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A Life for the Stars by James Blish
SFF WORLD Having read the chronologically first novel in the series, the science-heavy They Shall Have Stars, (reviewed HERE), following it with... 59 minutes
How Rewatching The First Pacific Rim Affected The Sequel For Steven DeKnight
CINEMA BLEND As a sequel, Pacific Rim Uprising has an interesting bit of distance from its predecessor. 3 hours
Third-Party Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Adds A D-Pad, Removes Other Features
CINEMA BLEND Third-party Joy-Con controllers haven't been frequently made for the Nintendo Switch. There have been plenty of... 6 hours
A Quiet Place Review
CINEMA BLEND Gripping, earnest, and nail-bitingly tense, John Krasinski's first foray into genre filmmaking is a masterclass instant classic that every horror fan needs to see. 6 hours
The Strange, Secret Backstory For Sonic The Hedgehog's Logo
CINEMA BLEND So, the Sonic emblem featured in the older games is an iconic piece of imagery. It features some... 6 hours
What That Huge Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Betrayal Means For The End Of The World
CINEMA BLEND The latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. featured... 8 hours
Infinity Stones Bring Infinite Feels To ‘Infinity War’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s seldom remarked upon, but one of the most remarkable achievements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that it’s managed... 9 hours
Final Frontier Friday: ‘Haven’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Hello and welcome back to ‘Final Frontier Friday’! This week, we’ll be taking a look at ‘Haven’, an early first season installment of ‘The Next Generation’. ‘Haven’ is... 9 hours
Why Outlander's Season 4 Villain Will Be Worse Than Black Jack Randall
CINEMA BLEND Outlander will introduce a brand new bad guy in Season 4, and he'll be even worse than Black Jack Randall for some big reasons. 9 hours
The God Of War Feature That Was Rejected For The Tomb Raider Reboot
CINEMA BLEND Creative director Cory Barlog and the rest of Santa Monica... 7 hours
Rock On - Official Trailer for 'Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb' Documentary
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Everybody wants to know - why would I go country?" Momentum Pictures has unveiled an official trailer for the documentary Steven Tyler:... 11 hours
IMAX's Side-to-Side Comparison Trailer for 'Avengers: Infinity War'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "See up to 26% more in IMAX!" Well, this is pretty cool. IMAX has released their own version of the latest trailer for Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War, and it's a full side-by-side... 11 hours
How Solo: A Star Wars Story Is Crediting Phil Lord and Chris Miller
CINEMA BLEND With two months to go until Solo: A Star Wars... 10 hours
Yes, MoviePass Just Got Even Cheaper... For A Limited Time
CINEMA BLEND If $10 a month was too rich for your blood, you may want to check out... 10 hours
How Suits Will Say Goodbye To Meghan Markle And Patrick J. Adams
CINEMA BLEND Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams will leave Suits at the end of the current season, and the creator has spoken about what to... 12 hours
Shout! Factory Will Air A ‘ReBoot’ Marathon Before Netflix Launches ‘Guardian Code’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Shout! Factory is revisiting a seminal Saturday morning cartoon series from the 1990s, ‘ReBoot’.  Beginning on Wednesday March 28, at 3pm PT, Shout! Factory... 10 hours
Ready Player One References An Unexpected Steven Spielberg Movie
CINEMA BLEND The pop culture pastiche will be referencing more than just the most geeky of genre films. 12 hours
Why The Porg Roasting Scene In The Last Jedi Was So Difficult To Shoot
CINEMA BLEND If you thought it was hard to watch... 11 hours
