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‘Star Wars Resistance’ Puts New Pilots In The Spotlight
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The ‘Star Wars’ franchise is taking a break from the Jedi and The Force and is letting someone... 51 minutes
What Bryce Dallas Howard Wants To See In Jurassic World 3
CINEMA BLEND There's one more movie to complete the trilogy, and Bryce Dallas Howard recently shared... 25 minutes
Correction: Guatemala-Mayan Altar story
ABC NEWS Correction: Guatemala-Mayan Altar story 48 minutes
Astronomers Say Star-Brown Dwarf Boundary May Soon Be Clearer
SCI-NEWS.COM An international team of scientists led by Carnegie Institution’s Serge Dieterich has demonstrated that brown dwarfs, objects which... 21 minutes
When is a star not a star?
SCIENCE DAILY The line that separates stars from brown dwarfs may soon be clearer. Astronomers demonstrate that brown dwarfs can be more massive than astronomers previously thought. 2 hours
Captain Marvel: New trailer arrives, plus release date, cast, plot info and more - CNET
CNET Grab your pager and get ready to head back to the 1990s for a solo film about a... 2 hours
‘Dark Knight Rises’ Actor Brett Cullen Will Play Thomas Wayne In ‘Joker’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ actor Brett Cullen is headed back to Gotham City.  Cullen, who played a Congressman in the Christopher Nolan film, will... 2 hours
UBTECH launches a STEM robotics building kit
TechCrunch Here in the States, UBTECH is probably best know for the crazy-walking Star Wars Stormtrooper it released late last year. But the company’s been producing robotics toys for long enough to get a vote... 3 hours
WayRay raises $80M at a $500M valuation led by Porsche for its holographic AR display tech
TechCrunch The large, legacy car industry has pinned a lot of hopes and dreams on innovative startups... 3 hours
Captain Marvel trailer shows Carol Danvers' backstory, MCU beginnings video - CNET
CNET The first teaser for the next Marvel movie has arrived! 2 hours
first particle tracks for international neutrino experiment First particle tracks for international neutrino experiment
CERN Inside the protoDUNE-SP cryostat (Image: CERN) The largest liquid-argon neutrino detector in the world has just recorded its first particle tracks, signaling... 2 hours
Simulation shows nuclear pasta 10 billion times harder to break than steel
PHYS.ORG A trio of researchers affiliated with several institutions in the U.S. and Canada has found evidence that suggests nuclear material beneath the surface of... 3 hours
fire tornado caught on video snatching hose from b c crew Fire tornado caught on video, snatching hose from B.C. crew
CBC The video shows a fire tornado near Vanderhoof, B.C., sucking up and melting the hoses of... 4 hours
iPhone XS and XS Max reviews are out, Nintendo's online service goes live video - CNET
CNET In today's top stories, we've put Apple's latest phones through their paces. Meanwhile, Nintendo officially rolls... 3 hours
Hubble Detects Unusual Infrared Emission from Nearby Neutron Star
SCI-NEWS.COM An unusual infrared emission from the neutron star RX J0806.4-4123 detected by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope could... 4 hours
Captain Marvel: New trailer coming soon, plus release date, cast, plot info and more - CNET
CNET Grab your pager and get ready to head back to the 1990s for a solo film... 4 hours
iphone xs max review roundup iphone x owners don t bother everyone else wait for the xr iPhone XS/Max review roundup: iPhone X owners, don’t bother; everyone else, wait for the XR
9to5Mac The first reviews of the iPhone... 4 hours
gold iphone xs max unboxing video Gold iPhone XS Max Unboxing Video
9to5Mac VIDEO It looks like the iPhone XS and XS Max review embargo is being lifted, and we’ve just seen one of the first unboxing videos... 5 hours
Divido, the consumer finance platform, scores $15M Series A
TechCrunch Divido, the consumer finance platform that lets you take out credit at the point of purchase to help spread the cost of buying new things, has raised $15 million in... 6 hours
Video games created using artificial intelligence
BBC Researchers in the US are using artificial intelligence to develop new video games. 5 hours
Unboxing the gold iPhone XS video - CNET
CNET Apple's newest X has a new color. Let's open up the 512GB version. 5 hours
iPhone XS Max, unboxed video - CNET
CNET Larger screen, gold finish, 512GB storage. We not only unbox the XS Max, but open the box for the Max-sized leather case. 5 hours
the surprising environment of an enigmatic neutron star The Surprising Environment of an Enigmatic Neutron Star
ASTRO WATCH An unusual infrared emission detected by the Hubble Space Telescope from a nearby neutron star could indicate that the pulsar... 7 hours
The Little Stranger film review: an icy and sharp Gothic chiller
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Domhnall Gleeson and Ruth Wilson star in Lenny Abrahamson's film of Sarah Water's The Little Stranger 7 hours
In Fabric first look review TIFF 2018: a killer dress leads Peter Strickland’s new horror
SCI FI NOW The Duke Of Burgundy director returns with the giallo-inspired and darkly funny horror oddity In Fabric 7 hours
Rachel Brosnahan in First Trailer for Uplifting Drama 'Change in the Air'
Shopify’s iOS 12 update adds AR shopping support for 600,000 stores
New Trailer for Long Lost Sci-Fi Film 'Replicas' Starring Keanu Reeves
Google Podcasts appears to be rolling out Chromecast support
Happy Days named America's most memorable TV theme, survey finds - CNET
Spotify for Android bug stops music playback, removes notification controls, Spotify is ‘looking into it’
What if porn, but for women
Watch the first trailer for Captain Marvel, Marvel’s next big film
When you get hacked, figuring out who to call for help can be a puzzle - CNET
Did your DNA results change dramatically? Here's why
First UK Trailer for 'Stan & Ollie' Starring Steve Coogan & John C. Reilly
How honeybees maintain protective clumps under stressful conditions
Official Trailer for Repulsive Documentary 'Caniba' About Cannibalism
Purifying Proteins from Mammalian Cell Culture
Detangling DNA replication