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Scientists detect radio echoes of a black hole feeding on a star
MIT Signals suggest black hole emits a jet of energy proportional to the stellar material it gobbles up. 37 minutes
Low sperm count not just a problem for fertility
SCIENCE DAILY A man's semen count is a marker of his general health, according to the largest study to date evaluating semen quality, reproductive function and metabolic risk in men referred for... 3 hours
Breastfeeding may protect high-birthweight infants from childhood obesity
SCIENCE DAILY Breastfeeding may protect high-birthweight infants from having overweight or obesity as children, new research suggests. 3 hours
New diabetes drug may help people with obesity lose weight
SCIENCE DAILY A compound that mimics a naturally occurring hormone that regulates appetite may help people who have obesity but not diabetes to lose weight, a new study suggests. 3 hours
Overeating during breastfeeding may affect the health of offspring
SCIENCE DAILY Mothers who overeat during the period when they are breastfeeding may have children who are at increased risk of becoming obese and going through early puberty, a new study of... 3 hours
Dimethandrolone undecanoate shows promise as a male birth control pill
SCIENCE DAILY A new birth control pill for men appears to be safe when used daily for a month, with hormone responses consistent with effective contraception, study researchers say. 3 hours
Hormone imbalance may explain higher diabetes rates in sleep-deprived men
SCIENCE DAILY Studies have found an association between insufficient sleep and the development of insulin resistance, one of the factors that cause type 2 diabetes, and now researchers have discovered... 3 hours
Race, pre-pregnancy BMI may help predict maternal weight gain
SCIENCE DAILY Race and pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI) both affect leptin and adiponectin levels, and leptin levels in mid-pregnancy may be an important predictor of weight gain during pregnancy, new research... 3 hours
tiangong 1 space laboratory to fall to earth in about 2 3 weeks Tiangong-1 Space Laboratory to Fall to Earth in About 2-3 Weeks
ASTRO WATCH New calculations made by Aerospace Corporation and ESA indicate that China’s disabled Tiangong-1 space... 7 hours
Chemicals in lavender and tea tree oil appear to be hormone disruptors
SCIENCE DAILY A new study lends further evidence to a suspected link between abnormal breast growth in young boys -- called prepubertal gynecomastia -- and regular... 6 hours
Death penalty for drug traffickers part of Trump opioid plan
ABC NEWS President Donald Trump's plan to combat opioid drug addiction calls for stiffer penalties for drug traffickers, including the death penalty where it's appropriate under current law 4 hours
Experts issue recommendations to improve testosterone prescribing practices
SCIENCE DAILY New scientific evidence has strengthened the case for reserving testosterone therapy for well-documented cases of hypogonadism, a condition where the body does not produce enough testosterone, experts concluded in an updated Clinical... 6 hours
Estrogen may reduce disordered eating in female athletes with irregular periods
SCIENCE DAILY Giving one year of estrogen replacement to female athletes with exercise-induced menstrual irregularities improves drive for thinness, body dissatisfaction and uncontrolled eating, a new study finds. 6 hours
Exposure to low levels of BPA during pregnancy can lead to altered brain development
SCIENCE DAILY New research in mice provides an explanation for how exposure to the widely used chemical bisphenol A (BPA) during pregnancy,... 6 hours
E-cigarettes may lead to accumulation of fat in the liver
SCIENCE DAILY Using e-cigarettes may lead to an accumulation of fat in the liver, a study of mice exposed to the devices suggests. 4 hours
Consuming low-calorie sweeteners may predispose overweight individuals to diabetes
SCIENCE DAILY Consumption of low-calorie sweeteners could promote metabolic syndrome and predispose people to prediabetes and diabetes, particularly in individuals with obesity, a new study on human fat-derived stem cells and fat... 5 hours
In BRCA mutation carriers, obesity is linked with increased DNA damage
SCIENCE DAILY Being obese or having a higher body mass index (BMI) while carrying a BRCA (BReast CAncer gene) mutation is positively linked with higher levels of damage... 4 hours
High-energy breakfast promotes weight loss
SCIENCE DAILY In patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes, a meal schedule that includes a high-energy breakfast promotes weight loss, improves diabetes and decreases the need for insulin, new research reports. 5 hours