How War Machine Is Dealing With The Aftermath Of Civil War When Infinity War Starts
CINEMA BLEND We do see War Machine flying... 13 hours
Despite His Best Efforts, The Crew Of ‘Ready Player One’ Snuck These Steven Spielberg References Into The Movie
Rampage’s Action Scenes Are More Intense Than James Bond, According To Naomie Harris
CINEMA BLEND Only Naomie Harris can say that she has appeared in... 14 hours
Game Over, Man! Review
CINEMA BLEND Though it's great to see the Workaholics guys back together again after the conclusion of their Comedy Central series, we just wish they had a better movie to... 14 hours
To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Pacific Rim Uprising Ticket
CINEMA BLEND Is Pacific Rim: Uprising worth the extra 3D ticket money,... 14 hours
Spice World 2?! The Spice Girls Are Set To Star In An Animated Superhero Movie
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Would you “really, really want” an... 12 hours
Why John Boyega Had To Mess With The Pacific Rim Uprising Script
CINEMA BLEND The Star Wars actor had to make a few changes to the script when he came aboard as Jake Pentecost. 13 hours
Get Your Glasses Ready, ‘The Predator’ Movie Is Getting A 3D Treatment
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If you’ve always wanted ‘The Predator’ to be in 3D then you’re in luck as the next installment in the franchise will be! Shane... 14 hours
What Matt Damon Thinks Of Ben Affleck's New Back Tattoo
CINEMA BLEND How do you like them tattoos? 15 hours
What Kind Of Film Will The ‘Doctor Doom’ Movie Be? Think ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Even though Fox might... 13 hours
The LEGO Movie 2 Has Cast Its First New Star
CINEMA BLEND We've already known some of the folks from The LEGO Movie would be returning for The... 13 hours
Darren Aronofsky Explores Earth And Space In 10-Part Documentary Event ‘One Strange Rock’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Darren Aronofsky is venturing into new territory in more ways... 13 hours
Margot Robbie Is Changing Up William Shakespeare For A New TV Show
CINEMA BLEND A fresh take on Shakespeare is coming to TV courtesy of Margot Robbie. 13 hours
The Classic Action Sequel Game Over, Man 2 Would Love To Spoof
CINEMA BLEND With a spoof of Die Hard under its belt in the form of Game Over, Man!, Blake Anderson told CinemaBlend that he thinks a... 14 hours
Pacific Rim: Uprising – Rate And Discuss With Spoilers
CINEMA BLEND Are you war ready for Pacific Rim: Uprising? Yeah, you look ready. Head into this weekend's rate and... 15 hours
Negative ‘The Last Jedi’ Feedback Will Not Influence Rian Johnson New “Star Wars” Trilogy
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘ was a polarizing... 14 hours
The New Superfly Trailer Looks Stylish And Explosive
CINEMA BLEND The classic 1972 Blaxploitation film is getting a change of setting and a brand new soundtrack in the upcoming remake. 14 hours
DC's New Gods: 6 Important Facts To Know About The Characters
CINEMA BLEND Ava DuVernay is officially developing a New Gods movie, so here are the important... 15 hours
How Grey's Anatomy Spinoff Station 19 Did In The Ratings
CINEMA BLEND Here's how the series premiere of Station 19 performed in the ratings. 15 hours
What The Blair Witch Project’s Joshua Leonard Thinks About Get Out And The State Of Horror
CINEMA BLEND Unsane's Joshua Leonard has... 15 hours
To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Sherlock Gnomes Ticket
CINEMA BLEND Is Sherlock Gnomes worth the extra 3D ticket money, or are you better off investing in seeds and some gardening shears? To 3D or... 18 hours
Supergirl's Writers Gave Kevin Smith An Awesome New Gift After His Heart Attack
CINEMA BLEND The Supergirl staff whipped up a nice surprise for Kevin... 17 hours
Why Justice League Scrapped Superman's Black Suit
CINEMA BLEND Wondering why Justice League didn't include Superman's iconic black suit? We have some answers. 18 hours
