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SDCC 2018: Dark Horse Direct Summons An All New Hellboy
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It goes pretty easily without saying that Hellboy may well be Dark Horse Comics most popular... 17 minutes
Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger Season 2 confirmed by Freeform
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Cloak & Dagger will be back with a second season in 2019 2 hours
War Of The Worlds TV series coming from Misfits creator
SCI FI NOW Howard Overman is working on a contemporary take on War Of The Worlds 1 hour
Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 new trailer manages to be grim and funny
SCI FI NOW VIDEO There are walkers in a hurricane in the Comic-Con trailer for Fear The Walking Dead 3 hours
Castle Rock featurette explores Stephen King-land
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Hulu's new Castle Rock featurette goes looking for the inspirations for King's haunted town 2 hours
The Walking Dead Season 9 trailer comes together, falls apart
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Andrew Lincoln confirms his departure and Samantha Morton is cast as an iconic villain for The Walking Dead Season 9 3 hours
Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 trailer searches for Spock, meets Pike, has fun
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Spock's hunting for answers and Burnham's ruffling feathers in the first Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 trailer 3 hours
Glass trailer wants to meet the Beast for a bad guy team-up
SCI FI NOW The world's about to see that superpowers exist in the high-stakes Glass trailer 3 hours
American Horror Story: Apocalypse poster confirms title, keeps it creepy
SCI FI NOW American Horror Story Season 8 confirms its title with tiny Antichrist 2 hours
Good Omens first look teases amazing cast, humour and explosions, casts God
SCI FI NOW VIDEO David Tennant, Michael Sheen and Jon Hamm tease the fantastic world of Good Omens as Frances McDormand joins cast 4 hours
The Wrong Stars by Tim Pratt
SFF WORLD If you’re looking for a science fiction story that’s entertaining, if not particularly new, then this may be one to pick up. It feels... 5 hours
What Dave Bautista Says About James Gunn Losing Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3
CINEMA BLEND Earlier today, the movie world was rocked by... 6 hours
James Gunn fired from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3
SCI FI NOW Guardians Of The Galaxy writer-director James Gunn has been fired by Disney 4 hours
Buffy The Vampire Slayer reboot is happening
SCI FI NOW Monica Owusu-Breen and Joss Whedon are working on a new Buffy TV series 4 hours
What We Know So Far About Z Nation's Netflix Prequel
CINEMA BLEND Netflix has spent the last several years building up a lineup of original content and TV... 7 hours
How Young Sheldon Will Tie In With The Big Bang Theory In Season 12
CINEMA BLEND Right now, The Big Bang Theory and its... 8 hours
The Archer Story That Had To Be Cut From Danger Island
CINEMA BLEND Archer rarely holds back when it comes to telling wild stories on the small... 7 hours
Apparently Cobra Kai Filmed Different Versions Of Its Big Season One Finale
CINEMA BLEND The following story will contain spoilers for season one of Cobra Kai, so please stop reading if you haven't yet seen the season. And... 7 hours
How The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Team Found Out NBC Had Picked Up The Show
CINEMA BLEND It's the little show that could. 7 hours
Xbox's Ultimate Game Sale Is Now Underway
CINEMA BLEND Microsoft unveiled a list of games that have been discounted this summer as part of the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale, which sees... 10 hours
“Occupation” satisfies that scifi adventure itch you didn’t realize you had
SLICE OF SCI-FI Remember those lower budget alien invasion scifi-action or scifi-thriller movies that were a little more about the fun of the action and the plucky protagonists figuring... 9 hours
Halloween's Comic-Con Trailer Features The Scariest Version Of Michael Myers Yet
CINEMA BLEND Michael Myers may be 40 years older, but he's no less terrifying. 13 hours
Fortnite Is Celebrating Its Birthday By Giving Gifts
CINEMA BLEND In celebration of the one year anniversary for Fortnite being made available to the general public on home consoles and... 10 hours
Cloak And Dagger Renewed For Season 2 At Freeform
CINEMA BLEND Cloak & Dagger fans rejoice! The series just got renewed for Season 2 by Freeform. 11 hours
Top Gun: Maverick Is Eyeing Jennifer Connelly For A Key Role
CINEMA BLEND It's been a while since The Rocketeer but Jennifer Connelly still has the need... 13 hours
Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Has Revealed Even More Spider-Heroes
CINEMA BLEND That's right, even more Spider-heroes are showing up for the party in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. 11 hours
Joss Whedon Is Developing A New ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ With An African American Lead
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Joss Whedon is reviving the property... 12 hours
Does Spider-Man Exist In The Venom Movie Universe? The Director Opens Up
CINEMA BLEND When we spoke with the director on the red carpet at San Diego Comic-Con, we asked Fleischer if Spider-Man exists in universe that Sony... 11 hours
Superb First Trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's Highly Anticipated 'Glass'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "This is not a cartoon, this is the real world." Universal has revealed the first official teaser trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's Glass, the highly anticipated sequel to... 14 hours
Simon Kinberg Has No Interest In Stopping Working On X-Men Films
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Whether it is the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Fox’s ‘X-Men‘ films, it feels like... 13 hours