Mediterranean diet is linked to higher muscle mass, bone density after menopause
SCIENCE DAILY The heart-healthy Mediterranean diet also appears to be good for an older woman's bones and muscles, a new study of postmenopausal women in Brazil... 5 hours
Stem cell therapy may help reverse effects of premature menopause, restore fertility
SCIENCE DAILY Young women with premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) may be able to use their own bone marrow stem cells to rejuvenate their ovaries and avoid... 5 hours
Interactive virtual reality enhances physicians' treatment planning of complex conditions
SCIENCE DAILY Interactive virtual reality (VR) brings medical images to life on screen, showing interventional radiologists a patient's unique internal anatomy to help physicians effectively prepare and tailor their approach... 6 hours
Prenatal exposure to plasticizer may affect male fertility in future generations
SCIENCE DAILY Chemicals found in a variety of routinely used consumer products may be contributing to the substantial drop in sperm counts and sperm quality among men in... 6 hours
FDA looks to remove nicotine from cigarettes
NEWS MEDICAL Smoking kills thousands each year and in a bid to reduce the impact of smoking the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a tobacco regulation plan. This new plan is essentially simple – it... 8 hours
Platypus milk may help combat antibiotic resistance
NEWS MEDICAL According to researchers, milk obtained from the duck-billed platypus could soon be used to fight antibiotic resistance. The new study report was published in the journal Structural Biology Communications. 8 hours
Measles alert after two passengers with the disease fly into US
NEWS MEDICAL Vulnerable persons who have not been vaccinated for measles and have been through airports in Newark, New Jersey, Detroit and Memphis this month are being warned... 8 hours
UK lawmaker: Facebook misled Parliament over data leak risk
PHYS.ORG A British lawmaker accused Facebook on Sunday of misleading officials by downplaying the risk of users' data being shared without their consent, after a former employee of data firm Cambridge... 8 hours
UN schemes to save forests 'can trample on tribal rights'
PHYS.ORG The only UN-approved financial mechanism to curb deforestation, a key driver of global warming, has bulldozed the rights of forest-dwelling peoples on three continents and needs to be... 8 hours
UK lawmaker says Facebook misled Parliament over leaked data
PHYS.ORG The head of the British Parliament's media committee says Facebook misled lawmakers by downplaying the risk of users' data being shared without their consent. 8 hours
US investigating deadly Hyundai, Kia airbag failures
PHYS.ORG The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into a series of deadly crashes in which airbags in Hyundai and Kia cars failed to inflate. 8 hours
Indian airports stretched as passengers reach new heights
PHYS.ORG India's airports are struggling to cope with a massive surge in passenger numbers and billions of dollars must be spent to boost their capacity, analysts have warned. 8 hours
Facebook sorry for blocking Delacroix masterpiece over nudity
PHYS.ORG Facebook admitted on Sunday making a mistake after it banned an advert featuring French artist Eugene Delacroix's famous work, "Liberty Leading the People," because it depicts a bare-breasted woman. 8 hours
Expect a Warm, Wet Spring Across the US
LIVE SCIENCE Even so, regions hit by drought will see little relief, NOAA forecasts. 13 hours
Medical News Today: When is the best time to drink water?
MNT Drinking water at any time of day helps someone to rehydrate. However, if they drink it at certain times of the day, there may be other... 12 hours
Women in Poland protest plans to tighten anti-abortion law
ABC NEWS Women across Poland have staged protests before bishops' residencies against the influential Roman Catholic Church's urging an abortion ban 13 hours
Photos: These Animals Used to Be Giants
LIVE SCIENCE These animals used to be giant. 15 hours
Medical News Today: What causes a cyst in your earlobe?
MNT When skin cells multiply instead of shedding, cysts may form. Learn more about how earlobe cysts are removed, as well as causes, risks, and home remedies. 14 hours
On This Day In Space! March 18, 1980: Soviet Rocket Explosion Kills 48 People
SPACE.COM On March 18, 1980, a Soviet rocket exploded on the launchpad and killed 48 people. See how it happened in... 16 hours
Medical News Today: Is olive oil a good moisturizer for your face?