10 Avengers Team-Ups We Can’t Way To See In Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND Avengers: Infinity War will be Marvel's biggest crossover yet, and these are the ten... 17 hours
Khloe Kardashian Reveals What Food She's Been Craving During Pregnancy
CINEMA BLEND One popular fast food chain just got free promotion from the reality TV star. 16 hours
‘Ready Player One’ Covers Entertainment Weekly With Nine New Images
SCIENCEFICTION.COM You can tell the summer blockbuster season is kicking off early.  The last issue of Entertainment... 17 hours
Magical Anniversary: CW To Air ‘Harry Potter: A History Of Magic’ Documentary
SCIENCEFICTION.COM For all of us Muggles who have not yet had a chance to watch the documentary ‘Harry Potter: A History of Magic’ which has... 17 hours
Watch Will Smith And Jimmy Fallon Perform The Fresh Prince Theme And More Classic TV Intros
CINEMA BLEND Will Smith and Jimmy... 17 hours
One Star Wars: The Last Jedi Scene That Mark Hamill Can't Watch
CINEMA BLEND Mark Hamil has a lot of feelings regarding Star Wars: The Last Jedi which he has talked about at length. However, his feelings about... 18 hours
Deciding Who Would Team Up And How In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Was An Interesting Process For The Screenwriters
How Sandra Oh Feels About Rumors Saying She's Returning To Grey's Anatomy
CINEMA BLEND For every year that Sandra Oh's Cristina Yang doesn't return to Grey's Anatomy, a new round of conversations start up. Here's what she thinks... 17 hours
Why Chrissy Teigen Didn't Take John Legend's Name
CINEMA BLEND The model and TV personality explains why she kept her maiden name. 17 hours
Street Fighter Is Getting A (Hopefully) Kick-Ass TV Show
CINEMA BLEND No controllers will be necessary for this fighting adventure. 16 hours
Movie Review: ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Is Pure Cinematic Eye Candy At Its Best
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Monsters versus huge robots. What’s not to love about the... 16 hours
10 Avengers Team-Ups We Can’t Wait To See In Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND Avengers: Infinity War will be Marvel's biggest crossover yet, and these are the ten... 17 hours
Is Lashana Lynch Playing Monica Rambeau In ‘Captain Marvel’?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ star DeWanda Wise was recently forced to bow out of the Marvel film ‘Captain... 18 hours
‘Avengers: Infinity War’: Superheroes Of The MCU Prepare To Fight Thanos In Just Released Hi-Res Stills
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If you can’t get... 18 hours
Steven Spielberg Doesn't Think Movies Intended For Streaming Should Win Oscars
CINEMA BLEND The legendary director addresses a complicated issue raised by the growing prominence of streaming... 16 hours
CINEMA BLEND Peppermint is a revenge story centering on a young mother who finds herself with nothing to lose, and is now going to take from her rivals the very life they stole from her. 16 hours
Deadpool 2: What We Know About The X-Force From The Comics
CINEMA BLEND Now that Deadpool 2 has officially confirmed it will show the formation of the... 16 hours
“Pacific Rim Uprising” Doesn’t Match Up to the Original
SLICE OF SCI-FI Pacific Rim: Uprising takes an enjoyable property and turns it into yet another dreary, post-apocalyptic, grim-dark slugfest. De Knight shows himself to have none of del Toro's creativity and sense... 18 hours
I Kill Giants exclusive clip looks for dark omens
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Barbara Thorson looks for bad omens in this exclusive new clip from I Kill Giants 21 hours
Firefighter Dies While Fighting Blaze On Set Of Bruce Willis' New Movie
CINEMA BLEND Accidents on film sets are tragic, even more so when they result in loss of life. A recent fire on the set of the... 20 hours
6 Things You Need To Remember About Pacific Rim Before Seeing Uprising
