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Exergaming can improve health in overweight and obese children, study shows
NEWS MEDICAL A new study from LSU's Pennington Biomedical Research Center showed for the first time that video games, in combination with fitness coaching and a step tracker,... 3 days
New study shows certain video games can improve health in children with obesity
SCIENCE DAILY A new study showed for the first time that video games, in combination with fitness coaching and a step tracker, helped overweight... 3 days
Healthy behaviors are not effective in preventing gestational diabetes in obese women
NEWS MEDICAL A diet and exercise regime for high-risk obese pregnant women, whilst effective in promoting a healthy lifestyle, does not prevent gestational diabetes, finds a... 3 days
DNA methylation related to liver disease among obese patients, study shows
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have identified how DNA methylation is associated with a condition known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which can lead to liver cirrhosis and death,... 4 days
Study calls for new gold standard in research to treat non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
NEWS MEDICAL A new study by scientists from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel calls for a new gold standard in research to treat non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, an obesity-linked... 5 days
Single genetic change in gut bacteria can lead to obesity
NEWS MEDICAL A new study has shown that a single genetic change in a bacterium of the gut microbiome can lead to metabolic diseases such as obesity. 5 days
Medical News Today: Hot pepper compound may reduce obesity
MNT A new trial in rodents finds that capsaicin, the compound that makes hot peppers hot, can lead to long-term weight loss and better metabolic health. 5 days
Weight loss surgery is effective under the right situations
NEWS MEDICAL Obesity is a medical problem that can have wide-ranging mental and physical effects on a person. Pamela Bass knows that firsthand, but thanks to University of Alabama at Birmingham surgeons,... 5 days
Anti-obesity drug derived from chili peppers shows promise in animal trials
SCIENCE DAILY A novel drug based on capsaicin, the compound that gives chili peppers their spicy burn, caused long term weight loss and improved metabolic health in mice... 6 days
Hunger hormones offer promising avenue for addiction treatment
SCIENCE DAILY Hormones that signal the body's state of hunger and fullness could be the key to new treatments for drug and alcohol addiction. Gut hormones have received considerable attention from scientists seeking to... 6 days
Researchers identify brain area linked to motivational disruptions in binge eating
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have discovered that a small group of brain cells in the hypothalamus called 'orexin' neurons could be a promising target for medications for controlling binge... 6 days
Bioengineers, diabetes researchers convene to discuss future concepts for precision medicine
NEWS MEDICAL New technologies enable deeper insights into the causes of major diseases such as diabetes, obesity or cancer and open the way to a new generation of... 6 days
Scientists identify potential target for the treatment of binge eating
NEWS MEDICAL A small group of nerve cells located in the hypothalamus could provide a promising therapeutic target for the control of binge eating among obese individuals. 6 days
Connection between self-regulation and obesity appears to be different for girls and boys
NEWS MEDICAL A toddler's self-regulation – the ability to change behavior in different social situations – may predict whether he or she will be... 6 days
Self-control and obesity: Gender matters in children
SCIENCE DAILY A toddler's self-regulation -- the ability to change behavior in different social situations -- may predict whether he or she will be obese come kindergarten, but the connection appears to be much different for... 7 days
Medical News Today: Fats or carbs: What causes obesity?
MNT Researchers have been debating for a long time whether it is fat or carb intake that leads to obesity. A new study claims it may have settled the issue. 7 days
Medical News Today: Is it true that 'healthy obesity' boosts death risk?
MNT New research questions whether metabolically healthy obesity — obesity without diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol — actually increases mortality. 1 week
Scientists identify dietary fat as cause of obesity in mce
NEWS MEDICAL What we eat plays a big role in our ability to regulate our body weight. Over time, however, different ideas have emerged about the most important dietary factors... 1 week
Obesity alone does not increase risk of death
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have found that patients who have metabolic healthy obesity, but no other metabolic risk factors, do not have an increased rate of mortality. The results of this study could impact how... 2 weeks
Individuals with obesity but no other metabolic risk factors do not have elevated mortality risk
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at York University's Faculty of Health have found that patients who have metabolic healthy obesity, but no... 2 weeks
Medical News Today: Type 2 diabetes, obesity may soon be reversed with gene therapy
MNT For the first time, scientists use gene therapy to successfully reverse obesity and insulin resistance in an animal model of... 2 weeks
Gene Therapy Treats Insulin Resistance and Obesity in Mice
SCI-NEWS.COM A team of researchers from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, CIBERDEM and the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre... 2 weeks
How cells build different antennae to sense their surroundings
PHYS.ORG Cells communicate with each other and with the environment using tiny antennae, called cilia, that emit and receive signals, including sound, smell and light information. Some of these antennae can... 2 weeks
Teenagers can thank their parents' positive attitude for avoiding obesity
SCIENCE DAILY Teenagers are less likely to be overweight if their mum or dad had a positive attitude during pregnancy, a new study finds. 2 weeks
Gene therapy shown to cure type 2 diabetes and obesity in mice, researchers report
SCIENCE DAILY A single administration of a therapeutic vector in mouse models cures type 2 diabetes and obesity in the absence of... 2 weeks
Researchers use gene therapy to cure obesity and type 2 diabetes in mice
NEWS MEDICAL A research team from the UAB led by Professor Fatima Bosch has managed to cure obesity and type 2 diabetes in mice... 2 weeks
Savory foods can cause changes in the brain that promote healthy eating behaviors
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers have found that consuming a broth rich in umami--or savory taste--can cause subtle changes in the brain that promote healthy eating... 2 weeks
Exploring local data helps develop targeted approaches to fight childhood obesity
NEWS MEDICAL Childhood and adolescent obesity are alarming nearly everywhere in Europe. However, a closer look reveals telling differences in regional, local and socio-economic patterns. 2 weeks
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