MNT Olive oil has many nutritional benefits when consumed, but it is also frequently applied to the skin and hair. Learn more about how to... 16 hours
Will Smith narrates ‘One Strange Rock,’ but astronauts are the real stars
SCIENCE-NEWS VIDEO Hosted by Will Smith, ‘One Strange Rock’ embraces Earth’s weirdness and explores the planet’s natural history. 18 hours
Medical News Today: What is a left atrial enlargement?
MNT Left atrial enlargement is linked to several conditions, including atrial fibrillation and heart failure. Learn more about the causes and treatment. 18 hours
Jupiter Storm Blooms in Rosy Photo by NASA Probe
SPACE.COM A new photo shows a swirling maelstrom on Jupiter through rose-colored glasses. 17 hours
NASA Investigation Linked 2015 Falcon 9 Failure to Design Error
SPACE.COM A NASA investigation into a 2015 SpaceX launch failure concluded a design flaw, rather than a manufacturing defect, likely initiated the chain of events that destroyed the vehicle. 16 hours
Defense Official: Trump is Serious About Creating a Space Force
SPACE.COM Rep. Mike Rogers: "I am so excited to have the support of President Trump as we work towards this goal" of creating a space force. 16 hours
dod and interagency group looking to step up collaboration on space technology DoD and interagency group looking to step up collaboration on space technology
SPACE NEWS Pentagon official: “There are new threats that the industrial base needs to support. So what does this mean in terms of production capacity?” 19 hours
Zara and H&M shore up defences as internet threatens
PHYS.ORG Logistics investments, new technology... Faced with fierce online competition from the likes of Amazon, affordable fashion giants Zara and H&M are shoring up their defences, trying to use their stores... 19 hours
Smoking every day can increase psychosis risk, study finds
MNT Smoking at least 10 cigarettes every day or using marijuana at least five times may raise the risk of developing psychosis, according to two new studies. 21 hours
Medical News Today: Smoking every day can increase psychosis risk, study finds
MNT Smoking at least 10 cigarettes every day or using marijuana at least five times may raise the risk of developing psychosis, according to two... 20 hours
Dead Sea's revival with Red Sea canal edges closer to reality
PHYS.ORG Israel and Jordan have long pursued a common goal to stop the Dead Sea from shrinking while slaking their shared thirst for drinking water with a... 19 hours
The Swiss army knife of smoke screens
PHYS.ORG Setting off smoke bombs is more than good fun on the Fourth of July. The military uses smoke grenades in dangerous situations to provide cover for people and tanks on the move. But the... 19 hours
Medical News Today: Don't try too hard to be happy, study warns
MNT You may think that if you just work hard enough, you'll eventually achieve your best life. But are you sabotaging yourself by putting in... 20 hours
Tonnes of garbage cleaned up from Galapagos coast
PHYS.ORG Officials at Ecuador's Galapagos National Park say they have collected 22 tonnes of garbage since January off the coasts of the pristine archipelago, some of it from as far away as Asia. 19 hours
Biodiversity crisis summit kicks off in Colombia
PHYS.ORG A comprehensive, global appraisal of mass species extinction—and what can be done to reverse it—kicked off in Colombia's second-largest city Saturday, with more than 750 experts in attendance. 19 hours
Medical News Today: Pneumonia during pregnancy: What you need to know
MNT Pneumonia during pregnancy can cause serious complications if left untreated. Learn to recognize the symptoms and help prevent maternal pneumonia. 20 hours
Living sensor can potentially prevent environmental disasters from fuel spills
PHYS.ORG The Colonial Pipeline, which carries fuel from Texas to New York, ruptured last fall, dumping a quarter-million gallons of gas in rural Alabama. By the time the leak... 19 hours
Don't try too hard to be happy, study warns
MNT You may think that if you just work hard enough, you'll eventually achieve your best life. But are you sabotaging yourself by putting in too much effort? 21 hours
China to offer commercial recoverable satellites in next two years: Xinhua
REUTERS SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China plans to begin offering recoverable satellites to commercial users between... 1 day
china launches its latest land surveying satellite into space China Launches Its Latest Land Surveying Satellite into Space
ASTRO WATCH A Long March 2D rocket took to the skies on Saturday, March 17, sending China’s Land Surveying Satellite-4... 1 day
space radiation more hazardous than we thought Space Radiation: More Hazardous Than We Thought
ASTRO WATCH It might sound like something from a science fiction plot — astronauts traveling into deep space being bombarded by cosmic rays —... 1 day
New Mexico nuke repository studied for plutonium storage
PHYS.ORG The U.S. Department of Energy has commissioned a national group of scientists to study the viability of diluting surplus weapons-grade plutonium and storing it permanently at the federal government's underground repository in... 1 day
Medical News Today: Is it possible to unclog your arteries?