SDCC 2018: ‘Charmed’ Cast And Creators Talk Diversity, Empowerment And Honor The Original Series
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Potential fans of The CW’s upcoming reboot of... 13 hours
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Is Getting A Reboot
CINEMA BLEND Well, here it is, folks, the moment many fans have been dreading/hoping for has arrived. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is... 13 hours
SDCC 2018: Rebecca Romijn Joins ‘Star Trek: Discovery’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Today didn’t just bring us a trailer for the second season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’, we’ve also got some casting... 14 hours
Netflix Just Announced Its First Shows With Shonda Rhimes, And We Couldn't Be More Excited
CINEMA BLEND Netflix just announced the first slate... 15 hours
SDCC 2018: Greg Grunberg All But Confirms He’ll Be Back For ‘Star Wars Episode IX’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While Greg Grunberg (‘Heroes’) hasn’t outright... 15 hours
SDCC 2018: The Second Season Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Has A Trailer!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM San Diego Comic-Con is upon us, and that means we’ll be getting a barrage of trailers over the next few days. Of course, the... 15 hours
Shark Tank Is Doing Shark Week This Year
CINEMA BLEND Shark Week will mark its 30th anniversary with TV's other famous sharks: the stars of ABC's Shark Tank. 15 hours
M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass Trailer Is Creepy And Epic
CINEMA BLEND Next year, the worlds of Unbreakable and Split will be mashed together in Glass, and the first trailer... 14 hours
James Gunn Issues An Apology For “Totally Failed And Unfortunate Efforts To Be Provocative”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Throwing a massive damper on the festivities of... 15 hours
SDCC 2018: Forget Multiple Joker Movies, The Mystery Of The 3 Comic Jokers Is FINALLY Being Answered!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Ever since... 15 hours
The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Addresses Negan's Changes For Season 9
CINEMA BLEND Negan is going through some changes in Season 9. 15 hours
Spider-Man Is Getting His Own Awesome PS4 Bundle
CINEMA BLEND If you're looking to get the full Spider-Man experience, then you might want to start saving your allowance. Sony has... 15 hours
What Does James Gunn's Firing Mean For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3
CINEMA BLEND We fully expect the week of San Diego Comic-Con to... 16 hours
Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Trailer Brings In Christopher Pike
CINEMA BLEND For those who need a refresher, Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 wrapped up its Klingon storyline,... 16 hours
Full-Length Trailer for Filipino Action Film 'BuyBust' with Anne Curtis
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "The only way out - is to fight." Well Go USA has debuted an awesome new full-length official trailer for an action thriller from the Philippines titled BuyBust,... 16 hours
Jason David Frank Reacts To Vin Diesel's Casting As Bloodshot
CINEMA BLEND OG Power Rangers Jason David Frank (aka Tommy Oliver) spoke to CinemaBlend about Vin Diesel booking... 17 hours
Chrissy Teigen Shares Hilarious Breast Milk Spill On Twitter
CINEMA BLEND Chrissy Teigen had an accidental spill while breast feeding. Rather than cry over spilled breast milk, the media... 17 hours
Jason Mraz Explains His 'Two-Spirit' Sexuality
CINEMA BLEND In a recent interview, the singer-songwriter talks about his "two-spirit" sexuality. 18 hours
Mission: Impossible's Rebecca Ferguson Has Already Seen Fallout 3 Times
CINEMA BLEND The actress who plays Ilsa Faust in the film has already completed the impossible mission thrice,... 16 hours
James Gunn Has Been Removed From Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3
CINEMA BLEND James Gunn's time with the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to an end. 18 hours
SDCC 2018: Geoff Johns Explains THAT Line Of Dialogue From The ‘Titans’ Trailer
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It was the F**k heard round the world, or at... 18 hours
SDCC 2018: The First Footage From ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ Is Here!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While most are cautiously optimistic about DC Universe’s ‘Titans’, there’s no reason to be... 16 hours
The Walking Dead Season 9 Trailer Reveals The Whisperers And Big Trouble For Rick
CINEMA BLEND The Walking Dead has some crazy twists in... 18 hours
Robin's Titans Trailer F-Bomb Ties Back To The Comics
CINEMA BLEND After months of waiting, fans finally got a good look at Robin and the other main heroes of... 18 hours
What Nathan Fillion Loves About Playing Nathan Drake In The Uncharted Fan Film
CINEMA BLEND The Uncharted fan film was directed by Allan Unger, and... 18 hours
Logan Was The Most Complained About Film In The UK Last Year
CINEMA BLEND Last year's Logan seemed like it was generally pretty well loved by everybody who saw it, but it seems that's not quite the case... 18 hours
Madden's New Senior Producer Is Already Leaving
CINEMA BLEND With Madden NFL 19 set to launch in just a few weeks, it has been revealed that the series' new senior producer,... 18 hours
One Deadpool 2 Star Who Wants To Cross Over With The New Mutants
CINEMA BLEND One of Deadpool 2's stars has a very good reason... 18 hours
Yes, Mark Wahlberg Bought His Own Car Dealership
CINEMA BLEND Mark Wahlberg is now the proud owner of a car dealership, apparently. 18 hours
The Walking Dead Revealed Who's Playing The Whisperers' Leader Alpha
CINEMA BLEND We now know who will bring the deadly Alpha to life as leader of the Whisperers. 17 hours
Streaming Subscribers Now Outnumber Pay TV Customers In The U.K.
