THE VERGE Bitcoin has always been contentious, especially as prices of the decentralized currency rise and fall at rapid-fire rates. The United States Department of Justice is taking a closer look at that by opening a criminal probe into price manipulation of Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies), according to a report from Bloomberg. According to the report, investigators are specifically looking into practices like spoofing (filling the marketplace with fake orders that are later canceled to manipulate o 3 months
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justice department appeal says at t time warner merger decision is contrary to fundamental economic logic Justice Department appeal says AT&T-Time Warner merger decision is ‘contrary to fundamental economic logic’
THE VERGE In an appeal brief filed today, the Justice... 1 week
square cash expands bitcoin support to all 50 us states Square Cash expands bitcoin support to all 50 US states
THE VERGE Square has expanded bitcoin support in its Cash App to all 50 US states, the company... 2 days
Justice Department warns of higher pay-TV prices in AT&T-Time Warner appeal - CNET
CNET The agency believes the district court that allowed the deal to happen relied on two fundamental errors for its decision. 1 week
Is the Trump administration’s re-killing of net neutrality a big deal? - CNET
CNET Justice Department asks the Supreme Court to toss out a decision that upheld the 2015 net neutrality rules. Here’s what it could... 1 week
Tim Draper has a song about Bitcoin for you
TechCrunch Down in the dumps while the cryptos are getting rekt? Quirky billionaire and long-time Bitcoin bull Tim Draper is here for you with what is apparently called a rap song. The song... 2 days
new york stock exchange owner is launching a bitcoin exchange New York Stock Exchange owner is launching a bitcoin exchange
THE VERGE The Intercontinental Exchange, the operator behind the New York Stock Exchange, has announced that it is... 2 weeks
doj says at t s acquisition of time warner will lead to far higher tv costs for consumers DOJ says AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner will lead to far higher TV costs for consumers
9to5Mac Despite initially approving AT&T’s... 1 week
cra surveyed businesses to find out why they re taking bitcoin atms CRA surveyed businesses to find out why they're taking bitcoin ATMs
CBC Canada's tax agency commissioned research on businesses that installed bitcoin automated tellers on their... 1 week
Starbucks drops major hint at plans to accept Bitcoin
TechCrunch Back in May, reports surfaced that New York Stock Exchange owner Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) was developing a Bitcoin trading platform. This morning, it officially announced the creation of Bakkt, a... 2 weeks
the trump administration wants space force running by 2020 The Trump administration wants Space Force running by 2020
THE VERGE VIDEO This morning, Vice President Mike Pence recommended creating three new organizations within the Defense Department devoted to different... 7 days
students allege inhumane treatment of lab animals at u of c s psychology department Students allege inhumane treatment of lab animals at U of C's psychology department
CBC The University of Calgary says a "professional climate review" of... 1 week
doj and fcc request supreme court vacate 2016 net neutrality ruling DOJ and FCC request Supreme Court vacate 2016 net neutrality ruling
THE VERGE The Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission today requested that the Supreme... 2 weeks
u s doj says ruling approving at t time warner merger ignored fundamental principles of economics and common sense U.S. DoJ Says Ruling Approving AT&T-Time Warner Merger Ignored 'Fundamental Principles of Economics and Common Sense'
MacRumors The U.S. Department of... 1 week
Can you build a 4K gaming PC for the price of the new $500 Xbox?
Windows Central Microsoft's latest Xbox One X console costs around $500, but when you consider that it brings 4K gaming... 3 days
MoviePass plans keep changing: 11 times the service altered the deal - CNET
CNET A MoviePass price history from $50 a month to $10 and beyond -- with every fee, surge price and blocked film we... 1 week
Earn free Bitcoin when you shop online - CNET
CNET You've heard of cashback? Get ready for Coinback. Among other things, it's a way to dip a toe into cryptocurrency with little risk. 3 days
No, Starbucks won't be accepting Bitcoin - CNET
CNET Yes, Starbucks wants a piece of the cryptocurrency action -- but you'll need dollars to pay for that Frappuccino. 2 weeks
Hackers demand bitcoin from PGA in ransomware attack, says report - CNET
CNET Even golf isn't safe from ransomware. 7 days
No price hike, but new caps on MoviePass discount tix plan
ABC NEWS MoviePass, a discount service for movie tickets at theaters, is rescinding a planned 50 percent price increase following a subscriber backlash, but imposes new caps on... 1 week
how blockchain tech could help us track where food comes from How blockchain tech could help us track where food comes from
CBC The same networked record system that powers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is now being... 4 days
Assange 'invited to testify before US Congress'
Sky News WikiLeaks has published a letter, apparently from the US senate committee investigating Russian election interference, asking Julian Assange to give evidence. 1 week
no end in sight to rising smartphone pricing say analysts following iphone x precedent No end in sight to rising smartphone pricing, say analysts, following iPhone X precedent
9to5Mac Analysts say that a variety of factors are... 1 week
climate change likely to cause more sewage leaks mckenna says Climate change likely to cause more sewage leaks, McKenna says
CBC More than one hundred municipal wastewater systems did not report how much raw sewage overflowed from... 24 hours
japan investigating apple over allegations of anti competitive practices with app store and yahoo Japan investigating Apple over allegations of anti-competitive practices with App Store and Yahoo
9to5Mac After making it out of a Japanese antitrust investigation unscathed... 18 hours
German school sued in photo copyright row
BBC European Court of Justice rules in photographer's favour after pupil uses his photo on school website. 1 week
htc desire 12 review gorgeous design but with mixed performance video HTC Desire 12 review: Gorgeous design but with mixed performance [Video]
9to5Google VIDEO Mid-range smartphones aren’t what they used to be — the gap between middling performance... 2 weeks
The Fire HD 8 is almost 50% off for only a few more hours
Windows Central Odds are this deal won't last! Update: This offer is only around for a few more hours, so be sure... 7 days
Build your own Bose Bluetooth speaker at home for just $75
Windows Central A project to do with the kids. Amazon has the Bose BOSEbuild speaker cube on sale for just $74.96. Earlier this year, this build-it-yourself speaker was... 1 week
beats solo 3 wireless headphones are 150 off at walmart Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones are $150 off at Walmart
THE VERGE The Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones are $150 off of their usual $299 price at Walmart.... 2 days
US Space Force to debut by 2020, Pence announces at Pentagon - CNET
CNET VIDEO The vice president and Department of Defense are asking Congress to create a new military branch for the first time in 70... 7 days
ASUS Chromebook 12 C223 goes official w/ Intel Celeron, 4GB RAM
Why the laws of physics mean Will Smith’s birthday stunt probably won’t kill him
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YouTube just gave The Nun the best viral marketing campaign it could hope for
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