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siriusxm buys pandora for 3 5 billion SiriusXM buys Pandora for $3.5 billion
THE VERGE SiriusXM is acquiring Pandora for $3.5 billion. The satellite radio company says it intends to maintain the Pandora service and brand, along with its... 11 hours
more tests confirm faster data speeds of iphone xs on both wi fi and lte More tests confirm faster data speeds of iPhone XS on both Wi-Fi and LTE
9to5Mac Further tests have confirmed early suggestions that the... 12 hours
SiriusXM will buy Pandora to create world's largest audio company - CNET
CNET The satellite radio company is acquiring Pandora in a $3.5 billion deal. 12 hours
a deep dive into the plastic woes facing canada s coasts and the world A deep dive into the plastic woes facing Canada's coasts and the world
CBC Eight million tonnes of plastic end up each year in... 13 hours
streaming now accounts for 75 percent of music industry revenue Streaming now accounts for 75 percent of music industry revenue
THE VERGE The Recording Industry Association of America released a report today that details how the music industry... 4 days
Amazon launches Echo Auto for your car video - Roadshow
CNET The new Alexa-based software will help with location-based routines, radio discovery, search and navigation. 4 days
Pentagon field tests 'molar mic,' an encrypted radio that attaches to your tooth
ABC NEWS VIDEO The "molar mic" is part of a larger Pentagon effort to keep pace with big tech. 4 days
Product Hunt Radio: Online communities and the dark side of the web
TechCrunch In the second episode of the new Product Hunt Radio, I’m joined by two amazing community-builders based in New York, Anil Dash and Allison... 5 days
This $13 dual USB car charger also has Bluetooth and is an FM transmitter
Windows Central Grab one for each of your vehicles. Using coupon code VIVAFF22 during checkout drops the price of Anker's Roav SmartCharge... 1 week
MIT using radio waves to monitor patients' health through walls - CNET
CNET The technology is already used in over 200 homes with healthy people, as well as patients with various conditions. 1 week
This wireless FM transmitter solves a bunch of problems for under $10 - CNET
CNET It adds Bluetooth to your car stereo, provides two USB charging ports and more. Plus: Calling all moviemakers! This handheld... 1 week
Product Hunt Radio: The rise of voice and the evolution of VC
TechCrunch After a long hiatus, Product Hunt Radio is back. Every week I’m joined by the founders, investors and makers shaping the future of technology.... 2 weeks
'Molar Mic' will let US military make radio calls from their teeth - CNET
CNET Goodbye walkie-talkie, hello sneaky-speaky. 2 weeks
7 unusual Alexa skills you should try - CNET
CNET Haven't you always wanted to listen to vintage radio broadcasts? 2 weeks
Ericsson and T-Mobile ink $3.5 billion deal for 5G
TechCrunch New 5G networks are coming and big companies are spending big bucks to roll them out. Ericsson is going to be providing T-Mobile with its latest 5G new radio hardware... 2 weeks
sonos speakers now work with ifttt so you can automate your music Sonos speakers now work with IFTTT so you can automate your music
THE VERGE Sonos is opening up its speaker platform to more and more third parties, and IFTTT is one of the first to make use of... 2 weeks
SETI neural networks spot dozens of new mysterious signals emanating from distant galaxy
TechCrunch The perennial optimists at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, have joined the rest of the world in deploying AI to... 2 weeks
Pentagon field tests 'molar mic,' an encrypted radio that attaches to your tooth