CINEMA BLEND Subscribers to streaming platforms have overtaken costumers of pay TV in the U.K. 17 hours
Disney Cuts All Ties With James Gunn After Offensive Old Tweets Go Public
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Disney has cut all ties with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’... 17 hours
Young Justice Outsiders Trailer Is Intense And Packed With Villains
CINEMA BLEND Fans have been waiting a long time for the third season of Young Justice, titled Young... 17 hours
Adventure Time Executive Producer Explains The Series Finale Challenges
CINEMA BLEND Adventure Time executive producer Adam Muto chatted about the upcoming end of the series. 18 hours
Fear The Walking Dead's Midseason Trailer's Is Intense And Suprisingly Upbeat
CINEMA BLEND We finally have our first look at what's coming up in Fear the Walking... 18 hours
SDCC 2018: Superboy And Lex Luthor Will Be On ‘Titans’ “Eventually” According To Geoff Johns
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Last month, a rumor surfaced that... 19 hours
Win special silent screening tickets with A Quiet Place
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Win a pair of tickets to a special rooftop silent screening of A Quiet Place with our competition 21 hours
Asia Argento Shares Photo With Anthony Bourdain Days Before His Death
CINEMA BLEND The actress/filmmaker shared a heartbreaking look back at her late boyfriend, Anthony Bourdain, with... 21 hours
LEGO DC Super Villains Comic-Con Trailer Introduces The Justice Syndicate
CINEMA BLEND During this year's Sand Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros., and LEGO released a new trailer for LEGO... 19 hours
Jason Momoa Just Shared Some Aquaman Trailer News In The Most Momoa Way Possible
CINEMA BLEND There's sharing news, and then there's sharing news... 19 hours
Zazie Beetz Might Be Joining Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Zazie Beetz (‘Atlanta’) made one hell of a splash in the world of comic movies playing Domino in ‘Deadpool 2’... 19 hours
Bristol Palin Joining Teen Mom OG
CINEMA BLEND Teen Mom OG just welcomed Bristol Palin as a new cast member 20 hours
Sterling K. Brown For Frozen 2? Here’s What The Black Panther Actor Says
CINEMA BLEND It was recently reported that Sterling K. Brown was in... 20 hours
San Diego Comic-Con 2018's Cosplayers Did Not Disappoint
CINEMA BLEND Apart from the panels, trailers, and merch, Comic-Con is really all about the cosplayers. 20 hours
Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson And Ian McKellen Cast In Movie Version Of Broadway's Cats
CINEMA BLEND The musical adaptation is finally moving forward and... 20 hours
Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 new trailer manages to be grim and funny
The Walking Dead Season 9 trailer comes together, falls apart
Castle Rock featurette explores Stephen King-land
Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 trailer searches for Spock, meets Pike, has fun
Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger Season 2 confirmed by Freeform
Good Omens first look teases amazing cast, humour and explosions, casts God
Superb First Trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's Highly Anticipated 'Glass'
Full-Length Trailer for Filipino Action Film 'BuyBust' with Anne Curtis
Win special silent screening tickets with A Quiet Place
First Trailer for Next Norwegian Disaster Movie 'The Quake' Set in Oslo
Short Teaser Trailer for CNN's 'Apollo 11' Moon Landing Documentary
Teaser Trailer for Renny Harlin's 'Legend of the Ancient Sword' Movie
Nightflyers Season 1 new trailer is killing everyone
The Predator new poster is actually quite hard to look at
New US Trailer for Vibrant Doc About Musician 'Matangi/Maya/M.I.A.'
Trailer for Showtime's 'Lynyrd Skynyrd: If I Leave Here Tomorrow' Doc
Overlord trailer finds gory mutant Nazi experiments behind enemy lines
Official Trailer for Documentary 'Songwriter' on Musician Ed Sheeran
First Trailer for Corporate Comedy 'Second Act' Starring Jennifer Lopez
Full US Trailer for Korean Double Agent Thriller 'The Spy Gone North'
Bella Thorne in Trailer for Sci-Fi Supernatural Thriller 'I Still See You'
First Trailer for Bing Liu's Outstanding Documentary 'Minding the Gap'
US Trailer for Rungano Nyoni's 'I Am Not a Witch' Opening September
New Trailer for Robert Zemeckis' 'Welcome to Marwen' with Steve Carell
Second Trailer for Muay Thai Film 'A Prayer Before Dawn' from A24