LIVE SCIENCE The ancient skull of a woman that was buried facing a cave holding the remains of 50 people has archaeologists puzzled. 1 month
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Rare Medieval Bible Returned to Canterbury Cathedral 500 Years After It Was Lost
LIVE SCIENCE This 13th-century bible circled back to where it stood nearly 500 years ago 1 week
Connecticut's forests today a far cry from towering giants of old
PHYS.ORG Imagine stepping back in time, before the first Europeans arrived, into the forests of New England more than 500 years ago. 2 weeks
People might have bred tropical macaws in the desert 1000 years ago
Science Magazine Ancient DNA suggests a small captive population supplied the southwestern United States with feathers and birds 2 days
Oil discoveries in Turkana six years ago haven't delivered benefits for women
PHYS.ORG Turkana is a vast dry, remote county, in northwest Kenya, home to around 1.5 million nomadic livestock herders. The discovery of commercially viable oil... 2 weeks
How Neolithic people adapted to climate change
SCIENCE DAILY Research has uncovered evidence that early farmers were adapting to climate change 8,200 years ago. 1 day
News Clip Linked Coal to Climate Change — 106 Years Ago Today
LIVE SCIENCE More than a century ago, scientists already knew that burning coal would cause global warming. 14 hours
New study reveals evidence of how Neolithic people adapted to climate change
PHYS.ORG Research led by the University of Bristol has uncovered evidence that early farmers were adapting to climate change 8,200 years ago. 2 days
170 Years Ago, a Monster Stellar Blast Hurled Gas at Record-Breaking Speed
SPACE.COM Nearly two centuries ago, astronomers saw a mighty eruption from the massive star system Eta Carinae. Now, astronomers have measured its outburst — which... 2 weeks
Callisto: Facts About Jupiter's (Not So) Dead Moon
SPACE.COM Callisto is thought to be a long dead world, with hardly any geologic activity on its surface. But an ocean may lie underground. 5 days
Romania reports 500 outbreaks of African swine fever in pigs
PHYS.ORG Romanian authorities have reported more than 500 separate outbreaks of African swine fever in pigs, mainly in the Danube Delta and near the Hungarian border. 1 week
Understanding climate change: Long Beach New York, post-Sandy
PHYS.ORG The past two weekends my summer routine of riding my bike on the Long Beach boardwalk to the gym has been interrupted by major rain storms. Instead, I drove to the gym... 20 hours
Passing Star May Have Shaped Early Outer Solar System
SCI-NEWS.COM A close flyby of a Sun-mass star several billion years ago could explain some unusual features observed in... 2 days
New dinosaur found in the wrong place, at the wrong time
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have discovered a new dinosaur which roamed the Ningxia Autonomous Region, northwest China, approximately 174 million years ago. This is in a place they were... 2 weeks
Poverty's impact on well-being is hard to ignore
PHYS.ORG Life expectancy in the UK varies dramatically depending on where you live. As a recent BBC Panorama investigation highlighted, "the rich live longer and the poor die younger". The presenters visited Stockton-on-Tees... 1 week
Trophy Heads and Mummies Discovered in Ancient Peruvian Pits
LIVE SCIENCE The nearly 1,500-year-old remains of at least 60 people and six trophy heads have been discovered in deep pits in Vitor Valley in southern Peru. 6 days
Young people's attitudes toward marijuana have become more positive in recent years, report shows
NEWS MEDICAL With Pennsylvania now among the majority of states in legalizing medical marijuana, a new report shows that young people's attitudes... 6 days
30 Years Ago, Humans Bungled the Best Chance to Stop Climate Change
LIVE SCIENCE Could our current climate crisis have been averted? 2 weeks
Hyperloop to build $500 million research centre in Spain
PHYS.ORG Virgin Hyperloop One, a US startup developing a near-supersonic rail transit system, has reached an agreement with Spanish state-owned rail infrastructure company Adif to build a $500 million research centre... 1 week
Building more flexible barriers to save lives on country roads
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Each year in Victoria around 75 people are killed—and more than 500 hospitalised—after running off the road or having a head-on crash on high-speed country roads. Many of... 6 days
Leaked chats show alleged Russian spy seeking hacking tools
PHYS.ORG Six years ago, a Russian-speaking cybersecurity researcher received an unsolicited email from Kate S. Milton. 2 weeks
firefly back in full force following last year s near death experience Firefly ‘back in full force’ following last year’s near-death experience
SPACE NEWS Two years ago, Firefly Space Systems appeared to be flying high. Then the bottom fell out... 1 week
Medical News Today: What are the most curable cancers?
MNT There is no cure for cancer, but successful treatment can remove all signs of it. Doctors may base the outlook on the 5-year relative survival rate. This is the percentage... 1 week
Astronomers discover most lithium-rich giant in galaxy with LAMOST
PHYS.ORG A research team led by astronomers from the National Astronomical Observatories of China (NAOC), Chinese Academy of Sciences, have discovered the most lithium-rich giant ever known to date, with lithium... 1 week
Modern Flores Island pygmies show no genetic link to extinct 'hobbits'
PHYS.ORG Two pygmy populations on the same tropical island. One went extinct tens of thousands of years ago; the other still lives there. Are they related? 2 weeks
Early opaque universe linked to galaxy scarcity
SCIENCE DAILY A team of astronomers has made a surprising discovery: 12.5 billion years ago, the most opaque place in the universe contained relatively little matter. 15 hours
A record number of Americans watched the 2017 solar eclipse—and sought science afterward
PHYS.ORG The 2017 total solar eclipse spurred a flurry of interest about solar eclipses, according to the final report of a survey led... 2 days
A record number of Americans watched the 2017 solar eclipse -- and sought science afterward
SCIENCE DAILY The 2017 total solar eclipse spurred a flurry of interest about solar eclipses, according to the final report... 1 day
Researchers won't take dead orca calf away from mother as she carries it into a 17th day
PHYS.ORG As Tahlequah carries her deceased calf for a 17th straight day, and concerns mount... 5 days
Orca Mother, Who Pushed Her Dead Calf for 1,000 Miles and 17 Days, Moves On
LIVE SCIENCE Seventeen days have passed since the grieving orca mother known as Tahlequah began pushing her dead calf around... 2 days
This Woman Lost Her Contact Lens. Doctors Found It in Her Eyelid 28 Years Later.
LIVE SCIENCE Nearly three decades ago, a 14-year-old in the United Kingdom got hit in the eye during a game... 14 hours
Ebola outbreak in Congo spreads to active combat zone
Space-based tracker to give scientists a beyond-bird's-eye-view of wildlife
Magnetic gene in fish may someday help those with epilepsy, Parkinson's
Powerful new microscope reveals inner workings of human cells with unprecedented clarity
Ten reasons teachers can struggle to use technology in the classroom
Google's DeepMind AI could soon be diagnosing eye conditions
High-speed cameras show MOMO-2 launch failure in unprecedented detail
Is there such a thing as an objectively 'bad' song?
There's a reason Siri, Alexa and AI are imagined as female – sexism
From office windows to Mars: Scientists debut super-insulating gel
The Meg is a horror story, but our treatment of sharks is scarier
What is causing Florida's algae crisis?
Building more flexible barriers to save lives on country roads
Is fire the new normal in the American West?
Anthropocene vs Meghalayan—why geologists are fighting over whether humans are a force of nature