9to5Mac Timehop today is providing additional information on the data breach it first revealed yesterday. According to TechCrunch, Timehop has discovered that the breach included more user data than it initially thought… more… 2 months
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Equifax slapped with UK’s maximum penalty over 2017 data breach
TechCrunch Credit rating giant Equifax has been issued with the maximum possible penalty by the UK’s data protection agency for last year’s massive data breach. Albeit, the fine is... 4 days
State Department confirms data breach exposed employee data
TechCrunch The State Department has confirmed a data breach affecting an unknown number of employees. A spokesperson told TechCrunch that the breach affected “less than 1 percent” of unclassified employee inboxes. “We have... 6 days
State Department email data breach exposes employee data - CNET
CNET Personal info was exposed by an unclassified email system breach. 5 days
Hackers stole customer credit cards in Newegg data breach
TechCrunch Newegg is clearing up its website after a month-long data breach. Hackers injected 15 lines of card skimming code on the online retailer’s payments page which remained for more than... 5 days
marco rubio pressures apple over privacy breach says company ignored reports of app sending user data to china Marco Rubio pressures Apple over privacy breach, says company ignored reports of app sending user data to China
9to5Mac ... 5 days
Equifax fined by ICO over data breach that hit Britons
BBC The UK's Information Commissioner's Office imposes a fine of £500,000 over the 2017 breach. 5 days
british airways hackers used the same skimming tactics that breached ticketmaster uk British Airways hackers used the same skimming tactics that breached Ticketmaster UK
THE VERGE British Airways reported a breach last week that affected about 380,000 customers’ data. Threat management firm RiskIQ revealed today that the same criminal group... 2 weeks
Microsoft wants to put your data in a box
TechCrunch AWS has its Snowball (and Snowmobile truck), Google Cloud has its data transfer appliance and Microsoft has its Azure Data Box. All of these are physical appliances that allow enterprises... 6 hours
Altaba to settle lawsuits relating to Yahoo data breach for $47 million
TechCrunch Altaba, the holding company of what Verizon left behind after its acquisition of Yahoo, said it has settled three ongoing legal cases relating to... 1 week
Microsoft, SAP and Adobe take on Salesforce with their new Open Data Initiative for customer data
TechCrunch Microsoft, SAP and Adobe today announced a new partnership: the Open Data Initiative. This alliance, which... 6 hours
Veeam server lapse leaks over 440 million email addresses
TechCrunch You know what isn’t a good look for a data management software company? A massive mismanagement of your own customer data. Veeam, a backup and data recovery company, bills itself... 2 weeks
newegg users credit card info was exposed to hackers for a month Newegg users’ credit card info was exposed to hackers for a month
THE VERGE Hardware retailer Newegg suffered a month-long data breach that exposed users’ credit card information to the same hackers who targeted British Airways and Ticketmaster... 5 days
EU consumer chief 'impatient' with Facebook over data
ABC NEWS EU consumer protection chief impatient with Facebook's efforts on improving transparency over user data, warns of sanctions 4 days
macos mojave privacy protections flaw leaves data like contacts vulnerable macOS Mojave privacy protections flaw leaves data like contacts vulnerable
9to5Mac On the launch day of macOS 10.14 Mojave, a new flaw has been shared that has... 11 minutes
Newegg data breach exposed customer credit card info, says report - CNET
CNET The popular online retailer is the latest victim of hacking group Magecart, a security firm says. 5 days
British Airways breach caused by credit card skimming malware, researchers say
TechCrunch A security firm says credit card skimming malware installed by hackers on British Airways’ website a few months ago was to blame for a data breach... 2 weeks
Coinbase poaches LinkedIn’s head of data Michael Li
TechCrunch Coinbase continues to beef up its management team with another new hire in Michael Li, who’s joining the cryptocurrency trading platform as its VP of data. Li spent the last seven years at... 6 days
Equifax fined £500k over data breach
Sky News A credit reference agency that failed to protect the details of 15 million people in the UK during a cyber attack has been fined £500,000. 5 days
Security flaw in ‘nearly all’ modern PCs and Macs exposes encrypted data
TechCrunch Most modern computers, even devices with disk encryption, are vulnerable to a new attack that can steal sensitive data in a matter of minutes,... 2 weeks
Equifax fined half a million pounds over data breach
Sky News A credit reference agency that failed to protect the details of 15 million people in the UK during a cyber attack has been fined £500,000. 5 days
rcmp investigates after servers of bankrupt ncix allegedly offered for sale with data intact RCMP investigates after servers of bankrupt NCIX allegedly offered for sale with data intact
CBC B.C.'s privacy commissioner is investigating an alleged privacy... 2 days
Lawmakers pressure Google to share how YouTube collects, uses kids' data - CNET
CNET Representatives worry the company's data collection practices may violate children's online privacy laws. 6 days
amazon is facing an eu antitrust probe into its collection of sales data Amazon is facing an EU antitrust probe into its collection of sales data
THE VERGE European regulators are taking a preliminary look at Amazon’s third-party... 5 days
Vote Leave data firm hit with first ever GDPR notice
BBC AggregateIQ is appealing against the accusation that it mishandled personal data and broke GDPR rules. 4 days
Mode raises $3M Series A to put sensor data in the cloud
TechCrunch True Ventures has led the $3 million round for Mode, a real-time database that gives companies instant access to sensor data. GigaOm founder and True Ventures... 25 minutes
Data-management firm Veeam reportedly mismanages data, exposes customer info - CNET
CNET A Swiss company leaves 440 million customer records open to prying eyes, according to a report. 2 weeks
NASA's Mars rover is having trouble sending data back - CNET
CNET The Curiosity rover can't transmit some of its data. NASA is on the case. 5 days
google news gets data saving enhancements with offline saving rolling out soon Google News gets data-saving enhancements with offline saving, rolling out soon
9to5Google VIDEO Google News got a massive revamp back at Google I/O this year, and along... 2 weeks
new 2018 iphones support background nfc tag reading no app required New 2018 iPhones Support Background NFC Tag Reading, No App Required
MacRumors As outlined on Apple's developer site, the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR models... 2 weeks
apple introduces new data recovery process for macs with t2 chip Apple introduces new data recovery process for Macs with T2 chip
9to5Mac Apple has recently documented a new data recovery process internally for Macs that utilize... 4 days
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