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developers will need to go through app review to edit what s new text and change support urls Developers will need to go through App Review to edit ‘What’s New’ text and change support URLs
9to5Mac Apple is... 3 minutes
t mobile s parent company lets customers opt out of bloatware T-Mobile’s parent company lets customers opt-out of bloatware
THE VERGE T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom has announced it will give customers the option to choose which apps they want to... 1 hour
New Gulf of Maine study investigates return of kelp
PHYS.ORG Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences has been awarded funding from Maine Sea Grant for a new study of kelp forests in the Gulf of Maine. Senior Research Scientist Douglas Rasher... 4 hours
Apple, IBM add machine learning to partnership with Watson-Core ML coupling
TechCrunch Apple and IBM may seem like an odd couple, but the two companies have been working closely together for several years now. That has involved IBM... 7 hours
invite only game fortnite has earned an estimated 1 5m since launch Invite-Only Game Fortnite Has Earned an Estimated $1.5M Since Launch
MacRumors Epic Games' popular Fortnite Battle Royale game for iOS devices has grossed an estimated $1.5 million... 8 hours
So close, yet so far: Making climate impacts feel nearby may not inspire action
SCIENCE DAILY An expert says it is possible to make faraway climate impacts feel closer. But that doesn't automatically inspire the American... 9 hours
SSRIs may be more effective option for treating anxious youth, UC research shows
NEWS MEDICAL For children and adolescents who require medication to treat anxiety, there are two primary classes of antidepressants that are prescribed: selective serotonin... 9 hours
Treating metastatic breast cancer with immunotherapy
NEWS MEDICAL Breast cancer, in the stage with distant metastases, is an incurable disease with a 5 years survival rate of about 5-10%. Immunotherapy has recently improved survival in metastatic breast cancer patients with breast cancer harboring the... 9 hours
fortnite for ios generated over 1m of in app purchases during first 3 days on the app store Fortnite for iOS generated over $1M of in-app purchases during first 3 days on the App Store
9to5Mac Last week,... 10 hours
amazon kindle app for ios gains support for ipad s split view Amazon Kindle App for iOS Gains Support for iPad's Split View
MacRumors The Amazon Kindle app for iOS devices, which is designed to allow Amazon-purchased ebooks... 11 hours
You can download PUBG for iOS and Android right now -- for free - CNET
CNET Chicken dinner to go. 14 hours
How to Enable Automatic Reader View in Safari for iOS
MacRumors VIDEO Safari for iOS has a nifty built-in "Reader" feature that's designed to allow Safari users to... 14 hours
ebay s android app has a new ar feature to help you pick the correct box size for shipping eBay’s Android app has a new AR feature to help you pick the correct box size for shipping
THE VERGE ... 15 hours
amazon kindle app gains support for split view on ipad infinite scrolling more Amazon Kindle app gains support for Split View on iPad, infinite scrolling, more
9to5Mac The Amazon Kindle app for iOS has been updated today... 15 hours
playerunknown s battlegrounds now available on iphone and ipad PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds now available on iPhone and iPad
9to5Mac VIDEO Following Fortnite, another titan of the battle royale genre is coming to iPhone and iPad: PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds today announced that... 16 hours
playerunknown s battlegrounds is now on mobile in the us PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now on mobile in the US
THE VERGE PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now available on mobile in the US, on both iOS and Android. The game has... 16 hours
official pubg mobile game now available from ios app store in the u s Official PUBG Mobile Game Now Available From iOS App Store in the U.S.
MacRumors The officially licensed app for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, better known as... 16 hours
youtube is testing picture in picture for desktop YouTube is testing picture-in-picture for desktop
THE VERGE YouTube is testing a picture-in-picture type function for desktop, as reported by 9to5Google. For those who have it, the test will mimic what’s already... 16 hours
Microsoft is adding a bunch of accessibility features to Windows 10
TechCrunch Microsoft plans to bring a number of new features for users with visual impairment to Windows 10, the company announced in a blog post earlier today.... 16 hours
YouTube is testing a picture-in-picture mode on the desktop
TechCrunch Some YouTube users on the web have been opted in to a test of a new picture-in-picture mode, which allows you to continue watching a YouTube video in a small... 19 hours
Amazon deforestation is close to tipping point
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists considered climate change and indiscriminate use of fire to calculate that deforestation rates ranging from 20 percent to 25 percent could turn Amazon's hydrological cycle unable to support its ecosystem. 18 hours
affirm announces in store financing options with virtual card integration in apple pay Affirm Announces In-Store Financing Options With Virtual Card Integration in Apple Pay
MacRumors Affirm is a financial startup that allows users to pay for expensive items from select retailers in monthly installment plans, after they are first... 19 hours
Facebook builds Patreon, Niche clones to lure creators with cash
TechCrunch Facebook is eager to displace YouTube and Patreon in order to become the home of online content creators, so it’s testing a bunch of new ways for them... 20 hours
facebook is rolling out patreon style subscriptions for a small group of creators Facebook is rolling out Patreon-style subscriptions for a small group of creators
THE VERGE Facebook is investing in its creator community in an attempt to get them to make content for the social network. The company announced multiple... 20 hours
google s built in podcast player updated w a homepage subscriptions app icon gallery Google’s built-in podcast player updated w/ a homepage, subscriptions, & app icon [Gallery]
9to5Google VIDEO In recent APK Insights, we’ve spotted the Google app working... 19 hours
New standards for public involvement in research launched across the UK
Linea Sketch 2.0 adds Split View, Drag & Drop, plus loads of new illustrator features
Alex’s experiences of living with rare genetic disease
Flu risk less on flights if in a window seat finds study
How a small team at Unity made the stunning graphical showcase Book of the Dead
Should the police be able to request your location from Google? [Poll]
Comparison: How does the dbrand Grip hold up against RhinoShield’s CrashGuard bumper case?
Ryu Seung-ryong in Trailer for Korean Thriller 'Seven Years of Night'
US Trailer for Animated Comedy 'Son of Bigfoot' from nWave Pictures
Happy 90th, Mister Rogers! Twitch to stream all 856 episodes - CNET