THE VERGE A 1996 Wall Street Journal article that’s been quietly sitting on the web, waiting for its rediscovery and renewed relevance, has found its moment on Twitter this week. Though it discusses the contemporaneous issues and concerns of its time, if you extract the particular problems it identifies with the internet and apply them to our present day, you’ll find something disturbing: nothing’s changed. The core concerns that troubled us about our participation in online communities and services in 19 2 months
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The 21st Century Internet Act aims to enshrine net neutrality in law
TechCrunch Congress may soon vote on a new bill that would set net neutrality down as a matter of law rather than a set of... 4 days
Researchers find that filters don’t prevent porn
TechCrunch In a paper entitled Internet Filtering and Adolescent Exposure to Online Sexual Material, Oxford Internet Institute researchers Victoria Nash and Andrew Przybylski found that Internet filters rarely work to keep adolescents away from online... 1 week
A tiny collision beneath the South Pole just changed how we see the universe - CNET
CNET Scientists have traced a ghostly particle in Antarctic ice back to its source nearly 4 billion... 1 week
netflix s fast com now measures upload speeds Netflix’s now measures upload speeds
THE VERGE Two years after its launch, Netflix’s internet speed test is getting an update. is now able to measure upload speed and latency. Before,... 4 days
why a sims game took seven years to add a pregnancy story arc Why a Sims game took seven years to add a pregnancy story arc
THE VERGE VIDEO For years, having a baby in mobile life simulation game... 2 weeks
why graphene hasn t taken over the world yet Why graphene hasn’t taken over the world...yet
THE VERGE Perhaps you’ve heard of graphene, a form of carbon that could bring us bulletproof armor and space elevators, improve medicine, and make... 2 weeks
Calls grow for independent internet regulation
Sky News Amid data protection breaches, automation fears and social media harassment, calls are growing in Westminster for new independent internet regulations. 1 week
alphabet graduates loon and wing from moonshots to full independent businesses Alphabet ‘graduates’ Loon and Wing from moonshots to full, independent businesses
THE VERGE Alphabet has announced that Loon and Wing — two of its X moonshot projects... 1 week
gop congressman introduces bill to reinstate net neutrality rules GOP congressman introduces bill to reinstate net neutrality rules
THE VERGE In a much-anticipated effort to reinstate net neutrality provisions, Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) introduced a bill today that... 4 days
Keep your internet browsing encrypted with VPNSecure, now for just $20!
Windows Central Banking information. Mortgage payment history. Your important documents. Nearly all of your life is online these days, and while convenient that can be scary. There are... 6 days
Kenya to get internet by balloon, Comcast drops Fox pursuit video - CNET
CNET In today's top stories, Google's Loon announces a deal that will bring internet to remote parts of Kenya. Meanwhile, Disney is primed... 1 day
Loon's first commercial internet balloon deal is in Kenya
ABC NEWS Loon, the internet-delivering balloon unit of Google-parent Alphabet, is announcing its first commercial deal 2 days
High-altitude balloons to deliver internet access in Kenya
ABC NEWS A Google-affiliated company has chosen Kenya as the home of its first announced commercial deal for delivering internet access to hard-to-reach areas using high-altitude balloons. 2 days
part of scott pruitt s legacy is how he changed the jobs of conservation groups Part of Scott Pruitt’s legacy is how he changed the jobs of conservation groups
THE VERGE Scott Pruitt is out as the head of... 2 weeks
how a small itunes update 13 years ago changed the media landscape forever How a small iTunes update 13 years ago changed the media landscape forever
9to5Mac June 28th, 2005 might go down as one of the... 6 days
Peelable circuits make it easy to Internet all the things
TechCrunch Researchers at Purdue University and the University of Virginia are now able to create “tiny, thin-film electronic circuits peelable from a surface,” the first step in creating an... 4 days
technology has changed my world cup watching for the better Technology has changed my World Cup watching for the better
THE VERGE Have you heard? It’s World Cup season! Given that the World Cup only happens every four... 2 weeks
NordVPN vs. IPVanish VPN: Which is better in 2018?
Windows Central These two popular VPN services have a lot to offer. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) help you maintain a bit of privacy and security while navigating the internet. They act as... 22 hours
Aiming to make billboard advertising more programmatic, Adquick raises $2.1 million
TechCrunch Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Initialized Capital and an investor in Adquick, a new service that’s looking to bring billboard advertising into the internet age, bought... 5 days
How Apple's app store changed our world
ABC NEWS How Apple's app store changed our world 2 weeks
new fcc rule to simplify internet deployment addresses big google fiber obstacle New FCC rule to simplify internet deployment addresses big Google Fiber ‘obstacle’
9to5Google Google Fiber set out to disrupt the ISP industry eight years ago, but has since scaled down its ambitions. Among other factors, physically deploying... 1 week
6 reasons you need a smart sprinkler - CNET
CNET If you haven't upgraded your old sprinkler controller, you really should. 1 week
FCC reportedly plans comment system overhaul after net neutrality debacle - CNET
CNET Proposal comes after 22 million fake comments were submitted for commission's consideration. 1 week
Smule may be the biggest music app you haven't heard of - CNET
CNET If you want to sing out, sing out. 1 week
Facebook is officially building an internet satellite: Athena - CNET
CNET She's no longer a secret. 13 hours
2018 British Open: How to watch, stream the golf event - CNET
CNET The 147th Open Championship will run from July 19 through July 22. 7 days
pepe the frog creator gets neo nazi site daily stormer to remove nearly all pepe images Pepe the Frog creator gets neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer to remove (nearly) all Pepe images
THE VERGE After a few long years, Pepe... 2 weeks
Satellite startups turn to reinventing broadband, mapping and other industries
TechCrunch Smartphones have disrupted transportation, payments and communication. But the underlying technology has tangentially changed a completely different sector: satellites. 2 weeks
india just approved net neutrality rules that ban any form of data discrimination India just approved net neutrality rules that ban ‘any form’ of data discrimination
THE VERGE India’s Department of Telecommunications has approved net neutrality rules that... 1 week
The state of fandom at Comic-Con 2018: Love, inclusion, hate and toxicity - CNET
The Walking Dead gets a season 9 trailer and October 7th release date
Samsung Mocks iPhone's Lack of Headphone Jack and Fast Charger in Latest Galaxy S9 Ads
Star Trek: Discovery’s season 2 trailer teases Spock, Christopher Pike, and Tig Notaro
At Comic-Con 2018, why Funko is the unofficial king of pop culture - CNET
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend brings out the musical theater crowd at Comic-Con - CNET
Samsung’s latest ‘Ingenius’ ads poke fun at iPhone X dongles, fast charging, more
Google may put its Fuchsia OS on smart home devices within three years
Testing shows 2018 MacBook Pro keyboard resists dust much better than previous-gen, but not foolproof
Larry Page is quietly amassing a ‘flying car’ empire