SCIENCEFICTION.COM You might think there would be a lot of pressure in taking on a character like the Doctor. After all, this is a role with over half a century of history behind it. Not only that, it’s a role that’s been played by over a dozen actors to date, each of whom is the favorite of passionate fans the world over. But that hasn’t really been the case for newcomer Jodie Whittaker, at least not yet. Speaking in the latest issue of the Radio Times, Whittaker explained that the sheer scope of the changes the 4 weeks
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Neil Gaiman Hopes To Return To ‘Doctor Who’ With An Episode For Jodie Whittaker
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Neil Gaiman took a turn creating adventures for... 2 days
BBC Subpoenas Microsoft Over Leaked ‘Doctor Who’ Footage
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Jodie Whittaker is about to make her full debut as the first female incarnation of the infamous Doctor, but it... 7 days
‘Doctor Who’: Season 11 Will Feel “Like A Family”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The plot for the eleventh season of ‘Doctor Who’ is still a closely guarded mystery but actors Tosin... 4 days
David Tennant Voices A Very Different Doctor In Rooster Teeth’s ‘gen:LOCK’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM David Tennant is known and loved throughout many fandoms. From ‘Jessica Jones’ to ‘Broadchurch,’... 6 days
Doctor Sleep casts Westworld, Alias and Starry Eyes stars
SCI FI NOW Westworld and Fargo's Zahn McClarnon joins Doctor Sleep, while Hallorann and Wendy have also been cast 2 weeks
Will Doctor Strange 2 Start Filming This Year?
CINEMA BLEND Marvel fans currently are in the dark when it comes to the slate of films planned beyond Avengers 4. There... 2 weeks
Ewan McGregor Feels He Knows His ‘Doctor Sleep’ Character “Better Than Stephen King”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM All work and no play might be making Ewan McGregor... 6 days
‘Mission: Impossible’s Rebecca Ferguson Lands Sweet Roles In ‘Men In Black’ Spin-Off And ‘Doctor Sleep’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Rebecca Ferguson has many reasons to... 2 weeks
‘Doctor Who’ Nearly Replaced Clara With A Different Companion
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Doctor Who’ doesn’t always get the companions it wants, but it usually gets the ones it needs. Something... 4 days
Is Scott Derrickson Working On ‘Doctor Strange 2’?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With ‘Doctor Strange‘ having faded from existence with the other half of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’ after the close of... 2 weeks
‘Doctor Sleep’ Will Be “Very Faithful” To The Novel
SCIENCEFICTION.COM One of the major complaints about ‘The Shining’ that Stephen King has always had was how it changed... 7 days
Steven Moffat Is Adapting ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ For HBO
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Just because Steven Moffat left ‘Doctor Who’ behind doesn’t mean he’s done dabbling in time streams. ... 2 weeks
Jim Carrey Reveals Doctor “Eggman” Robotnik Will Be All Live Action In ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Jim Carrey was once one of... 7 days
‘Doctor Strange’ Director Scott Derrickson Deleted His Twitter Account
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Is this a result of the James Gunn effect?  Perhaps, as another Marvel/Disney director, ‘Doctor Strange’‘s Scott Derrickson,... 2 weeks
Nintendo Narrows Down The Window For The Switch Online Launch
CINEMA BLEND Details on the Nintendo Network's premium services have been kept under wraps by the Big N... 4 days
Carl Lumbly And Alex Essoe Join The Cast Of ‘Doctor Sleep’ With Zahn McClarnon In Talks To Join
Doctor Strange's Director Has Left Twitter
CINEMA BLEND Scott Derrickson is just the latest director to leave the social media platform in the wake of James Gunn's firing. 2 weeks
Ewan McGregor Hopes Stephen King Approves Of Doctor Sleep
CINEMA BLEND The sequel to Stephen King's popular novel The Shining is getting its own film adaptation and the star... 2 weeks
Casting And Details Emerge For Cyborg In ‘Doom Patrol’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve known for quite some time that ‘Doom Patrol‘ was going to take a mission at the request... 6 days
First Trailer for Special Forces Mission Zombie Action Film 'Redcon-1'
Official US Trailer for Mario Van Peebles' Conspiracy Thriller 'Armed'
First Teaser for Shark Movie Sequel '47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter'
Magical New Trailer for Disney's 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms'
Full Trailer for New 4K Re-Release of Dennis Hopper's 'The Last Movie'
Full UK Trailer for Retired Crooks Heist Comedy 'The King of Thieves'
Final Trailer for WB's Animated Movie 'Smallfoot' About a Friendly Yeti
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