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This week's Xbox Deals with Gold and Spotlight Sale feature Assassin's Creed Syndicate and A Way Out
Windows Central Every week Microsoft and certain publishers discount numerous games for Xbox Live users. Every... 43 minutes
Drink-a-day startup Hooch adds a perk-filled premium membership plan
TechCrunch Hooch, the subscription startup that allows members to claim one free drink per day from hundreds of different bars and restaurants, is adding a new membership level called Hooch Black.... 40 minutes
Watch Tom Hardy Embrace His Inner Anti-Hero In New ‘Venom’ Trailer
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Well, it looks like we can finally put those “Venom won’t actually be in... 57 minutes
WATCH: Findings link artificial sweeteners to obesity, diabetes: Study
ABC NEWS Researchers said some sweeteners used can change the metabolism in mice. 4 hours
How American Idol Is Changing Up Its Live Voting For The First Time
CINEMA BLEND American Idol is doing something different with live voting this... 6 hours
alibaba baidu and other chinese tech companies post men only job listings report finds Alibaba, Baidu, and other Chinese tech companies post men-only job listings, report finds
THE VERGE Silicon Valley isn’t the only tech hub guilty of widespread... 7 hours
Watch the 2018 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest winners video - CNET
CNET Students compete to build the most elaborate machines to accomplish one simple task. 8 hours
Facebook’s new authorization process for political ads goes live in the US
TechCrunch Earlier this month — and before Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress — the company announced a series of changes to how it would... 7 hours
jim bridenstine sworn in as nasa administrator Jim Bridenstine Sworn in as NASA Administrator
ASTRO WATCH Jim Bridenstine was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on Thursday, April 19, to serve as the agency’s 13th administrator and sworn in... 7 hours
Facebook’s new authorization process for political ads goes live in the U.S.
TechCrunch Earlier this month – and before Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress – the company announced a series of changes to how it would... 8 hours
A Bunch of Rich Guys Want to Watch the Earth at All Times from Space
SPACE.COM A bunch of very big corporations and rich men, including Bill Gates, are hoping to start watching the... 8 hours
Hemp shows potential for treating ovarian cancer
SCIENCE DAILY Results from some of the first studies to examine hemp's ability to fight cancer show that it might one day be useful as plant-based treatment for ovarian cancer. Hemp is part of the same... 8 hours
9to5mac daily 066 april 23 2018 9to5Mac Daily 066: April 23, 2018
9to5Mac Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from 9to5Mac. 9to5Mac Daily is available on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher,... 9 hours
Nicolas Cage Plays a Cop in True-Story Police Action Thriller Film '211'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Shots fired! Shots fired!" Momentum Pictures has released the official trailer for an action thriller titled 211, or #211, which is a reference to... 8 hours
today is world book day here s what we re reading Today is World Book Day — here’s what we’re reading
THE VERGE Today is World Book Day, a day designated by UNESCO to celebrate reading, from books and authors to... 9 hours
Robot helps Jack McLinden, 14, to be Everton mascot
BBC A robot carried on to the pitch feeds panoramic live images and sound back to Jack McLinden's tablet. 9 hours
Watch the 2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1 hit its 212-mph top speed on track - Roadshow
CNET VIDEO Feel like trying this at home? Do society a favor and don't. 10 hours
Relaxation after work could give better night’s sleep
NEWS MEDICAL If you've had a bad day at work thanks to rude colleagues, doing something fun and relaxing after you punch out could net you a better night's sleep. 10 hours
Huge numbers of job postings in China specify ‘men only’ or dictate women’s appearance
TechCrunch Gender discrimination may be a hot-button issue here in the U.S., but we don’t have a monopoly on the practice... 10 hours
the director of marrowbone on why horror is the perfect genre The director of Marrowbone on why horror is the perfect genre
THE VERGE When The Orphanage came out in 2007, screenwriter Sergio G. Sánchez almost instantly became... 9 hours
Why Macauley Culkin Doesn't Watch Home Alone Anymore
CINEMA BLEND Macauley Culkin doesn't watch Home Alone in its entirety anymore, but he has a good reason why. 10 hours
May's Games With Gold Includes Metal Gear Solid V
CINEMA BLEND Microsoft's Games With Gold for May have been revealed for those with an Xbox Live Gold subscription. The... 10 hours
Watch your step: How vision leads locomotion
SCIENCE DAILY Using new technologies to track how vision guides foot placement, researchers come one step closer in determining what is going on in the brain while we walk, paving the way for better treatment for... 11 hours
Animal cyborg: Behavioral control by 'toy' craving circuit
SCIENCE DAILY Children love to get toys from parents for their birthday present. This craving toward items also involves object hoarding disorders and shopping addiction. However, the biological meaning of why the brain pursues... 13 hours
Eisenhower Knew the Importance of D-Day for an Allied Victory
HISTORY The D-Day military invasion that helped to end World War II was one the most ambitious and consequential military campaigns in human history. 12 hours
New Venom trailer has Venom in it
Apple continues promoting iPad + Apple Pencil in new ad series [Videos]
Avengers: Infinity War: What you need to know about the new Marvel movie - CNET
Apple hires former Samsung, Microsoft exec to head up South Korea efforts
Apple execs Greg Joswiak, Richard Howarth & others to testify in Samsung patent damages retrial
Apple Shares New Videos Promoting Apple Pencil Support on 2018 iPad
YouTube shares first quarterly report on video takedowns, new Reporting dashboard
The Mantiz Titan multi-video dock affords dual 4K external display connectivity at 60 Hz [Video]
Wind energy's swift growth, explained
Samsung VR 'Pilot Season' puts episodic shows on Gear VR - CNET
First Trailer for Awkward Comedy 'Born Guilty' with Rosanna Arquette
Westworld's reality is slipping this season - CNET
Westworld's reality is slipping this season - CNET
GPM sees Tropical Cyclone Fakir forming near Madagascar
Nicolas Cage Plays a Cop in True-Story Police Action Thriller Film '211'