CINEMA BLEND The original Pacific Rim came out back in 2013, which makes this weekend's Pacific Rim Uprising a latecomer by sequel standards. As such, it's... 21 hours
News Station Fires Employee After Vulgar Audio Was Played During Live Broadcast
CINEMA BLEND One local news report got derailed by some very NSFW audio. 18 hours
How Much Dwayne Johnson’s Rampage Could Make Opening Weekend
CINEMA BLEND Dwayne Johnson's Rampage is the last big tentpole movie before Avengers: Infinity War arrives and takes over the... 19 hours
Rian Johnson Says The Last Jedi Backlash Won't Affect His New Trilogy
CINEMA BLEND Rian Johnson has a lot of Star Wars in front of him, as he's handling the formation of an all-new trilogy. However, he says... 19 hours
How Avengers: Infinity War Could Introduce Captain Marvel
CINEMA BLEND We still have no idea how Brie Larson's Carol Danvers could enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there's one specific... 19 hours
How Wes Anderson Has Evolved As A Filmmaker, According To Bill Murray
CINEMA BLEND Bill Murray first started working with Wes Anderson on the filmmaker's second directorial effort, 1998's Rushmore, and they have been inseparable ever since. 20 hours
Pacific Rim 3? Here’s What Steven DeKnight Has To Say About The Future Of The Project
CINEMA BLEND We sat down with... 21 hours
8 Great Movies Coming To Netflix In April
CINEMA BLEND Out of the incoming crop of Netflix films, there's some serious gems waiting for your attention. Read on to see... 18 hours
Sherlock Gnomes Review
CINEMA BLEND Sherlock Gnomes just doesn't seem interested in doing much with what it has on hand, leaving it to simply settle for being an almost hour and a half long distraction. 18 hours
8-Year-Old With Brain Tumor Wears Stormtrooper Mask During Treatment
CINEMA BLEND An 8-year-old boy with a brain tumor wore a Star Wars Stormtrooper outfit into a recent treatment session,... 19 hours
Why Sheldon And Amy's Big Bang Theory Wedding Will Be So Great For Leonard
CINEMA BLEND Here comes the bride, and there goes the... 20 hours
Ryan Reynolds Used The Deadpool 2 Trailer To Troll His Wife Blake Lively
CINEMA BLEND Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively happen to have the sort... 19 hours
Britney Spears And K-Fed's Money Battle Has Taken Another Twist
CINEMA BLEND Things have recently escalated between Britney Spears and K-Fed. 19 hours
Ready Player One new poster channels its OASIS personas
SCI FI NOW This new Ready Player One poster is too big for the real world 21 hours
Rock On - Official Trailer for 'Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb' Documentary
IMAX's Side-to-Side Comparison Trailer for 'Avengers: Infinity War'
I Kill Giants exclusive clip looks for dark omens
A Wrinkle In Time film review: Ava DuVernay brings a sci-fi classic to the big screen
Official US Trailer for 'Grace Jones: Bloodlight & Bami' Documentary
Pacific Rim: Uprising film review: is the apocalypse cancelled?
Ready Player One film review: Steven Spielberg takes on the joys and dangers of escapism
First Trailer for Miguel Arteta's Film 'Duck Butter' with Alia Shawkat
Deadpool 2 new trailer gets X-Force together
One More Trailer for Sony's 'Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation'
Margot Robbie Plays an Assassin in First Teaser Trailer for 'Terminal'
Teaser Trailer for 'The Spy Who Dumped Me' with Kunis & McKinnon
Chiwetel Ejiofor in Official Trailer for Religious Drama 'Come Sunday'
First Fun Trailer for Knoxville's Amusement Park Movie 'Action Point'
First Wacky Trailer for David Robert Mitchell's 'Under the Silver Lake'
George RR Martin’s Nightflyers new teaser trailer is Psycho in space
New Netflix Trailer for Sci-Fi Film 'The Titan' Starring Sam Worthington
Michael Rainey Jr. in Trailer for Basketball Film 'Amateur' from Netflix
First Trailer for A24's 'Backstabbing for Beginners' Starring Theo James
Friedkin Films an Exorcism in Trailer for 'The Devil and Father Amorth'