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Former head of climate change panel to stand trial for harassment
Science Magazine Rajenda Pachauri faces up to 3 years in prison if convicted 53 minutes
Better chemo drug adsorption onto targeted delivery capsules
PHYS.ORG The efficacy of chemotherapy treatment depends on how effectively it reaches cancerous cells. Increasing targeted delivery could mean decreasing side effects. Scientists are enhancing methods of selectively transmitting active chemotherapy agents and... 38 minutes
Feds approve importation of pot drug for tremor study
ABC NEWS In a rare move, the U.S. government has approved the importation of marijuana extracts from Canada for a clinical trial, highlighting a new avenue for American researchers who have had... 2 hours
KAIST researchers develop heart-targeting drug delivery technology using tannin acid
NEWS MEDICAL Typical methods of drug delivery to the heart require surgical procedures involving incisions in the chest wall and bones. 7 hours
More women veterans with chronic pain use CIH therapies than men
NEWS MEDICAL A recent major shift in practice by the Veterans Health Administration now means that complementary and integrative health therapies such as meditation, yoga and acupuncture are... 11 hours
Henry Winkler Emmys selfie with Ron Howard means Happy Days for fans - CNET
CNET The Fonz wins his first Emmy for his performance in Barry. But Twitter goes crazy when he posts a photo... 11 hours
Resveratrol decreases pain severity and levels of inflammatory biomarkers in osteoarthritis patients
NEWS MEDICAL In what researchers state is the first pilot clinical trial to assess the effects of resveratrol on pain severity and levels of inflammatory biomarkers... 11 hours
UNIST and Ulsan initiate research collaboration to develop human organs-on-chips
NEWS MEDICAL UNIST and Ulsan will initiate a research collaboration to develop human organs-on-chips in hoping to reduce the time and cost for new drug discovery. 11 hours
NASA's new planet hunting satellite shares 'first light' photo of space - CNET
CNET Four cameras, billions of stars. The first image from NASA's TESS is stellar. 15 hours
Henry Winkler Emmys tweet with Ron Howard means Happy Days for fans - CNET
CNET The Fonz wins an Emmy for his performance in Barry. But Twitter goes crazy when he posts a photo of... 14 hours
Why some tuberculosis bacteria prove deadly
SCIENCE DAILY A new study has found that the same mutation that gives tuberculosis bacteria drug resistance also elicits a different -- and potentially weaker -- immune response. 16 hours
Jeremy Renner's Latest Avengers 4 Photo Shows A Beat-Up Hawkeye
CINEMA BLEND House arrest vacation is over and Clint Barton is right back in the thick of things... 18 hours
alexa will soon answer you in photos provided by getty images Alexa will soon answer you in photos provided by Getty Images
THE VERGE Soon, if you ask Alexa for the capital of Canada, it will show you... 21 hours
ios 12 is now available with performance boosts screen time smarter notifications much more iOS 12 is now available with performance boosts, Screen Time, smarter notifications, much more
9to5Mac VIDEO iOS 12 is officially out of beta and... 23 hours
Single mutation protects TB bacteria from antibiotics, immune assault
PHYS.ORG People who fall sick with drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) face daunting odds. Only about two in three survive the illness, unlike people with drug-sensitive TB, of whom more than 90 percent... 1 day
Structural map of bacterial toxins raises hopes for new anti-infectives
PHYS.ORG The bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa can cause serious and difficult to treat infections. The infection process involves the activation of toxic substances from the bacteria by a common protein... 1 day
Ensysce receives award from NIDA to undertake development of opioid overdose protection platform
NEWS MEDICAL Ensysce Biosciences Inc. today announced receipt of Notice of Award from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a four year award to... 1 day
'Thor's Well' Seems to Drain to the Underworld in Incredible Photo (Here’s Why)
LIVE SCIENCE The ocean seems to disappear into Oregon's rocky coastline. 1 day
Scientists explore whether seafood could be the source of next anti-cancer drug
NEWS MEDICAL Biomedical scientists at the University of Salford found that sugars from the common cockle were approximately as effective as some standard chemotherapy drugs at... 1 day
New Medicare Advantage tool to lower drug prices puts crimp in patients’ choices
NEWS MEDICAL Starting next year, Medicare Advantage plans will be able to add restrictions on expensive, injectable drugs administered by doctors to treat cancer,... 1 day
FDA approves Teva’s AJOVY injection for preventive treatment of migraine in adults
NEWS MEDICAL Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved AJOVY injection for the preventive treatment of migraine in... 1 day
Drug combo shows promise for treating sleep apnea
Science Magazine Small clinical trial revives hope for an alternative to CPAP machines that patients hate using 1 day
you ll never have an id photo cooler than these high schoolers You’ll never have an ID photo cooler than these high schoolers
THE VERGE Every year, the senior students of North Farmington High School dress up in elaborate... 2 days
Bee That Was Looking for Love Ends Up Wearing a 'Vest' of Parasitic Beetle Larvae
LIVE SCIENCE Want to see a photo of a bee parasitized by dozens of beetle larvae? Wait, where are you... 2 days
LSTM led partnership receives funding to develop drug for treating two neglected tropical diseases
NEWS MEDICAL An LSTM led partnership has been awarded nearly £1.5 million from the Medical Research Council for the pre-clinical development of... 4 days
Rachel Brosnahan in First Trailer for Uplifting Drama 'Change in the Air'
Shopify’s iOS 12 update adds AR shopping support for 600,000 stores
New Trailer for Long Lost Sci-Fi Film 'Replicas' Starring Keanu Reeves
Google Podcasts appears to be rolling out Chromecast support
Happy Days named America's most memorable TV theme, survey finds - CNET
Spotify for Android bug stops music playback, removes notification controls, Spotify is ‘looking into it’
What if porn, but for women
Watch the first trailer for Captain Marvel, Marvel’s next big film
When you get hacked, figuring out who to call for help can be a puzzle - CNET
Did your DNA results change dramatically? Here's why