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Sex in plants requires thrust
SCIENCE DAILY In plants, to fertilize the egg, the pollen tube (which is between 1/20 and 1/5 of the width of a human hair) has to navigate through a maze of tissue, no matter what obstacles it encounters. Thanks to... 7 hours
Ancient Egyptian 'Magic Spell' Deciphered
LIVE SCIENCE An ancient Egyptian papyrus with an image showing two bird-like creatures, possibly with a penis connecting them, has been deciphered, revealing a magic spell of love. 9 hours
LGBT community reports more number of poor mental health days than general population
NEWS MEDICAL The local LGBT community reports twice the number of poor mental health days as the general population of Richmond and Columbia Counties,... 20 hours
Views of minority women on gender, race/ethnicity may affect how they seek help for health needs
NEWS MEDICAL Black women are more likely to be diagnosed at later stages of breast cancer partly due... 20 hours
Australia's HIV diagnoses hit seven year low
NEWS MEDICAL According to latest numbers from the Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), the rates of HIV are on the rise among heterosexuals in Australia. 24 hours
Should All Nobel Prizes Be Canceled for a Year?
LIVE SCIENCE This year's Nobel Prize for literature was nixed because of a sex scandal. Other Nobels have neglected key contributors. Should all prizes be cancelled while criteria for winning is reassessed? 3 days
Study explores connection between sexuality and cognitive status in older adults
NEWS MEDICAL The number of people who live at home with Alzheimer's Disease (AD), a brain disease that causes abnormal changes that kill brain cells, is expected to... 3 days
Mediterranean Diet Reduces Risk of Incident Stroke: Study
SCI-NEWS.COM A new study reveals that a traditional Mediterranean-style diet reduces stroke risk among white adults who are at high risk... 4 days
Straight up? DIY colonoscopy among weird science at Tokyo show
PHYS.ORG A gadget to "translate" dog barks for humans, a "babypod" that plays music inside the mother's vagina for unborn babies and the world's first self-colonoscopy method were among... 4 days
Comment on "U-Th dating of carbonate crusts reveals Neandertal origin of Iberian cave art"
Science Magazine Hoffmann et al. (Reports, 23 February 2018, p. 912) report the discovery of parietal art older than 64,800 years and... 4 days
Medical News Today: Signs and symptoms of STDs in men
MNT Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), or sexually transmitted infections (STIs), can affect anyone, but some symptoms are different for men and women. In this article, we look at the... 4 days
'Penis bones' – an evolutionary puzzle explained using innovative 3-D scanning
PHYS.ORG For ferrets, sex is a prolonged affair. In total, the act of mating might last up to three hours. Fortunately for the males of the species,... 5 days
Genetic polymorphisms linked with muscle injury and stiffness
NEWS MEDICAL To test whether sex-related genetic polymorphisms are associated with muscle injury and stiffness, Noriyuki Fuku from Juntendo University and colleagues report in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise that... 5 days
Up to children in rainbow families to explain their background
PHYS.ORG Schools and other institutions such as churches and children's sport clubs have limited knowledge about how to deal with children growing up in rainbow families. According to a... 5 days
Mediterranean-style diet appears to reduce stroke risk in women
NEWS MEDICAL One of the largest and longest-running efforts to evaluate the potential benefits of the Mediterranean-style diet in lowering risk of stroke found that the diet may be especially protective in... 5 days
Why Women Are Still Attracted to 'Benevolently Sexist' Men
LIVE SCIENCE But researchers have also revealed a paradox: Women prefer men who behave in ways that could be described as benevolently sexist over those who don't. 5 days
Pufferfish 'Artist' Crafts Intricate Sand Wheel in Captivating Video
LIVE SCIENCE Mating time offers Japanese pufferfish a chance to demonstrate their artistic side. 5 days
1,000-Foot-Long Spider Web Is Just a Summer Orgy, Expert Says
LIVE SCIENCE Don't worry; it's for mating. 5 days
Characterization of pregnancy microbiome reveals variations in bacterial diversity
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers performed detailed whole-community sequencing on the microbial communities of three maternal body sites (vagina, gut, and oral cavity) over the course of pregnancy from the first trimester through delivery... 5 days
Fly mating choices may help explain variation across species
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have shed new light on the impact of sexual selection on species diversity after studying the mating rituals of dance flies. 5 days
Former exec sues Spotify over boys-only events and pay
PHYS.ORG A former sales executive is suing Spotify for gender discrimination and equal pay violations, saying executives organized "boys' trips" that excluded women and that the company paid men more for... 5 days
NSF spells out new sexual harassment policy: Talk to us
Science Magazine New rules require universities to notify the National Science Foundation of harassment findings or administrative actions against grantees 5 days
Why women – including feminists – are still attracted to 'benevolently sexist' men
PHYS.ORG If a man offers to help a woman with her heavy suitcase or to parallel park her car, what should she make... 6 days
What does it mean to be cisgender?
