Windows Central We've teamed up with Redwolf to offer the Windows Central 'Surface Colors' t-shirt to our Indian readers. We rolled out the Windows Central "Surface Colors" t-shirt last month, and now the shirt is available for sale to our readers in India. We've teamed up with Redwolf to make the t-shirt available locally within the country, and you can buy one right away! ... 6 days
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Buy, sell or trade tech gear in the Windows Central Marketplace!
Windows Central The Windows Central forums' Marketplace is a great place to offload some tech hardware you no longer need, or to get a great deal on your... 24 hours
Windows Central Podcast 53: New Microsoft Hardware
Windows Central This week on the Windows Central Podcast: We talk Xbox One X, Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, and more Microsoft had a busy last week, with the launch of the new Surface Laptop and Surface... 6 days
microsoft now lets surface laptop owners revert back to windows 10 s Microsoft now lets Surface Laptop owners revert back to Windows 10 S
THE VERGE Microsoft is now allowing Surface Laptop owners to switch back to Windows 10 S after they’ve upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. While the upgrade... 6 days
Windows 10 S recovery images for Surface Laptop now available
Windows Central Users with a Surface Laptop can now go back to Windows 10 S thanks to new recovery images that are now available. With the launch of the Surface... 6 days
Smash Match for Windows 10 is simple but surprisingly challenging
Windows Central Smash Match is a fun Windows 10 game that tests your skills at timing and concentration to smash cubes as they pass under a pair of hammers. The... 5 days
Surface 3 discounted to just $320 at Woot
Windows Central It may be getting a little long in the tooth, but Microsoft's Surface 3 tablet is still a potentially solid buy if you can find a retailer offering it at a good... 4 days
Are you a fan of the Alcantara on Microsoft Surfaces and Type Covers?
Windows Central Microsoft purposefully chose to use Italian-made Alcantara fabric on its Signature Type Cover for the Surface Pro and now on the new... 6 days
a guide for buying one of microsoft s excellent surface computers A guide for buying one of Microsoft’s excellent Surface computers
THE VERGE Microsoft now has a variety of Surface devices that are designed to replace your laptop. There’s... 3 days
Keep your coding resources close at hand with this Coding Powerhouse eBook Bundle, now 91% off
Windows Central Learning how to code is no easy feat. There are many different languages, each with their... 1 day
Keep your coding resources close at hand with this Coding Powerhouse eBook Bundle, now 91 percent off
Windows Central Learning how to code is no easy feat. There are many different languages, each... 24 hours
you won t be able to use your surface book if you want to take the bar in tennessee You won’t be able to use your Surface Book if you want to take the bar in Tennessee
THE VERGE ... 7 days
HDHomeRun DVR is a slick and simple way to record TV on Windows
Windows Central The makers of the HDHomeRun TV tuner are working on a DVR to go with it. And it's pretty great. In a... 2 days
Amazon's new Prime Wardrobe will let you try before you buy - CNET
CNET The new program is still in beta, so you can't sign up for it just yet. 5 days
Best Cases For Surface Pro (2017)
Windows Central Your new Surface Pro deserves some protection — get it a case! The Surface Pro is quite the 2-in-1 device, and you're going to want to bring it with you wherever you go. To help protect... 3 days
Report shows hacking Windows 10 S isn't easy, but it is possible
Windows Central Microsoft's latest version of Windows 10, Windows 10 S, is billed as a much more secure version of the operating system — largely owing... 2 days
asus minimal bezel zenbook 3 deluxe is now on sale Asus’ minimal-bezel ZenBook 3 Deluxe is now on sale
THE VERGE Asus brought its new ZenBook 3 Deluxe to both CES and Computex this year, and now it’s available... 6 days
Microsoft's new Surface Pen delivers (limited) enhancements to older Surface PCs
Windows Central Owners of older Surface PCs may wonder what the new Surface Pen can do for them. Here is what you need to know. Microsoft's new $99... 4 days
Why there's never been a better time to pick Windows over macOS
Windows Central Windows has never been more similar to macOS than now. Windows 10 is developing rapidly. With every major update, it's getting more and more... 6 days
canada s largest sports retailer sportchek now selling apple watch Canada’s largest sports retailer, SportChek, now selling Apple Watch
9to5Mac If you’re looking for somewhere to try on and buy an Apple Watch in Canada, and you don’t... 6 days
Amazon reveals 'try before you buy' clothing deliveries - CNET
CNET The new program, called Prime Wardrobe, is still in beta, so you can't sign up for it just yet. 5 days
amazon prime wardrobe will let you try on clothes before you buy them Amazon Prime Wardrobe will let you try on clothes before you buy them
THE VERGE VIDEO Amazon is launching Prime Wardrobe, a new program that will... 5 days
WhatsApp will drop support for Windows Phone 8.0 in December
Windows Central If you're a WhatsApp user still on Windows Phone 8.0, you may want to start thinking about an upgrade. ... 4 days
Luxurious Xbox accessories for the rich and crazy
Windows Central Much has been said about the price point of the Xbox One X, with some commentators saying that it's too expensive. To get the equivalent 4K-capable power and media features in a... 3 days
Best Surface Pro Alternatives
Windows Central Looking for something that's like the Surface Pro but isn't quite he Surface Pro? We have you covered. Microsoft's Surface Pro is the benchmark for the 2-in-1 PC. That much isn't really in doubt. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's... 5 days
spotify is now available in the windows store Spotify is now available in the Windows Store
THE VERGE Microsoft revealed at Build last month that Spotify would be arriving in the Windows Store, and it's now available today.... 5 days
Should Microsoft have removed the LinkedIn app for phones from the Windows Store?
Windows Central LinkedIn users on Windows phones were met with some bad news recently: the official LinkedIn app has been pulled from the Windows... 4 days
Microsoft's Ultimate Word Games is the one word puzzler every Windows user needs
Windows Central If you like word games, Microsoft Ultimate Word Games is a must-have Windows 10 app. It includes three addictive old-school word games... 4 days
India’s biometric billion ID scheme
BBC India is enrolling all of its citizens in the world’s largest domestic biometric identification system. 4 days
Which Xbox One should you buy?
Windows Central Just what should you get if you're looking to buy an Xbox One? This is our full buyer's guide. After E3 2017 there is a whole family of Xbox One consoles to enjoy. Three different consoles,... 3 days
Inkscape makes its way to the Windows Store as a Centennial app
Windows Central Inkscape, a leading vector graphics editing app, is now available in the Windows Store for Windows 10 desktop users. Check it out! Inkscape is... 4 days
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