MNT Prevention is the best treatment for clogged arteries. Learn about causes, prevention, treatment, and risk factors for plaque buildup and atherosclerosis. 1 day
Medical News Today: How to shrink the prostate naturally
MNT Learn about natural remedies for an enlarged prostate, all of which encourage good prostate health. Included is detail on lifestyle tips and causes. 2 days
Medical News Today: Is it normal to have differently sized testicles?
MNT Most men have asymmetrical testicles. Find out what is normal, what causes enlarged testicles, and how to check for testicular abnormalities. 2 days
'Virtual Particles' Could Create Dark, Echoing Dead Stars
LIVE SCIENCE There might be a massive, dead star out there that bends the stuff of raw vacuum and prevents itself from collapsing into a black hole. 2 days
Medical News Today: What are these white spots on my nipples?
MNT Learn about different causes of white spots on the nipples, including those linked with breast-feeding. We also look at other symptoms and treatments. 2 days
17 Billion? How the CDC Estimated How Many Binge Drinks US Downs Each Year
LIVE SCIENCE U.S. adults consume more than 17 billion alcoholic drinks during binges each year. But how did researchers calculate this? 2 days
Books and Black Holes: Stephen Hawking's Language Helps Us Grasp the Cosmos
SPACE.COM Those inspired by Stephen Hawking's classic book "A Brief History of Time" and by his legacy in cosmology are now picking up where Hawking's... 2 days
America is on a binge -- 17.5 billion drinks worth: Study
ABC NEWS The study found that about 88,000 Americans die each year from binge drinking. 2 days
On This Day In Space! March 17, 1958: U.S. Launches Vanguard 1, 1st Solar-Powered Satellite
SPACE.COM On St. Patrick's Day in 1958, the U.S. Navy launched Vanguard 1, the first solar-powered satellite and the... 2 days
China's Tiangong-1 Space Lab Expected to Fall to Earth in 2 to 3 Weeks
SPACE.COM A new forecast by the European Space Agency’s Space Debris Office predicts that the 8.5-ton Tiangong-1 spacecraft will fall back... 2 days
Stephen Hawking: Martin Rees Looks Back on Colleague's Spectacular Success Against All Odds
SPACE.COM UK's Astronomer Royal Martin Rees shares his memories of the late star physicist Stephen Hawking. 2 days
Gifted Colombia kids pay tribute to hero Hawking
PHYS.ORG Gifted children at the Stephen Hawking school in Colombia's capital Bogota have been paying a special tribute to the astrophysicist whose life inspired them to study science. 2 days
World water problems on tap at Brazil conference
PHYS.ORG Brazil—the country with the world's greatest fresh water reserves—hosts an international conference next week on growing fears over the fragility of drinking water supplies in a heating planet. 2 days
India's Silicon Valley faces man-made water crisis
PHYS.ORG Every day more than 1,000 water tankers rumble past Nagraj's small plywood store in Bangalore, throwing up clouds of dust as they rush their valuable cargo to homes and offices in India's drought-stricken tech... 2 days
No small feat: Santa Barbara Zoo giraffe births 6-foot baby
PHYS.ORG Now that's a big baby! 2 days
Qualcomm says former chairman exploring buyout effort
PHYS.ORG Qualcomm said Friday that Paul Jacbos, its chairman until a week ago, was considering a buyout effort for the California chipmaking giant just days after it fended off a hostile bid from Singapore rival... 2 days
Will Smith hosts National Geographic's "One Strange Rock"
Scientists mimic neural tissue
These are the places that (most likely) host alien life
Send your name to the sun aboard NASA's Parker Solar Probe
A massive telescope for seeing the invisible
Researchers measure gene activity in single cells
GPM observes Tropical Cyclone Eliakim forming near Madagascar
Signs of symbolic behavior emerged at the dawn of our species in Africa
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Mutating DNA caught on film
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