PHYS.ORG As a term and concept, "transgender" is now firmly embedded in common parlance and popular consciousness. In Australia in the last few weeks alone there have been major news stories about transgender footballer Hannah... 6 days
Male dance flies found to favor females with bigger abdominal air sacs
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers with the University of Toronto and the University of Stirling has found that male dance flies prefer to mate with... 6 days
Why some animals still have a penis bone
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in the U.K. has found a possible explanation for why some animals still have a penis bone—"prolonged intromission." In their paper published in Proceedings... 6 days
Women with high levels of anti-Müllerian hormone more likely to develop breast cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Having high levels of anti-Müllerian hormone – a hormone that indicates the size of a woman’s ovarian reserve – before the menopause... 6 days
Antarctic glacier gets new name in wake of sexual harassment finding
Science Magazine Name no longer honors Boston University geologist 6 days
Antarctica glacier gets new name in wake of sexual harassment finding
Science Magazine Name no longer honors Boston University geologist 6 days
NIH director expresses concern but offers no new policy on sexual harassment for grantees
Science Magazine Francis Collins says agency’s hands are tied for legal reasons 6 days
World’s largest general science society OKs stripping honors from scientists found to be sexual harassers
Science Magazine AAAS adopts new rules for removing society’s fellows found to have committed misconduct 6 days
Most prior research on discrimination looked at adults, study says
PHYS.ORG Racial and ethnic discrimination takes a toll on adolescents and is linked to their depression, poor self-esteem, lower academic achievement, substance use and risky sexual behavior, according to... 7 days
Facebook allows gender-biased job ads on its platfor
PHYS.ORG The ACLU accused Facebook of discrimination, saying the company violated federal and state laws prohibiting businesses from excluding women from job ads. 7 days
ACLU says Facebook allows gender discrimination in ads
PHYS.ORG The ACLU is accusing Facebook of discrimination, saying the company violated federal and state laws prohibiting businesses from excluding women from job ads. 7 days
The migration of same-sex couples to the suburbs is shaping the fight for LGBT equality
PHYS.ORG This summer, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling in the most important case involving same-sex marriage since... 7 days
Researchers Explore Gender Disparities In The Art World
NPR A study of nearly 2 million art auction sales show paintings by women fetch less money than paintings by men. Gender disparities that plague many parts of the economy also affect the... 7 days
Undiagnosed STIs can increase negative PMS symptoms
SCIENCE DAILY Women that have undiagnosed sexually transmitted infections may be at greater risk of experiencing negative premenstrual symptoms (PMS), according to new research. 1 week
Sperm quality study updates advice for couples trying to conceive
SCIENCE DAILY New clinical and molecular evidence shows sperm quality and reproductive outcomes are improved when semen is provided after just 1-3 hours of abstinence. 1 week
Medical News Today: Typical testosterone levels in males and females
MNT Testosterone levels vary depending on a person’s sex, age, and physical activity levels. Testosterone levels that are too high or too low may cause a range of potential... 1 week
New research on sperm quality updates advice for couples trying to conceive
NEWS MEDICAL Could doctors at fertility clinics be giving men bad advice? Dr. Da Li and Dr. XiuXia Wang, who are clinician-researchers at the Center for... 1 week
Micronizing ocean plastics threaten sea turtle populations, ocean life cycle
