it's time to brush up on your wand spells and head to London Harry Potter fans. 2 days
One Batman Writer's Blunt Opinion About Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Movie
CINEMA BLEND What does a man who has actually written Batman and Joker stories think about Joaquin Phoenix... 2 days
Why Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo Was Able To Push For Her Big Raise
CINEMA BLEND Ellen Pompeo's deal has gotten plenty of press for her... 2 days
The Room's Tommy Wiseau Wants To Clarify A Few Things About The Cult Favorite
CINEMA BLEND Tommy Wiseau wants to clear the air about... 2 days
America's Got Talent Finalist Arrested For Domestic Violence A Day After The Finale
CINEMA BLEND A finalist on America's Got Talent has been arrested for... 2 days
Chucky’s Creator Just Threw Shade At The Child’s Play Reboot
CINEMA BLEND He's not the Good Guy you know and love, and now Chucky creator and Child's Play... 2 days
Star Wars' Holochess Game Was Really Thought Out
CINEMA BLEND The game's appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story was filled with happy accidents. 2 days
Captain Marvel’s Annette Bening Isn’t Sure What She’s Allowed To Say About The Movie
CINEMA BLEND Anette Benning isn't up on Marvel security. 2 days
New Halloween Trailer Features Michael Myers Without His Mask
CINEMA BLEND Michael is coming, and it looks like we'll see a more intimate look at the character than fans... 2 days
More Evidence A Nintendo 64 Classic May Be On The Horizon
CINEMA BLEND Rumors and discussion about the N64 Classic Edition are no longer just rumors and... 3 days
Henry Cavill’s 7 Best Superman Moments So Far
CINEMA BLEND Whether or not Henry Cavill appears in the DCEU again, we figured now is as good a time as any... 3 days
Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Reveals Some Of The Post-Release Free Content
CINEMA BLEND It was recently announced exactly what sort of post-launch content... 3 days
Kingsman 3 Is Definitely Happening
CINEMA BLEND The zany spy series is returning to once again save the world and look good doing it. 3 days
New Amsterdam Review: Ryan Eggold's New NBC Medical Drama Is Poignant And Emotional
CINEMA BLEND The Blacklist's Ryan Eggold makes his return to television in... 3 days
The 12 Greatest Big Bang Theory Guest Stars, Ranked
CINEMA BLEND We can't wait for Fillion's big appearance on the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory, but in the... 3 days
America's Got Talent Winner Shin Lim Shared His Most Memorable Moments From The Season
CINEMA BLEND Shin Lim shared his standout moments from his... 3 days
New Venom Clip Shows Eddie Brock Confronting The Movie’s Villain
CINEMA BLEND Strangely enough, Venom's not the main villain of this story. 3 days
Why Keira Knightley Probably Won't Appear In Another Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie
CINEMA BLEND The actress who was such a huge part of the... 3 days
Capcom Closes Dead Rising Studio
CINEMA BLEND Despite the fact that things are looking pretty great for Capcom right now, the publisher has decided to close its Vancouver studio, the folks behind recent... 3 days
Do We Really Need All These Retro Consoles?
CINEMA BLEND The "classic console" market has become as crowded as the actual console market. 3 days
The Bizarre Cameo We Might See In DC's Harley Quinn And Joker Team-Up Movie
CINEMA BLEND No, we're not kidding about this one. 3 days
Kenan Thompson Has A New NBC Show In The Works, But What About SNL?
CINEMA BLEND SNL's Kenan Thompson landed a new gig that... 3 days
Telltale Games Lays Off Majority Of Staff, Begins Process Of Shutting Down
CINEMA BLEND After swapping out the CEO, restructuring the entire studio and culling a lot of properties from the line-up, things still didn't quite turn around... 3 days
Why Daredevil's Showrunner Is Pumped To Bring Wilson Fisk Back For Season 3
CINEMA BLEND Daredevil is bringing Wilson Fisk back for Season 3 and... 3 days
Apparently Not Even Marvel Studios' Co-President Understands That Avengers 4 Photo
CINEMA BLEND Marvel fans aren't the only ones trying to puzzle out the Russo Brother's cryptic... 3 days
Upcoming Live-Action Disney Movies: Remakes From Aladdin To Dumbo
CINEMA BLEND Disney made their name producing animated features based on classic fairy tales. Today they're making a killing making... 3 days
Captain Marvel Fan Theory Suggests Thunderbolt Ross Is A Skrull
CINEMA BLEND Could Hulk's arch-nemesis actually be an alien in disguise? 3 days
Nick Cannon And Kanye West's Beef Is Really Heating Up
CINEMA BLEND Kanye West and Nick Cannon are the latest celebrities to potentially be feuding with each other,... 3 days
Adam Sandler's Netflix Comedy Special Has A Release Date And First Look Video
CINEMA BLEND Here's when you can expect to see Adam Sandler back... 3 days
Deadpool 2’s Zazie Beetz Is Seriously Psyched About Working With Joaquin Phoenix On Joker Movie
CINEMA BLEND Maybe a little luck rubbed off... 3 days
The Defenders Could Possibly Return For Season 2 With Big Changes, According To Jeph Loeb
CINEMA BLEND The head of Marvel television cleared... 3 days
See Chucky's New Look For The Child's Play Reboot
CINEMA BLEND The Good Guy doll is getting an update for the upcoming reboot of the classic horror film. 3 days
Sister Act 3 Apparently Won’t Have Much Whoopi Goldberg
CINEMA BLEND There is currently a third Sister Act movie being developed, but it turns out that Goldberg won't be... 3 days
Hulu New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Coming To Hulu Streaming In October 2018
CINEMA BLEND Buckle up for an interesting October in your... 3 days
Ex-Home And Family Host Is Suing Hallmark Channel For Wrongful Termination
CINEMA BLEND A former host of Hallmark's Home & Family is suing the network. 3 days
Marvel's Eternals Movie Just Took A Big Step Forward
CINEMA BLEND It's looking more likely that the Eternals will be brought to the MCU soon. 3 days
Luke’s Final Thoughts In Star Wars: The Last Jedi Are Heartbreaking And Beautiful
CINEMA BLEND Bring some tissues when reading Marvel's _The Last Jedi _comic... 3 days
HeroBlend #23: Captain Marvel Trailer Reactions, Disney's Streaming Service And Avengers 4 Teases
CINEMA BLEND Welcome to HeroBlend #23! The time is now, folks. After... 3 days
Supernatural Trailer Sets Up A Mysterious And Exciting Season 14
CINEMA BLEND Watch Supernatural's mysterious and exciting trailer for Season 14! 3 days
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