PHYS.ORG Ingestion of degrading ocean plastics likely poses a substantial risk to the survival of post-hatchling sea turtles because the particles can lead to blockages and nutritional deficiencies, according... 1 week
Women with undiagnosed STIs may be at greater risk of negative premenstrual symptoms
NEWS MEDICAL Women that have undiagnosed sexually transmitted infections may be at greater risk of experiencing negative premenstrual symptoms, according to new Oxford University... 1 week
Doctors group recommends support for transgender children
ABC NEWS A doctors group is taking a stand in support of transgender children 1 week
Mechanically active materials in three-dimensional mesostructures
Science Magazine Complex, three-dimensional (3D) mesostructures that incorporate advanced, mechanically active materials are of broad, growing interest for their potential use in many emerging systems. The technology implications range from precision-sensing microelectromechanical systems, to tissue scaffolds that exploit... 1 week
The youngest sex chromosomes on the block, and how to test a Zika vaccine without Zika cases
Science Magazine Strawberries had both male and female parts, like most plants, until several million years... 2 weeks
Scientific institutions continue to lag behind the #TimesUp movement
SCIENCE DAILY Scientific and medical institutions must fundamentally reconsider how they address sexual harassment in the workplace, experts argue in a new article. 2 weeks
"I have a sense that it's probably quite bad... but because I don't see it, I don't know"
PHYS.ORG Lad culture in English universities is often perceived by university staff as... 2 weeks
A model to predict and quantify racism, sexism, and other unequal treatment
SCIENCE DAILY A new paper cuts to the heart of messy social interactions with a set of computational models to quantify and predict unequal treatment. 2 weeks
Doctor to the stars disciplined over use of controversial menopause therapy
ABC NEWS This story is from Kaiser Health News. A Santa Monica doctor who touted a controversial menopause therapy on the Oprah Winfrey Network and received testimonials for her work... 2 weeks
New generation of working parents demand a better deal on shared parental leave
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Despite widespread belief that men should be as involved as women in all aspects of childcare, they are both still largely playing... 2 weeks
Transforming gender relations the key to flourishing in older age, researchers say
PHYS.ORG Experts from the University of Warwick have contributed to new thinking on tackling inequalities associated with older age in lower and middle income countries. 2 weeks
Doctor to the stars disciplined over use of controversial menopause therapy
NEWS MEDICAL VIDEO In a conversation with Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, the Duchess of York, that aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Dr. Prudence Hall said age isn't what determines... 2 weeks
For teens, trans boys are more likely to attempt suicide than others: Study
ABC NEWS Transgender boys face a higher risk of suicide than other teens, a new study found. 2 weeks
Medical News Today: What to know about transvaginal ultrasounds
MNT A transvaginal ultrasound is an imaging scan that doctors use to examine the inside of a person’s pelvic region. By inserting a scope into the vaginal canal, the doctor can... 2 weeks
Transgender adolescents have greatest risk for attempting suicide, study finds
NEWS MEDICAL Research has shown that transgender adolescents are at greater risk for attempting suicide than cisgender teens, who identify with the gender they are assigned at birth. A new... 2 weeks
Good cop, bad cop?
PHYS.ORG When police officer Jason Van Dyke shot Laquan McDonald in 2014, he already had more than 20 civilian allegations lodged against him for police misconduct, dating back to 2000. 2 weeks
New generation of working parents demand a better deal on shared parental leave
Doctor to the stars disciplined over use of controversial menopause therapy
Peacock Spider's Mating Dance
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